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**All presale orders for these items have shipped as of yesterday**

Hi there, hope this finds you doing well. It’s been quite a month, make that quite a year. But finally, getting in some of our beautiful shipments has cushioned the blow, just a bit:)  Today we hold our arrival sale on the tulipieres, Staffordshire dogs and garden seats.

Our tulipieres were a huge hit from the moment they first arrived. They are hard to find and are often antique and extremely expansive. These are every bit as beautiful but affordable. With it being summer and the season of flowers, it’s a great time to get a tulipiere. We often sell out so right now are fully stocked!

Our Staffordshire dogs pastel collection is new and I just love this collection, the colors make me so happy. A beautiful take on an old classic. And then we have these fabulous new garden seats which I love, now offered in pale blue and pale pink.

After a few months of really not knowing which end was up, to finally get these shipments was a tremendous relief and a sight for weary eyes.

We always hold an arrival sale on new items when they arrive.  So here’s a great chance to take advantage of special pricing and get instant gratification:)  We are low on stock on some items here so it’s a great time to get something you have had your eye on. Please read over these rules before placing an order, particularly if you are new to these

  • There are two ways to order- call or email your order in
  • Email orders to [email protected] or call 800-804-9565 (Thurs and Friday office will be open from 9-2:30 EST)
  • If emailing an order, you MUST include your name, address, phone number and order details
  • Subject to availability
  • Please use item numbers when submitting your order and if applicable, specify size
  • All items are in stock and ready to ship!
  • Final sale
  • International shipping? Please email [email protected] for a shipping quote
  • Wholesale? Please register for an account by clicking here or you can email [email protected]


ITEM 1 Our original and totally sold out tulipiere is coming back in all three sizes. Get yours while they will be here, because they don’t stay around long although we doubled up on the quantities we normally order. An elegant rich blue and white pattern is featured on this elegant tulipiere offered in three sizes.

Small 14″  $115.00 in stock now

Medium 22″ tall  $195.00 in stock now

Large 33″ tall (on way and due here in about 3 weeks) $295.00

ITEM 2 Village scene tulipieres, this beautiful softer blue in a elegant floral/village scene is coming back in all three sizes. This beautiful soft blue village and floral scene makes for such a pretty and fresh feeling tulipiere, offered in three sizes. A beauty for spring/summer!

Small 14″  $115.00 in stock now

Medium 22″ tall $195.00 in stock now

Large 33″ tall  $295.00 in stock now

ITEM 3 NEW! Our fabulous new pink tulipieres will be here in just 2 weeks! This is a beauty and if full of possibilities, the soft ink and white design is so feminine and fresh. So excited to get these, my mind is running away from me with all the floral combinations:)

Small 14″ $115.00 in stock now

Medium 22″ tall  $195.00 in stock now


ITEM 4 And then we have the solid white tulipieres. Which obviously goes literally in every and any decor, these are perfect if you want a simple tulipiere that will be a beautiful vessel to hold any color flower.

Small 14″ $95.00 in stock now

Medium 22″ tall  $165.00 in stock now

Large 33″ tall $260.00 in stock now

ITEM 5 Our sold out best selling tall village scene pale blue garden seat is coming back…and I am going to be sure this time to put a pair aside to take home!

Measures 18.5″ tall

$165.00 in stock now

ITEM 6 NEW! Our fabulous new tall village scene garden seat is now available in this incredible pale pink! Absolutely smitten:)

Measures 18.5″ tall

$165.00 in stock now

ITEM 7 The fabulous new pastel Staffordshire dogs are here and are spectacular! Offered in pale blue, pale green pale pink. Just so in love with these beauties:)


Medium 6″ x 8′ $85.00 (pale blue, pale pink, pale green)

Large 6″ x 11″  $98.00 (pale blue or pale pink)

ITEM 8 And the gorgeous ivory/gold Staffordshire dogs after being sold out are back in medium and large. Beautiful accented with touches of gold.

Medium 6″ x 8′ $85.00

Large 6″ x 11″  $98.00



See something you must have? Please call us (Thurs and Friday hours will be 9-2:30) 0r email your order-


[email protected]

A great time to add something pretty to your home because now more than ever our homes really are our havens. Never felt so strongly about that as I do now! Thanks for stopping in. Wishing everyone a wonderful day, stay safe. Until next time……….

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I’m so happy to stumble across your site! LOVE it! I’m from Long Island , but just moved to Iowa.. I’m so upset to learn of a peony farm that I never knew about LOL! I have a bunch in our new home, the seller is from the south & has great taste in well everything , but I love the flowers in the yard… looking forward to doing business with you! REST & Re-coup! This is a tough time… Best Always Louise Deturris

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