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Hello, by popular request we are doing this earlier than usual!  Lots of holiday beauty and inspiration here. We are getting in our holiday gift wrap within about 2 weeks and our first batch of ornaments in about 2 weeks as well It is going to feel like Christmas here very soon:) The ornaments presale will be held next week.

I must say this collection is by far my most favorite, I just love this collection of holiday gift wrap and will take wrapping gifts to a whole new level! I put a lot into these designs and seriously could not love them  more. I never thought I would say I am actually looking forward to the holidays in mid Sept. but I am!!!

So there are a few big advantages to ordering early via this presale. Most importantly you will get what you want. As many of you know, we sold out of most of the gift wrap styles, ribbons and toppers before mid November. But it was too late to reorder so we hated having to say no to you!

So this will guarantee you getting what you want with complete certainty. Secondly, the prices are discounted as part of a presale offering, a win/win. Lastly there are some incentives for larger orders or orders involving quantity. So three great reasons to get your orders in early! As with every presale, here are rules, please read over especially if you are new to this.


  • TWO WAYS TO ORDER– Email or call your order in- 1-800-804-9565 or email [email protected] (Office hours 9:30-5:30 EST)
  • Please when placing your order use item numbers only when ordering (not descriptions to avoid confusion)
  • IF YOU EMAIL YOUR ORDER FOR AN INVOICE– You MUST include your name, address and phone number for us to send an invoice
  • Please do not submit an order unless you are able to pay your invoice within 12 hours
  • These are all offered at special presale pricing, about 15-25% less than what they will be when they go online
  • Final sale
  • This sale will end Saturday, Sept 21st
  • Shipping is extra
  • This container is due here on by around Sept. 30th (sometime that week) and orders will ship in the order they were received
  • Spend $400 or more and save 10% off your entire order
  • For every ream purchased, received a box of gift toppers!
  • Limited quantities, so subject to availability (sorry no rain checks)
  • International? Please email [email protected] or call us with what you want to order and our address so we can get you a shipping quote
  • Wholesale? Contact us at [email protected] or give us a call to get your order in
  • Questions? Call us at 800-804-9565 (Monday- Friday 9:30-5:30)




For presale only- you can mix and match patterns, no minimum required per pattern

Our incredible new holiday giftwrap. This will make wrapping gifts a pleasure when you get to give a gift this pretty!! I just love each and every pattern. Beautiful quality paper with my most favorite patterns to date! They all mix and match beautifully and tissue is offered to match (great mix and match).

Each roll is 8 feet by 30″

Six new patterns- stockings, red nutcrackers, green nutcrackers, green ginger jar/wreath, red ginger jar/wreath and red topiary

Green/blue papers



Ginger jars green bow



Red papers-


Ginger jar with red bow

Red nutcrackers


These packs of tissue include 25 heavy sheets of a generously sized tissue sheet 25 x 30″.

Offered in four of the patterns.

1-3 packs $9.00

4-6 packs $8.00

7-12 packs $7.00

13 or more $5.00 per pack



These gorgeous double faced satin ribbons from last year are coming back. Jumbo rolls of 55 yards featuring this beautiful 1.5″ thick quality stain ribbon. A steal if you know the price of ribbon. Really makes the gift!

$22.00  with purchase of giftwrap

$30 without purchase of gift wrap

Specify moss green ,navy, gold or red when ordering


 The most fabulous way to finish off a gift is adding one of our incredible gift toppers, whether it is a ginger jar, pagoda or Staffordshire dog, these are guaranteed to bring a smile to your gift recipients face! Plus they are a 3″ ornament so it’s a special litlte something to add to your gift which is a wonderful holiday keepsake.

Sold in boxes of 6 $26.00

For the presale only we are allowing you to mix and match styles

Ginger jar, Staffordshire dog black/white, Staffordshire dog blue/white or pagoda


One lucky reader will win 4 rolls of our current gift wrap plus one pack of matching tissue!!

 Just leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite pattern(s) and how you  like to wrap your gifts. A winner will be announced on Sunday!


Well, if this doesn’t get you in the mood for the holidays don’t know what will. It has me dreaming of holiday decorating, and wrapping up lots of pretty gifts!! Call or email your order-


[email protected]

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Gayle on

I love the blue and green packages with the staffordshire dogs… and I’d gift wrap with a staffordshire dog ornament on top!!

Susan K on

I would love to see the foo dogs as toppers.

Sue on

I love the blue and white with the pops of red ribbon. I think it’s stunning with a red bow and a ornament. !!!

Debbie on

Really lovely, Tina!

Often I select one gift wrap per family member and wrap all their gifts in that paper – no tags- which added to the mystery and intrigue on Christmas morning. So under the tree we’d have one design for my husband, two for each daughter, and one for me! Friends and other gifts were tagged, and for those I used a variety of papers and ribbons.

Molly on

Love them all – but the Red Ginger Jar is my favorite. I love when Christmas (and July 4th and Valentines) comes around and I can add RED to all my Blue and White! Fabulous paper with a Great RED RIBBON bow and I love to use my Silhouette VINYL cutter to make a Fabulous Monogram to add to the package – I think I get more excited about the wrapping than the gift inside!

Rosalind Laird on

If this doesn’t make the most beautiful presentation under the tree!!
I wrapped gifts in this gorgeous paper last year and will order more for this year
Thanks Tina for all the beautiful things you are always finding!!!

Brenda on

Love all the new wraps and ornaments. Especially the blue and green! Can’t wait to order.

Sandra McCurdy on

My favorite pattern is the topiary with blue bows because it can be used at any time of year.

Jean Kissane on

My favorite is Ginger Jar With Red Bow.

Christine on

As a teacher and a parent, I love to give Christmas gifts in gift bags. As a result I will be ordering the lovely tissue to use in deep blue or deep red gift bags. Thrilled to have such lovely choices!

Mary Balagia on

I like the Christmas tree with red bows the best. I would use red satin ribbon and attach a red, medium sized, solid shiny ball ornament to the bow. Before attaching the ball, I would use a silver paint pen to write the name of the recipient. I might also use a clear ball with raffia inside.

Ellen on

I so LOVE the new papers! The ginger jar with red bow is perfect for blue and white lovers that still want a red and green Christmas. Perfect!!!

Rosemary on

Tina—love all the blue and green papers with the ginger jar toppers and either blue or green ribbon. I hope you will offer the blue and white check ribbon as well. I always love giving (and getting) beautifully wrapped gifts.

Deb Harris on

I love the new ginger jar patterns and the stockings! I wrap my gifts with a variety of coordinating papers with ribbon that ties them all together. I especially love not putting tags on the family ones so they don’t know until time to open whose are whose! (I have a secret way of knowing!)

Ccchintz on

If I received a gift wrapped it this with the ornament-I wouldn’t open it. It’s a gift in itself. My fav is the wreath with ginger jars but I have never turned a topiary away. Too close to call

Dana on

I love the blue and green ginger jars and wreaths. It looks like Christmas at my house. Have you thought of adding metalics to the blue and white patterns? Gold and silver would be a pretty addition and many use those for the holidays. That being said, I would purchase everything you have if I could. 🙂

Moira Carr on

The ginger jar with red bow! is my favorite for larger packages and the ginger jar with green bow for smaller packages! I like to wrap on a diagonal!

Laurie on

I love the little trees! We love on a family woodland forest. I always put a small cone on the present worth the ribbon.

Dianne Kropp on

Everything is so beautiful! I’d love one of each!

JeanaB on

I love the stocking paper! I have a blue tree in one room and a traditional tree in the other. The ginger jar with red bow would look great under the traditional tree. I like to use velvet ribbon and vintage tags on gifts. Some years, I will make a special tag with a picture of the recipient on it. We end up using it year after year.

Jay Wootten on

❤️?❤️ the green topiary paper with either blue of green ribbons. The Staffordshire dogs are a charming and unexpected touch to top the topiary.

Norina on

Have you ever considered putting your gift wrap paper designs in a gift bag style for those of us who like giving gifts in bags?
Your patterns are beautiful !

janis monachina on

I love that ribbon! What color… hum

Eve B on

Love the ginger jars with green bows paper and the matching tissue paper. I would wrap the gift with the paper and then put it in a white bag with the tissue paper! For a bit of Christmas color, tie the bag with a red bow and a ginger jar topper! I might not put anything in the box–the wrapping would be gift enough!!! LOL

Sandra on

This will make beautiful and unusual wrapping for gifts. What great taste you have Tina

Donna on

The stocking gift wrap selection with a fresh piece of cedar tied to the beautiful satin ribbon!

Liz W on

Oh goodness I like all the red ones but if I had to chose one I’d pick the nutcrackers! I love satin ribbon for my packages so that’s how I would accent the wrapped gift!!

michelle l oleary on

I love the green / Blue Ginger Jar paper and tissue. It is a neutral that can be mixed with any tree and any color ribbon. I love the ginger jar topper to go with the paper. Have you considered creating gift bags? They are so easy to use. Especially for teacher and hostess gifts. I also use a separate paper for each member of the family. Makes it easy to hand out gifts.

Debbie C. on

My favorite pattern is the Ginger jars with green bows. I like to wrap all my gifts and make each one special with elaborate bows and hand written cards. The gift toppers and that final touch. Love all your designs.

kesha on

I love the red and blue papers. They are all so beautiful! I love to wrap my gifts with bright red bows

Tim F. on

Love the ginger jars w the bows paper. Sometimes it’s fun to wrap gifts for kids in colored comics from the newspaper.

Diane on

I love the ginger jars with both the green and red, wrapped with your fabulous satin ribbons.

Kathy on

I really think the ginger jar pattern with green ribbon and wreaths is dreamy! But then our family collects nutcrackers. Decisions, decisions!

Eileen A on

You are right, this collection is the best. I just love the wraps with the touch of red. Although I’ve moved away from red and green for Christmas, that splash of red is just perfect!

Natalie on

My favorite wrap is the green and white topiary! I love to beautifully wrap my holiday gifts. Just the final touch under the tree!

Gay Lundin on

I love matching paper and tissue! As I child my aunt use to put small gifts in tissue tied to ribbon and make a small holes in the top of the wrapping paper. She always found matching papers? You would pull the ribbon through the paper and out of the tissue popped amazing surprises! I want to do this for my grandson! How exciting!

Sonya Seyle on

I love the new blue and green with the wreaths and ginger jars. It would look good with blue or green ribbon, or even red!

Jennifer S on

The staffordshire dogs tied with the green satin ribbon atop the green stocking paper or the green ginger jar bows would be so special for gifting.

Danis on

I’ve always loved blue & white anything!
I’d use the ginger jar in blue & red with simple red bows! Always a classic!
Thank you for such a wonderful site, it’s always inspiring!!

Barb Austin on

Can’t wait tp use this gift wrap and tissue…and love the toppers!

Andrea Sheldon on

How could something as beautiful as these papers ever part ways with me??! #tragic #sosad #winnerwinnerwrappingpaperdinner

Miss CC on

Love the topiaries and the ginger jars with the red bows! So festive! And an amazing price on the reams! Thank you!

Shery G. on

I absolutely love the topiaries with the blue bows. It’s absolutely beautiful!

Ann R. on

So perfect for those of us who love blue and white!

Lee on

My favorite pattern is the old topiaries with the blue bows.
For all the Christmases when my children were growing up, I always wrapped all their presents in just one paper, for each child. I tried to find paper that matched the theme of each of their stockings … one son has a Snowman on his stocking, the other son has a Santa on his stocking, and my daughter has an angel on hers. So I always looked for wrapping paper that had snowmen, Santa’s, and angels every year. That’s how they knew their presents were really from Santa!


Oh MY!!! The wreaths with the ginger jars in blue or red ribbon are the cutest papers ever!!!! Pick me!!!

Ann M on

i love all the patterns, and I usually can’t choose a favorite, but this time I can–it’s the red and green topiaries by a landslide! I love a well-wrapped gift, no throwaway bags for me. I especially love to wrap several gifts in coordinating papers, and tie the stack up with a beautiful double-faced satin ribbon. I add a vintage millinery flower (I collect them) in the middle, and tie on a hand-made collage tag. You know how some people watch cute cat videos? I watch Japanese gift wrapping videos.

Deb on

Blue/white/green stocking paper; white/blue pagoda topper; blue ribbon; sprig of mistletoe! What could be more enchanting under the tree!

Ashley T on

Love the red topiary’s and all that beautiful satin ribbon!!

Jeannie on

Love the red and green ginger jars!

Yolanda on

I love the depth of color in the ribbons. The deep Chris red is my favorite

Wendy on

Oh …. my …. goodness! Your paper is GORGEOUS!! How about we make it into wallpaper!!

Frannie B. on

Placing order today! This will really get me in the holiday spirit. The gift toppers are very special, will use some on a wreath also.
Thanks for sharing your creativity.

Christy on

The ginger jar green bow is my favorite with the red and blue topiaries a close second. Need then all!

Patrice on

I love the Nutcrackers in all colors…and the green ribbon on the Ginger Jars! I love to make pretty packages. I always try to match the papers with the personality of the gift recipient….. I also love toppers…in the past I have used real holly with red berries and magnolia leaves with ornaments for large packages…. I put so much time into wrapping gifts people always open very carefully and save the trimmings and the paper sometimes! Wrapping gifts is one of my few creative outlets as my profession is very regulated!!

Michael John on

Nutcrackers in red! so unique – thank you

Sue Yuditsky on

My favorites are the red/green topiaries and the blue/green stocking papers. I love to wrap gifts while I watch Christmas movies and sip on a glass of wine. And as we have a large family, I wrap all of my gifts with the same paper so everyone knows who their gift is from. I have also learned to write each person’s name on the back of the gift so if the tag disappears – we know who it is for (and that happens a lot in my group)!

Darcy on

I’m crushing on the blue and green stocking pattern…. but they’re all gorgeous

Catharine on

I love the ginger jars and red bows…and the topiaries! Would be fun to try decoupaging some of this paper on ornaments! All of it is so cute it’s hard to pick one. Definitely the wrapping will be just as special as the gift!

Joyce on

I bought several boxes of the package toppers last year and used them to decorate my small 3 foot Christmas tree. It was GORGEOUS!!!
Please keep us small tree decorators in mind. I ❤everything you do! ???

Linda on

Sent in my order, the ream prices are unbelievable! Used to own a gift shop and would pay easily $350 and up for nice quality reams. LOVE your papers, toppers and ribbon. You have nailed what an elegant holiday should look like. Congratulations on a beautiful collection Tina.

Also got my monogrammed napkins on Friday, I just about died when I saw them, so much. more beautiful in person. Hope you will offer them again before the holidays, I want to order for our holiday dinner table.




christine on

I love them all…but if I had to pick just one, it would be the ginger jars with the wreaths….and i would put a sprig of cedar under the beautiful red or white or green bow!

Tague Lisa on

Christmas time is magical . With the offering of stunning papers, ribbon , and ornament toppers I feel like a child in a candy store. Absolutely stunning .

Patti S on

Love the nutcrackers!

Charlene on

Love it all?Can’t wait!

dale s. on

I usually wrap in plaid but am excited to use the stocking pattern with the blue ribbon this year. Then all my presents will match my blue and white living room.

MaryLouise Holtz on

Beautiful….must have ginger jar with red bow! Almost too pretty to open…Thankyou Tina.

Marilyn on

I like the blue and green with the red bows.

Alissa S on

My favorite paper is the ginger jars with the red bows because it combines the gorgeous blue and white with the festive pop of red. I love wrapping gifts with beautiful ribbons and creative gift tags. Your toppers would just put my gift wrapping over the top!

Diane R. on

Everything is simply stunning! My favorite are the ginger jars with red bows.

Terri Lacey on

I want to wrap myself in that paper!! And put a bow on me too!!! And on my doodle!!! Honestly, it’s all fun and beautiful at the same time.

Roxie on

I love a topper on each package as a remembrance each year during the holidays!

Jane on

I love all the new patterns but especially love the stockings pattern and wreaths and ginger jars pattern. Your beautiful papers make wrapping gifts so enjoyable.

Barb on

Blue and green topiary paper with a huge red satin bow! Elegant!!

Catherine B. on

Everything looks great! The green ginger jars/wreath pattern is my favorite. Thank you for offering a generous giveaway!

Elaine on

My favorite one is the Christmas stocking. So cute!????

Mary Catherine on

Placing my order now! I love using these wrapping papers to coordinate with my collection of ornaments. This year, I will be adding the satin ribbons in blue and green. Always a lover of blue and white, I like the idea of adding more touches of green.

Barbara in Texas on

Definitely the Red Nutcrackers, great choices this season!

Mickey H on

My favorite pattern is the blue and green stocking print. So cute!

Mickey H on

I love the blue and green stocking design. So original.

Thelma M.G. on

Each and every one of the patterns brings a smile. I imagine wrapping the gifts under the tall Christmas tree in our new home. Hummmmm………the blue green combo or the red, blue and green. All choices are beautiful.

Beverly Cook on

Hi. These really are fun! Congratulations on a lovely Christmas offering! Do you also sell the blue gingham ribbon? Thanks!

Rosalind Laird on

Beautiful!!! Can’t wait to wrap my gifts in this paper again
Not only is it unique and so much fun, it’s great paper
Makes a very pretty package!!

Bonnie G. on

I would use the stocking pattern. I tend to use gift bags and the tissues, no matter which ,will be stunning under the tree!

Marcia Schwartz on

I love all of these designs, however my favorite is the ginger jars with green bows ! My gifts will be wrapped to compliment my newly decorated family room ! Thank you for bringing us such lovely designs !

Charlotte on

I love the green and blue stocking and trellis pattern. I like to wrap each person’s gifts in the same paper. A different paper for each family member. The package toppers are a gift in themselves. Beautiful.

Beverly Cook on

Hi. These really are fun! Congratulations on a lovely Christmas offering! Do you also sell the blue gingham ribbon? I love the Ginger jar and wreaths with red bow! I’ll add fresh greenery to a lovely red satin bow topped with a delightful ginger jar! My friends will all say, “ This is just sooo Beverly!” ?

Ann White on

Love the ginger jars with green bow. Just changed my colors to navy with ginger jars for decorations. This wrapping is a perfect and will definitely be under my tree this year. ?

Charlene on

I love the blue and green topieries with ginger jar toppers tied into the ribbon bow???

Mary Kay McQueen on

I love the blue and red for Christmas with red ribbon and a cute ornament attached. I also love the blue and green with green ribbon and cute ornament attached.

Lauren on

Love the ginger jars with the green bow! Will definitely use that and tie off with a gorgeous lux green satin bow and topper. This paper is so beautiful! I can’t wait to put under my tree.

Mary Kay McQueen on

I love all the patterns! There’s nothing better then a beautiful gift to give at Christmas with beautiful wrapping, topped with a pretty bow and ornament attached!

Mary Lu on

Gorgeous gift wrapping, ribbons and gift toppers! So hard to choose. Gifts will be too pretty to open!!


Love love love the nutcrackers
I have been collecting nutcrackers for 35 years.
Beautiful ❤️

Robin Hause on

I am loving all of the blue and green color combo papers! I like to coordinate with my home and this color scheme will be perfect!

Kathy Menaguale on

I received SO many complements when I used your wrap for the first time last year. I LOVE all the papers but especially Topiary with Red Bow + both Ginger Jars. The tissue paper is delightful in every pattern and such a welcome treat for the gift recipient. I was unable to get the satin ribbons last year so will order all of them and the little gift toppers were loved by everyone especially my grandkids!

Julie Boyd on

I love the Christmas trees!

K Johnson on

What a Magical Christmas with these beautifully detailed papers dressing up all our gifts!! Purchased last year and I’m back again for all the Blues & Greens with Navy & Moss ribbon and topped with the Staffordshire dogs??

Faith Boggio on

I am getting ready to order for Christmas right now!

Jacqueline Wall on

Love the blue and green!! Everything feels so special when presented so beautifully. I would pick a different color ribbon for each family member ?

Donielle Hudson on

I simply adore all of the wrapping! But I must say that the Staffordshire dog ornaments will perfectly complete the look!! I can’t wait to order and wait patiently for the Christmas season!


The Staffordshire dog ornaments are just too cute!

Donna C on

Blue and green ginger jars with complementing tissue, a ginger jar topper and moss green bow is how I plan to wrap my Christmas gifts this year. I cannot wait!

Kevin Rodriguez on

I love the red topiary gift wrap! How stunning this will look under the tree during the Holidays! Add a red ribbon with a gift topper and you have a gift that will never want to be opened. Thank you for such classic designs.

Kate on

Everything is so pretty and will make the gift inside even more special.

Sandy W on

I love the blue and green wreaths and ginger jars. I always wrap all my gifts alike.

Peggy E. on

I love all the green and blue gift wrap but especially love the Christmas Stocking paper. Just disappointed there isn’t a blue and white gingham check ribbon available. All the selections are beautiful!

Holly Seymour on

Beyond anything I’ve ever seen……gorgeous, gorgeous paper and I love the whimsical Staffordshire doggie toppers.

Nancy on

Your paper collection with mix& match tissue paper is drop dead gorgeous but, must admit, my all time favorite is “ginger jars with green bows” (wreaths with blue bows). The blue is so vibrant!

Peggy Kahle on

love the ginger jars with green bow and i would use the green ribbon in a big fluffy bow with a bright blue glass ornament attached with name of recipient in gold pen. Love them all.

Kimberly Brand on

Loving the blue Christmas trees with the red bows!!!

I like to wrap gifts in gorgeous papers and silky ribbons, specific to the receiver.

Thanks so much for a chance to receive your beautiful paper!

Barbara Morris on

Red ribbons and the topiaries are my favorite……..perfect for Christmas.

Kathy M. on

Love all the patterns of gift wrap! Matching tissue paper, what more could a girl ask for! Mini ginger ornaments and Navy ribbon.

Jenny on

I adore the red , blue. Colour way , sweet nutcracker men and the lush Christmas wreaths just beautiful .
I have recently moved to the South of France From UK. And I am really looking forward to experiencing Christmas ( or Holidays ). Here in the South. .

Whitney on

Loving the red topiary wrapping paper. I love to wrap with beautiful paper and matching satin ribbon. I usually add an ornament which has meaning to the person whom I’m giving the gift.

Rebecca McVeigh on

I love the blue and green wreaths! I would use both the green and blue ribbon and both would look beautiful in my pale pink, Matouk blue. I adore a pastel Christmas!

Patricia Larson on

So so beautiful. Giving me all the holiday feels right now Tina! I love the new blue and green stockings. I will wrap them with blue ribbon and a ginger jar on top! ?

Rebecca hellman on

All of your patterns of wrapping are stunning! I especially love the green and blue topiary paper… this will be a ream for me. Perfect year round go to gift wrapping.

Sherry B on

I love the ginger jar pattern, both red and green ribbon.

JenBC on

All the blue and green!!!! Oh I love all the papers. Have some of the other patterns and they are so pretty! Love the ribbon too.

Carol Mann on

I love the Red Nutcracker and thr Blue Stockings I. wrap each relative in a different paper This year my youngest grandson will have the Nutcracker paper I also love the toppers and I use them on a small tree

Tricia on

I love mixing plaid, leopard, and fun patterns with big bows!

Kim on

I have a different wrapping paper for each member of our family; My one son plays the drums, so he gets a little drummer boy or nutcracker, my daughter’s middle name is Noel so I find paper with her name on it somehow, My other son I usually do some kind of winter theme and they always coordinate all of the colour. I often tie an ornament to the gift that coordinates with some special interests from that year – a sport, a movie, a vacation or a new hobby.

Eileen Hohlt on

I like to wrap my gifts carefully with no seam down the middle of the underside of the box. Instead, I bring one end all the way over to the edge of the back of the box. I tie my ribbons with the twist on the top so that the box lies flat. Your geometric patterns would work perfectly. Ginger jar with red is my favorite.

Joan on

Congrats on all the lovely new paper patterns!
I buy plaid/tartan wrapping paper whenever I come across it, adding to my collection, with a base color of either green or red. I always add a luxe ribbon similar to what you are offering. Any of your toppers would make a lovely addition to the gift, especially the Ginger Jar or Staffordshire Dog in black& white.
PS – heard your husband’s commercial on the radio today, good reminder to bring my focus back indoors and get decorating projects completed because before we know it the holidays will be here!

Linda Smittcamp on

The best looking paper!!! So festive and pretty!! Can’t wait to have it around my Christmas tree!!

Vicky on

Adorable patterns! My fav is the topriary!

Jill on

oh my! I have never seen such gorgious wrapping paper. I really love the blue and green stockings and the ginger jars. I think the ginger jars with a huge blue bow with a sprig of ever green.

Carmen McGahee on

Swooning over the ginger jars and wreaths trimmed in red.

Dana O’Hara on

Blue & Green ginger jar and wreaths! I love to wrap them with greenery!

Jessica on

This gift wrap is incredible! Absolutely beautiful!

Mary-john on

I’m in love with the topiaries! Wrapping is one of the best parts of the holidays. I like to make it an event, with Christmas music and a hot beverage and lots and lots of ribbon!! Big fat ribbon is key!

Monica on

Oh I just love the pagoda ornament! The stockings are adorable too!

Sue Schmitt Haidon on

Love all the patterns, my special pattern is the blue and green stockings, tired with a beautiful satin ribbon, topped with those adorable pagoda toppers.

Cindy W on

My fav is the topiary paper. I love wrapping rather than gift bags and I love using lots of ribbon!

Therese Jones on

Absolutely gorgeous….love the topiary paper.

Kristin on

Please provide an easier way to order. Your instructions are confusing. Thanks

Abby Lanzl on

Last year’s gift wrap was wonderful, and this year’s is even better! Hands down, my favorite is the ginger jars with green bows. I love the bird detail on the jars and the shades of blue and green used in this paper! I also love the addition of the stockings with the diagonal patterned ribbon and greenery in between, as I think it will contrast so well with the spacing on the other papers under the tree. I would finish the packages off with a beautiful solid color satin bow to allow the patterned paper to really pop!

Rjean on

Love it all but if I have to pick I choose the red topiaries & would do the green ribbon & add a black & white Staffordshire dog as a topper.

Nancy Griffiths on

I’m ordering up the green and blue wreaths and ginger jars…with the green ribbon! Can’t wait to start wrapping!

Charity Willoughby on

Ginger Jar with the red bow! ?

Susie Walker on

All these papers make me drool..they are so stunning and different from anything else! Hard to pick a favorite but I would go with the ginger jar paper and matching jar package topper with that luscious red or green ribbon-then add a fresh spring of greenery!

Lisa on

The stacked boxes and staffies?. I love to wrap my boxes making sure to crease the edges and bring my paper to the edge to make it seamless! Too with a single satin bow! I try to find the perfect paper for the recipient!

Lyn on

It is so hard to pick a favorite but I think I’ll be ordering the blue and green with the green ribbon. So elegant!

Denise on

The ginger jar wrap is my favorite – I can’t decide which colorway I prefer! I love to wrap multiple gifts for the same recipient in coordinating papers, tied up with the same color ribbon for uniformity, and a handmade candy cane tucked underneath the bow for a dash of sweetness.

Michele Pineda on

I love blue, it’s my favorite color, so the blue ginger jars print or blue stockings prints are so nice. Love this paper,it is beautiful!

Katherine on

I love a classic decor for Christmas. Your topiary with red is a lovely print and matches well with a variety of solids and other prints. I wrap my gifts in strong paper and use ribbon to make bows. Years ago I worked at a place in Texas called James Avery (jewelry craftsman), we would spend hours in preparation of the holidays hand making bows for the presents we sold. The holidays for me are intentional and hand crafted. Thank you for your help in making our holidays special.

Allison Hawthorne on

My favorite past wraps have been with plain brown paper, dried flowers or leaves, and twine, but I also LOVE beautiful paper with a simple silky bow (with 4 daughters, ribbons are always useful)!

Leska Taylor on

Love what you post!
Where are you located?

Marilyn on

Red topiary is my favorite. I never put gifts in bags…..always take time to wrap with a beautiful bow and trimmings.

Sherri poling on

I always match my tree ribbon to my package ribbon. I pick a paper to coordinate. I usually use 2 ribbon designs then on some of my packages I will use both coordinated ribbons. I also use single ribbons on some as well.

Sherri poling on

Well my second comment lol forgot to say I love the ginger jar with the red bows❤️

Sharon C Martin on

The blue and green topiary wrap is my new favorite! Package Tied with the rich green ribbon topped w fresh greens and magnolia leaves!! For a fresh Christmas prize under the tree!!?

Rebecca on

Do you offer wholesale to retail shops?

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