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Hi there, what is better than scoring an amazing deal? Not having to leave right where you are sitting:)  And that is what today’s sale is precisely about. Sensational deals on a number of items, that have been “unearthed” from our big warehouse clean up (still in progress but nearing completion).

Our warehouse has never been in such tip top shape and we are about 70% done. We have found so many fabulous things up for grabs today.  There will probably be one more smaller sale or we may just add those items to our new closeouts.

Anyway some of these are “seconds” items that might have a small defect which are offered at a fraction of their usual selling price. Others are items we only have 1 or 2 left of. Everything has  brief descriptions but of course if you have questions please call. If you know the drill, you know these go fast. If you are new to this, please read over the rules first-

As these items typically go fast, calling is always recommended.

  • Yon can only email or call your order in- call 1-800-804-9565 or email [email protected]
  • If requesting an invoice via email you MUST include name, address and phone number when you email your order request
  • We do not hold merchandise, they are only sold when paid for
  • All invoices must be paid within 12 hours/nothing held past 12 hours
  • Almost everything shown is at least half price off our already discounted retail selling price!
  • If you have a question, you must call- during the sale we are unable to answer questions via email
  • This sale is on for 3 days only (ends Sunday morning)
  • Subject to availability, very limited numbers of all items shown
  • Final sale
  • Shipping in U.S. and Canada only
  • Shipping is extra
  • Questions? Call us at 800-804-9565



ITEM 1 More fabulous etched glass pieces. These are a steal if I ever saw one.  These are “seconds”. As was explained last time, there was a batch where the glue was not given enough time to cure,so there is a faint yellow toned marking (see below). The pieces are in perfect condition otherwise and it is hard to see unless you are looking down into the pieces.

They are really beautiful and of the very few etched glass lines out there, as you might know are $$$$!

Most of these items have very minor defects, mostly centering around the glue that did not fully cure and there was a discoloration in the center, truly only obvious looking down into the pieces.


1A This mid sized hurricanes double as the most beautiful flowers vases. Great for an event/wedding! Imagine a long table lined with these beauties!  Offered in double row Greek key, vertical leaf.

Measures 12.5″ x 6″

$45.00 specify choice of style


Double row Greek key

Single row Greek key with reeding

Vertical Leaf

1B Same as above but these are large and are exquisite. Look like a million dollars, whether holding a big chunky candle or a huge arrangement of fresh flowers. These make a major statement! Offered in swag and garland, single Greek key with reed detailing.

Measures 15.25″ x 9″

$65.00 specify style choice





ITEM 2 We found 9 more our exquisite cake domes!! Very minor defects that are not really noticeable These are truly spectacular, you can use these with your own platter/plate or purchase (limited numbers) our scalloped platter (first quality).

$55.00 “seconds” dome (could have a small scratch a micro chip, not much else)

Dome alone is 14″ tall

$45.00 Platter is 14.5″ round ONLY WITH A PURCHASE OF A DOME



ITEM 3 Found 8 of the large vertical leaf footed hurricanes. Once again, very minor defects, these mostly have to do with the glue not having cured long enough so seeing a slight glue mark on the center. Nothing takes away from the exquisite etched detailing of these fabulous hurricanes which double as one gorgeous vase!

Measures 16″ x 7″

$65.00 specify style of Greek key or Vertical leaf



ITEM 4 We have a handful of these fabulous shaped hurricanes in three different patterns. Very minor defects that you really have to look for. We have the Greek key/garland,vertical leaf or swag and garland. These are simply gorgeous on a table, console or coffee table. Great for events, weddings, outdoor entertaining,etc….

Measures 12″ x 5.5″

$45.00 each specify style vertical leaf, swag and garland or Greek key

$6.00 for the fitted glass plate to go underneath




ITEM 5 We have a limited number of ornaments left of  these that came in the wrong die lot and did not meet our color requirements so they are considered seconds.  There is nothing wrong with them other than the colors did not fit into our seasonal “color story”. Offered for a fraction of their original price tag.

ITEM 5A These orangey-red flat top pheasant ornaments are a lot of fun if they work and fit in with your decor. 4″ tall

Box of 4 $18.00

ITEM 5B These beautiful green 5″ pheasant balls come in boxes of four. Down to the last of them, 5″ round ball

Box of 4 $20.00

ITEM 5C And these pretty orange-y red ginger jars measure 4.25″ and also come as a box of four

Box of 4 $18.00

ITEM 5D We also got in some of the red Staffordshire dogs in a brighter red than what was ordered. Still a beauty, measures 5″ tall.

Box of 4 $25.00

ITEM 5E These tall 5.75″ tall cherry blossoms are done in a golden yellow and actually quite striking, A steal!

Box of 4 $24.00

ITEM 6  Thees beautiful solid metal pagoda finials were an accident they were not supposed to have come in white and black but did:) A happy accident….offered in black or white. Approx 3″ and 2.5″ tall,  a very stylish way to dress up any lamp! These are solid brass, and will be the crowning touch to any lamp!

$18.00 for a pair (either style, specify taller or shorter pagoda)

7A White pagodas (specify shorter or taller)

7B Black pagodas (specify shorter or taller)

ITEM 7 The last of these pagodas, almost all only have broken glass. These can easily be used without glass or to replace it is very inexpensive. A tiny dot of gold could be off on the tips which again can easily be touched up with a simple gold paint pen. Otherwise in perfect condition.

All large which measure 13″ x 9″ x 9″ ( there are a few black, light blue with gold most left are the white with gold)

$50.00 each

ITEM 8 Holiday reams! We have a handful of reams left of some of our most beautiful papers. If you know the prices of high quality gift wrap, then you will know the amazing deals of these papers!!

Offered in a few holiday prints and our every day chinoiserie prints.

All reams 30″x  204 feet

Any ream $70.00!! specify style when ordering


Christmas tree w/green bows

Red nutcrackers

Green nutcrackers

Staffordshire dogs and gifts *could be used year round

Christmas trees with red bows

ITEM 9 Every day reams! We have a handful of reams left of some of our most beautiful papers. If you know the prices of high quality gift wrap, then you will know the amazing deals of these papers!!

Offered in some of our best selling chinoiserie prints.

All reams 30″x  204 feet

Any ream $70.00!! Specify pattern when ordering


Blue with gold

Green with gold

Soft ivory multi

Pink Trellis

Soft blue with multi

Soft green with multi


Pink w/gold

ITEM 10 These were prototypes and frankly did not meet my expectations of what I wanted. What I wanted got  lost in translation let’s just say. I wanted a handpainted shade but those are much much more expensive and in the end, I decided too expensive to produce.That said, at first glance these are very pretty just not the quality I was looking for. Therefore these are really really reasonable. And on the right lamp they could look actually very pretty. They look like hand painted chinoiserie shades. They have the interior clip on metal fitters to be able to fit onto any type of bulb.

$18.00 any shade

Measures 9″ tall, 7″ across and 14″ at it’s widest





See something you have to have? Just call or email us. Thank you for stopping in. Wishing you a wonderful day, until next time……


[email protected]

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