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Hello, hope you are doing well. Busy week over here, in fact I feel a little bit of the holiday frenzy creeping in believe it or not. We have many balls in the air and thankfully I am an early bird and get my best work done before 10am then it’s full steam ahead.

The next week is going to be crazy busy with two huge containers coming in, plus our gift wrap, ribbons and ornaments! It is truly like Christmas in October! I have so many exciting things I cannot wait to share with you, so stay tuned for everything you will need for gift giving (including to yourself) and for getting your home in perfect holiday ready shape!

Speaking of sharing,  I share life’s happenings every 10 days or so, so here is a look at things lately (the good, pretty and interesting only)! There is a lot to share this go around. And we are off…….




My “Met” inspired arrangement is still going strong in. my foyer!


My kitchen island is often where I play “dress up” to come up with new tablescape ideas (these are new linens soon to be added to shop, they look so good with everything)!

So excited about these table trays!! Was experimenting with the finials on the jars to be gold but kept them blue

Had a incredible response to this jar!! So many emailed me about it, these are in production, along with a pale green and a pale blue version:)

This picture can only mean one thing…lemon orzo is being made (recipe to be shared on Sunday)

Experimented with my holiday swizzle sticks and chocolate…now these have me excited about holiday entertaining! Excuse the lighting, this was taken at night.

These just came in yesterday, click here to order yours

Speaking of holidays, got my beautiful luxurious velvet linen samples in and put them to work. They are approved (will be offered with the gift wrap arrival sale sometime next week)

How pretty is this brand new holiday floral! I love it and have two coming, originally for a local customer who just found out they sold their house so now they are coming to me for my mantel. Beautiful artichoke with white berries, adore it.

These bake brie baby bites could do me in! We are  on a ” no more brie embargo” in this house till Christmas! (recipe was shared here)

Had a few NYC days recently  and spotted this absolutely magnificent townhouse….think I could move back to NYC if I could move in there:)

Busy, buzzing and I would want it no other way!

Having lived there for a number of yeas I miss little things like my local Korean grocer loaded with beautiful flowers, the corner wine shop and loved all the little alfresco cafes!

And we did a little of our own al fresco dining that day, sometimes you just need to indulge a little:)

Whether you live in or near NYC or visiting, I recommend stopping in for brunch or lunch to La Mercerie, over at Roman and Williams Guild, it is so beautiful and the food is good too!

We have been all over the map weather wise, had summer like days 3 days ago where we hit 75 degrees, it was amazing and gave me the chance to enjoy one last alfresco dinner!

The artistry in our new custom house trays is simply amazing. These are like little masters paintings on a tray! Got a few pictures before they all went out. (click here for info)

And speaking of new products how fabulous are these new fretwork planers, in love! Click here (scroll down to view)

My mums are blooming like crazy thanks to a good soaking rain the other day

Can 2020 hurry up and come! It’s already here as far as my desk goes:) Got in our first batch of calendars, many orders have gone out, more shipping today. If you have not ordered this incredible desk top blue and white collection in collaboration with Giddy Paperie, you. must…it is amazing! Click here (scroll down)


So there you have my life in the last 10 days or so. Fun to share these posts as I imagine when I am older it will be a thrill to look back on them and reminiscence about certain memories. And how has your week been going? Hope its been a good one! Wishing everyone a wonderful Thursday! Until next time……

Guess what is starting this morning! Our amazing monogrammed napkin holiday sale!! This will be on until Sunday.  A great time to take advantage of special pricing on our exquisite monogrammed linen napkins….in plenty of time for the holidays! Great gift idea too:) Click here to visit sale

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BP on

Absolutely fantastic post! I was one of the people who told you that I’m in love with that pink jar, I cannot wait until they come in they will be perfect for my daughters room! Your gift wrap thing has me also excited for holiday wrapping, velvet ribbon adds a lot to a gift.

A lot to love on this post Tina and your new York city pictures brought back great memories from when I lived there in my 30s. I agree there is an energy in the air at unlike any other city.

Your table settings are among the prettiest I have seen please continue to share them as I get so many good ideas!

Karen Wheat on

Where can one get those fabulous Blue/white mugs? Those would be perfect for cocoa or coffee or even soup. Had hoped to see them in your shop…alas “no”— love them

Kathy M. on

Your idea of dress up with your table scapes is wonderful , what fun! Love all the new items,

Teena Tucker on

Tina! Im passionate about all things to do with feathering my nest ( A lovingly restored mid century modern lakhouse) I adore your sight and the things you make so easily available……… I have found many times lately, at dinner parties when friends say where did you get this? Or how did you do that? My answer is The Enchanted Home! Sincerely, another Teena ?

Marlene on

What pattern is your holiday setting?
Thank you.

Sandy Fisher on

I always love reading your articles! Little question – What is the font you use? Thank you!

LInda on

Tina,…….I made your favorite chicken salad recipe and it was fantastic! I added chopped apples and they made it even better.

Mary on

Gotta have the blue and white mugs…from your shop? Do tell. Great post, as usual, dear Tina.

Gina Penner on

Love the velvet ribbon!


Wow I loved so many pictures here from
The new pink jars, NYC shots, your beautiful front door to your beautifully set tables. Nicely done!

Judy Brucker on

The velvet ribbon is beautiful! The colors and texture are so rich. Love to have a green velvet vest for the holidays..

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