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****For anyone who placed an order for our porcelain presale, great news- the container is due in on Wednesday and should be delivered to our warehouse by Friday! We will start shipping orders right out (you will get an email with your UPS tracking) and our much anticipated arrival sale will be held the following week****

Hello and happy Sunday to you! Hope you are having a great weekend and had a happy Valentines Day.  We have kept up a tradition we have held for over 15 years with some of our best friends, we go out for a special dinner every year. Always fun and so important to keep traditions alive.

Today,  supposed to go to a brunch in the city this morning and plan on continuing with my flower arrangement with my “loot” from Friday:) Stay tuned,  will do a post on that trip, it was a good one!

It has suddenly turned a lot colder, and I am frankly done with winter. No snow which makes me feel totally gypped. I  mean come on, if we are going to have to endure cold temps…….bring us at least one big beautiful snowfall! I think its safe to say global warming is real. Case in point is our winter and the rain not snow we have gotten as the only precipitation this winter, very strange. We will see, in the meantime, I anxiously await the arrival of spring!  Hope this finds you having a great weekend.



1 A GORGEOUS WEDDING You know how much I enjoy looking at gorgeous weddings. I just soak in every single detail from the flowers, to the lighting, the chairs and tablescapes, gowns, dresses and more. Such fun!! Here is another showstopper from Easton Events, definitely keeping that name handy:)

Love this elegant but somehow more casual coastal wedding in East Hampton. The vibe just speaks my language:) Click here to see more….


2 A FABULOUS FOREIGN MOVIE If you love foreign movies, movies with a real story that will appeal to many emotions and don’t mind having to forego violence,  raunchiness or special effects then this one is for you. It’s no wonder that many of my favorite movies incidentally are foreign films.

While vising my parents recently, we watched a few foreign flicks, as they are all our favorites. This one they own and had seen four times, I had heard of it but this was the first time. It is Italian and a cinematic masterpiece that spans several decades weaving in true historical events. It is long as in five and a half hours! It is on two DVD’S, but I also have a feeling you will be able to find it on Amazon (what can’t you find on Amazon)!

It won at the Cannes film festival so is very well known as foreign films go. It’s one of those movies where you become sentimentally attached to the characters and become very invested in the story (particularly after being engrossed in it for over 5 h0urs).  I thoroughly enjoyed it and realized (once again) this is precisely what is missing from American films, and partly why I do not go to the theater anymore.  The European approach to movie making is so different than it is for us and much. more appeals to what I like to see in movies.

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such beautiful instagrams this week. A bit of everything, travel, fashion, decadent treats and  scrumptious interiors. Enjoy!

4 ANOTHER SPECIAL PREVIEW You know how I share all that is new and upcoming with you every step of the way. In fact, you are always the first to know!  So here is a look at a number of new items soon coming in, needless to say in love with each and every one:)


Gorgeous new umbrella stands and wastepaper baskets (will be available in three colorways)

More planters and tissue boxes in progress-

Provence planters out of priming stage-

And feast your eyes on the new murals…L O V E them! I cannot pick a favorite colorway……only one missing is the pale pink, coming soon!

These best selling silver items are all on their way and will be here next week, we will hold an arrival sale on our silver shipment!

5 A BEAUTIFUL SPREAD IN SOUTHERN LADY. This was so exciting to see not one but two of our products in the latest issue of Southern Lady. The swizzle sticks done in collaboration with fabulous Giddy Paperie, and our green/white pagoda salad servers. Such fun to see them up close in a  beautiful, glossy magazine! Pick it up, it happens to be a fantastic magazine filled with all kinds of beautiful ideas and inspirations! Thank you Southern Lady!


6 ON THE SUBJECT OF SKINCARE. OK I have admittedly gotten very good about taking care of my skin in the last few months. Was totally open to trying new products and happy I did (was a change I vowed to make in 2020). So far, about a month in, I am extremely happy with the products I ordered after reading the Glass skin article in Vogue. Click here if you missed that article on achieving glass skin in Vogue.

A few people have commented recently on my and I quote “glowing skin” so something must be working:)

I use the pineapple serum daytime and the watermelon mask at night, daytime, click here to see the entire line over at Sephora.

The two items I am referring to are marked with the blue arrow though I am anxious to try a bunch of these now!

I am using the Cicapro cream that came in about two weeks ago. This was also recommended in the Vogue article. This came from Korea and took about 3 weeks to arrive, it is EXTREMELY nourishing and feels great on my dry skin. It came with a bonus smaller tube, another keeper for sure. Use this during the day over the pineapple serum and still using my La Prairie caviar cream over the watermelon mask at night.  Click here for info


I also have been reading/hearing about these peels from Dr. Grossman. So I decided to order them and take advantage of my new found interest and motivation to keep my skin in tip top shape. I have been suing these about two weeks and I swear I am seeing and feeling a difference.I am sure it must be a combination of the new products I am using, my skin is absolutely responding to them.

Skin much smoother and pore definitely shrunk. It says to use every day I have so far used it every other day. As with all products, this is subject to how they work for your and your skin type so I can only speak for my own but so far very pleased with this skin care regimen! Click here to find out more


7 SUNDAYS SURVEY So imagine this scenario. You are in a Whole Foods parking lot and are loading bags into your car. You notice that there is a driver (a man and a female passenger) who seems to be a bit confused and keeps going in and out of a parking spot, incidentally next to my car (let’s just say he is not a great parker). Someone (another man) else walking by stops and is waiting for this person go into his parking spot, at which point the pedestrian becomes exasperated and starts screaming at the driver.

It goes from a ‘raising of his voice” to an downright aggressive rant.Then the threats start coming. The driver rolls down his window, and becomes enraged and the two of them start yelling at top pitch with some threatening words which of course freaked me out and I could not load my groceries into my car fast enough! I have never moved so fast! The driver at this point stops his car in the middle of the parking lane and gets out. This is when I go into hyper fast mode in getting the heck out of there.

Another person (another man) walking by immediately (and bravely if you ask me) stops to try and diffuse things seeing it was getting out of hand as the driver got out of his car and clearly these were two hot heads. I  kept my head down as my thoughts with our crazy society are that you never know who might snap, who might have a weapon, etc…call me paranoid but that’s how I process those kinds of situations.

I sped out of there faster than a bat out of hell but it looks like despite lots of yelling, the “mediator” was calming the situation down from the little I saw.

I commend that person who intervened  but admittedly would not have had the courage as I am a little paranoid and would have been scared of throwing fuel into the fire. Thoughts on how you might have reacted?


And that friends is a wrap for this Sunday, hope you enjoyed the post. Anything resonate? Always love hearing your feedback and what’s new and exciting on your end. Thanks for stopping by, wishing you a great Sunday and  a smooth end to your weekend:) Until next time…..

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The murals are SO GORGEOUS!! The green really “speaks” to me. We live in an old home built in 1927 and that shade is used in several rooms (we kept the shade, just freshened with new paint).

As for the parking lot scene – I have twin 9 year olds so would have headed back in with them or loaded everybody and everything lickety split and got OUT of there!

Your instagram photos are just delightful. And yes, the weather is crazy. The poor little plants are popping up early here in southern Virginia, so confused. I must say having lived in New York for 30 years and now living in the southern part of this wonderful state, the weather is so much more bearable. Summers are almost the same as New York, Hot!, but the winters are mild and spring seriously arrives in March, which is something that took years to become used to as I was always gauging the planting season around Memorial Day. That’s probably one of your favorite things about Palmetto Bluff, the nice weather, especially now.

I love the Sunday post because there’s so much to take in and learn!

Just love those murals, I need to order one in that soft blue, when will they be available? All of your new products are just gorgeous.

I ordered the watermelon mask and got it about a week ago and I love it,smells so good! Love your recommendations.

As usual everything is just beautiful and you are full of incredible information from great movie recommendations to skin care and you have me anticipating all of your beautiful new products.

What a beautiful wedding!

About your parking lot scenario . . . I would have done exactly as you did since I am a woman against two raging bull-headed men. However, I’d also call 911 after getting into the car and locking the doors, especially if there had been no third person around. You did the right thing by “minding your own business” in this case and getting the blankey-blank out of there.

If either of the two were a gentleman, they should have desisted in the presence of a lady.
Another case of arrested development.

I will be trying the Cicapro cream. Thanks so much for the hint on a good product. Love the murals!

You’re correct on the film industry. Hollywood is no longer interested in putting out a good product based on good acting, plots and production.. They have an agenda and their films and tv are based on their agenda.
I now watch more international TV and movies than I do American. China is putting out great productions, as are Brazil, Norway, Korea, Italy and France.. Actually, most of the world…
Hollywood was once the leader of entertainment.. No longer.

So excited about the shipments! I love shopping with you —

Thank you for sharing your skin care products. I have noticed your fabulous skin in photos and you DO glow!

I’m so excited – I couldn’t find The Best of Youth to stream anyplace BUT my local library has it on DVD. The Atlantic had a wonderful article article comparing it to Elena Ferrante’s My Brilliant Friend, which I loved, so I know I will love The Best of Youth, too. Thanks for the recommendation!

Get security. This happened to my parents in a Target lot. The aggressor tried to scam my parents and accuse them of damaging their car. Security called the police who put a stop to the situation. LOVE the murals. Can’t wait for them to be available.

Love your posts and all the tips on food, entertainment and beauty. The Best of Youth is available to rent on Comcast for $3.99.

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