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Hello! So first if you didn’t get to see my first post about my wonderful trip to Nantucket, then click here for part 1. This is part 2 and mostly all pictures, as they tell the story way better than I ever could. It was such a fun and memorable visit…..such a beautiful little slice of paradise that has managed to retain its character so beautifully.

This is more on the beautiful and uber charming flower covered houses that were seemingly everywhere,  the beautiful old fashioned vibe and a little bit of marina life. I was the guest on my friends incredibly beautiful boat so I was doubly lucky and got to experience Nantucket both from land and sea!  So without further ado, here is part 2 on Nantucket-


Yes, flowers really do bloom everywhere and these pictures are not enhanced!

And out and about in town was yep, you guessed more flowers, bicycles, beautiful vintage vehicles and other old fashioned pleasures

One of the many reasons I love Nantucket is that you feel like you are going back in time, there is something so peaceful about that, a perfect place to unwind and recharge

And how about this adorable trio with their old fashioned lemonade stand on Main St, they were too cute to not take a picture of!

Just couldn’t get enough of the flower covered houses-

And houses and flowers go together like lobster and squishy hot dog rolls… the following pictures will exemplify

We had many great meals but my fave was probably Gulley Beach, located right on the beach with the prettiest sunstes and great food…hard combination to beat!

And back at the marina,  life was quite nice:)

Every morning this was my view for my morning coffee!

I loved having lunch on the boat…can you blame me:)

Often our evening started with a glass of chilled Rosé

And we ended a night watching A Good Year with popcorn, and a glass of Rosé


This post was such fun to put together because it brought me back to this wonderful trip, so relaxing and great fun. I would love to visit during Christmastime! Has anyone been? I imagine the small town feeling complete with falling, fresh snow, the town all lit up with holiday decor, carolers and have been in told in fact that it is very much that way.  Maybe one year!

Hope you enjoyed my posts on Nantucket. It sure is a special gem of a place that I cannot wait to revisit and will certainly not let so much time go by before I go again! Until next time…..


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Mary Anne on

Love Nantucket too!!! So many gorgeous flowers on the homes , in front of the homes ,just everywhere!! Haven’t been out there in 3 years!!! Thank you for sharing these , as I sit inside again because of our horrible humidity!!

Eve B on

What a beautiful post. Nantucket is on my bucket list.
Would love to see monogram tea towels with a ginger jar on it–similar to the napkins.

Dominique B. on

Thanks for sharing your pictures of Nantucket! How lovely Tina!

Anne Marie O'Connor on

I have always wanted to visit Nantucket. Your pictures have inspired me to take that trip. ?

Niki on

Every year the island hosts “The Nantucket Christmas Stroll.” Its VERY popular.

Lynnette on

I’ve never been to Nantucket! But I know those adorable girls!! Philly rocks!!

Alice Genzlinger on

Awesome. Makes me want to make and serve a clam bake. It’s Zero points for Weight Watchers. Wish I was there.

Celia Becker @ on

I have been many places on this planet but never to Nantucket. Now that I’ve seen it thru your lens I realize I must put it on my list and get there sooner rather than later. Loved this post! And how fortunate you were to get to enjoy it while also staying on a yacht!

Marie on

Absolutely stunning pictures of beautiful flowers and a gorgeous town!

Pam on

I feel the same way you do about Nantucket. We have been going for three weeks in July for the past few years and each time I am there I love it more. I can’t wait to go back for exactly the reasons you listed-and the pictures!!

Norina on

I loved the beautiful pictures taken of Nantucket! Thank you for sharing them with us. I love this country! We have so many beautiful places to visit.

Jeanne on

Love your commentary on ACK! Hands down ,best vacation spot in Northeast!

Nadz on

Been to Nantucket once such a beautiful sight. That place is awesome, the flowers allows the feeling of being in a big flowers garden.

Tahani on

So nice every-think from you

Maria J. Murray on

Beautiful.. I wish I was there!!

BTP on

My husband and I were married there 17 years ago. It truly is a magical dream place to be. We’ve been back many times since that wonderful day. One of my favorite memories other than our wedding ,is renting an all road vehicle and driving out to the end of the island to the “Great Point Lighthouse.” Such a desolate and hauntingly beautiful place….the end of the world. It was a cold wendy day in September. We had seen Great Point many times as our fishing boat passed on the way back to the harbor but I had always wanted to be “up close and personal. I wasn’t disappointed. So much history there, as with all Nantucket. After visiting the lighthouse we drove to Siasconset for a wonderful lunch at the Chanticleer Restaurant. Then back to our hotel for afternoon tea . Every thing about Nantucket is a scrapbook of memories in my mind . Thank you Tina for sharing your visit with us.

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