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Hello to all my fellow flower loving friends. Hopefully you saw part one of my recent visit to the NY Flower market.…such fun! If you ever have the chance to go, and just admire and sniff, trust me- it’s worth it! Many have asked is “anyone” can go and the answer is yes. If you have an account you do get a discount but honestly the difference is not huge and the prices as a full fledged “walk in off the street” customer are still amazing. And no where will you find such a mesmerizing selection.

I love going and go more frequently in spring and summer. There is such a plethora of AMAZING flowers. I have a few favorites,  G Page is always my first stop, I also like Associated Cut Floral and Dutch Flower Line. They all promise to fulfill your floral dreams and then some. Then there are of course, many more. Love US Evergreen for fresh greens, big branches, etc….

I showed you my “loot” last time as well as some of the first arrangements I made (click here if you missed part one). I like to experiment with many different looks and containers. I am constantly changing things around and did a few impromptu photo shoots as well. I realized I have so many pictures, that I actually need to do a part 3. But in the meantime, here we go with part 2 of more florals from that fun visit and my final post on the subject will be next week. Here we go-


Last post, I left off making these beautiful arrangements in our medium footed hurricane which doubles as a most exquisite vase-

All done! Placed in between my tulipieres on a hall chest-

Then tried it on the mantel-

More experimenting in the works-

Even set an impromptu dinner table and look at how beautiful they look with my Mottahedeh china in Tobacco Leaf!

Of course had to experiment with more blue and white, did the “plate” arrangement on a favorite jar, the chunky open field jar

And here it is all done! Love it-

Tried it between the tulipieres-

A few smaller arrangements, so sweet and delicate-

The two footed hurricane (medium) arrangements with a mini version

Tried a few other variations and adore flowers in our mint julep, the perfect elegant bud vase-


Hope this gives you your floral fix for the day:) I so enjoyed this particular batch of flowers, they were like the gift that kept on giving. I got to use them in so many different containers and experimented with many “looks”, placed them in several parts of the house, did a few photo shoots and even gave some smaller arrangements away to friends. That’s what you call, getting your monies worth!

I am so happy that spring will be here in just a matter of weeks, that means more frequent trips to the flower market, and cannot wait for cherry blossoms, a favorite! Thanks for stopping by, will post the final installment of this flower buying trip on part 3 next week. Until next time…..

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Hi ! Are your kitchen counters quartz? They look like marble, which I have always had, but not so much for practicality. Beautiful kitchen, and gorgeous flower arrangements. You are SO talented.

Mesmerized by the beauty! You are amazing- I hope you will co sided video tutorials! Love your blog

Hello Tina, I had been looking at the New York In Bloom book this morning and here you are with your stunning collection, what can I say, I have flower envy this morning, my lot look like they have seen better days (slightly scorched). Thank you for sharing beauty. Till next time Esther from Sydney.

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