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Good morning friends, first I forgot to announce the gift wrap winner on Sunday! So congratulations goes to Danis-

I’ve always loved blue & white anything!
I’d use the ginger jar in blue & red with simple red bows! Always a classic!
Thank you for such a wonderful site, it’s always inspiring!!


Please email [email protected] to provide your shipping address and your gift wrap box will be on it’s way!


Well,  if you are starting to get into a holiday state of mind, you have come to the right place! So much to love here, and I must say I think this years ornament collection is our best yet and there is nothing quite like it! Today starts our amazing presale on what I think is the most beautiful collection of holiday ornaments around. Unique, gorgeous and special. We have curated quite the collection…….your friends will ooh and ahh over your tree, guaranteed! Plus these make wonderful hostess gifts, favors for parties, etc….

Here is my tree from last year, a dream tree for any blue and white lover! I used red as an accent last year this year but may switch to a mossy green accent this year, it all works!

There are a few great advantages to purchasing early- first it’s one less thing to worry about later. Second, you will get what you want and placing your order early guarantees it, as many of our ornament styles sold out last year, lastly you get special presale pricing (plus a few incentives). It’s a win/win. Our first batch of ornaments is due in around Oct 6th. then we will get another big and final shipment end of October.  We have introduced some new styles which I am very very excited about and bringing back our best sellers!

Generally ornaments normally sell for $14 each, but today all boxes of four are starting at $40.00 and get less expensive with the more you buy, plus a special incentive!

First a few rules before we start (please read over especially if you are new to these presales)


  • TWO WAYS TO ORDER– Email or call your order in- 1-800-804-9565 or email [email protected] (Office hours 9:30-5:30 EST)
  • Please when placing your order use item numbers only when ordering (not descriptions to avoid confusion) ITEM NUMBERS ARE IN FRONT OF DESCRIPTION
  • IF YOU EMAIL YOUR ORDER FOR AN INVOICE– You MUST include your name, address and phone number for us to send an invoice
  • Please do not submit an order unless you are able to pay your invoice within 12 hours
  • These are all offered at special presale pricing, about 15-25% less than what they will be when they go online
  • Final sale
  • This sale will end Saturday, Sept 28th
  • Shipping is extra
  • The first container is due here on by around Oct 10th (sometime that week) and orders will ship in the order they were received, we are getting these in two batches, one in early Oct and the other end of Oct.
  • Spend $400 or more and save 10% off your entire order (plus a box of gift toppers)
  • Spend $350 or more get a free box of gift toppers
  • Limited quantities, so subject to availability (sorry no rain checks)
  • International? Please email or[email protected] or call us with what you want to order and our address so we can get you a shipping quote
  • Wholesale? Contact us at [email protected] or give us a call to get your order in
  • Questions? Call us at 800-804-9565 (Monday- Friday 9:30-5:30)




ITEM 1 Gorgeous 5.25″ cherry blossom ginger jar

ITEM 2 New style trellis ginger jar with a “panel” design on each side


ITEM 3 Our classic Pheasant flat top


ITEM 4 Assorted 5″ balls, mix and match to your hearts content, these are fabulous as an assortment!

4A All over floral

4B Pheasant ball

4C Dragon ball

4D Double happiness

4E Pagoda scene

ITEM 4F Dragon

ITEM 4G Pagoda


ITEM 5 Our wonderful 4″ small dragon ginger jar

ITEM 6 Large flat top all over floral jar measures 5″


ITEM 7 Double happiness ginger jar, measures 4.25″, classic double happiness flat top jar


ITEM 8 Hexagonal all over floral  ginger jar 5″

ITEM 9 This is a new design and we do not have the professional shots back, it is a beautiful floral/cherry blossom 5.5″ jar. Offered in round OR hexagon shaped (please specify when ordering)

ITEM 10 Pagodas! Our amazing pagodas are a beautiful way to add a new design into your mix, they mix perfectly with all the others.

10A Pagoda 1

10B Pagoda 2

10C Pagoda 3 Solid navy

10D Solid white


ITEM 11 Did not get the professional shots back yet but even these photos taken in the warehouse cannot deny the beauty of these soon to be best sellers, the gorgeous nutcrackers! Offered in both red/green and blue/green with two different styles. 5.75″ tall

11A. Blue green with dogs

11B Blue/green with striped hat

11C Red/green with dogs

11D Red/green with striped hat

ITEM 12  Same here only have 2 of the 5 professional shots, but these are soooo cute! Measures 5″ tall. Choose from ivory/gold, black/white, blue/white, red/white, green/white






Dark green/white


ITEM 13 Foo dog love this classic ornament 4″

Box of 4 $40.00

ITEM 14 This is a newer design and we do not have the professional shots back yet.  A beautiful new ornament this gorgous 5″ double happiness/floral ginger jar is a beauty!

ITEM 15 The all over floral ball is also available in a 4″ ball. Same ball just a little smaller, works beautifully with every single ornament!

ITEM 16 Our fabulous navy cherry blossom jar with white blossoms is striking, measures 6″ tall


ITEM 17. Solid pearlized balls These are really fabulous, and make quite a statement. 5″ round they are a perfect “filler’ to use alongside all the ornaments (see my Christmas tree picture from below where I used an abundance of the pale blue balls. Specify color when ordering

Sold only as a box of 4 $25.00

Pale blue



New this year, a gorgeous rich mossy green (do not have professional pictures)

ITEM 18  Gift Toppers that double as a small 3″ ornament ! These are the cutest thing, and such a beautiful way to finish off any gift….truly the crowning touch! We are allowing for the presale only, to be able to mix and match however its a minimum of 2 per style.

Sold in a box of 6 $26.00

Styles include (please specify and remember minimum of 2 per style)

green nutcracker, red nutcracker, green dog, blue/white dog, black/white dog, ivory/gold dog and ginger jar


Here is an ornament/tree guide I put together from last year-



One lucky reader is going to win an assorted box of 6 of our fabulous ornaments to get a head start on their holiday decorating! Simply leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite ornaments and you will be in the running. A winner to be announced on Sunday morning.


Well if this doesn’t get you in holiday frame of mind, not sure what will:) It has me dreaming of decking the halls, I cannot lie! If you are ready to place your order, just call or email it in. Thanks for stopping in!


[email protected]


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Susan M on

11C Red/green with dogs – what an original! Would love to see A few on my tree!

Carol on

The nutcrackers are just wonderful! Can’t wait for those to go with all my German nutcrackers around my tree!

Deborah Hilpert on

Beautiful ornaments – Loving the foo dogs and the pale blue balls!

Eve B on

Love # 14 and 16. What fabulous ornaments. Would be lovely at each place setting for a dinner party/luncheon.

Janet Masterson on

It’s just like Christmas morning….I’ve been anxiously awaiting the nutcracker ornament arrival!! They are all perfect but especially love the white pagodas, and the blue/green nutcracker in striped hat. I cannot wait to include these on my tree this year!

Judy on

Oh gosh! They ALL are beautiful! Hard to say! But I love the nutcrackers and the ginger jars! Always love your post!

Marlene W. on

Such wonderful assortment of ornaments but the little dogs are my favorite… they are so cute. Maybe two of each would really look cute hanging on my tree or on a fresh wreath.

Dana on

I love the ginger jar and pagoda ornaments! So unique in their shape and color. Truthfully after seeing your tree they are all beautiful. Always so inspired by your products.

Terry P. on

Wowsie! I’m a FOO DOG lover for sure:)

Jennifer on

I love them all, but would really love to get the ivory balls for filler and #3 pheasant flat top ornaments to complement the ginger jar ornaments I purchased last season. Just beautiful and yes, it stirs my holiday spirit too!

Robin M Gwaltney on

I love the nutcrackers but it’s hard to decide, I like then all!!

Jamie Fain on

I don’t have any of the dogs yet. I really like the ivory ones, Can’t wait to decorate this year!

Joy Searles on

I love all of the blue and white ginger jar ornaments!

christine on


Cheri on

Love the solid whites and ivories. I decorate with ivories and gold.

Cindi T on

What would the holidays be without gifts? I would love being the giver (or recipient) of a package done up with any of the smaller collection.

Carol M on

It’s so hard to pick. But I do love the dogs, especially the one with green ears and the red polka-dot one. So adorable.

nancy on

All of the ornaments are lovely !!!!
Since I have most of the original ornaments, I plan to order some of the great nutcrackers !!!!!

Ingrid Johnson on

They’re all beautiful, but I especially love item #2, the trellis ginger jar!

Ariela on

Love the new style trellis ginger jar with panel design… also crazy about the all the dogs!

Lauren Thompson on

After falling in love with your site and redoing my living room in blue and white my tree will be getting a little blue and white makeover this holiday season! Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration! ❤️?

Joyce on

So exciting! Like Christmas before Christmas 🙂 Love!

Cindy W on

Love then all but the red nutcracker is my favorite!!!

Deborah on

Always look forward to decorating our Christmas tree – this year will be extra special adding some of your wonderful ornaments! Thank you for creating them!!!

Linda Beth on

Love every one of these exquisite ornaments! I think I’d have to choose the Staffordshire dogs as my favorite. They are adorable!

Susan K on

Love the foo dogs! I keep mine out year round.

Nancy OShaughnessy on

I have so many of your beautiful ornaments already but it never stops me from ordering more each year. I keep extras wrapped and when people stop by for the Holidays I give them one as they leave. Love the new Nutcrackers!

Stephanie O. on

I love the foo dogs! Can’t wait to see them in person!

Fran W. on

They’re all beautiful, but the pagodas are my favorite!

Kathryn on

Thanks for giving us a head start on the holidays!
And, thanks for sharing the sweet picture of Teddy in his Christmas attire.

B. Woodring on

My favorite ornaments are the Cavalier dogs….can’t help it since I have one! I bought some last year & also own quite a few of the other styles. I want to add more because I am trying to transition my tree completely to the blue & white!

Deb Harris on

The ginger jar ornaments are my absolute favorites! Such a variety!

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Love the ginger jars and the foo dogs. Omg I am going to need a bigger tree!!

Eileen A on

My favorite are the gift toppers as I have several miniature trees. Thanks.

Rene P. on

The Nutcrackers!! They have CHRISTMAS written all over them! Just adorable and so festive!!

Claudia McCauley on

Big wow…might need to skip Halloween this year and move right on to Christmas…fabulous!

Theresa on

Wow!!! Looks like this girl is going to have a blue and white Christmas tree theme this year! LOVE them all, and especially the new trellis ginger jars with accents of the ivory balls!

Arell on

I love love love the Nutcrackers! They are so delightful!

Jane on

I have many blue and white vases, but no ornaments. I will start this year. I can’t pick a favorite. I love all of the ginger jars, the pagodas in blue and white, the Staffordshire dogs, the foo dog, and love, love, love the pagodas in blue and white. The new additions are gorgeous. Thank you doing such a spectacular job.

Jane on

I would like to start my ornament collection this year. I love all of the ornaments, but particularly like the foo dog and the double happiness jar.

Mary M on

I love the new nutcrackers! The staffordshire dogs and foo dogs are still two of my favorites!

Marilyn Cole on

I’m planning a blue and white tree in my dining room this year for the first time! Love the blue and white ornaments! Can’t wait to decorate!

Marge on

Not ready for Christmas, but this message gets me thinking about it! Lovely ornaments!

Gay Lundin on

This presage makes my heart flutter. The ornaments are my passion and you hit all my categories: ginger jars, Staffies and nut crackers. So many generous give aways, I’m crossing my fingers on this one!

Michael John on

The full size nutcracker ornaments are my fav! But how much are they? and I think you have a typo in that you wanted to describe them as with dots (rather than with dogs)? Have a grand day.

Barb A on

I just love the black/white dog and the gold polka dot dog. How about a blue and white next year? Simply can’t get enough of these to mix into all the other ornaments on my tree. I’m not strickly blue and white on my tree, but moving more toward that look each year.

Molly Ellis on

So excited for Christmas this year! This will be my second year using your beautiful gift wrap and my second year purchasing these amazing ornaments!! So excited to add to my collection. My favorite is the blue and red nutcracker. I cannot wait for them to be delivered! Thank you for all of your hard work Tina!!

Dianne D on

Can’t wait for these fabulous new ornaments to arrive!!!
Just placed my order & I’m so excited about the Red/Green dogs!

Maria on

Can’t pick just one.!! Each one of them has its own unique character, but I have a weakness for the navy blue cherry blossom because I collect anything with that print. So lovely to see the blue background against the white print.

Tim F. on

Love the blue & white jar ornaments.

Susan Bonfield on

I entertain at Christmas. These wonderful ornaments would make a terrific gift at each person’s place at the table whether it be a dinner or luncheon. The table will look festive and each person will have a special remembrance of the occasion.

Suzanne on

Love the ginger jars. They would be so pretty with the blue and white I have in my home

Alissa S on

The ginger jar ornaments are just beautiful! I love the different shapes and designs available.

Marcia Moorhead on

I would love to order a dozen of each and every one, so beautiful.

Jennifer S on

These ornaments are fabulous. I have gifted many ! The minis tied on packages are so great. Everyone loves them.

Elaine on

Oh so pretty! Love the soldiers!

Julie on

My favorite is the new green shiny ball just perfect !

Libby on

I love the foo dogs and nutcrackers! I am excited to start growing my ornament collection as my kids get older. We are finally starting to think about moving away from plastic non- “breakable” ornaments and onto the real pretty stuff! Excited to start my enchanted home collection!!!

Kim WS on

The ginger jars are my favorites – item 8 is particularly beautiful. I love all of these!

Beverly Rowntree on

It’s so hard to decide, but I really adore the staffordshire dog ornaments!

Jennifer Johnson on

I absolutely love item #16 The Beautiful navy cherry blossom jar. Its classic and I believe goes with any Christmas decor. I love blue and white and adore all these stunning one of a kind ornaments.

Lisa Bond on

I love these!!! Have dreamed of blue & white decor forever, and a fire last year helped me make the decor switch. This will be my first Christmas with blue & white, so I could use a head start :).

I absolutely love the wrapping paper and am ordering the Giddy swizzle sticks for my hot chocolate bar, too!!

Susan OCallaghan on

The green and red polka dot staffordshire dogs are my favorite!!

Colleen W on

Being a huge dog lover the black and white Staffordshire dog ornament is my favourite, they are so cute!! Love the wee ginger jars as well, especially the cherry blossom one!! All of you ornaments are so lovely. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful inspiration!! ???

Theresa on

I love the cherry blossom ginger jar and the pheasant ball!

Jordan Welch on

The green & blue nutcrackers are GENIUS, and absolutely adorable!! Also love the new designs this year on the ginger jar ornaments!

Elizabeth Sabiston on

Love them all! Partial to cherry blossoms!

Lucia Foster on

Wow! Beautiful ideas for inspiration and for gifting…love every single one. Pearlized balls would make a great centerpiece with fresh greens.

Mary Cloud on

Oooh I love all of these – especially the Ivory and Gold Dog ornament

Joan on

I love the nutcrackers and the dogs! I think I’ll be adding to my collection!

Marilyn on

I like the Nutcrackers.

Linda C on

The dogs are adorable, I already have the blue and white balls, I Believe they were your first Christmas ornaments and I love them.

Nancy Fed on

My favorite ornaments are the new round and hexagon cherry blossom jars! They would look adorable on gifts, my tree or sitting at each plate on my Christmas table!

Megan M on

Looking forward to adding some colored Staffordshire dog and nutcracker ornaments to the blue and white ginger jars I ordered last year!

Brenda on

I love all the ornaments. I have a frosted tree that is nothing but your blue and white ornaments. Breathe taking! I’m so excited about the nutcrackers. They will make a perfect addition to my tree.

Nancy Caswell on

I didn’t buy enough last year!
So excited to purchase more!!
Merry! Merry!

Susan Clemmer on

My favorite ornaments are forever the Foo Dog, the Ivory and Gold Spaniel and classic Double Happiness Jar, because one can never have too much happiness!

Caroline Breard on

I love the pagoda ornaments!

Deanna on

I love all of the Nutcracker ornaments. The colors are unique and beautiful., and the pale blue balls are gorgeous. I could do a whole tree with just those!

Mary Joy on

I have many but want to get the new color mini dogs and the icy blue and white balls.

Natalie H. on

I love the blue and white Staffordshire dogs with the flowers on them!

Lee on

Oh my! These are all so beautiful! I’d have to say my favorites 😉 are the flat top pheasant jar, and both the dragon and double happiness ginger jar ornaments. I’m excited to add these to my blue and white Christmas tree this year!

Jennifer Garren on

All the ginger jars, they are gorgeous.

Debbie on

The new double happiness ginger jars are terrific! Will add a hot pink ribbon and get for my girlfriends?

Joan on

Loving all of the Staffordshire Dog ornaments and gift toppers. Will be ordering extras to give to a dear friend who shows and breeds Spaniels. Love to see the Foo Dog in red & green as well, but appreciate that you can’t carry every ornament in every color combination.
The Nutcrackers are a lovely addition to your ornament line.

Deborah Johnson on

Love the new designs! Time to stock up, fa la la la la

Jules W on

Love the Staffordshire dogs!

We have started a fun tradition that each of our family members picked a dog ornament and that would be their ornament. Now, I have a son-in-law, he will probably pick the red!

Ann Marie on

It’s that time of year again! I bought some last year and it’s time to add to my collection..Beautiful pieces..

Katie Corrigan on

It is hard to choose between the nutcrackers, ginger jars and Staffodshire dogs.

Marguerite on

The pagodas are my absolute favorite! esp the blue and white!

Susie Walker on

Hard to choose, but since I have the double happiness ginger jar, I choose that one.. sprig it with greenery, and it will be perfect for a package or napkin ring decor!

Jill on

I LOVE the Staffordshire dog ornaments in every color and size! They are elegant and whimsical and make the me so excited for Christmas! I want to put up my tree today, and deck it with these wonderful ornaments.

Renie on

I love the green and red dog ornaments best. Colorful and bright.

Marianne Lille on

My sister just completed an extensive renovation of her home and it is all blue and white. Stunning! She has a collection of Nutcrackers and what a wonderful house warming gift to give her a collection of these darling Nutcracker ornaments to adorn a mini tree on her new kitchen island! Visiting this site gives me so much happiness…

Patricia on

I love every single one! I especially love the dragon ginger jars!


These are beautiful! A whole new look for my holiday home. I’m now excited to get started 🙂

Maggie on

ITEM 1 Gorgeous 5.25″ cherry blossom ginger jar – Love!

Marci on

Every year you truly amaze me with the selection of blue and white you choose to offer. How do you choose a favorite but I have to admit your candles are divine. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

Maggie on

So much to choose from!

Lynlea Caudill on

It is too hard to choose a favorite! They are all so beautiful! I especially love 11A and 10B!

Alice on

The problem with these ornaments is having to put them away at the end of the season. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t do it last year and have a large blue/white bowl with large blue/white balls on my dining room table. I love them every time I pass by

Joyce Ward on

How gorgeous! My favorites are the ginger jar ornaments especially the navy and white….lovely accents for my decor- Wowza!

Noelle on

I love item 3 the flat top ginger jar! It is adorable!!!

Tricia Ocallaghan on

red nutcracker

ChristineB on

My favorites are the cherry blossom ginger jar & the dragon ball. The dainty beauty of the ginger jar & the fierce dragon gorgeously embody the beauty and opposites within the culture. Cannot wait to decorate the tree this year….quite excited to have found your ornament selection. Now the decision is whether to forgo the traditional Christmas meal and instead serve a beautiful Chinese spread Decisions, decisions!

Ellen on

Oh, the gift toppers are the cutest!

Janet Vendetti on

Love the nutcrackers, the red and black foo dogs and the blue ginger jars….exceptional design and festive with the wow factor!

Ramona hite on

Buy item 13

Ashley T on

Those red nutcrackers are my favorite and I’m ordering them today!!

Ansley Forsberg on

Love the staffies & everything with a dragon!! I can’t wait to get an order in!

Carole Henderson on

Red/white dog

Carole Henderson on

These are beautiful! I would be blessed to have one!

Sue Schmitt Haidon on

Item #14 Double Happiness floral ginger is my favorite.

Mary on

The Staffordshire dogs are the best!

Amy Ray on

Love all of the DOGS!!!

Jana Graves on

The pagodas are my favorite! I can’t wait for Christmas!

DD on

I love the dog ornaments, so cute!

Reggie on

I’m loving those blue and white nutcrackers!

Sandy W on

I love the blue and white ginger jars and the solid pearl blue ones. The nutcrackers are very cute too.

Laura on

ADORE the white pagoda! ….and the list goes on!!

Diane Myers on

Love the new trellis ornament. So sweet. Also the tin soldier with the red hat. I ordered some of your ornaments last year. So beautiful! Also purchased some of the mini ornaments. Instead of placing them on gifts, I decorated a small tree with them. So fun!

Leslie on

Oh my gosh! I’d love to win this to add the ornaments I bought from you last year! Love them all! ?

Carol Lane on

All of these are adorable, so it is hard to leave any of them out of the list, but, my favorites are item 2 – the trellis ginger jar, items 10A & B pagoda 1 &2, 11A blue/green nutcracker with dogs and 11B blue green with striped hat. Need to put my order in for these beauties!

Shirley Craine on

The ginger jar ornaments are precious! (All of the ornaments are fabulous)!

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