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Hi there,  and Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!! I celebrate the two most important dads in my life today, my father and my husband. Two shining examples of what a father should be. My own dad is someone I have always looked up  as my hero.

Such integrity, character and charisma topped with a brilliant mind all wrapped into one incredible dad. I am one very lucky girl, it has been a challenging year for him (mother’s Alheizmer’s) and I marvel at how he has handled things. Though we are not together today (we celebrated early last week) I know he knows that I am there in spirit and feel very lucky to have him. My boys are equally as lucky to have my husband as their father, the kindest, most giving, loving dad……they are very blessed.

I hope this finds you doing well on this Sunday in June….does anyone else already feel like summer is starting to go by a little too quick? I do and I am vowing to take one day a week to go do something I really enjoy, whether its the beach or a farm outing, something that makes me happy! We are back on a modified work schedule still not quite full time but getting there:)

This past week was crazy busy  at our warehouse/office, we got in our enormous porcelain container and spent most of the week getting out all the preorders. Really missed that energy of when we get things in….it felt good to be somewhat back in the saddle again:)

We are nearly done with the presale orders and will finish those up on Monday. This coming week our chinoiserie tole and new melamine is arriving! It’s like Christmas in June. We will hold our chinoiserie tole sale this coming week, definitely the most beautiful tole container ever. Remember we were supposed to get this in March! Good things come to those who wait.

I hope this finds you doing well and enjoying a nice weekend, weather has been very summery and I am loving it. OK onwards to my Seven on Sunday-




1 SNEAK PEEK AT A FEW FABULOUS NEW ITEMS COMING SOON! You are always the first to see all the exciting new happenings here. So many beautiful things heading this way. After what felt like an outright drought, I am thrilled to see all kinds o beautiful new things coming in.

I posted this arrangement with our new pink/white footed planter and had a tremendous response. Happy to announce as of this morning, these are now online and available to ship right out (limited stock). Click here to see

So in love with these new wicker planter boxes, how chic! I see florals or a beautiful topiary,  even a potted hydrangea plant. They will come in 8″, 10″ and 12″ and then I will also introduce a limited number of them in 20″!  Should be here in about 4-5 weeks, and we will hold a presale stay tuned!

There will be limited numbers of a big 20″ planter box.I think I will immediately be taking two for my living room for Palmetto Bluff with big palms:)

Then these beauties (a long time in the making) will be here sometime in the next week or so, gorgeous place mats and matching coasters, offered in white or navy on natural. Will be sold in sets of 4’s. Will hold an arrival sale once they are here.

Can you get over how gorgeous these wicker ginger jars are! Just love these:) This is not the wicker finish but the overall effect. Adores these for a more casual/coastal home. Cannot wait!

I have been keeping you in the loop on the new artwork. This one is a finished set though we are still tweaking a few details it gives you some idea of the chinoiserie set. It will be offered in a pale blue and a pale green…I. love it and already have just the  wall for set:)

PS The trellis part of the frame looks yellow, it is actually gold on a very pale celadon


2 FABULOUS NEW LINENS AT THE SHOP Got a bunch of gorgeous, fresh new hand blocked linens in for stylish summer entertaining, one as beautiful as the next! I love them all.  I have enjoyed setting several tables so far this season with new linens and they just “make” a table so much more stylish.  Click here to see the entire collection.

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a gorgeous round up this weekend, heavy on the flowers and pretty things all the way around. Such inspiration!

4 OUR HOME IN SOUTHERN HOME MAGAZINE! We were so thrilled to have our Palmetto Bluff home featured in one of my new favorite magazines, Southern Home. If you don’t get it, you should, it is a fabulous magazine and feels like the home magazines from the past.

Chock full, with amazing beautiful tasteful homes (key word tasteful)! Some of the shelter magazines have really and sadly gone way downhill. Here is a sneak peek, now on newstands!

If you do not already subscribe, this is one magazine that is more than worth the fee. Every issue is a home run. My new fave! Click here for subscription info

5 TWO MUST HAVE COFFEE TABLE BOOKS I collect coffee table books and have amassed quite a collection. I got two new ones which I have to say I love and am so thrilled to recommend. I always say there is always room on my coffee table for another great design book:)

A lovely book by talented Jennifer Ash Rudick who shares beautiful homes during the summer from all over the U.S. i  love the wide variety of homes, just a beautiful book celebrating summer at it’s best.  Click here for more info on Summer to Summer


And for any flower lover, the beautiful paintings by Pierre Joseph Redoutè  are collected inside this wonderful book. A beautiful coffee table book to get caught up in, each painting more exquisite than the previous., great gift idea for an art lover too! Click here

6 A FEEL GOOD STORY. There is no such thing as too many of these, lately. I need all I can find…seriously. Our world has just become such a fragile, vulnerable place. I look and crave inspiration and things that make feel good. I love this simple story of a kind and considerate citizen thinking of others by such a simple gesture and of course the reason is priceless:)  Imagine, something so simple made two people’s day! A great example to emulate.



7   SUNDAYS SURVEY This is all about home magazines, if you buy them and if so which ones. I am always curious as to what the power of magazines are in today’s digitized world. I still will pick up some magazines,though truth is less than ever before. We had advertises twice and I must admit we seemed to have a strong reaction to it, as many would call referring to the ad (both were related to Christmas/holidays).

If the cover looks good, I am in. But truthfully, overall home magazines have gotten a lot thinner, the quality of the pages a lot less luxurious, less exciting content, coupled with a changing aesthetic (except for a few) and I guess the decline in readership is in large part to the greatly diminished world of print media in general. Sad but true. So I am curious if you still buy magazines and if so which home related magazines you might still enjoy. Check all that apply.



And that is a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you enjoyed and hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Always appreciate you stopping by. We look forward to a Father’s Day BBQ and just relaxing, swimming and chilling! Thanks for stopping by, until next time…..

PS Until tonight with every $25 spent on gift wrap you receive two of our incredible gift toppers (no code necessary) Click here to see our beautiful gift wrap.

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What a lovely post! After all the frustrating events in the world today, it’s so refreshing to see beautiful pictures and the sweet post about your wonderful father and husband. It is a wonderful reminder of all the beauty still left in the world.
Thank you!

So much to comment on-LOVE all the new wicker products! Congratulations on that beautiful picture- they picked wisely as that is a perfect coastal home. Love your taste so much And thanks to you and your wonderful shop you have helped transform and a half into quiteand thanks to you and your wonderful shop, you have helped to transform our home into quite a showplace! I swear it’s about your father and husband, as you are lucky to have them they are lucky to have you too?

Happy Summer! Spring went so fast it seems I almost missed it. Yes, I have cancelled several shelter magazines because there was no beauty to find in them. Cold, and everyone looking the same. It appeared to me that

I thought I had subscribed to Veranda but never get them or any communication from them ~ I still get AD but rarely read them ~ One of my pet peeves is that all of the beautiful home magazines put the barcodes on the front and lots of words! All I want to see on the front of my magazines is the name of the magazine and a beautiful picture, that’s all I ask and none have it anymore!!!

Loved your comment about your father. He truly is an extraordinary man. As a younger cousin, he is a person who I have admired from my youth to my senior years! My father and aunt – his Godparents – were so proud of him and the man he became. He treated them with kindness and thoughtfulness through out their lives. Thank you for the beautiful posts this Sunday.

I love that magazine and receive many decorating tips from all the beautiful photos. I will try and find a place that sells it;
its been difficult with this Virus situation which has blown way out of any perspective in my opinion. At any rate, as soon as
our Barnes and Noble opens up, I will make sure to look at the photos in print of your beautiful home.

Love your Seven on Sunday and look forward to it every week.
Highly recommend the magazine Southern Lady. It’s beautifully done and full of gorgeous pictures, recipes, decorating ideas and travel info on Southern towns.

Most of the magazines seem to be showcasing tons of Joanna Gaines wannabes and a too rustic “farmhouse” style. This too shall pass. In ten years everybody will be espousing a more “refined” look. I have always liked a traditional 18th century type of design that has stood the test of time and can be dressed up or down. I do not like all this wood shiplap everywhere. I think this “farmhouse” all white style has been popularized by certain HGTV shows and it is much cheaper than higher quality interiors. I like color—I could not live in an all white house.

I love Flower magazine. It’s stylish and has interesting articles plus some outstanding gardens and interiors

Wonderful post as always, Tina. Can’t wait to pick up that issue of Southern Home.

Also, where did you get your beautiful Palmetto Bluff master suite bedding? It is exactly what I have been looking for!

Congrats on the PB home article, Tina! Just have to travel there for a relaxing week. I have saved Traditional Home and Southern Accents (until SA ceased to be printed) for two decades. They are treasures to me. Have moved all these heavy magazines from home to home. It is a treat to flip through time as I see design from 1993 up to today. My first awareness of shelter mags happened in my late twenties. Have been hooked ever since. The traditional, semi formal approach is my style and I am happy to see it coming back, replacing the worn out, washed out gray and white. Some color is pleasing to the senses. (Think of flowers.) If you are contemplating an Enchanted Home magazine I say go for it. Sign me up. Your gracious style will be a good resource for today’s upcoming twenty/thirty somethings who are marrying and establishing their own homes. We learn through and are inspired by the creativity of others. Have a great week.

I love Southern Home magazine but agree with you about some of the others. This magazine is still beautiful and a pleasure to look through. Thank-you for a lovely post today!

I used to love decorating magazines but when everything I was seeing looked either like I was staring into a snowstorm of grey and white or on the other hand a schizophrenic room of mismatched colors and patterns I lost interest. Now that Grandmillenial Style is trending I may seek out a few magazines in hope of seeing some of the beauty that has been missing for so long.

I have followed your blog for years…..and was just thinking about magazines just the other day. Years ago, I used to subscribe to many magazines but then decided that they are just not what they used to be. Not only are they lots thinner with more advertising pages than content, they just don’t appeal to me. I grew up in NC near High Point and acquired “real wood” furniture. Now today, I am not sure what some furniture is made from. Great magazines and books were displayed on coffee tables, recipes were “ear-marked” and actually made for parties, family meals, or entertaining. Now I hardly ever entertain and my life is very different…….but I did score several magazines like Southern Living, Veranda, and others for nearly nothing! I can skim through them in 5 minutes now and then recycle to a friend. I used to ponder for hours over the content……but the content now is so very different. Your homes are lovely and I grew up with blue and white…..your blog never disappoints and I like it much, much more than the magazines I currently review.

I love Flower and Milieu but I am letting go my subscriptions to Veranda an several of the others. I feel they feature so many trendy over the top pricey too big homes for any sensible family. I also prefer furnishings that stand the test of time and are beautiful no matter what in going on in home fashion. I have always loved blue and white and have been collecting for over 50 years . I do not care for the open concept style so popular now. All this being said sounds like I’m not liking anything but I really love a lot of being used now.

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