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Good morning, as you know I periodically post my life happenings via these random musings post. It’s like a recap via pictures of what’s been going on, mostly the good, pretty and inspring:) Who wants to see the not so great things and yes,  plenty of that happens too, but this blog likes to focus on the good and pretty:)

So here is a look at life lately, it’s been busy and full to say the least. And though I always say I would love to be able to carve out more down/me time, I am not complaining. I truly love what I do and it brings me great satisfaction and fulfillment. Here we go…….



Cue the The Sound of Music jingle….my hills are alive with the sight of hydrangeas:)

These never get old!

Couldn’t resists cutting some of the Annabelle hydrangeas and bringing them indoors. For me, the trick is super hot water and a fresh cut, these have last 5 days so far and counting! These due to their very thin stems do not typically last as long as other hydrangea varieties

Impromptu family BBQ, these three pictures sum up the best of summer- juicy ripe tomatoes, fresh salads and hydrangeas!

The beautiful tree lined road where my charming little East Hampton rental is

I do not generally eat bread but one day was just craving this, so came back and made myself a little sandwich with a glass of Rose…..yes, it was deemed a perfect lunch and worth every bite!

This is the “perfect house” which my kids coined it when they were only little tots, the first site to welcome you as you drive into East Hampton and what a pretty one it is, incidentally now for sale too

Enjoyed brunch ocean side with friends last Sunday in Montauk

We shared all kinds of yummy foods

These pictures can only mean one thing…a.trip to the flower market! Had so much fun as I always do

Attended a fundraiser for the Feinstein Institute where Usher preformed, needless to say no one went home hungry, the food was bountiful to say the least!

A few gorgeous floral highlights from a photo session a few days ago….more details coming soon!

And brought these beauties hoe, which were perfect in one of my favorite jars,the chunky open field jar- I mean look at those hydrangeas, will you!


And that’s whats new in my little corner. Lately, I finally feel like I am getting in a summer groove and it feels so nice. I know with the blink of an eye, it will be over so trying to take advantage of every day as I know the holidays are not so far away:)  Thanks for stopping by, until next time…..

Miss him so:(

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Anne Marie O'Connor on

Great pictures. It’s always nice to stop, slow down and smell the roses, so they say. Enjoy! ?

Lulu on

Wow! That fundraiser!

Eileen on

Your hydrangeas are just stunning. I had a wall of them in a gorgeous deep pink when I lived in Huntington. Perfect backdrop for a garden wedding we had for my friend. It’s my favorite flower.

Susan Moore on

Loved every picture—a delight to the eye!

Susan Bonfield on

You are so fortunate to have access to such beautiful flowers. I have great envy.

sandra damata on

Everything you are showing is so beautiful. So sorry about your special pup I miss mine so much too.

Eve B. on

Just came inside from gardening at our beachouse. Poured myself a tall glass of water and sat down to enjoy your beautiful post! What a treat. Looking forward to visiting your pop-up shop in the Hamptons next week.

JenBC on

The flowers…swoon. Always love your pictures.

Lucia Donahower on

These photos are beautiful!
Thank you for sharing them.

Charlene on


Susan V. on

Beautiful images, Tina and after a week full of heartbreak for my husband and myself they are especially uplifting. Thank you for the beauty you share,

Patricia Freeman on

Great post as always….excited about receiving my two chunky ginger jars on Thursday! You always inspire your followers…..enlightening …..

Marilyn Cole on

Thank you for sharing. You always take me away…….

cheryl p on

I recently ordered the open field jar and can’t wait to fill them with beautiful flowers as you have done. Thanks for the inspiration!

franki on

Hydrangeas ARE summer!!! EnJOY!! franki

Carolyn George on

Loved your blog. Looking forward to the next one!

DD on


Leslie Magidsohn on

More posts! More posts! How often do you post? I loved this. Gorgeous. Inspiring, Refreshing! 🙂

Celia Becker @ www. We on

You live a beautiful life. Always fun to have a peek inside.

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