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Hello and happy Sunday to you all. Been sick this weekend which stinks as we had some fun things happening, my nieces engagement party and a friends surprise 50th party. Both things had to be missed due to a type of flu that came on so fast,  it actually scared me. I was out doing errands, something washed over me as I was in a parking lot about ready to get out and I didn’t even bother, I just closed my door and headed home. I felt like I was going to pass out driving home, it was actually frightening and I have been in bed ever since. Been nursing myself back to good health all weekend and with luck tomorrow will turn a corner.

Hope this finds you having a wonderful weekend, kind of crazy that we are only about a week away from Labor Day, isn’t it? Where has this summer gone? Much too fast if you ask me, the back to school sales, pumpkin latte ads and  winter clothes ad are in full swing! On we go to my Seven on Sunday….



1 HOLIDAY PREVIEW Hard to believe we are even talking Christmas but the reality is……its coming! We are knee deep in ornament production and gift wrap . It is exciting, I cannot lie and has me in the mood to decorate a tree earlier than I ever have:) So don’t be surprised in a few weeks or so I am sharing with you a decorated tree:) In the meantime the first batch of ornaments are en route and then another bigger order will be here in October. Here is a sneak peek during production of all the fabulous ornaments heading this way- (a full post later this week will show you all the new ornaments and our fabulous new gift wrap papers for 2019)!


2 ONE INCREDIBLE CAKE MAKER  I love seeing the amazing artistry of all the many cake designers on Instagram, one is as mind blowing as the next. I love the floral concoctions by Jane Taylor. And no you are not looking at bouquets of flowers but edible sugary dreamy flowers made of icing! If I could bake like that, I swear would never leave my kitchen! Click here to follow her on Instagram


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a great round this weekend, and the perk is that every single one of this weeks instagrams is featuring an item bought from TEH! It was so flattering to see so many beautiful Instagrams featuring our products, it puts a fun twist on this weeks Instagram favorites-



4 A FASCINATING DOCUMENTARY I am a queen of documentaries, I see them on everything from history and fashion focus to cultural and culinary documentaries, I truly love them all. There is so much to learn from watching documentaries. One I watched this weekend ironically while being sick was Diagnosis.

If you haven’t seen it, you must it;s utterly fascinating. It is basically about a NY based doctor, Dr. Sanders who chronicles and follows unusual and hard to diagnose cases/illnesses,  She then uses crowdsourcing to get opinions from doctors, medical students and knowledable people in the medical field  from all around the world. It is quite riveting and I highly recommend it. It sure entertained me (all seven episodes) this weekend and hope they are coming out with more soon!


5. TRAVELING? Read this, found it fascinating and worth sharing from Town and Country.  A few helpful insider travel tips just in case you are soon headed somewhere via plane. I feel like there is so much “inside knowledge” to discover with almost any industry that the more we learn the closer are to having it be the experience we want and deserve Click here for article. (note to self I will never ever drink tea or coffee on a plane)

6  INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK Sorry, another tearjerker. Yes, dogs really do make the best friends. There is no talking back, no disagreeing or disappointing us, they are the best unconditional friends on the planet and this sweet story exemplifies this so beautifully. On a side note have you ever seen such an adventurous dog? Me, neither..inspiring! Love seeing their bond.:)



7 SUNDAYS SURVEY OK this is an opinion this weekend so easy peasy.  When it comes to holiday decor when do you generally consider purchasing/start purchasing? I normally have my holiday things here late Oct/early Nov. but have things already in production and want to get the pulse of everyone as to when to start offering the new holiday items. Plus now that we are offering wholesale, retailers want holiday items in Sept.

Is it ever too soon? Or do you not need to even see holiday decor  quite so soon? I used to be one to start in December so even talking about the holidays first felt alien to me  but all that has changed considerable now that I am a retailer (and wholesaler) as of a few months ago. Your turn to chime in-


And that is a wrap this weekend friends. Hope you enjoyed the post, chime in if you have anything to say about what I shared this Sunday. Hope yo have a great rest of the weekend and a smooth start to the week ahead. Thanks as always for stopping in, until next time…….

PS Our special today just started, receive one of our beautiful pagoda brass finials with any purchase of one of our beautiful chinoiseirie amps! One per lamps, click here to see the collection. No code required

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Your posts always make my day!
I get a lift and some serenity from your posts
Hope you are feeling better by now
And welcome Autumn

Thanks for not disappointing for us fans of Seven on Sunday even though you have been sickie! The Flu is just the worst feeling – you described it so well. Glad you’re feeling better so keep on getting better!
I am loving the ornaments but my tree is very small these days so maybe I’ll have to get some as gifts for folks I know who will truly appreciate them!

Tina, my husband is recovering from a crazy flu bug, too. He’d felt great all day, been working out, stepped out of the shower, and was hit with overwhelming fatigue, aches, chills, etc. this happened Thursday evening…today, he’s starting to feel better, so I hope you are, too. It scared both of us…he really couldn’t do anything for two days.

Thanks for checking in, even though you’re not feeling well…always look forward to Seven on Sunday.

Dear Tina ~ So sorry you were sick and missed those 2 parties. You still did more than most of us considering you had the flu. If I felt the way you described it, I would have had those curtains closed and the TV turned off! No way I could have watched 7 episodes of a documentary series. I would have been sound asleep with my mouth open! LOL! Hope you’re feeling better now!

Tina you are AMAZING?Even as sick as you’ve been this week, you still dazzle us all with another beautiful and inspiring Seven on Sunday! Thank you and I hope you feel better soon!!

Hope this note finds you feeling better. Please take into account the area of the country you live in and the possibility of Lyme. Don’t want to frighten you, but better safe than sorry. Don’t rely on the appearance of a “bulls eye” as a diagnostic tool. Feel better real soon – love finding your posts in my email!

Praying you’ve started regaining your strength this afternoon and the week will start off better than it ended for you!

The ornaments are dazzling and can’t wait til they are all ready?

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