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Good morning, about three weeks ago I hosted a luncheon in celebration of my collaboration with Giddy Paperie. We have introduced the fabulous blue and white desk top 2020 calendar and a beautiful array of limited edition swizzle sticks that can rival any swizzle stick out there.

We have several other incredible things up our sleeve which are going to be rolled out very soon! She is a very talented artist as well as a wonderful person and friend. We are a match made in partnership heaven and have so much in common, our love for blue and white, goldens, all things Montana, and so on. As she was coming to NY with her daughter and best friend in tow, I thought why not make it a celebration in honor of our collaboration via a luncheon with a few good friends and blogging friends.

And that’s exactly what we did:) I was nervous in the days leading up to it as I started feeling those telltale symptoms of getting sick. Like clockwork, every fall I tend to get sick at least once with the vastly changing temps. Thankfully I felt a little better the morning of and was able to pull it off. Being organized was key here as I was not quite 100%.

I had fun planning this out and I know,  many of you like to know what I served as well as some recipes. So I have included a few of those too, the rest will be shared on the next Entertaining Diaries post (coming up soon). First,  I was going to incorporate this luncheon in an Entertaining Diaries post but there is just too much to share from this day so it warranted it’s very own post. So, lets get started…….



Here are a few pictures of prep, getting things ready. As always I love heading to the flower market if time and schedule allows and in this case I was able to get there a few days before to pick up a beautiful array of white flowers. To me, always one of the fun parts of hosting anything!

We tend to get a lot of questions when I do these posts about sources, etc…I tried to list as many as possible here. If you have a question you can call the office at 1-800-804-9565

Being organized is super important especially when you are fighting a cold and not 100%!

This is seriously THE beet chicken salad I have ever eaten, click here for recipe

I saw lots of white flowers with season appropriate greens (got some seeded eucalyptus and fresh greens cut from my yard)

One of my favorite parts about entertaining is getting to play florist:)

Getting the flowers together and always put some in my large mint juleps to put on coffee tables and end tables, even one in the powder room is a great touch! We have a huge assortment of mint juleps, click here to see our mint julep collection

Absolutely love and use this best selling large silver centerpiece bowl which doubles as the most beautiful beverage holder…great around the holidays too! Click here to see it

Put my flowers together the day before love using my hurricanes that double as elegant flower vases! Kept them in a cool spot overnight so they looked picture perfect the next day

I love the idea of individual crudites, everyone has their own, there is no double dipping and it looks pretty to serve on a tray. I use either mint julep cups or these little blue and white dishes I bought many years ago. I love them in mint juleps the most but not all were polished and not feeling perfect, I needed to lighten my load:) Was bummed I didn’t get a picture of my heavenly baked brie, next time!

Recipe- I make the easiest spinach/chestnut dip. Take 1/2 container of Greek yogurt, 1/2 container of light cream, mix in on Knorrs Spring Vegetable packet, half a container of frozen spinach and add a dash of dried of fresh dill and a handful of slivered water chestnuts. Super easy and extra delicious!


I also love the look of serving champagne on a tray with a few raspberries thrown in, it’s a simple but very elegant touch.

**Easy tip-always keep a carton of fresh raspberries and blueberries in your freezer, they are perfect for drinks and garnishes

I love setting a table and this was one came together beautifully thanks to many elegant pieces. First my stunning china from Mottahedeh, this is the Imperial Garden pattern mixed in with blue lace. A truly magnificent pattern. Click here to see this incredible pattern over at Mottahedeh!

I put our newest holiday floral arrangement on my sideboard and everyone thought it was real!!!! I love this, so elegant. Click here to see

It is shown being flanked by two new bowls we just got in, the Greek Key (part of current tabletop arrival sale)

I love my dogs flanking this large mint julep with a pretty small arrangement

And how stunning are the new artichoke topiaries on my living room mantle with our mid sized pagodas! Click here to see holiday arrangements.

Used my beautiful linen hemstitch placemats, gorgeous chargers and favorite flatware! (click here to see the flatware collection)

This elegant stemware is from Williams Sonoma Home believe it or not! It mixed in well with my antique glasses

Love my mantle done this way, I will only remove the pumpkins and add more pine cones, so easy from fall to winter in 2 seconds!

No your eyes are not playing tricks on you!  Looking into the dining room, yes that is a Christmas tree:) Had it up for a photo shoot and well, it’s not coming down! Too much work and honestly looking at it makes me happy!

Looking into the dining room from the living room-

Added my beautiful flowers in these new glass hurricanes (they are hurricanes that double as an elegant vessel for flowers)!

Love my growing etched hurricane collection (see current arrival sale below) and my tall pagoda silver slat and peppers, so chic! Click here

Here are a few pictures from the luncheon as it was going on-

Love my elegant scalloped silver chargers, just sold out but they are coming back in next week! Click here to preorder as this will be out last shipment for 2019

How pretty is my pagoda flatware!! My favorite pattern, as well as my new monogrammed napkins on these elegant tripled stitched linen napkins, it’s these small touches that  elevate the dining experience.

Kale salad recipe was shared on my Sunday post, click here

So happy Meg got a picture of desserts, these cakes are from Lady M in NYC, the BEST cakes on the planet, I swear!! They are made with hundred of paper thin layers of crepe and are out of this world!

I hate the feeling of the high of hosting a fun party being over but seeing all of these fabulous. hostess gifts made it a bit easier…felt almost like Christmas!

What beautiful and thoughtful hostess gifts!!

And of course, the icing on the cake, some delicious leftovers the next day…yum!

One of my only regrets is not taking pictures of the goodie bags:(  We included a bunch of our items from our collaboration including our signature desktop calendar, amazing swizzle sticks, notepads, an Enchanted Home ornaments, and Michael of East Hampton Gardens donated his fabulous signature candle as well….it was a great goody bag! Thankfully my friend Meg got one of her goodies at home!

Click here to see our calendar collaboration and fabulous swizzle sticks collection (many more exciting things soon to come)!


Oh boy,  this was fun putting this together! It brought me back to this truly enjoyable afternoon and reminded me of how much fun I am having with this collaboration with Leslie. And the funny part, is that even though I wasn’t feel great for the four hours we were all together,  I kind of forgot about it as I was busy playing hostess. Though once my guests left my pjs and slippers were out in no time:)

As things got  underway that day , I kept thinking I need to find a reasonable local photographer to capture these events with great pictures so I don’t miss anything. As much as I think I can do it all, I can’t. Once a party gets underway it becomes difficult  to try and capture everything. I think next time I will be looking for a local maybe even amateur aspiring photographer who can come and take pictures as things are happening. We need to hang onto those memories and pictures mean everything to me!

This was such a fun day, I love bringing different groups of friends together…..this may have to become an annual gig:) Hope you enjoyed, this at least got my engine warmed up for the holidays! Thanks for stopping in, until next time…….

PS Last day of our incredible new tabletop arrival sale!!! So many fabulous items, click here to see

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Absolutely beautiful! You make it look so easy! Great entertaining ideas! Thanks!

The beauty of this event literally took my breath away, absolutely spectacular!

You are beautiful and I love that pretty green blouse on you- you would never know you were not feeling well! Thanks for sharing

Beautiful pictures of your luncheon! What kind of pillar candles do you use in your hurricanes? Are you afraid of them leaving a mark on your table? Thanks!

This is amazing! I would be so overwhelmed to throw something like this. I’m hosting a baby shower for my sister next month and already freaking out.
Love your menu, when will you post all the recipes? You are so pretty and how do you have three grown kids! Really enjoyed this.

What a beautiful luncheon. As I started to read this blog, I was wondering what you were giving as a favor. You did not disappoint!

So fun to see all the pretty. Also, I love the idea of your using an “amateur” photographer to help you next time. Everyone needs a start from someone.

For someone starting to feel sick; you looked beautiful! That is maybe my favorite table setting, absolutely gorgeous! There is nothing like blue and white with crystal and silver. Hope you feel better soon!

You pulled off one spectacular event!! This “flu” is a bugger…just can’t quite throw it… Quiche’ ALWAYS makes me feel better! franki

What a fun way to celebrate your collaboration- so elegant! It could easily have come from Downton Abbey! I wish you would do a tutorial on exactly how you did those flowers they are so beautiful!

I tried the chicken salad when you posted the recipe and agree it is delicious, my new favorite chicken salad recipe.

You look beautiful may I ask where you bought your blouse? Love it and that color green is my favorite.

Tina, what a lovely post! Thank you for sharing ideas for a perfect lunch. I have been thinking of doing the same and you have it all planned out for me.

Tina, everything looked absolutely beautiful !!! How fortunate are all of folks were able to join you at this luncheon. I am interested in your large brie. Is there a chance you can share it, or is it on your post somewhere. Thank you

Tina, what an honor it must have been to be a guest at this lovely, elegant, and obviously delicious luncheon! Beautifully done!!!

You are so unbelievably talented! Thanks again for giving us another wonderful, inspiring post to wake up too!

Your table and your menu looked great and when you go the extra mile with setting the table so beautifully, I am sure everyone felt welcomed and special! “Hostess with the Mostess!” ?

What a beautiful, picture perfect luncheon. Your friend must have felt very honored. Thank you for sharing.

What a lovely get-together. Looks like everything turned out great even though you were under the weather. Keeping the menu simple is the key! I think white flowers and greenery look beautiful for any holiday or event. Hope you’re on the mend!

So nice to to see your lovely lunch , with all your friends around you , I don’t often comment about your blog ( which are all a delight to read by the way ) but this one really touched home for me ,
There is nothing nicer thank sharing good food and togetherness with friends .

Hazel (Manchester UK )

Can’t wait to start the holiday entertaining with your great ideas! Loved every picture!

This was incredible! Did you make everything for the luncheon? You are my entertaining hero.
The table was so beautiful . I can only imagine how impressed your guests were. You look beautiful as well and definitely did not look sick, glad you were able to power through. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures

I would love for you to offer an entertaining and recipe book full of beautiful photos!
I am ready to order!

I’m sure other people have said this, but your next project should be a book on entertaining. Just from the photos I have gleaned so many ideas that I’ll be using for my next event.

What a delight for the eyes! Thank you!

Well, first congratulations on your collaboration, how exciting! And what a beautiful way to celebrate, you really pulled out all of the stops and I’m sure your guest of honor felt like a queen!

I always enjoy all of your entertaining advice and of course your pictures. Sorry that you were not feeling well for your party but you looked beautiful and I can relate to rising to the occasion when you get busy doing something you enjoy. I hosted my husband’s company party last year for Christmas and was very much under the weather but amazingly, during the party, I almost forgot how sick I felt! Rest up this weekend.

What a perfectly lovely afternoon in every way. What fun to attend such a beautifully decorated home with delectable cuisine and lively attendees. You are an amazing woman doing all of this so wonderfully. I know how much work goes into these affairs, my hat is off to you!

How much do you do yourself? Keep it real for the rest of us. Its gorgeous. Your idea of photographer is just what you need. Love following you and you are an inspiration.

Good morning! I love reading this post! I keep reading it and every time I see something else that I did not see the first time. It is very inspiring! A beautiful luncheon! Thank you for sharing!

The luncheon table was absolutely beautiful! Can’t wait to make the dill chicken salad for my Christmas luncheon with friends. I bought the new calendar and received it – it is absolutely beautiful. I keep that is my kitchen windowsill so I always know what day it is!

Almost like being there! I appreciate the yummy recipes and then seeing how beautiful each dish looks on the table. PLUS, seeing the tree and the mantle all decorated and ready inspires me to get to the preliminaries. Thanks!

Love your dining room. It is the perfect size. Can you share the dimensions ?
Thank you.

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