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Hello friends and happy Saturday, I am so happy the weekend is here! Did you notice my new banner on my home page? I love it, feels so “fall”. Time to usher in a brand new season, my personal favorite:)

Somehow this got lost in my draft box and I was so happy I discovered it. As by now you know, I had my first pop up shop ever in East Hampton at gorgeous East Hampton Gardens this past summer. If you are ever out that way, East Hampton Gardens  is one of those “must see stops”. It is a beautiful emporium of all things garden and home. I swear I have no idea what Michael,  the owner feeds his plants and flowers, but they bloom bigger and badder than any I have ever seen. Just stunning!

I could not have chosen a better person to have partnered up with, Michael is a gem. not to mention incredibly talented. A special thank you to Kelli Delaney for the introduction, whose vision is what got us there and who she herself, is quite the stylesetter with beautiful taste and the most enchanted garden on Long Island! She also has one fabulous website, KD Hamptons, so worth checking out!

 This collaboration was such fun though some things did not go quite as planned (due to my nieces  illness) however in the end we pulled things together and even got to have a wonderful party to celebrate and what a beautiful night it was. What is it that they say about those best laid plans:) The summer was a  true whirlwind,  with some wonderful highlights and this was most certainly one of them.

I also had the honor of being featured in the fabulous magazine, Hamptons Magazine which included a fun little photo shoot over at East Hampton Gardens. The subject of the article was all about my tulipieres and you just know I had fun doing this (though it was like 95 degrees that day and I had a touch of poison ivy). The show must go on! It was a great validation to the creation of my tulipiere line about two and a half years ago. I have never looked back:)

So this post is about that fun and very flattering article (in August)  featured in Kelli’s Dossier, a regular feature in this wonderful magazine that celebrates life in the glorious Hamptons! Some highlights from that fun day at the photo shoot and the article itself!


Is this not the sweetest little pop up!!

The actual article above and pictures that follow were the day of the photo shoot

Michael and I having fun with our tuliipiere building despite my touch of poison ivy, constantly having to cover a bruise on my forehead (smack center of course) and it being almost 96 degrees…..the show must go on!

Me in action

Oohing and ahhing over these fabulous hydrangeas I got in the flower district

In case you can’t tell, yes we are having fun and both very much in “our zone”

Kelli and I

Love this combination of yellow and white against the blue and white, so fresh

I think the wicker as a natural element against the blue and white is particularly pretty

Aren’t these stunning with the white and yellow flowers!!

All done…….so regal and beautiful!

And here are some great product shots, thanks Eric!

I love watching Michael in action, his passion is contagious!

And here are a bunch of fabulous product photography shots Eric got….love each and every one of them-

Bye for now!


 Such fun! Seeing these pictures brought it all back and brings. a big smile to my face, a really happy memory seeing all of my products that I have worked hard on come to life in such a beautiful setting. I truly had a blast on this day, and of course any chance to work with my beloved tuliiperes makes me happy.

I am most certainly in my zone when I get to spend a day around blue and white with fresh flowers, throw in special friends and those are the ingredients for a good time (the poison ivy and heat are the only things I could have used a little less of lol) . Hope you enjoyed this recap! Thanks Michael for such a fun foray into having my first little pop up shop, look forward to collaborating with you in other ways in the future. Wishing everyone a wonderful day and great, relaxing weekend. Until next time……..

PS Today is day 3 of our fabulous ornament presale (ends tomorrow) Click here to see the sale

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Thanks for sharing all the beauty in your shop. I love to see your products in action, it helps so much to visualize how to use them and the size and proportions. I especially look forward to when customers send in their photos with how they used something from the site in their home. You look gorgeous and the shop would definitely be on my must-see list if ever in the Hamptons. Have a great weekend!

These wonderful shots keep summer days alive. Loved your beautiful caftan Tina and that splash of turquoise from your necklace was fabulous.

Beautiful display showing how Michael and you arrange those gorgeous topiaries. Congratulations for the article and pictures were just lovely.

Hi Tina what a great post to open my computer to!

First you were such a beautiful woman but I cannot believe you have three grown boys !!

And secondly this shop looks so wonderful how I wish I was closer, would you do it again and would you consider other locales?

Lastly would you ever consider making a short video so we can watch you put together a Tulipiere? I think that your readers would love it.

Tina, you look so lovely and everything was so beautiful in the shoot! I always enjoy coming to your blog each and every day!

Magnificent Tina! (And you are such a beauty!) Think you can talk Michael in to opening a West Coast location???? ; )) ?East Hampton Gardens and Enchanted Home West!! Yes, please!!

Your are a beautiful lady and I think a lovely complement to the article. Should I find myself in the Hampton’s one of the stops will be Michaels shop.

Tina it’s so nice to see your beautiful face behind this beautiful blog! I am new or still have not seen what you look like, I love your outfit by the way .

I would have loved to have gone to see your beautiful merchandise in that storybook little shop , Michael looks like a lot of fun too! I can understand why you were so thrilled to be able to see all of your pretty things in such a lovely set Up. Might there be more pop ups in your future ? Maybe towards the Connecticut area ?

Love your Blog, absolutely beautiful pictures.thank you for sharing your blue and white world with everyone ?????

How beautiful! Thank you for posting these great pics! I will use your ideas wtih my new tulipieres from your shop!

Such beautiful photos and what a great shop. You look wonderful in your pretty dress.

Wow what a great day that must have been! Seeing your beautiful items gathered together was lovely. you looked marvelous too!

Just FABULOUS!! A beautiful article, great photos, and such an honor! You look adorable too and even match your blue and white products in that darling dress. Congrats!!

Tina you are GORGEOUS!!! You look so perfect next to your blue and white and I love your dress do you mind if I ask who makes it ?

So enjoyed seeing all of your beautiful things in this lovely shop, if I lived closer you can be sure I would have bit been there on the first day !! If you ever want to warm up to the idea of opening up a pop up in Santa Barbara, your products would fly off the shelves

Those photos were just lovely, as were you as well. Congratulations on such a wonderful accomplishment.

I think this is the first time I have actually seen you on your blog. You are gorgeous. And what a lovely smile. It looks like you both were having a great time. The store is so charming and of course, all of you beautiful items looked perfect. I need one of each!

Great pictures! You are so talented. Tina it was wonderful to see pictures of you! I wondered what you looked like. I can see that you are as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. Love all your posts!

Congratulations and best wishes to you as you venture out with your new project ! How exciting it must have been for you to be featured in the Hamptons Magazine ! You’re a lovely looking lady and extremely talented, and your merchandise is quality. I have purchased a few things in the past, so I can attest to it. The colorful florals absolutely complement the vessels.

You are a true beauty Tina and the love for what you do shines through in such a special way . I can see that you and Michael really we’re having a great time and it always shows through your posts.

Tina, you just made my day! Thank you for posting this gorgeous magazine layout on your site. If I lived on your corner of the continent, I’d certainly pop into your pop-up shop, although I’d probably never leave but stay for tea. Now, I feel I know you a little better. (BTW, I never noticed the bruise until you mentioned it. You were brave to carry on.)

Beautiful pics…especially loved seeing you working with the flowers in your shop!! I don’t think you realized you said Happy Saturday – you must be eager for it because today is Friday…oh well…we have all done it!! I hope your poison ivy goes away quickly!

Where to begin on this beautiful post .

I cannot imagine a more charming pop up shop, it is just beautiful! I love seeing how you put together your elegant tulipieres, they are so special and I bought a pair last year which I very much enjoy but I must say the yellow and white combination is especially pretty.

Speaking of pretty Tina, you are one pretty lady You look so young, I cannot believe that you have three grown men ! Michael looks like such a fun person to have as a partner!

I find it so inspiring to see someone who loves what they do and I can see you and Michael are very passionate about your businesses. This might be one of my favorite post of yours yet.

Love, love, love your new color palette/banner! Very soothing. I just redecorated from previous blue/white color scheme to the more sea blues/greens/beige. Love it, very calming! Also, love the pop up store!

Hi pretty lady in blue and white (I expected nothing less)!

I can imagine how much fun that was and how gratifying it must have been to see all of your beautiful creations under one roof ! At one point I thought I was actually going to be able to go and visit however a job obligation got in the way .

I would love to know if you are considering future pop-up shops because I think your line of products is so unique and beautiful I could see you doing well in so many different locations .

Congratulations! Awesome article and you look beautiful!

I was one of the 85k Winners—-Thank you for the Foo Dogs!?

FANTASTIC! The Enchanted Home is waiting to be explored. Lovely blue and white purchases to be buy.
Congratulations on your new pop up store! ? Cheers!

What a fabulous post. I had the please of visiting your pop-up shop this summer. East Hampton Garden is fabulous. So nice to have met Michael and his dog, Harper. Hope you continue with a pop-up store next summer!

What a HAPPY post !! You and your husband are just an adorable couple !! I enjoyed seeing you amongst all your beautiful blue & white and of course flowers !! Thank you !!

You are beautiful and you look so good next to all your gorgeous things ! Despite poison ivy it looks like you had lots of fun! Love your dress and necklace. Are you sure you really have three grown boys? You look 35!

The combination of the light blue yellow and white spectacular . Will you do this again next year ? Thanks for sharing

This looked like a lot of fun and everything is so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing. You are just gorgeous Tina 🙂

Love this fabulous post! All of your blue and white shows beautifully and having you in the pics, demonstrating use of your beautiful tulipiers, was an unexpected and delightful bonus! You look beautiful in your blue/white caftan and I love the pop of turquoise in your necklace!

You look stunningly beautiful! Your smile shows your passion for your craft and for flowers. You are what makes your brand so special-your generous, kind personality, your caring, your sweetness, your amazing talent and your beauty. You need to appear in pictures in your blog a lot more! Please, we all love you!!

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