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Hi there! Hope this finds you doing well. I am away for visiting my parents so hoping this posts on time. Hope you are having a nice weekend. Hard to believe it’s already mid June. I already feel like time is going by too fast. I plan on trying to take advantage of beach time…this summer it will be all about the simple pleasures in life, beach, lobster rolls, and entertaining at home. I highly doubt we will do any travel (beyond that of a car) as I am very paranoid about getting on a plane.

So, I see lots of local outings in my future,  Palmetto Bluff and any car travel. Summer is such a short season as is but I am vowing to get out and enjoy myself just a few days a week this summer, so more relaxation days are in my future:) Hope you are enjoying your weekend and that the sun is shining wherever you. might be.


1 ONE STUNNING ATLANTA HOME. I saw this home and instantly want to go home and start tweaking and editing….I am sure many of you can relate to this conundrum:) You see something that inspire and want to apply it to your own home! This is such an elegant home, though traditional it is inviteing, open and airy. Love everything about it. Click here to read more…..


2 SNEAK PEEK AT OUR FABULOUS NEW CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS You are always the first to see anything new happening over here and behind the scenes, Christmas planning has been well under way for a few months now believe it or not! I had a vision for a topiary collection of ornaments and introducing a few new ginger jar ornaments too, possibly in other colorways and got my first samples back.

I was over the moon, this has me actually excited about decorating a Christmas tree, go figure! Still tweaking these a little bit, but overall this is the idea.We are working on the final touches for our 2020 gift wrap holiday collection that will beautifully coordinate so stay tuned. For your eyes only,  here is a sneak peek-

And I love these, large flat top ornaments in blue, red and green. So pretty…thinking of adding more red and green ornaments, thoughts?


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a beautiful roundup this weekend, one of my favorite parts about putting these posts together, always inspiring!

4  A WONDERFUL AND EASY SUMMER GREEK SALAD I swear I could live on this super flavorful salad. It is so simple yet sooo good. Every time I make it, it is literally inhaled. Key is very ripe tomatoes.  Extra brownie points for being pretty:)

Here is what I do-

  • Take about 2 cartons of large cherry tomatoes or 3 very ripe large tomatoes
  • 1 yellow bellpepper
  • 1 green bellpepper
  • 1 vidalia onion
  • 1 package of good feta cheese
  • oregano, salt, pepper and olive oil

Cut tomato, bellpeppers and onion in large cubes (about 1″). Add cubed feta and season with salt, pepper, olive oil and oregano. Gently mix together. Can refrigerate for a few hours but do not recommend more than that. Absolutely heavily on it’s own but pairs wonderfully with fish, chicken, steak, everything!


5 BRAWNY HEROES.  I just love how the Brawny company has a wonderful feel good (boy do we need that) campaign to recognize everyday American heroes who are doing small big things to help others.Often people who don’t have much themselves bending down to lift others up. This short clip on these heroes brings happy tears to my eyes and gives my heart hope for a better tomorrow.


6 A SUPER CHIC LINE OF DRESSES AND TOPS FOR SUMMER DRESSING. The first time I laid eyes on D’Ascoli I was in love. Their pretty, summery Indian block print frocks are the best of summer.

They are so chic and elegant but still casual and the kinds of things that you can wear day into night. Just think their line is gorgeous, just ordered a top and dress…….now I wish I had a great exotic vacation to go with them:) Click here to see more of their beautiful pieces.

7  SUNDAY’S SURVEY OK so last week I shared a few art pieces that I got back as samples. Seems most of you loved them. Still tweaking but wanted to show you as an example what one set would look like and want to get feedback.

Even with this set, there are still a few tweaks being made however this is the basic idea. I have to say seeing the four I absolutely love them. I think they are just so fresh and pretty. A few minor tweaks being made to the flowers but overall really loving it. Thoughts?

Working on this grouping now, there are changes being made but this is an idea of what this chinoiserie grouping will look like BUT there will be four different chinoiserie scenes (this is showing all the same just as an example)


And that’s my Sunday post this week. Hope you enjoyed it and  always so happy that you stop in and make TEH part of your Sunday morning routine. I have to say putting these Sunday posts for me is like a little therapy session.  I hear from a lot of you that these Sunday posts are part of your Sunday ritual and that makes me feel so good:)It gets my mind of all that is going on around us, and in my case it’s what is going on in the world and being on a journey with my mother’s illness (Alzheimers). Working on my blog provides a little respite so they are cathartic for me too in more ways than I can count.

This week our porcelain container arrives and we are rolling up our sleeves and are ready to get to work at receiving this bountiful shipment of blue and white. We will also be holding our presale on the most fabulous chinoiserie tole shipment I have ever gotten in, later this week!

That container was supposed to be here in March, then the pandemic happened so its going to be here around June 26th and this is one not to be missed, so relieved it’s almost here.  Lots of beautiful things starting to come in now and I am sleeping just a little bit sounder these days as a result:) Wishing everyone a great day, stay safe and happy Sunday! Until next time……

PS Today and tomorrow, all the basket weave hurricanes are 20% off! Use code wicker, click here to see the collection-


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Okay, everyone ignore the topiary/ boxwood ornaments as I call first dibs so I want you all busy with other things so I can scoop up every last one! Tina – you are walk away, stop the madness beyond Fabulously Creative with your mind on fire with one incredible idea after the other and soon my credit card about to meltdown with this new set of ornaments. I am ready let the holidays begin!

Beautiful everything! Love the ornaments and new paintings especially the blue and white! Nicely done Tina and yes that Brawny hero video made my day too!

I can hardly wait for the finished art work. They are beautiful, especially the checked frames.

Love the new topiary ornaments, and I’m so excited for my dragon pieces to arrive!!

I cannot believe that you are able to dream up such beautiful new products all of the time! I’m very excited for the artwork, the porcelain and tole shipments that are coming in, and I ALWAYS buy your ornaments every year. The topiaries are wonderful and will set themselves apart on my tree. Enjoy your Sunday and much love and prayers go out to you and your family about your mom. I can’t imagine how difficult this is to go through so I thank you for continuing to send out inspiration every week. Take care and stay safe!

Can’t wait for the ornaments! They are beautiful Tina. Agreed about no air travel, can’t imagine getting on a plane either. We have already planned a road trip to Blackberry Farm then college shopping with my son.
Love your blog and your beautiful eye. Love everything I have ever gotten from you, you have a wonderful eye for beautiful things to enhance our homes.?

I love these Sunday posts and like others it is part of my Sunday ritual. The beautiful pictures give me joy!

I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing. Also thinking about your Mom.
Bless you both.
Love that home from Atlanta.

SALAD recipe looks yummy, BUT – your initial statement mentioned “lots of basil” and yet the Recipe calls for Oregano ?? Please advise.

Many, many THANKS 🙂

Such a nice post to end my day today, love love love the new ornaments cannot wait until they’re available!
I host a Christmas fair through my kids school and I would love to sell these this year so I hope they’ll be available by October?
Absolutely love the paintings they are beautiful cannot wait till they’re available.
Thanks for sharing the recipe to that delicious looking salad

Hi,What is the cost of the round Xmas ornaments? Iam in ! I started a tree last year. I feel your pain with your mother’s journey. I lost my Mother to old age & dementia last November and it is tough. I admire you for keeping it all together when you probably want to scream! All good thoughts! Linda

Tina love the ornaments!! And why did you show. Us those dresses! Omg there goes my wallet! Love it all!

Tina, not only do I wait for the Seven on Sunday with great excitement every week, I also love to go thru it a few days later to see things I missed the last time!!! I love you Sunday 7 so please don’t ever stop!!! XOXO L

Those dresses are gorgeous! So my style going to go check them out.
Absolutely in love with those ornaments, cannot wait for them to come available. And YES to the new art work, it is so hard to find beautiful art to group together,. Very so smart for you to create that kind of a configuration for an instant collection which takes the guesswork out. Great idea, loved the Brawny video.

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