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Hi there, hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Counting down the days until spring, this winter has been a let down. NO SNOW, and not to say I am looking for multiple snowstorms but a single snow storm isn’t asking too much, is it?

Will be in the city this weekend, seeing friends, doing a little retail therapy and seeing a friends new apartment which is bound to give me the ” I wish I was living in the city again” vibes but thankfully, it almost always passes a few days later:)

This coming week is exciting because we are getting our silver shipment and then our mega porcelain container on Tuesday! We will be busy bees getting all of the presale orders out the door and then our arrival sale will start so stay tuned. In the meantime, hope you are having a wonderful weekend, here we go with this Sunday’s post-



1 ONE FABULOUS STATIONERY COMPANY There are so many talented stationers out there and with my love for stationery, I am always drawn to beautiful stationers. I have been following this account, Lemon Tree Paper Company on Instagram and ooh and ahh every time I see one of her exquisite creations.

If I was having a destination wedding, how I would love to create one of her beautiful suite ensembles…just beautiful! Click here for her website  and here for her instagram

2 RECIPE ALERT  This is from The Comfort of Cooking.  This is GOOD. I have made it twice, once with cut up chicken breast and another time with skinless thighs and drumsticks. I  personally like it better with the chicken breasts but honestly both were so good.

With a side salad and vegetable this was extremely satisfying and filling. Of course you could do a potato of some sort or risotto which would make it extra yummy but we are trying to stay away from carbs:) Definitely making it again this week, so satisfying and pretty much guilt free. Click here to see the blog where this was found.

Bake one hour uncovered, you can also bake it for about 50 minutes uncovered, then cover well with aluminum and keep in oven (to keep warm) with oven off


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such beautiful instagrams this week with a large focus on just beautiful things because afterall, what’s not to love about that. Always inspiring!



4 NEW STAFFORDSHIRE DOGS. We are getting in a treasure chest of AMAZING items this spring, so many good things heading this way. This is one I have been working on for awhile….. am soooo excited about these.It took a lot of back and forth and getting the colors just right tooks a good deal of time, but alas we did it!

Our super popular Staffordshire dogs will now be available in the most wonderful spring/summery colors- pale pink, pale blue and pale green. How gorgeous are they! In production now, will be available sometime mid April. Will be offered in medium and large (also getting the ivory/gold back in stock) Stay tuned……in the meantime here is a sneak peek about what I am so excited over!


5 CUSTOMER HOMES PICTURES! I love periodically sharing my talented customers homes with you. I love nothing more than seeing our beautiful products in  our customers homes and welcome your pictures, few things make me prouder. Here is the latest batch, one prettier than the next! Thank you for submitting and keep them coming:) Feel free to send yours to [email protected]. Thanks to all who have sent them in. Take a look at these beauties-


6 NEW SERIES RECOMMENDATIONS? I need your help, we enjoy watching series on TV during the week and the three we loved the most were Homeland, The Crown and Bloodlines. Now looking for a new one. We “tried” Ozark, Suits and Billions.While we enjoyed them for a few episodes for one reason or another, we lost interest.

Any recommendations? We are all ears! So excited that Homeland is back for a new season, Clare Danes is so amazing in it, truly gifted. We have room for another great one to sink our teeth into so if you have a wonderful recommendation, please do tell.




7  SUNDAY’S SURVEY So this question is all about a single word that nearly all of us know quite well……Amazon. Admittedly, I love it but until recently, only was buying handfuls of items over and over (cleaning supplies, disposable coffee cups, paper towels, etc….) but lately I have ventured out and bought other things after hearing and reading about just how much they offer.

I have friends who buy almost everything under the moon on Amazon, all their skincare, makeup, clothing and even shoes on Amazon! It is both incredibly convenient and a little scary that with the click of a button almost every single item you could want will be at your doorstep within a day or two. Talk about pleasing those in need of instant gratification:)

So I am curious how much of your shopping is done on this what I refer to as world dominator “can’t live without” site, good ol Amazon!


And that is a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the post, always enjoy hearing from you if you have something to say. Wishing everyone a fabulous Sunday and smooth end to your week. I love our chill Sunday mornings and actually anticipate them all week long:) Until next time…..


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I so love your summer dishes. Have you ever considered selling 4 place settings together for a great price?

In addition to Netflix and Amazon Prime, I subscribe to Acorn TV( purchased through Amazon). Excellent British and Australian series

Those dogs are AMAZING!! I will want them in every color?
Love seeing all of your customers home pictures they are a testament to your beautiful products! Great stationary line, always discover something new and wonderful visiting your Sunday posts.

Love the Artichoke and Lemon recipe —however you did not give a cooking time—30 min? 40? Please let me know
Thank you

Spring is coming. Time to put things away and freshen up our homes. It amazes me how many things gather on counter tops, side tables, window sills etc and are left there to collect dust. Sometimes I truly believe the expression “less is more”. Thanks for sharing your customers home photos. It really puts you in the mood to switch things out, put things away, freshen up your own spaces in your home. With Spring around the corner, no time like the present. ?

I had to comment on the Amazon thing. I live 1 1/2 hours from the nearest big city, Durham, NC., and the next “biggest” store is, and I hate to say it, Walmart which is 30 miles away. Suffice it to say that Amazon has been a godsend because the little town I live in doesn’t even sell refills for my label maker, to give a small example, That may not sound like much, but when you have to make a 60 mile round trip for a little item like that, Amazon looks really good…and convenient.

I so LOVE your Sunday posts! I absolutely get lost in them. Planning to try the chicken recipe tonight — using chicken breasts. Do you use boneless, skinless? And how long do you bake it? (The recipe left out baking time.)

Need to clarify “Amazon survey”…if we weren’t so rural ( closest shopping is hour each way) I wouldn’t use them as frequently…luv “Mom ‘n Pop” stores

Y’all can blame me for the lack of snow: we had a whole-house generator installed. Had we put it off a year, it would have been ‘Snowmagedon’ in the NY area. (When we moved to this area from Canada, there were three nor’easters back-to-back that winter, and our neighbors blamed us for every one of them!)
Go back to ‘Ozark’, it just keeps getting better and better, the cast is wonderful. ‘Mindhunter’ is very good, your boys will also love ‘Man in the High Castle’ (was surprised how much our 20-something son and his gf love it). ‘Tin Star’ is worth watching.
‘Homeland’ I’ve gotten back into. ‘Grace & Frankie’ and ‘The Marvelous Mrs Maisel’ are my guilty pleasures. And for giggles, ‘Kim’s Convenience’ and ‘Schitt’s Creek’. Always put these on when I’m doing kitchen chores or ironing.
The Instagram re: travel after retirement is dead on. We bit the bullet and spent two amazing weeks touring/cruising Egypt in January. Lots of walking and I wouldn’t have been able to go down into a pyramid if I was using a walker, that’s for sure! Had to have put on 10,000 steps each day easily. Good thing because Egyptian food is delicious and their one-bite desserts and bread pudding are irresistible! Went through Johns Hopkins Alumni Tours via AHI Tours, who seem to have affiliations with every college in the US and Canada. If you’ve ever wanted to see Egypt and its temples and pyramids, do it while you can get around. My only regret is that the new Museum, which looks fabulous, won’t be open until the end of this year. (BTW – large military and police presence, never felt unsafe or unwelcome at any time)

could you please put the final directions on your website for the artichoke and chicken dinner ? the directions end with sat and pepper. i would like to make this and need cooking temp and cooking time . that you , ann

Amazon is not instant gratification. Going into a store and walking out 10 mins. later with something you have seen for real, tried on and can’t live without is instant gratification.

Loved Bloodlines too! So good, we like Ozark, worth checking out.

The new pastel dogs are simply gorgeous. Can’t wait!

Agree with you about the stationery, what a talented artist she is. Those Capri invites are unreal. Have a nice Sunday.

Amazon is convenient, but I enjoy personal, see it before, “Retail Therapy.”

Excited about the new shipments!!

I use Amazon rarely. They have great product information, so I’m often on there to see photos and measurements, then it’s off to the manufacturer or another source. Their shipping (we don’t have Prime) used to arrive in the middle of their estimated time range. Last year or two deliveries have been universally on the final day quoted. While they are entirely correct to accommodate their paid subscribers ahead of me, and they’re abiding by their word, pushing off shipping to barely meet their stated delivery deadline does the opposite of incentivizing a membership. No hard feelings, but their business model and my business model don’t align, so I take mine elsewhere.

I like all the shows you mentioned, so you might wan to try Yellowstone (Kevin Costner is in it) or The Sinner definitely season 1 is a great one (Jennifer Biel).

Outlander…..a favorite. Offsprings is Australian and there are 7 seasons. Comedy/drama with an outstanding cast. The Widow is also good

Love the gift wrap with lemon trees in porcelain planters. Is this paper available anytime soon? I have spring birthdays coming up in a few weeks.

Regarding Amazon, this is a first for me: I saw my doctor last week, and instead of giving me a prescription for something that could be purchased over the counter, he handed me a photocopy of the item taken directly from Amazon! His rationale was it less expensive than OTC or prescription! I’m not sure what to think, is this a good thing or a bad thing!?

Wonderful post as always! I recently watched Boardwalk Empire on HBO from years ago and loved it, loved Yellowstone on Paramount channel, Marvelous Mrs Maisel on Amazon and Peaky Blinders on Netflix I’m on the “hunt” for a new series to watch myself. Thanks also for the recipe, looks delicious!

In love with the dogs!! Nicely done. I am “bff’s” with Amazon, that prime truck is at my house many times during the week where everything from toilet paper to my kids sneakers and socks! So easy!

Great insta picks!

Use Amazon for items I cannot find readily on store shelves, items where when price compared are better at Amazon, and when I don’t have time on my calendar (nor the inclination) to fight the local traffic due to “winter” visitors”. Driving to the other side of town (40 mi.+ round trip) for a couple of less than $10 items also does not make sense since I have Prime. Besides, I own Amazon stock!!

Love the stationary!!

“If being in my pajamas at 7 pm is wrong then I don’’t want to be right.” I laughed out loud because as I read that at 6pm I was still in my nightgown! It has been one of those Sundays and I got the cooking bug and cooked all day. Would like to try the chicken recipe as it looks delish. My restful treat was to sit and check in with TEH. Don’t like Amazon, but have ordered a few things not easily found locally. I can recommend a tv series from just a few years ago in case you didn’t watch…Person of Interest. Great writing. Captivating, continuing storyline with endearing characters. So many of your porcelains now reside in my home. Should I send pictures? They have transformed my decor. You may yet see snow, dear Tina. Winter is not over. We had a few inches here, quite beautiful. Keeping your mother in my prayers. Have a great week.

I love the stationery company and an added bonus is that it is an Australian company from the city where I was born, Melbourne! Thanks for introducing it to me. With my son’s wedding coming up in November, I may use them.
Your Amazon question is one that creates such a dilemma. I live in a rural town now with very limited shopping. Even Melbourne has limited shopping when compared to the World out there on Amazon, so I sometimes use Amazon for things that I just can’t buy here in Oz. However, I do try to buy from physical shops if I can, even if they cost a bit more. By doing so, you support the family that owns the business, the staff, and the local supply chain, from the people who clean the shop, who repair anything that goes wrong, who supplies the daily use products such as stationery, etc. It keeps the local economy moving. We really saw this in action recently with the huge bushfires. They were burning (still are near us) for months and whole areas were forced to evacuate for many weeks. This was peak Aussie holiday period and the time when businesses make their biggest profits. With no-one coming, no money is coming to the community and businesses are struggling and many might fold. We have started a campaign for people to come up to the area with an esky (icebox), stay the night or longer and visit the area. Buy the wine, cheeses, berries, gourmet meats and other produce and shop at the clothes shops and other businesses, and eat at the cafes and restaurants. We also had an online shopping campaign urging city people to do their Christmas shopping on-line buying from country businesses in drought-affected areas which also helped their struggling economy. Our dollars are important and we should think carefully about where we spend them and if we will be helping a Mom and Pop business, a small and struggling community, or just feeding the pockets of the super-rich such as Bezos or buying from Walmart and making the Walton family mega-rich.
In keeping with the Australian theme, I have adored the books of the Phryne Fisher Murder Mysteries and then the dazzling TV series of that name. Set in the 1920s, Essie Davis’s Phryne Fisher is so sassy and spirited, fun and fabulous and the costumes and sets are divine. This is a great series, especially after the cast settled into their roles (they are a bit wooden in the first 2 or so episodes) and it has a spin-off 1960’s series which I haven’t seen but people love, and now a movie coming out next week.

Isn’t it so hard when a series you love comes to an end? We found Heartland, a Canadian series that caught my eye because it had 10 seasons at the time I spotted it! Ten seasons had to mean something! Since then they are up to about 13 seasons I believe. AND, unlike American series, each season is 18-20 episodes. long! You might find it a little trite in the beginning, but it has great characters and if you have any interest in horses it eventually covers nearly every aspect of the horse world. It’s wholesome, no mysteries, no murders, just family relationships. “Jack” the patriarch cowboy, grandfather of the family has most men wishing they could be him!! Beautiful scenery too!

Un Village Francais (MHz Choice)
Miss Friedman’s War (MHz Choice)
Line of Duty (Acorn)


Watch Atypical on Netflix. Funny, heartwarming and so well acted. I cannot wait for the next season.

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