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Hi there, every June I anticipate getting out to a farm that grows peonies way out at the end of Long Island. It’s a special excursion that  I so look forward to making every year. And they never disappoint. I call ahead and they have my order ready which is so nice, and needless to say that drive home is like a little slice of heaven with a seat full of peonies, the light floral scent permeating my car.

Last year I timed it right and held a impromptu birthday dinner for my husband,  and this year was hoping to do the same but with Covid,  it has been decided that it will have to wait.

So I did the next best thing, went to town arranging them, placing them around the house and of course took lots of pictures! They just make me so happy and how I wish I could persevere them to stay this way…they are such a spectacular flower. Did see some friends this past weekend so gave them each a bunch which they were so happy to take home, you need to spread and share the love:) So here is part one of For the Love of Peonies…


And there is my stash waiting for me at the farm!

Got home, sorted them and kept them in their buckets in the garage where it was a bit cooler overnight

Waking up to a countertop full of peonies is pure heaven!

Had friends over (we stay apart) for a glass of wine the following night and used a bunch for one of my wicker hurricanes

Loved arranging them for more casual arrangements in my assortment. of wicker hurricanes

A lot of people asked me and continually do about the containers I show my flowers in. Besides the obvious porcelain ginger jars and vases, our wicker hurricanes and glass etched hurricanes make sensational flower vessels. As in some of my favorite ways to display flowers.

Click here to see the wicker hurricanes

Click here to see the glass etched hurricane collection


I am obsessed with these flowers! They put me in a party mood but alas that is not in the cards this season. Hopefully next! In the meantime, we are really enjoying them and I keep placing them in different parts of the house to keep on reinventing them while they last.

Storing them somewhere very cool at night will maximize their life (and fresh water every other day). It is maintenance but so worth it. Next week I will share part 2. Thank you for stopping in. Until next time…..

PS All our melamine (in stock patterns) are 25% off until tonight. Great time to stock up on beautiful patterns for your summer entertaining. Use code summer. Click here to see our collection

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Marguerite on

They look absolutely beautiful and must smell even better. What is the best way to make them last as long as possible? I’m sure you have some tips, please share!

franki parde on

Peonies are a gift!! Zone 7 is ” right on the edge” for peonies, but, I have “offspring” of my great grandparent’s tubers well over 100 years. I luv them. franki

Victoria on

Such a beautiful post with my favorite flowers! We have a wonderful florist in our area that I just pick some up from the other day, just love your arrangements. Off to check out your containers!

Eileen on

You definitely need a bigger car, haha!! Such beautiful flowers and a real treat. Thanks so much.

Sheryl Byrum on

Can you share your thoughts on your Ilve range? I am considering one for my kitchen. I love the old world look but for some reason I’m skeptical.

Elizabeth on

Beautiful! My birthday is in June and peonies and roses are always here wishing me a very happy birthday ?. The wine bottle is beautiful. Makes me want some at 10:15 in the morning..yikes. Hope it’s good because I’m going to buy some. Love Rose wine in the summer. Have a happy day.

Marlene on

Tina, What a gorgeous arrangements you have put together. These peonies just makes my heart sing. When I walk into a room and see fresh flowers it brings me such happiness.

Mari Harter on

OMG Tina, I can only imagine how lovely your car smelled on the way home!!!!

Mary Ann Falciani on

The peonies look lovely. Do you have any secrets for making the blooms last longer?

Ann H on

Hi Tina
Peonies are my favorite flower. I too have them all over the house in vases. I have several plants which have been going strong for 30 years I love their perfume through my home.

I have to ask you if you would share your recipe for the beautiful salad pictured with the lovely bottle of wine. Looks like summer on a plate.

Margaret Cristall on

I can almost smell them! Beautiful!

Karen Murphy on

Dear Tina … can you direct me easily to where I can reularly shop for your glass hurricanes and glass pedestal hurricane vases /
candle holders and prices. I don’t find a search emoj on your site.

Thank you so much

DD on

Peonies. So bold, so complex, so sophisticatedly charming. A true miracle of creation. ~My favorite items from Enchanted Home are the hurricane vases. So feminine and classic on my dining room table. They make any table c’est du beau.

Cynthia on

???Gorgeous, stunning, perfection❣️. Peonies are my most favorite flower…. I love them so much and the joy I feel looking at them and burying my face in them and inhaling their delicious fragrance. Yours are beautiful and the vases and hurricane vases are wonderful. I used a deep red glass goblet shaped hUricane to put my pink Sarah Bernhardts in them, they were beautiful… thanks for the pictures❣️

Joyce on

You should grow peonies. They are so easy. I have 123 varieties from early early tree and Itoh peonies to late herbaceous peonies…. approximately 6 weeks of lovely peonies

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