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Happy Sunday, can you believe it’s December 1st! This was prepared ahead of time so hope it behaves and posts on time as we will be traveling back to NY today.. Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and loved ones……onward to the busy holiday season ahead. Are you ready? I wouldn’t mind being able to push a pause for a few weeks and gain a little bit more of life’s most precious commodity, time of course!

But I am ready to tackle the next very busy 3 weeks ahead.  And here we go with my Seven on Sunday…..


1 MY FABULOUS NEW JARS COMING SOON!! I was so excited seeing the samples, I just had to share. I had shown you the beautiful new pink, green and blue ginger jars. Well feast your eyes these flat top versions. In love!!!

In addition to this shape and the traditional ginger jar shape there will also be a beautiful garden seat as part of this gorgeous new grouping!

2 BEAUTIFUL HOLIDAY HOME IN ATLANTA Love this beautifully decorated home by talented Clary Bosbyshell. It is traditional but current and so welcoming and elegant. Love the festive touches. Click here to see more.

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So much to love, a lot about the holiday season but some precious pets and enticing food pics too. Hope you enjoy-

4 A FUN POP UP!! There is a beautiful local florist/shop/garden center called Scarcellas that had approached me about doing a pop up with them. I wasn’t sure at first as my plate is beyond full and I hesitated to take on too much. However, I also remember my mantra for 2020 which will be to not let an opportunely pass me by, life is short and I need to seize the day. And that is what I did!

So we set up rather last minutes and it really came out so pretty as the space though small is super charming. I get such a thrill seeing all of my beautiful items all set up in a lovely retail setting. if you happen to be local, hope you might stop by to stay hello for a little get together to kick things off, on Dec 5th from 5-7 pm. No RSVP necessary just stop on by! Here is a look at things so far……

5 INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK Micah Herndon embodies what the words American hero is. His story is not totally unique to these incredibly brave servicemen and women coming home from war with both physical and emotional scars. They return home ravished after war often physically and permanently but Micha’s incredible story demonstrates the power of the human spirit.

Running became a therapy of sorts as he tried to integrate himself back into civilian life all the while coping with the loss of his brothers whom he lost in Afghanistan. With an artificial leg,  this hero crossed the finish line of the Boston Marathon just barely, but his determination to finish in honor of his fallen brothers persevered. I love his story and during this holiday time, it is one to be shared.

6 AMAZING BILL GATES AND WHAT IS IS DOING I have so enjoyed learning bout Bill Gates. What a visionary among many other things and countless accomplishments. I was fascinated watching the new documentary “Inside Bill’s brain” and learning of his unrelenting pursuit to help millions of people (mostly children) worldwide who die from not having clean fitted water. We all associate him with his incredible strides in the world of technology but guided by his belief that every life is equal, what he is doing beyond that is what really got my attention.

That is when he began his mission to develop a new sanitation system for these impoverished areas. I love most that he did not give up despite many roadblocks and hiccups in his plan. After hundreds of millions of dollars, it has finally happened. His dream and vision has led to creating a toilet that does not require water and turns human waste into fertilizer.

Which means that human waste is no longer being dumped straight into the bodies of water where these kids are not only bathing but drinking out of. This could change the future and fate for millions of young children who are poverty stricken growing up in third world countries.  Bill for President!

7 SUNDAYS SURVEY Oh boy,  the holiday frenzy has now begun. I will be in thick of it as we return home and back to reality today. The relaxing holiday of Thanksgiving is over and now it’s full steam ahead onto Christmas! Do you travel for Christmas or stick around home? Hostessing and entertaining or will be a guest? I would love to know!


And there you go, that is a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the post, anything special get your attention? Always love hearing from you, thanks for stopping in. Wishing you a fabulous day and end to your weekend. Until net time……






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Bill Gates, please see what you can do for California and our Pacific Ocean, where my grandsons swim.

Tina, beautiful post however me thinks there is a sweet puppy in your future because you post the most wonderful picture of them.

So happy to look at all of these lovely pictures! I am so happy that i now own many of your unique blue and white ornaments!!! Added the Black and White Dogs, and the Blue and White Dogs this year!!

I always enjoy reading your Seven on Sunday after I come home from church. I really thought the Robert D. Norris Instagram featuring the two dogs in a wheel barrow was darling. But then, all the Instagrams featuring dogs were cute.
I love the holiday home in Atlanta, Georgia. It was blue and white, but not over the top. I even got a Christmas decorating idea from one of the photos.
I hope that you have a safe journey home and don’t catch anybody’s flu germs on the plane.

Hey Tina, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Absolutely love those new jars, I will definitely be buying those.
How I wish that I lived closer because I would most definitely go to your pop up shop- Products are meant to be in a retail setting. Lovely post!

Tina a beautiful Sunday post. Your products are so beautiful and I loved seeing them in your new little shop.

Great Instagrams, found so good accounts from your blogs

Beautiful Seven on Sunday as always Tina. Thanks for the story on the military men. Our people in the military are much appreciated.

Thank you for showing the story about Bill Gates. He is using his wealth in a way that helps the World to be a better place. As a Rotarian, we are overjoyed at his continuing generosity in matching us $2 for every $1 that we raise to eradicate Polio. He does so much good and is a wonderful role model for the wealthy of the World as to how to use their excess wealth in the best possible way. If only more super-rich followed his example!

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