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Hi friends,  hope this finds you doing well. We were going to hold our chinoiserie tole container sale today but are so busy with the arrival of the huge porcelain container than it’s all hands on deck to get all the orders out, so the tole sale will start next Monday (it will be an arrival sale as it arrives on Wed)! VERY worth waiting for.

So, every now and then I put together a beauty files post where I feature various items, many new discoveries and a few tried and true that are just that good. One reason I love these is because I ask you to chime in and share some of your beauty favorites and I have actually discovered some great finds through you. I also enjoyed hearing from any of you thanking me for discovering a new product or two through these posts telling me how much you were enjoying them. It’s a wonderful exchange of ideas, tips and recommendations.


Never has the selection of anything beauty related been so vast, it is overwhelming to walk into a Sephora or Ulta, even a drug store has become a huge one stop shop for beauty and makeup. I take a high/low approach. Some of what I use is expensive (but worth it and divided over how long it lasts, it really isn’t that bad) but some of my discoveries are amazing cheap, which is always a thrill!

So without further ado here are some of my finds-


Make up remover. I am all for these handy and easy to use makeup wipes. In seconds you can wipe your makeup off and they are just so easy. I love the ones from Neutrogena but use others if I cannot find them. Any drug store has these and of course, there’s good ol Amazon!

For eye makeup I have used this for many many years, it is cheap and does the trick! Again, you should be able to find this at  any drug store.

I am blonde (naturally a dirty blonde and get highlights 2-3 times a year)  so I try to remember to occasionally use  a purple shampoo mixed in with my regular shampoo. I had been using Kevin Murphy’s  $40 purple shampoo which is highly rated but with no lather, and a really awkward bottle, kind of gave up on it after trying two bottles of it.

Then I read something about this new one from L’Oreal and so far so good. Not sure if its imagination but my color looks great, bright and not brassy at all. Also at only $8 vs $40, this is a steal! Click here for info

Mascaras- I have both a high and a low recommendation. I love the Thrive mascara but it took a while to arrive and was not super easy to take off, but the filler technology really works, with only a few coats, your lashes appear much longer almost in an instant. Click here to see the Thrive mascara.

L’Oreal came out with something very similar and I have to say its about 80% as good and a lot less money. So, in the mascara dept. I recommend both! Click here to see the L’Oreal mascara. You can find this at any drug store.

Have dry skin like me? Then you will LOVE this super nourishing serum filled sheet mask that will leave your face baby soft. I kept hearing and reading about all these sheets masks and how they have become a “thing” so this one was recommended and wow it delivered! Great for dryer skin or if you think your skin feels like it needs a giant glass of water:) Click here

I have to say for many many years I used Clarins bronzer, it was very subtle but gave me just enough color to where I didn’t’ feel like I needed to wear foundation.

So one day they were out of stock and I bought this instead at the girls recommendation, and let me say- I am glad I did. It is just as good as the Clarins. The Clarin’s has more of a creamy lotion consistency so went on smooth (which I like), this is more liquid-y but it works so well that I was fine with the consistency.  It gives me an instant glow and stays. I don’t wear foundation (I do when I go out at night) and this gives me just enough of a healthy color/glow. Click here

For eye and lip pencils, I truly think the inexpensive ones are every bit as good as the #30 pencil. Plus if I lose it I am not feeling like that was $30 down the drain! I especially think NYX makes a good pencil and they are only like 5 or 6 dollars and found everywhere.

I use the color beige which is a perfect neutral and goes with many color lipsticks , click here to see

Woke up with undereye bags? No problem, this fantastic little tube to the rescue. I love this stuff!! It temporarily tightens the skin under the eye and within seconds, you will be stunned at the noticeable difference. Lasts for at least a few hours, great for those days you need to look your best (or nights)! One note- a tiny bit goes a long way, use sparingly.  Click here to buy it (I bought mine on Amazon)

Bronzer- I have used Tarte for many years (and still do) but last time I went to buy it, they were out so I got another one which I have to say I really like, so again I like two bronzers. Both super natural I use them instead of blush which to me gives a more natural color/glow.

Click here to see Hard Candy (I use the color hotel heiress)

Click here to see to see the Bare Minerals bronzer

I am addicted to this lipstick, Angel by Mac. The only lipstick I use, when I buy it i buy 3 or 4 Tues to be sure i will never run out. Its a soft pink and a great every day color, though I use it at night too:) They better never discontinue it, better start a stockpile just to be safe! Click here for info

Like a little highlight? I love a little bit on my cheekbones or even on my neck (in the evening). I have a few products i like in this dept. One was a super cheap find which I have to say is a great find. I think many drugstores/cosmetic stores will have it, found it at Walmart for under $5 and let me tell you this little stick is a find!!, click here

This is a newer product for me, someone told me about it and said its a huge bang for the buck. It was under $8 which for a hyraluonic acid product is super cheap. It was recommended for me to use over a moisturizer, which I have been doing once a day. So far so good, but truth is its been only about 2 weeks. Click here for more info

I love this product for summer, first discovered in the Hamptons. Its a beautiful light fragrance which has sandalwood, musk and coconut so it is like wearing a tropical vacation then on top of that it has a beautiful light gold toned sparkly mist so leaves your skin looking and smelling sun kissed. Love this and since an exotic trip does not seem to be on tap anytime soon, this might be the next best thing!  Click here for info

This is a product that honestly I thought was a gimmick but there  a reason its in every top makeup artists make up arsenal…..they swear by it. It’s a misting spray to hydrate and set makeup. Even if you are weaning only a little, it feels good and makes your skin look refreshed. There are lots of products like this out there, but apparently  this is always considered the holy grail. I have to say I really like it. Click here for more info

For my skin care I take a high approach because I just love La Prairie, it has made my skin look very good, and to me it’s worth the splurge. I have used the line for a few years now and am absolutely devoted. The products last a long time so literally it comes out to mere cents per day if you want to justify it that way.

The caviar cream for both face and neck are must haves and I love the serum. The newest product I am obsessed with is their sleep mask, heaven for my skin. Expensive but worth it , to me! I only have one skin so I am going to take good care of it.:) Click here. for info


Going back to the other super inexpensive end….want baby soft feet? Then look no more, these foot peels are amazing. I am kind of addicted to them now:) They literally leave your feet baby soft, best $16.00 ever spent! Click here

Kind of obsessed with these super cheap clear makeup/travel bags. Comes as a set and has one for tour purchase then the others area great for traveling or even storing your products. I like being able to see everything and they wash well to look like new, where cloth can require more maintenance. The set of 3 is only $10.00 Click here for info


Makeup and beauty products are such fun! I love playing with products and was a little rusty as I tend to like something and stay super loyal. But when I started cleaning out my bathroom drawers, found things I had not tried in a while and enjoyed rediscovering some oldies and trying new things too.

I love to hear from you too, have something sensational to tell us about,  please leave it in the comments section. Love learning about new products. Hope you enjoyed, thank you for stopping in. Wishing you a fabulous day, until next time….

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Thanks, I love your beauty recommendations, you look so beautiful and I want to look like you!

I also like from CVS
Physicians formula Bronze butter and bronze booster
Roc Retinol eye cream
Maybelline Falsie lash lift- keeps lashes curled
Cerave am moisturizer has spf 30

Good Morning Tina!
Thank you for all the recommendations. I love La Prairie products and first tried them a couple yrs ago based on your comments. I shall be looking for some of the others mentioned in this post.
Thank you again,

Loved all of your suggestions and a fun way for me to test without breaking the bank! Especially grateful for the mascara tip. I’ve been a loyal Thrive user, but love a less expensive alternative!
I know Tina, you have sworn by La Prairie for years. I’m going to have to make the splurge for the caviar.
Thank you! This was a fun post!

This post was fun and tried a few and considering some recommended ones. We all have our loves. Is there truly a perfect mascara? My reorder for beauty is Bumble & Bumble prep primer. I use it after shampoo it slightly de tangles my fine hair and best of all is weightless.

I rarely wear makeup, and even I want to try some of these products. Also, the clear bags would be good for airport screening.

I place the Nuetragena makeup wipes in all of my bathrooms at my mountain house. Perfect for visitors to use and hopefully saves staining your wash cloths and hand towels!

I wear contacts and have highly sensitive, dry skin around my eyes. I love Mary Kay eye make up remover and recently started using Mary Kay Naturally moisturizing stick around my eyes. It works wonders. Doesn’t cause irritation and keeps my skin moist.

So many great finds. Some I already have and some I can’t wait to try. Your just terrific. Happy Thursday ??

I want to look like you too!! So will have to write several of these items down and go find them. Thanks for the great tips, as always. I have used the Loreal Sublime Bronze tanning lotion on my legs for at least 25 years. I do lots of yard work and stay tanned, but my legs never get the same tan as my arms. This is a great self tanner for summer, twice a week keeps my legs tanned perfectly. Love love love your site and shop! You make our world beautiful!! Thank you Tina!!

These are some good recommendations. However, Maybelline, Loreal, and La Prairie are not cruelty free. They do animal testing. I no longer buy these products for that reason.

Thank you for your fun post. You are so gracious allowing us into your world & sharing your home & products with us all. I enjoy all your posts ??

I am a big believer in sunscreen everyday so I use EltaMD 44 sunscreen under my makeup. We spend a lot of time on the water and even the reflection off the water can be damaging. The sunscreens found in makeup and moisturizers are not usually enough to actually give you protection. Make sure you use it on your neck and decollate and any left rub into your hands. Our hands get a lot of sun when driving and this is helpful! I love the Peter Thomas Roth Water Cloud moisturizer. It has hyaluronic acid in it. The product really is as light as a cloud but packs a big moisturizing bang for the buck.

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