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Happy Friday everyone! Thrilled the weekend is here as I need a few days of down time with no schedule…’s been an unusually busy week.  Our holiday gift wrap presale is in full swing and so happy you all love the papers as much as I do, click here to visit the gift wrap presale.  I look forward to recharging over the weekend and then will be ready to roll up my sleeves for Monday! We have a lot going on over at The Enchanted Home with many new products coming in which is of course incredible exciting, kind of like Christmas in September:)

So this past week I went onto Instagram and lo and behold I had reached 85k followers!!  Nearly did a back flip I was so excited. What an incredible validation for what I so love doing. Instagram has become such a big part of what I do. Many readers and customers have found me on Instagram and there is simply is no denying the power of social media and the reach is has in an instant. A pretty amazing phenomenon.

So I immediately said that called for a celebration and starting today, we are offering 20% off SITE WIDE! The only exception are presale items. Other than that, nothing is off limits. This just doesn’t happen every day, reaching 85k  and I am so grateful for all who follow along with me. I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my all time favorite Instagram posts, some going way back. As in almost to the beginning!

This is like a walk down a virtual memory lane and somewhat like a highlight reel. Some of these pictures are very personal to me, like my very first post (first picture shown here) my first little desk in my new office, birthday tributes to my boys, many happy occasions like trips and destination weddings. the evolution of my business, my obvious love affair with flowers.

And then some sad ones like Teddy’s passing, along with a few emotional ones like the beautiful picture of my dad helping my mom post surgery and my niece finally get discharged from the hospital after 6 long grueling months.  And you know what? You were there with me through it all!

Ready?  You may want to sit down for this, I went a little crazy with the pictures but there were so many special ones, it was like choosing a favorite child:) And here we go……….




Well if you made down this far, thank you!  Yes, clearly I had a very hard time narrowing down my favorites, but I got so carried away when I started scrolling back, smiling, laughing and even even a little crying as we all know how pictures can illicit such an emotional response

Pictures are so precious to me, as they allow me to reflect back on so many stages of my life, the good, the bad and the not so pretty. What a wonderful way to chronicle my life the last four years seeing it through Instagram….who knew the journey it would take me on!

Thanks for stopping by, wishing everyone a great Friday and smooth sailing into the weekend:)  Until next time……….

****A CAKE PLATE/DOME UPDATE- Many of you have been waiting on these, as you know we had a manufacturing issue and we had to refuse the shipment. The domes were all remade and came out beautiful and are in the warehouse. The platters however have taken longer but finally they got it right. We are due to get a small shipment this coming week and then the rest will follow. For anyone who is waiting, let us know if you want us to ship the cake dome now and the platters later. We really aprpeciate your patience and all we can say is, we are confident that you will agree they were worth the wait:) Quality is of utmost importance and I would not accept anything less than perfect.****

The presale on the holiday gift wrap is in full swing. Ends tomorrow, if you did not get your order in click here for the sale and how to order-

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Such a wonderful trip down a gorgeous memory lane. Please gift yourself with another dog.

Loved seeing all the pictures again. Worth scrolling down. LOL. Your blog is such a happy place, and I love seeing the instagram posts. Always makes me smile, and I am not alone. Thank you for all the smiles.

What fun! Tina you are such a beauty, please show your pretty face more often, what a beautiful family you have!
Loved scrolling down, so worth “the Scroll” your pictures always make me happy as do all your beautiful products!

Tina, Oh my goodness, I remember so many of the photos. I’m very proud to say that I a longtime, loyal follower! You continue to be an inspiration to me. Please keep doing what you’re doing! I know, easy for me to say. Hehe:) A big thank you anyway!

PS Your family is beautiful. I hope many blessings continue to come your way.

Scrolling down Memory Lane with you …was like my own Memory Lane…I have been a follower for many years and my home reflects so many of your wonderful products..going way back to some of your first dishes that you got very inexpensive…and you passed that on to us…Always fun to see your new products and those that “I just have to have!” Congratulations on your newest accomplishment…85K!!!

Tina, I congratulate you on your tremendous success that you have worked so hard to achieve, whether it is your family or your business. Your embrace and enthusiasm for life and beauty, never forgetting anyone and always including pictures of darling Teddy. You are caring and loving toward your customers [most of whom you will never see face to face] Indeed, you spoil us and always time your sales at the exact right moment-don’t know how you do it! You never stop loving your family and are always there for them no matter what else is going on-I’m running on too long but can’t help it. I have enjoyed your blog for years now and hope you continue for a great many more

Congratulations on a well deserved achievement! Blogging and being active on social media is much harder than most would imagine. You have been so dedicated to building your audience for many years and it has paid off handsomely. Beautiful work!

Love this lovely review! I was amazed at how many I recognized and enjoyed all over again. And cried all over again – Sweet Teddy.


85k followers is just the beginning Tina! You are so talented and the word is spreading fast!!! Enjoy your weekend!

One of your biggest fans,
Kelli Dominique

This could be one of my favorite posts of yours! What fun to scroll down memory lane with you- look how far you have come!
The pictures of teddy and your parents makes my heart happy.
That family picture is gorgeous! I hope you enlarged that one, you are beautiful Tina and that dress!!!

Fabulous photos and beautiful. love seeing all your blue and white. Especially love seeing your Teddy. sWeet memories. ❤️

Thank you for sharing all the posts that mean so much to you and us as we’ve made the journey with you in the various stages of life???

Dear Tina, I loved your pictures, and some of them were of you, which you rarely share. You are more than generous in your daily blog which enriches so many of us. Many thanks, Rose Lee

Wow! What a way to begin my day! One photo is more gorgeous than the next. Congrats on your 85k! Have a great weekend!

Yes, I made it to the end and so happy that I did because every single picture is just beautiful ! Any that I missed because I am a newer follower .

You look beautiful in that blue and white dress and so young looking – pretty girl!

Pictures of Teddy are so sweet and I know that you will always hold those especially close . Very sweet.

Congrats on 85k, Tina. You are such an example for all that hard work and passion make life joyous. Teddy was smiling at that Rose’ bottle! Too cute. Your family is lovely. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. Keep it coming….so many enjoy the ride along with you. Such wonderful beauty and graciousness if we take the time to find it. Many blessings.

Love your pictures❤️❤️❤️??
Especially loved seeing a picture of you and your beautiful family.

Yes, I am sure it was an emotional photo journey for you. I have been “with you” for many years. I am now a widow. My first image that I remember and I could so relate to, was you taking a photo of your over flowing shopping cart at Home Goods. I had a big golden boy, too. I felt bonded by those two things Time flies

Congratulations Tina, on such an important milestone in your business, 85k followers and growing! I am so thrilled to have discovered your blog about a year ago when our family moved and I needed to find more ideas and blue and white porcelain for my new home! Each post is a visual feast and SO inspiring! I feel like we were “separated at birth” because our tastes are spot on alike in almost everything! What I love most about you is your humility. In this age of lifestyle bloggers screaming “look at me” in all their posts, you are a rare and elegant breath of fresh air! Family, beauty, inspiration and graciousness are your signatures and I’m grateful for you and The Enchanted Home! Here’s to many more years of great success!

Beautiful!…Yes…you need to honor Teddy with another dog..totally agree with the previous comment!

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