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Hello to my fellow blue and white lovers all over the world.  It’s our first meeting of 2020! Sit down and take ten, this is a feast for any blue and white lover. Every meeting I tackle a specific subject on blue and white. If you want to see all the previous meetings and there is some serious eye candy, then click here.

Today we are talking about blue and white pillows. Ahh, yes the instant and very transformative ability of pillows, namely blue and white ones. Amazing how easily and beautifully they can switch up a space.

 It is classic, beautiful, a color combination that literally looks good on everyone and can be mixed in well with other colors. What’s not to like! So thought it would be fun to share and feature some fabulous blue and white looks as well as a few blue and white finds with you, because I am not going to leave you high and dry without a few resources to consider:) Enjoy…..


Beautiful living room with elegant blue printed pillows by Citrine Living

Always thought this was so pretty by Cathy Kincaid, sofas are done in my kitchen fabric (Digby’s Tent from Brunshcwig and Fils)

Pretty mix of blue and white pillows with touches of green, love this happy space, Amanda Reynal

If you really want to keep things tonal, you can opt for pillows all of same color and pattern though I personally like to change it up a bit, Artistic Designs for Living

Blue and white pillows always work outdoors and this setting is quite beautiful, Jenny Keenan

Always loved this mix of blue/white pillows with a touch of the green by Parker Kennedy Living

Always love seeing blue and white pillows in an outdoor setting, they work so naturally against the backdrop of Mother Nature, LuRu Home

Sometimes you just need a touch as shown here with these elegant blue and white monogrammed pillows, Grammercy Home

Love how inviting this porch setting is with the cozy blue and white pillows, James Farmer

Love this cozy but gorgeous Urban Grace bunk setting with fun blue and white pillows

Lisa Peterson

A favorite look, crisp blue and white pillows against neutral outdoor furniture, looks fabulous against the rich greens of nature, Sarah Bartholomew

My own blue/white pillows outdoors which is constantly changing/getting tweaked…part of the fun:)

Even in the softest pales blues, pillows add just the  necessary finishing touch Jenkins Interiors

Always loved the punch of a boldly mono0grammed blue/white pillow, Richard Harp Homes

Tracy Lynn shows how well mixing and matching shades and patterns work with blue and white pillows

I like the variation in shading, subtle patterns and shapes here in this lovely patio space by Laney La Inc.

The beauty of blue and white is mixing in with other colors and/or textures works every time, Judy Paranjape

One great plus of blue and white pillows is the ability to mix and match patterns, makes it fun but still keeps it elegant Bria Hammel

This is from a patio room I did for a show house about three years ago, such a happy cheery space!

Both in NY and PB, I love my blue pillows outdoors!

Pretty and fresh by Bria Hammel, a great example of blue and white versatility both with pattern and colors


Resources for blue/white pillows

We have a lovely collection of our own, click here for all pillows on our shop.

Here are a few favorites on Etsy for simple cotton pillows (click on name to visit)

Studio Tullia

Pop O Color

Linen and Cloth

So there you have it, the power of blue and white pillows. Amazing how easily they can change up an entire space with their beauty and personality. Such a quick fix and I personally am always changing around my pillows:)

In celebration of love and Valentines Day, whether you are looking for something for someone or yourself, we have you covered. Every single item that is pink or red is 20% off!! Use code “heart”

Click here to visit shop, once there you can look around or type in pink or red to see what is available.

Thanks for stopping in, love to hear your thoughts on using blue and white pillows? Do you like straight on blue and white or mixing and matching with other colors? Thoughts on mixing patterns? Wishing everyone a great day, until next time……..

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I would love to know the source of the rug in the first picture above. Citrineliving.

So many beautiful rooms! I love them all. I am off to check out your new finds in the shop. Have a wonderful day Tina.

I find blue and white décor so soothing while, at the same time, exhilarating. The color scheme lifts my spirits when I enter a room in gloomy weather or the courtyard in summer. Thank you for all these lovely ideas.

Lovely images of blue and white interiors. Forever classic. Thanks for the STUDIO TULLIA mention.

I love all the variety of rich colors in these pillows. I’m wondering, given how desirable it is to have light-filled rooms, and particularly pillows outside, how do you guard against fading? Even Sunbrella fabrics fade eventually, no?

The picture with a patio that you did for a show house is lovely. Please tell me about the table cloth?

I am a blue and white lover, through and through!! Occasionally I do mix another color in, primarily seasonally depending on what holiday might be near. My favorite trick is to use/mix shades of blue and use pattern and texture to keep it interesting and fresh-all anchored by blue and white porcelains. James Farmer and Phoebe Howard are two of my personal favorites.

Simply enchanting !. Its quite regal ..the blue and whites. I have a morrocan blue wall to go with my blue and whites.

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