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Hello on this first Sunday of the new year. I first want to announce the winner of our fabulous 2020 desktop calendar. Congratulations goes to-

Please email us at [email protected] to provide your shipping information so your calendar can be on it’s way!


Love the sound of 2020 and think it’s going to be a good one. Hope yours is off to a wonderful, peaceful and smooth start. I have lots of fun ideas for posts in 2020 and a few will be rolled out in the next week or two. I think you will enjoy them and will of course continue with some favorites like the Entertaining Diaries, Blue and white Club, and more. OK time for this weeks Seven on Sunday-


1 PALMETTO BLUFF Had the good fortune to spend the last 8 days in Palmetto Bluff, then Fisher Island for a few days for New Years Eve. I am always struck by how relaxed I am in PB. It is quite amazing how that feeling washes over me and doesn’t leave until I leave the gates. It is really such a special place.

We have met people from all over and it is always amazing to me, that people from as far as Spain know about Palmetto Bluff! It is a little slice of heaven and I think the old fashioned/laid back vibe is something more and more people crave as our world moves faster, more furiously and without pause. This gives us that little pause button that we so  often want to push:)

What can I say, I. love this porch. It is my absolute happy place. All you hear are the birds chirping and whether I am enjoying my morning coffee or a late day glass of wine, it is just simply the most relaxing space on the planet.

2 WISE WORDS GOING INTO THE NEW YEAR I loved this so much and it really resonated with me. Simple advice but man is it good. And true. Worth sharing…..

3 HOW TO GET GLASS SKIN. OK, I remember the first time I heard the term, I thought it was pretty crazy sounding. Then I  found out the term originated in Korea (incidentally the plastic surgery capital of the world) where women (and men) are obsessed with their skin looking perfectly hydrated, with a bit of shine/dewiness and so smooth it looks like ‘glass”. Though I never thought of skin that way, it intrigued me because who doesn’t want their skin looking as flawless as glass!

So this article I came across in Vogue intrigued me. So much so that I bought three of the products and am giving this routine a whirl. Will report back after a few weeks to let you know. One of my resolutions/things I want to work on is more “me time” and getting out of  familiar routines (I tend to get in one and never break it) so want to go outside my box more and try new things. Case in point is this right here:) Click here to read (it’s quite interesting).

4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Well, we slowly tuck away the Christmas/holiday  pictures and get back into more random beauty. This is a bit of this and a little of that…but all beautiful and inspiring (and yummy)!

5 PANTONES COLOR OF THE YEAR. Certainly not one I will have any issue using:) It is called Classic blue and intended to be a color of a clear blue sky at dusk. Works for me! What do you think? Love the color? I do especially going into the warmer months, which I am counting the days for!

6 NEWEST TOLE THAT JUST ARRIVED. SO excited about this shipment. We will have an arrival sale next week, so many beautiful pieces. After the arrival sale, they will be added to the shop site at their normal selling prices. I am personally excited to bring home several pieces and you will soon be seeing them here and there, giving them a “test run”. I am having a few of those planters sent to Palmetto Bluff…love them.  Check out how pretty it all is-

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY So its a new year, new decade and fresh slate. I know not everyone believes in resolutions. I make them more as ways to focus on attaining certain goals. Even for those who do not formally commit to an actual resolution, I think most of us go into a new year wanting to change/improve certain things. Assuming this applies to you, which three things do you vow to commit to work on more than the others?


And that my friends, is a wrap for this first Sunday on Seven in 2020. I hope your first week of 2020 was a good one, I am vowing to make it my best yet. After all, we are not getting any younger and I want to seize every day doing something I love or at least trying. So many exciting things on tap for Enchanted Home and I love knowing you will be there with me for the ride. Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day. Until next time…..

PS Starting late Sunday until Tues night, 15% of all shop sales will be donated to The Red Cross to help with the devastating Australian fires. If you have had your eye on something, this is a great time to get it and support this effort at the same time. Click here for shop.

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I look forward to reading your blog and seeing the instagram pictures every Sunday. I love both your homes, but can see how relaxing your home in Palmetto Bluff must be. Your style is simply timeless and beautiful.

Thank you!
Your Seven on Sunday is a time for me to sit with an extra cup of coffee and relax.
Until next week!

We are just leaving Palmetto Bluff today. We are building a home there and I hope I get the opportunity to meet you someday. I’ve been following along and purchasing from you for many years and I always know whatever you suggest will be perfect ! Happy New Year !

Can hardly wait for your comments on the glass skin. Looks like it will give a glow to older skin. Fingers crossed.

I use Tatcha products on my skin – the lip mask works great and I love the
cleansing oil, rice scrub and moisturizer.

I wish my resolution was to shop more! That might be a problem if I did. lol Lovely post and I hope you have enjoyed your time away.

More time with family, extended family and friends is my 2020 goal! It may include travel, sports, exercise, etc., That will be a bonus! Like your “Wise Words” states, All the beautiful people you meet along the way… I know it’s hard. Your survey is telling.

I’m so happy you’ll be blogging in 2020, Tina. You bring me joy! Wishing you and your family health and happiness!!

Hi Tina! I live in Perth Western Australia and wanted to thank you for your generosity in donating to Australia in a great time of need. You are wonderful!

Sending you and your family all good wishes for a wonder-filled and prosperous 2020! Thank you for sharing your Palmetto Bluff and for your insights into so many other facets of life everywhere! I thoroughly enjoy Seven on Sunday and other messages from you!

Would like to add another category to your survey… purge/cleanout… and one of those for me!

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