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Hello friends, well my favorite season is well underway, fall of course!  And that means that the Fall Love contest is officially being announced and we are now accepting your entries! We have held this contest the last few years and always get so many incredibly beautiful pictures.

Whether it’s a favorite fall table setting, the fall foliage in your area, your kids playing  in the leaves, your beloved pet enjoying fall, a favorite fall food, anything related to fall is welcome! I cannot wait to start receiving them.

Just a few rules to keep in mind before you send yours in. Time to take advantage of those photo ops when you have them:)

  • Please send 1-2 pictures (taken by you) to [email protected] (only entries sent to THIS email address will be included)
  • Please put the words CONTEST on subject line
  • Please be sure these are your pictures
  • Please do not send two pictures of the same thing but different angle, we can only accept 2 different pictures
  • There will be 2 rounds, then a showdown round of 2 finalists and finally a winner will be announced.
  • The winner will win a set of our fabulous blue and white porcelain pumpkins!
  • The contest will start on or around Nov 1st
  • Clarity, size and lighting matter! Pictures must be in focus, free from glare and bright light and be at least 400 x 600
  • We will confirm via email if we can accept your photo and if not will tell you why and offer you the chance to resubmit
  • We are taking pictures today through October 28th OR until we have reached our quota
  • We can only take 80 pictures
  • Questions? Please give us a call at 800-804-9565



I always like to include past entries that exemplify what a “good” and strong entry looks like. Clarity and crispness are very important. Size is too. Typicality pictures taken in daylight are the best quality and be careful of mirrors and lights for the reflection. So here are a few past entries that are a shining example of what a good quality picture looks like.


Here is a convenient checklist to go over prior to sending in your pictures-


OK think you have yourself a winning photo? Then please send them in! Again,  it’s 1-2 pictures per person to be emailed at [email protected]. We will take up at 80  pictures and cannot wait to start getting them. Thanks for stopping by, wishing you a fabulous Saturday and great weekend. Until tomorrow……


PS Our monogrammed holiday napkin sale is in full swing. Ends tomorrow night, great time to start thinking about setting that holiday table. Click here for the sale.




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Tina I love the picture of your big bowl filled with small pumpkins, that is beautiful and since I own that bowl I think I need to copy!

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