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Hello! It is no secret that I love flowers…..LOVE! They just make me happy and I always have to have them around.  About a week ago, after a long week of working and playing part tine nurse to my husband who had the flu,  I realized it had been quite a while since I had bought fresh flowers and was having flower withdrawal:)  So I set off to Whole Foods, my go to place when I cannot hit the NY flower market. They were pretty well stocked that day, as a market can be and I found some pretty spring-y flowers which is exactly what the doctor ordered.

So I went home with no real game plan, just the idea to having some fun. I had many requests fro a tutorial so am goi got work on some kind of a  detailed video/tutorial showing how I do these…much easier than you might think. Most important thing is to have fun and not be afraid to experiment! These flowers went a long way. One single arrangement like the ones in the jars or planters would be at least $300 around here. I got two large arrangements s and a few small ones out of this.



Here is a picture of my loot, tulips, roses, spray roses hydrangea and delphiniums

And then it was off to work-  I gathered the unglamorous elements, a bucket filled with cool water, oasis, tape of some sort and a salad plate

Put oasis in water, don’t push it down let it sink on it’s own to fully absorb the water

This is what I call the plate arrangement,  the entire arrangement is made on a plate. Put your oasis block onto plate and tape it to the container, not pretty but this is a must!

Once you have given your florals a quick cut, you are ready to start. I normally start with the bigger blooms (hydrangeas in this case)

Then you start filling in with the smaller flowers

I then tried this in each of the colored jars….was in love with all three variations! I can see these at a bridal shower, big bash or wedding!

Many have asked about these new jars, they are on the way and will be here in about 2-3 weeks. We will hold an arrival sale:)

Then I took one of my favorite pierced planters and placed my plate arrangement on it, and it was love at first sight yet again:) It was as simple as lifting the plate with the flowers and placing it on top of the planter, took 20 seconds.

And to not be outdone (or ignored) one of my favorite blue and white lily pad jars got it’s 15 minutes too….

Then when I was done with all of those arrangements, I took the flowers out of the oasis and wanted to try them as a looser arrangement and gave these new life in a variety of containers-

I then took the larger arrangements above and did a little “hack/trick”- I took my pale pink peony bunch (split them into single stems) and tucked them into my fresh flowers to create even more volume. Seriously..they took it to the next level and could truly fool anyone! Can you spot the peonies? Don’t they look right at home?

These are our mid sized etched hurricanes which double as one exquisite vase!!

I was so inspired by these arrangements that I set up a mock luncheon table, I am helping someone plan a bridal shower  for May, so she came over and I set it up for her and needless to say she said “sold”!

Sources- The etched hurricanes and vase is from my shop, pagoda flatware from my shop (click here for etched collection), as is the large mint julep (click here for our mint julep collection). The glasses are from Williams Sonoma and the plates are from about 10 years ago (discontinued) but I think can still be purchased at Replacements, Inc. (click here)


Needless to say that $90 purchase of flowers (thanks Whole Foods for carrying such pretty and reasonable flowers)  went a long, long way. I am considering, after many asked doing a short video/tutorial to hopefully demystify the art of flower arrangement. The great part is there are no rules, its like a science experiment each and every time! I really need a greenhouse!!!

Counting down the days until spring is officially here then begins the beautiful season of non stop flowers……cannot wait! Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a fabulous day and smooth end to your week. Until next time…….’

It’s DAY TWO OF. OUR WAREHOUSE BLOWOUT!! So many fabulous things up for grabs, they are going fast so subject to availability. Click here for sale

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Thank you so much for this VERY helpful & detailed post! As always, your ‘creative eye’ for floral design is fabulous!! ??

How long will this arrangement last? Can and how to rehydrate the foam block to keep flower longer?

So many possibilities and endless combinations with all those lovely flowers.
You know what would be fun? Give people exactly the same bouquets and 3 containers and see what happens.

Tina, your creativity always amazes us. The beauty that you so graciously share with how-to details declares your genuine and delightful personality. You simply must publish a glorious book featuring your talent of many colors for all to enjoy. It would surely be on the Best Sellers’ list.

Thank you for the beautiful arrangements today!
I would love a tutorial on arranging flowers in the tulipieres, & any secrets you have about keeping them watered.

Thank you, Tina, for another great post. I frequently use grocery store flowers to fill in arrangements with yard flowers. Your faux peonies blended perfectly. I just learned so much! I can’t wait to try the plate method. Thanks.

Fantastic flower arrangements. My favourite arrangement is the cut flowers in the hurricanes. The colours you chose for your flower arrangement, BEAUTIFUL! Enjoy the vibe that flowers express. ?

Cannot even tell you how much I enjoyed this post, I will be referring back to it often and cannot wait until your video tutorial!
Cannot get over the arrangements and how beautiful they are and how many you got out of $90 of flowers! A new Whole Foods opened up just about 10 minutes from here so guess where I’m going today!
I echo what many always say, Tina you need a book I can almost bet guarantee it would be a best seller.
Those light colored jars are so beautiful and like you said I could see them front and center at a beautiful wedding. Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place?

Be still my heart the arrangement in that light pink jar. That bridal shower is going to be incredible how lucky that person is to have you as the creative force.

Thanks for taking the mystery out of flower arranging, Tina! This is going to be my weekend project!

Enjoy the weekend. I hope everyone on your end is feeling better.

I love the salad plate idea which means I can move the arrangements from one area to the other causing them to have a different look on top of another beautiful holder. Say they start in the foyer and living room where they meet guest upon arrival and after the guest have moved to another area the flowers are being moved to the garden room where the luncheon will occur. You never disappoint and I come away from your post with something to excite me every time.

What absolutely GORGEOUS flowers and arrangements. The color combinations are out of this world.
I just sat there staring at them and enjoyed the sight. Tina you are truly gifted.
Thanks a million for giving me something to cherish and lift my spirits today!

Gorgeous arrangements. I love the colors. One tip that my mother taught me 60 years ago, remove all leaves below the water line. This prevents them from rotting, keeps the water cleaner, and extends the life of the flowers!

I have been following your blog and it is wonderful. Your flower arrangements are absolutely beautiful. I must tell you, loving flowers my entire life and working in an upscale flower shop, keeping a well soaked piece of oasis on top of a jar may turn out a beautiful arrangement, but it will most likely drip unless contained and will hardly last due to the oasis drying out faster. Would last through a dinner party beautifully though.

You are so incredibly talented Tina!!!! I just love getting a post on ANYTHING from you!!! Looking forward to the tutorial on flower arranging, I too love to play with fresh flowers but would love to see you secret tips!!!! XOXO L

Tina, when is your book coming out??? I will be first in line to buy it. I love this idea! Questions: are you using a melamine plate or china plate? Is there a particular tape you use that is waterproof and won’t damage the jar?

I always love your arrangements and also love fresh flowers in my home. I have trouble keeping hydrangeas fresh for more than a couple of days and end up having to take them out of the arrangement. Any suggestions? Yes, I do cut the stems before immersing in water. They are my favorite flower!

Love the plate idea with oasis! It opens up a whole world of containers! How do you water without basin? Put in sink of water? And how often?

Beautiful arrangements! Your table arrangement looked beautiful and elegant!
Have a great weekend.

Well done. Have to get the hurricane for a bridal shower I’m hosting this summer. I love Whole Foods flowers and also get a lot at Trader Joe’s since they are closer to me. Thanks for this beautiful post on our cold rainy morning.

Would love to see a tutorial video on floral arranging. I love fresh flowers in the house all year long but especially in winter. They just brighten a cold gloomy day

Gorgeous arrangements.. I get fresh flowers and orchids from Trader Joe’s. They have a great variety at very reasonable prices!

I really loved all of your artful arrangements. Thank you for sharing. I’m inspired to try some in my home. Love flowers too except I usually just plunk them in a vase.

I’m looking forward to your video/tutorial on flower arrangements!
Thanks for bringing us a touch of spring!

I too looked at the salad plate and wondered how the flowers would be kept fresh with only water in the oasis. I have arranged flowers for years and have never found a floral tape that sticks tightly enough to hold in an arrangement such as this. Beautiful arrangement though

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