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Hello friends, first want to announce the winner of the tray giveaway! Congratulations goes to-


Blaire on 11/13/19 I love it all but especially the new bathroom trash cans. Would love the navy background!!

Please email us at [email protected]  to provide your shipping info as well as what color tray you want!


I hope this finds you doing well on this Sunday morning. We are getting some cold weather here, and there is no doubt that winter is beckoning, we have had 30’s and 40’s which is way too cold for me. Plus after being sick for nearly two weeks, I am craving warm air and sunshine. A friend invited me to a warm weather getaway and it’s so tempting. But I am now more behind the eight ball than ever and we have so much going with Christmas deliveries that there is sadly, no way I can pull it off. In due time:)

Speaking of Christmas, can you believe it is only 38 days away! Putting  it that way makes me a little weak at the knees. I am definitely starting to make my lists of many “to do’s” and am determined to get as much done as possible before Thanksgiving, wish me luck!

Gearing up for a crazy busy week this coming week. We have silver, part of our ornaments and our huge container of gift wrap is coming in mid to late week and we will be very busy little elves getting orders out the door as fast as humanly possible! Sorry no AI robots for The Enchanted Home, though there are days it could be kind of nice:)

We continue to get ornaments out and our next big shipment arrives Nov 27th so we plan to be fully stocked on both gift wrap and ornaments by around Thanksgiving which is when most people start getting serious about their holiday planning. Hope you are having a great weekend, here we go with my Seven on Sunday….


1 CAROLYNE ROEHMS NEW JEWELRY LINE! I was excited to see Carolyne has branched out into yet another arena to showcase your fabulous taste and timeless design aesthetic, jewelry design. Her new line is simply stunning and surprisingly was very well priced.

Looks like a millions dollars! I ordered a necklace and cannot wait to get it, the pieces look substantial and elegant. I think this will be a home run for her and in case you haven’t seen it, I wanted to share. Click here to see the entire wonderful collection.

2 THE FABULOUS VICTORIA MAGAZINE EVENT AT THE BILTMORE FEATURING MY PRODCUTS! This was too good to not share! Victoria Magazine held a huge 3 day event which sold out in record time for a holiday extravaganza.

Sounds like such a fun time! I was thrilled that they featured many of my products, from my ornaments to gift wrap, silver and blue and white. It was a thrill to partner with them and I was over the moon with how beautiful everything came out. Here are a few pictures….until I get the professional pictures back from them. What a thrill!

They used about 35 of our beautiful silver planters for the tables, have not gotten pictures back yet but this one is an example of what they looked like


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST You can definitely see the holiday spirit building as we get closer to the holidays. So many beautiful and inspiring pictures to share this week, a little bit of everything, but boy, do I love the feeling they convey!

4 INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK I just love this story, talk about a pink sized innovator. I had heard about Ryan last year but his name crossed my radar recently when I read an article about how his business has evolved. Totally inspiring….if he can do it, any one can!

The kid is only 10…this should be mandatory viewing for  kids of all ages in school:) I have sent it to my sons and they were mesmerized by this budding tycoon. Very inspiring! The fact that this tiny entrepreneur donates his t shirt money back to a cause he believes in is just the icing on an already sweet cake. I see president in Ryan’s future:)

I wish the news would start every single day first with a good, uplifting story then go into the negative, ugly side of news that seems to bombard us 24/7. Think of what a difference that could make!

5 THE BIGGEST STARBUCKS IN THE WORLD  JUST OPENED  So the world’s largest Starbucks just opened in Chicago, as in a 43,000 square foot coffee lovers dream destination:) I am a big Starbucks fan, that and Peets are the only coffees I drink.  Just opened last week and the official terms is a “Starbucks Reserve Roastery”, I like the sound of it!

I have gotten down to 2 cups a day max (normally one generous sized mug) but when I have my coffee,  that is all I will drink. Even when it means waiting in line for a single cup of coffee far longer than anyone should ever have to. Despite their immense success I still find it so ridiculous that they have not found a way to speed up the process!

I want to plan a trip to Chicago just to visit this incredible space! Looks absolutely amazing…..let me know if you go and what you think! I can almost smell those roasting coffee beans:)


6  A BEAUTIFULLY FESTIVE HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! Adore everything about this gorgeous home in Atlanta decorated by talented Courtney Giles Love her work, the clean, elegant and timeless atheistic is a win! And of course add elegant holiday touches and it’s taken to another level. Click here to read more about it over at Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles.

Does this ginger jar look familiar:)


7 SUNDAYS SURVEY I always enjoy seeing what you re up to for the holidays. Whether you are staying home for Thanksgiving and playing hostess or perhaps traveling to be with family. What are you up to this Thanksgiving?



And that friends, is a wrap. Hope you enjoyed the post and are having a great weekend. I plan to slowly get back to my normal schedule as I am starting to FINALLY feel better, but am wise to take it slow and bundle up. I have an extremely busy week ahead and need all the energy possible! Thanks for stopping in,wishing everyone a wonderful day and great end to your weekend. Until next time………….

PS By popular demand just in time for the coming holiday season, we now offer Enchanted Home gift certificates! They come with our signature mug and make a fabulous gift! Click here for info.

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Love your beautiful article this morning. Enjoying all the photos. Get well soon. It is time to enjoy yourself! ❤️?❤️


I visited the Starbucks Roastery right there in Manhattan in October! What a treat for this coffee loving, Starbucks Gold card rewards member! Now to wish for one in Atlanta!! Best to you,

Happy Sunday from warm Jamaica! Be sure to come visit our beautiful island when you finally decide to go on your getaway. Lovely inspiration in today’s post….sorry it’s so cold, though. xx

Lovely post as always. I was in Chicago last week and walked past the Starbucks Reserve but all the windows were covered and I couldn’t see a thing. Looks like I missed the opening by only a few days. I know my Chicago dwelling son was looking forward to the opening. He’s a devoted Starbucks drinker like his mom, as it’s all I drink as well. In fact I’m sipping my Latte right now, made at home with Starbucks beans. Have a great Sunday!

Ryan is my new hero 🙂 Thanks for sharing this amazing kid. We do indeed, need more stories like this one. Hope you are on the mend and back in fighting shape soon!

Thank you for sharing photos of the Starbucks…that would be a day all in itself! Happy Thanksgiving!

The sweet little girl in the grow-up chair, with her King Charles spaniel at her feet, and a tea cart loaded for a dolly’s tea party, swept my heart away!

I will be heading downtown Chicago Wednesday from lake forest and definitely will stop by the mega Starbucks!!!!TBC

I’m so very thankful you are doing better and I’ll continue lifting you up for strength to do all that you need to do in catching up❣
I love Ryan’s Recycling success???

A lot to love here today. The Victoria mag event pictures are amazing, how exciting for you and your company. Also the beautiful home decorated for Christmas is so elegant. Always enjoy your Sunday posts. Hope you are feeling better!

I love that house in Atlanta and have been past it many times driving around town doing errands. That’s so great that your shop was featured at The Biltmore through Victoria Magazine. I really wanted to go and see the Downton Abbey exhibit but alas I waited too long and it was all sold out for when I could go. I know it was fabulous. I’ve been to the Biltmore before but not in years. I hope you feel better soon. OMG, I did not realize it was only 38 days until the big C !!!…

There is a Starbucks Reserve in NYC – it’s really and includes a beautiful bar – you should try it.

Thank you Tina for posting the Victoria Holiday Event 2019 photos! It has been WONDERFUL working with you and the Enchanted Home team, I still say our brands are a “match made in heaven”. You should have seen all of the women that wanted their picture made on the stage with your beautiful decor. It turned out every bit as dreamy as I had hoped.

Many thanks and I look forward to our next collaboration!

Hi! The large Chicago Starbucks caught my attention right away! I did happen to walk into a “Starbucks Reserve” – I think you live close to me since we seem to have the same weather (I’m in USR NJ), so if you want to check it out its in Closter Plaza (in Closter, NJ) It has its own separate bar area with specialty drinks (think espresso with vanilla ice cream…) and you can try “flights” of specialty coffees. It’s an experience!

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