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Hi there, hope this finds you doing well and adjusting to this odd time in our world. To me,  it feels that life is in a holding pattern, so trying to muddle through it as many of us are. One bright spot is all of the incredible new things we have coming in!

As you might imagine several of our shipments that were en route and on track were suddenly halted due to the Pandemic in what seems like a lifetime ago (March). Thankfully, certain shipments are back on track and we are due to get many new and incredibly exciting things in the coming weeks.

Many of you have been waiting a while for our tulipiere shipment so I am thrilled to announce they will be here in less than weeks, due in around May 26th Finally!

In this shipment will be our tulipeires (all patterns) plus the new pink and white, as well as our best selling village scene garden seat also now in pink/white.  Two weeks after that we will get our huge 40 foot porcelain container (a presale will be held for that in a week or two). Right after that the long awaited new melamine will be arriving.

Then we will finally get our silver, chinoiserie tole and then the tabletop shipments. Lots going on… was nerve wrecking as you can imagine but I am breathing a cautious sigh of relief as things as slowly starting to move again……..finally.

We always hold a presale on new items coming in. So here’s a great chance to reserve yours and take advantage of special pricing prior to them coming in! Please read over these rules before placing an order, particularly if you are new to these-

  • Please email  or call. in your order (the office will be open on Thursday for calls  10-2 EST)
  • Email orders to [email protected] or call 800-804-9565
  • Unless you call in Thursday, you must email your order request in
  • If emailing an order, you MUST include your name, address, phone number and order
  • Subject to availability
  • Please use item numbers when submitting your order and if applicable, specify size
  • Items due in on or around May 26th, they will ship once received in our warehouse
  • Final sale
  • International shipping? Please email [email protected] for a shipping quote
  • Wholesale? Please register for an account by clicking here or contact [email protected]


ITEM 1 Our original and totally sold out tulipiere is coming back in all three sizes. Get yours while they will be here, because they don’t stat around long although we doubled up on the quantities we normally order.

Small 14″ (coming in around May 26th) $105.00

Medium 22″ tall (coming in around May 26th) $185.00

Large 33″ tall (large is coming in 6 weeks) $290.00


ITEM 2 Village scene tuliperes, this beautiful softer blue in a elegant floral/village scene is coming back in all three sizes. A beauty for spring/summer!

Small 14″ (coming in around May 26th) $105.00

Medium 22″ tall (coming in around May 26th) $185.00

Large 33″ tall ( have a few now in stock, rest coming in around May 26th) $280.00

ITEM 3 NEW! Our fabulous new pink tuliipieres will be here in just 2 weeks! So excited to get these, my mind is running away from me with all the floral combinations:)

Small 14″ (coming in around May 26th) $105.00

Medium 22″ tall (coming in around May 26th) $185.00


ITEM 4 And then we have the solid white tulipieres. Which obviously goes literally in every and any decor, these are perfect if you want a simple tulipiere that will be a beautiful vessel to hold any color flower.

Small 14″ (limited stock, in stock now) $90.00

Medium 22″ tall (limited stock, in stock now) $155.00

Large 33″ tall ( in stock now)$250.00

ITEM 5 Our sold out best selling tall village scene pale blue garden seat is coming back…and I am going to be sure this time to put a pair aside to take home!

Arriving in 2 weeks, measures 19″ tall


ITEM 6 NEW! Our fabulous new tall village scene garden seat is now available in this incredible pale pink! Absolutely smitten:)

Coming in 2 weeks, measures 19″ tall



See something you must have? Please call us (if on Thursday) 0r email your order-


[email protected]

I am so excited over these, and the tulipieres are coming in at a great time, just in time for summer flowers! Thank you for stopping in, wishing everyone a great day. Until next time……

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I LOVE my tulipieres! I am debating whether I need more~~they are just lovely. Our state (Arizona) is in the process of opening up now. We have been so fortunate with less than 1/10 of 1% of our population die from the virus. Many people are taking personal responsibility by wearing masks, washing hands, staying home when sick or vulnerable. I have always believed our very hot sun in the summer kills all the viruses that come in with our tourist population. I am so looking forward to being able to experience other humans again. Hope things turn around in your state soon. In the meantime, hope you and your family are healthy and safe.

Although most of my home is blue and white, I’m loving the pink! So pretty. Can you tell me where these are made? I’m very cautious these days about items from China. Thanks

The green, blue, and white melamine set of (many) dishes arrived today beautifully packed. Very pretty ! And I am very pleased ! Thank you..

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