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Hello and happy Sunday! I want to announce the winner of the pair of lamp pagoda finials.

Jennifer on 

Can’t wait to see how the pagoda finials look on my lamps! I also ordered the chargers and am so excited for them!

Please contact us at [email protected] to provide your full name and shipping details.


By the time you are reading this we will be in Aspen for a wedding, you can also follow me along in my travels via Instagram. Hope you are enjoying a great weekend, and hoping this posts on time as I will be away. Hard to believe its the first weekend of August, and yes, it happened- I saw the first back to school ad, nearly stopped me in my tracks. Nooooooo, not yet!

Here we go with this weeks Seven on Sunday-


1 A NANTUCKET INSPIRED COLLECTION BY JEANNE MCKAY. While on Nantucket island a few weeks ago, I fell in love with an island that has maintained such character, even at times allowing me to feel like I went back in time. It was wonderful, so I was so happy to see this most beautiful Nantucket inspired collection by talented artist, Jeanne McKay who regularly travels there. Just stunning and so incredibly charming! Click here to learn more about her and contact her about these fabulous pieces of art-


2 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST A definite accent on lots of blue and white this weekend, without even purposely trying to do it, however don’t think anyone will complain:) Hope you enjoy-


3 A HOME EMERGENCY KIT?!  I hate to sound like Miss doom and gloom and this is so not like me. I am a fly by the seat of your pants, always see the glass half full kind of girl. And I recognize this hardly fits into the beautiful and inspiring nature of my blog, lol. However I have been reading more than once about the importance GOD FORBID we need it) of having a home emergency kit.

I mean, it probably is not a bad idea, as you never know, even a horrible storm could knock everything out (such as with Superstorm Sandy). My dad recently also asked if I had something set aside like this, and I have been thinking about it ever since. So I ordered this kit and hopefully will never have to use it, but it does give me a certain peace of mind, I cannot lie. Click here to find out about this one.

4 LOVE SALSA? Then you will love this recipe which I found a few weeks ago. This is literally addicting! I love it and added extra cilantro and lime juice, it is a winner! Click here to A Spicy Perspective for the full recipe.


5 AMAZING NEW PRODUCTS. We have so many incredible things coming in, some of which I share with you last Sunday. Here is a look at some others which I am over the moon about….

How amazing are these new fretwork planters (11″ x 11″, perfect for topiaries)!! I cannot wait to get them in…will be loading up my car for sure:)

And loving this new style place mat, I can see it now with my melamine and blue/white flatware!

And just got the final sample of our new style planter which I am really loving. these will be here mid Sept!

Working on a new collection of blue/white tole pieces by popular request, we will also have a navy with white flower version, this is not done but you get the idea so far….

To go along with the pretty hurricane pieces, introducing these two large centerpiece wicker bowls, in a 15″ and a 12″ size


6 MERYL FEDOR’S WEDDING IN PROVENCE! This is the stuff dreams are made of, just out of a fairytale. How exquisite is this wedding? Boys, are you listening!!!!!! Of course it’s in beautiful Provence, just dreamy!


7 SUNDAYS SURVEY. So this Sunday’s question is let’s say, there was a horrible storm or some kind of outage. You need to leave home and fast. Do you have everything that is vital in a safe place? Birth certificates, passports, etc….? Would you know where to go to grab these things?

I read an article in the NY Times a few weeks ago (as has my dad)  and it got me thinking and yes, also about that Emergency kit. I realized and I hope I will never have to, that I am not as prepared as one should be if that were to ever happen. So not only did I order the kit but now all these pertinent papers (birth certificates, passports) are all in one safe place that if we needed to grab these things fast, we would know right where to go. Just curious where you stand on this?


And that my friends,  is a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you are having a fabulous weekend! Thanks for stopping in, hard to believe it’s the first weekend of August, it’s going by awfully quick. And yes, I am starting to see back to school ads everywhere, make it stop! I am not ready to say goodbye to summer! Until next time……..’

PS We were going to post a Christmas in July on all ornaments and holiday paper, however time slipped by so we are offering it in August for 3 days. Take advantage of all holiday papers and ornaments and get an extra 30% off! Use code holiday…..ho ho ho!

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Great reminder about emergency prep! We have been in a bit of a quandary the last year or so in the Bay Area because the reaction to two possible disasters is so different! If there is a fire, you have to grab your most precious and valuable possessions and flee, but you are likely able to access everyday items and have electricity once you get away from the immediate fire area. In an earthquake, you may have to stay where you are but be able to “tough it out” for several days. You would have time to gather your valuables if you have to leave your home. Oh well, we just have to be ready for both!!!
Thanks for such a great blog – I enjoy it every day!

Wicker bowls in stock? I need for a gift this coming weekend. Are they in the pop up shop in E. Hampton?

The Instagram of The Five Fabulous Frenchies is hysterical! They all look so cute! I needed a laugh after yesterday’s killings. Humans can be so mean and twisted and, thankfully, most of us are kind and loving. We need to remember the victims’s families and communities in prayer.

Isn’t the bride, featured in the Provence wedding, the ice skater Meryl Davis, who also appeared on Dancing With The Stars? It certainly is a beautiful location for a wedding.

Love the new placemat and the blue and white waste basket.

Thank you for the mention, always a special treat!! Great advice for the emergency kit, it’s something I never considered but will now! Happy weekend!

Tina, I love the fretwork planters. I wish could do a Naval Blue entryway. Your planters would be perfect. Short of painting my entire house, I will have to go with black. Your railing in SC is in the style, right? Ever since I visited Monticello as a young girl I’ve been enchanted with this pattern.

I saw this show on Doomsdayers. I thought, whoa, these guys are super paranoid! After reading your post you have me rethinking this whole readiness idea. I may have to order a survival kit. Juuuuust in case.

Praying for the end of gun violence.

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