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Good morning friends, hope you are doing well. Busy days over here as we slowly get back in the saddle. Today is an exciting day though……..what a saga this shipment has been through. Originally was going to be here late March and we were to hold a pre sale on it mid March but the pandemic had other plans for us.

It was delayed by three months but finally is arriving to our warehouse (just got out of customs) on Friday or Monday….. victory! We are so excited as this is by far, our most spectacular shipment of chinoiserie tole. Period! Good things come to those who wait:) This is a much anticipated sale and we are happy to finally be able to hold it.

We have several shipments of all. kinds of spectacular things due in within the next few weeks. ) If March, April and May felt like the grim reaper, then June feels like Christmas! As you know if you are a regular visitor, we offer the contents of our incoming containers via presales and arrival sales.

In this case, there was no time for a presale, so we are calling it an arrival sale since it will be here in a few days. You get what you want before it sells out and you get it for a lower price than what it will eventually sell for.

If you know the price of custom hand painted tole you will be amazed at our pricing. Creating this line has been one of my proudest accomplishments. By being a direct importer, I am able to pass my incredible savings onto you:) Introducing some truly spectacular new arrivals today.


Our world is uncertain so I am turning to the comfort of my home more than ever as my refuge and place of peace. I love the art of making it beautiful and welcoming  and there’s no doubt that the elegance of these pieces will help me achieve that.Please read over the rules first before placing an order especially if you are new to these sales and as always call or email with any questions-


  • There are TWO ways to order- Email or call your order in- 1-800-804-9565 or email (our office hours Wed, Thurs and Friday are 9-3:30 EST)
  • These items are all handpainted and of the finest quality (limited numbers of each)
  • You can only email or call your order in as these are not online yet
  • These items are due in later this week so will ship out next week
  • Shipping is extra
  • Final sale
  • This sale is on for 3 days (afterwards they will be added to the shop site at their regular selling price under presale offers)
  • Subject to availability, limited quantities for each item
  • Please do not submit an order request via email if you cannot pay within 12 hours
  • International shipping? Please email or call us for a quote at
  • Wholesale? Call us or click here to sign up for a trade/wholesale account if you do not have one yet
  • Questions? Call us at 800-804-9565


ITEM 1 NEW! How fabulous are these new umbrella stands! I just love them and the gorgeous chinoiserie design is handpainted on all sides, a truly elegant statement piece. Just can’t decide which color to take home….

Measures 18′ x 9″ x 9″


Specify color black/gold, ivory/blue, ivory/gold, navy/gold

ITEM 2 NEW! This is a new and might I add incredibly stunning collection that I am very excited about! Selling the pieces individually and one group price as well. Exquisite chinoiserie handpainted onto these beautiful new pieces with elegant pierced metal detailing.

2A Wastepaper basket

Measures 13″ x 9.5″x 9.5″


ITEM 2B Small planter, perfect for orchids, boxwood, topiaries or fresh flowers. Even with nothing this is a beauty.

Measures 7.5″ x 8″ x 8″


ITEM 2C Adore these fabulous new shaped scalloped trays, perfect for a vanity/powder room!

Measures 17″ x 8″ x 2.5″


ITEM 2D The matching tissue holders

Measures 6″ x 6″ x 6″


2D Buy all four pieces together and save! Includes one of each in any of the four colorways.

$235.00 for all four pieces

Specify colors- pale green, pale pink, ivory/blue or black/gold

Pale green with gold

Ivory w/blue

Pale pink/gold

Black w/gold

ITEM 3  NEW!  Another gorgeous new style wastepaper basket, such a beauty! Features the lion head rings on the side as well, beautiful scalloped square shape

Measures 12.5″ 8″ x 8″


Specify color- ivory/gold,ivory/blue, navy/gold or black/gold

ITEM 4 Tissue holders, beautiful bird/floral chinoiserie tissue holders.

Measures 6″ x 6″ x 6″


Specify color- Ivory/gold, black/gold, ivory/gold

ITEM 5 Our fabulous new brackets are coming back. Solid wood, heavy and substantial, these beauties are sure to add the wow factor wherever they are used.

Measures 16″ x 10″ x 14″

Offered in black/gold or ivory/gold


ITEM 6 Getting in our top selling fretwork and Greek key topped tissued holders. We do have in stock the matching wastepaper baskets to these tissues below (click here to see)

Measures 6″ x 6″ x 6″


Specify fretwork or Greek key and specify color, black or ivory

Fretwork ivory

Fretwork black

Greek key ivory

Greek key black

ITEM 7  So excited to be getting in our very popular quatrefoil pierced metal planter in, these are sooo beautiful. These are pretty with nothing in them and can stand on their own but are incredible with orchids and other flowers/greenery.

Measures 14″ x 7″  x 7″

Choose from black, pale pink, pale green or ivory


ITEM 8 Very happy to be welcoming back our elegant trellis pieces with beautiful gold metal pierced border. There is no more elegant statement for a powder room/bathroom or office!  Offered individually or discounted as a set.

Wastepaper basket measures 14″ x 9″ x 9″ $90.00

Tissue holder 6″ x 6″ x 6′ $50.00

Both pieces $ 130.00

Specify ivory/blue,  ivory/gold or black/gold

ITEM 9 NEW! So excited to introduce these truly incredible three tiered stands, such a. beautiful decorative piece. Offered in an elegant silver leaf/gold and a black/gold. Ideal to use as an end table too! This is such an easy piece of furniture to place, I can think of so many places where I could use a small tiered table like these.

Measures 27″h x 16″w x 12″d

Specify color choice of silver leaf/gold or black/gold



ITEM 10 NEW! At long last, these fabulous hand painted chinoiserie murals that are long awaited will finally be here!! I already have a few spots in mind. If you. know the prices of these, you will instantly know these are a steal (a perk of being a direct importer). These are hand painted on linen which is mounted on a wood panel. The fretwork frame is solid wood and is done in a soft antique gold finish. These are a mere fraction of what they cost with other companies for a fully handpainted large chinoiserie panel which is framed!

**As many have asked about a second panel, I am happy to announce that a second panel (which will compliment this panel) be available in about 6-7 weeks if you are interested in displaying a pair.

They were done same time so they are a match but they did not make this shipment. The panels featured here are panel 1 and the eventual second one will be panel 2.

These measure 48″ x 26″ and approx 2″ thick

$395.00 per panel

Specify color- pale green, pale pink, navy, pale blue or mossy green

ITEM 11 NEW! And how about these incredible new scalloped tables!! Adore these, and they too are wonderful to use as an end table or side table next to your favorite chair. I dreamed these up in my head as I need one for my bedroom and one for my living room, and since I couldn’t  find them, I created them!

Offered in pale blue/ivory, black/gold or pale green/ivory.

Measures 26″h x 18″ x 18″


Here are a few pictures taken of closeups and to see the design

ITEM 12 By popular demand, our incredible classic Provence paneled planters are coming back! Such a classic elegant style. Get them while they last….these are stunning. Features 4 drill holes on bottom, removable finials, painted a weatherproof metal paint. We do recommend applying an extra sealer if these are going to be outside year round.

Available in the following sizes and colors

Med- 20″ x 20″. $325.00

Large- 22″ x 22″  $375.00

Extra Large- 24″ x 24″ $415.00

Save 10% when you buy 4 or more

In white/ivory or black



One lucky winner will win a beautiful chinoiserie tole tray! These oversized trays are as beautiful for display or using as an actual serving tray. You would be hard pressed to find a prettier one!

All you need to do to enter is leave a comment with your favorite item here, I will announce a winner on Sunday.

Well, now do you see what the excitement is all about? LOVE this container and cannot wait till it arrives. Each handpainted piece is so exquisite….if you see something you need, simply call or email your order in.


Thank you for stopping in, wishing everyone a beautiful day…stay positive and stay safe!  Until next time……

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Joy Searles on

I love the new scalloped tables. So cute!

Jackie on

I love the new scalloped tables! They would look great in a bedroom.

Tracey on

I love those umbellas stands! And the navy/gold color combination is gorgeous! You have the most beautiful things…thank you for bringing them to us.

Rosalind Laird on

Oh my such beautiful item!!! My first choice is the scalloped tables, secondly planters. So beautiful!!

Tim F. on

Love the black tole tray.

Kelli Williams on

So hard to choose one item!!! Wowza! I’ve just remodeled my home and so many items would look fabulous. My favorite is the grouping of tray, tissue holder, trash can and small planter! Love these pieces!

Eve on

So much beauty! You have such beautiful ideas and to see them come to pass must make you so proud! Well done!

Jennifer on

The three tiered black and gold stand is adorable!
Making my home a comfortable safe beautiful environment during these times makes me feel a little better 🙂

Maureen O on

Wow what a selection! I really like the tissue holders. It is very hard to find pretty ones like what you have. Will need to order one but first need to decide which one!

Mary Alice Taylor on

The brackets are elegant and finish a room.

Debbie B on

All so pretty! I’m especially excited about the tiered stand with the three shelves. Has me rethinking the large basket I currently use for towels in the master bath – maybe this would be a more elegant update!

Susan K on

Wow! Tina, so many beautiful things! You have outdone yourself with this collection!

Katherine Pollard on

My favorite is the giveaway tray!

Sandy W on

Everything is very pretty, but the little scalloped tables look perfect to set by a chair for a small area to use for drinks to set on.

DarcyLea on

What a lovely collection. It’s hard to choose a favorite but I think the Three Tiered Stand in black & gold may need to find a special place in my home.

Karenann S. on

I love the pink vanity set. So pretty!

Deb Harris on

I’m still hoping one day to get the paneled planters in black. So beautiful!

Stephanie Ogle on

I love the panels! I definitely could see a pair in my dining room!

Georgia Virtue on

Love the small side tables. I’m sure I “need “ one in my bedroom. Beautiful.

Judy Manus on

Oh my! I literally want all of the above!!!!! About to decide on what I do want to order! And your price point great!

Carol P on

I would have to say that the new brackets are my favorite; although, I do love the new three tier tables! All items are just beautiful!

Vicki on

Love the Black tiered tray & wastebaskets!

Karen H on

Love it all but the new tiered tables and the scalloped table are perfect! Also, the panels are amazing!

MeredithB on

So many beautiful pieces, but I’m in love with the hand painted chinoiserie panels. Gorgeous!

Ann Hancock on

I love everything but the scalloped table in black/g.old is a favorite this am. So hard to choose!

Sharon LaRoe on

I love everything! Such beautiful pieces. My favorites are the blue and white tissue holders and wastebaskets though! So perfect for my house???

Cheri on

Absolutely stunning, love everything! I have the perfect spot for the new scalloped table.

Karen Carbonello on

Breathless, that’s what I am! I love item 1 in either of the blues, item 2D the black set is a showstopper, and item three in any color! Wonderful selection, now it’s decision time!

Anne Marie O’Connor on

I am in overdrive! Everything is lovely. The three tier stand is gorgeous and practical to use in a bathroom for towels or in an office to place computer paper, stapler, etc or front hallway for mail, keys, etc. Or by a favourite chair to place your newspaper, book, coffee etc. Wow, like I said, I am in overdrive. Also, your new scalloped tables are lovely, practical as well. A lovely addition to any room. ?

Nancy on

The scalloped tables are beauties with so much flair! The navy blue umbrella holder has my name on it. Have not seen that color before in Tole.

Karen Markovich on

Love the three tiered table, looks great but also so useful. So happy that the brackets are back. My current bracket fell off the wall and broke and I have tried to replace but could not find any, brackets are very difficult to find.

Joan on

There isn’t anything I don’t love in this shipment! Those 3-Tiered stands are perfect in a powder room to hold a candle, etc (I always like to keep a pretty small woven basket of small emergency supplies a guest might need in mine).
Hopefully we can get our garage addition started this fall so that I can order up several of your Provence paneled planters for the front of our home!
Stay safe & healthy all!

Peggy on

Love the bright blue options on some of the pieces

Kristen Wirtz on

Love everything especially the cream quatrefoil planter!!!

Blair on

I love the new scalloped tables!

Linda Rubin on

I love the scalloped table. So many places I could put it. Everything is so beautiful. Hope you are doing well.
Happy Summer, finally.


The ivory tole and black tole waste baskets and planters are so eye catching!!! Love them the most.

Shawna B. on

Dear Tina,
Love the 3 tiered stands. What an addition to your store, and perfect for guest powder room.

Rose on

Oh, my goodness!! They’re all so beautiful! How do I choose? If I have to just pick one, it will be the scalloped tray, with the scalloped table a close second. I can really envision the tray in so many places in my home. You have really outdone yourself this time.

Belle on

I LOVE EVERYTHING, Tina………. I’ll take one of each. LOL! You have the most beautiful pieces. ❤️

Constance Windham on

So many beautiful items! Especially love the gorgeous chinoiserie murals!

Susan Jacoli on

Fabulous items overall. Placing my order for a tissue holder to go with my wastebasket.

MK on

All the Chinoiserie items are beautiful-so hard to pick a favorite! But if I had to choose, it would be the 3- tiered side table. The scalloped side table is a close second favorite.

Linda Murray on

What is the best way to resolve an order issue after months of phone calls and emails?

Sharon Foster on

It’s so hard to find an attractive waste basket, but you have done it! Also love the scalloped tables.

Marie K Ketchersid on

Beautiful collection! Definitely worth the weight!

Dianne Kropp on

The tables are just darling! Wish I had a spot!

Ann H on

What a beautiful collection. I particularly love the 4 piece set in pale green and gold.

Barbara on

Really love the brackets.

Cheryl Bruce on

Wow Tina! This collection is fabulous! I especially love the Scalloped Tables and Murals. You continue to created beautiful pieces to help make our homes lovely. Adding your designs to my home helps me cope with sheltering in place. Can hardly wait for mine to arrive! Thank you for all you do!

Paulette Peyer on

So many beauties. However, my first choice is the lovely fretwork black tissue holder. This piece would make having a common cold so much better.

Carmen on

The dark blue umbrella stand is beautiful.

Ann M on

What beautiful new pieces! Love the three-tiered table. Love your blog.

Tempie martin on

The scalloped tables are stunning and such a great price.

Mary M on

It’s so hard to choose but the three tiered tables are my favorite!

Viviana Gonzalez on

The quatrefoil planters are beautifully!! I love the metal detailing on the top! The Umbrella stands are also so chic!! I bet the painted details look even more stunning in person!

michelle l oleary on

Favorite item by a landslide is the pale green mural painting. Close second is the table. All the items are so beautiful. Thank you for keeping traditional decorating alive.

Claudia McCauley on

Serious pretty overload…love both new tables, perfect for a bathroom!

Sherry B on

WOW! Everything is beautiful. I will soon be working on a bath remodel and would love to work in the tissue holder, tiered stand, waste basket, orchid pot! It is impossible to pick only one favorite. Lovely collection!

Suzanne on

I absolutely LOVE all the trays!

Carol Lane on

I love everything!!! If I have to pick one item, it would be the three tiered tray table.

Jaquilin Brown on

Everything is so lovely but if I have to pick the one thing it’s going to be the chinoiserie panels, the scalloped tables are a close second.

Dana Munoz on

OMG!!!! Love the new blue scalloped tables!!!!

MrsReynolds on

I can’t pick just ONE!! The Trellis set, the 3 tiered stand and the scalloped tables are items I NEED!! The panels are gorgeous and I can’t even pick one color, I need ALL of those too!!

Patti Calande on

Everything is beautiful, but the small planter would be perfect for my orchids.

Brenda on

Everything is beautiful! This shipment was definitely worth waiting for! Picking a favorite is really tough….I guess I would have to go with the three tiered stand because I could sure use one! I’m so happy I found your lovely IG!

Cindy on

Oh my the pink scalloped tray is just gorgeous!! Will look beautiful in my master bath!

Julia on

Love, the new scalloped tables especially in black!

Jennifer Minchenko on

I love the fret tissue holder for my desk, so chic!

Kathy McCarthy on

Love the fabulous toile. Been waiting a long time. This quality and price can’t be found anywhere!

Carolyn on

This shipment is amazing! So many beautiful pieces that it is hard to chose a favorite. I love the collection of powder room accessories and plan to order them today.

Susan hamilton on

It is difficult to choose a favorite amongst all the beautiful items, but I do love the quatrefoil planter in black and gold. ….actually love evey black and gold accessory. The outdoor square planters are a close second…..

Sharon on

Everything is beautiful, but I can think of so many possibilities for those small planters!

Mickey H on

Without a doubt, the umbrella stands.

Anita. on

Lots of excitement but I’m most excited about the wall brackets. I see brackets in beautiful rooms in designer books and magazines but they aren’t easy to find. Thanks for adding these to your enchanted home inventory.

Lynn on

Goodness, this is hard! The panels are gorgeous so that would be my first choice. I also like the tissue box with the Greek key and the new brackets. All beautiful!

Mary Anne on

Ive lost track of how many times I’ve scrolled thru, and then look around my home!! Making decisions of which to purchase !

Jan Carol Stubblefield on

The three shelf stands are fabulous! What are the dimensions??
Tina, you knocked it out of the park! I love it all. So proud of your spread in Southern Home. Well deserved allcolades! You go girl!!! Love!!!

Judith Foltz on

I have the perfect place for two of the beautiful classic Provence paneled planters- have been looking everywhere to find the perfect pair and these are the ones! They will be placed on either side of an iron gate that enters into my newly renovated backyard project (took 9 months to get completed)-they are the perfect visual for the entrance to my new backyard boxwood garden!!

Leanne Turner on

It’s all pretty but 2b and 3 are my favorites!

Katie Yankowsky on

The hand painted murals are simply stunning!

Ann R. on

The scalloped tables are beautiful and I love the panels as well!

Frani on

Wow! Planters are my fav!

Charlene on

I’m loving the scalloped trays!!

Marilyn on

The scalloped tables are lovely.

C Gifford on

This is the most exiting collection I have seen in a very long time anywhere!! I love everything but have my eye on a waste basket and Kleenex holder right now

Mary on

All so beautiful and think my fave is the 3tiered table!

B M on

Exquisite pieces and details. I am loving the pair of chinoiserie panels, have the perfect spot for them!

Del on

Delightful collection! How do you select just one? I am especially fond of the three tiered stand – so many possibilities!

Jennifer S on

Everything is so beautiful. I do love the black and gold wall bracket.

Carolyn Carr on

I’m in love with the scalloped round tables and love that you dreamed them into existence. They are so versatile and beautiful.

B. Woodring on

I must say the tissue holders really caught my eye. Not an item I would normally pick, but love these looks!

Ann on

So many nice things but I absolutely adore the scalloped table.
Love the bamboo detail and such pretty color selection too.

Nancy on

Love, Love, Love the new scalloped table as well as the base. The black/gold design is awesome. So versatile!

Diane on

Love the three tiered stands. Perfect size!

Angie Barber on

Love LOVE Love the gorgeous planters, waste baskets, etc. Its all GORGEOUS!!!!

Regina S. on

I think the scalloped tables are beautiful. So versatile.

Kathleen Peters on

I love everything in this collection!! Fabulous!!

Emily W. on

I love it all but especially the murals!

Pam smith on

Provence paneled planters

Lisa Tague on

Every piece is stunningly beautiful ! One can not go wrong with any of these fabulous treasures , trying to choose will be difficult .

Joyce on

So hard to choose just one favorite, it is all stunning! Love the navy umbrella stand and hope to order the ivory and gold wall brackets for my dining room. Your designs are all beautiful.

Paz Schroeder on

Lovely items! I’ll be purchasing!

Janet Sullivan on

My favorite is the pale green/ivory scalloped table. I am obsessed with it!???

Andrea on

Everything is gorgeous! I absolutely love the vanity sets! Blue is beautiful and the pink is stunning! Perfect for anyone, but how beautiful for a little girl’s room!

Sarah Vilotti on

What a lovely, but excruciating dilemma to have ! Which color scalloped table ? And which lucky location gets this terrific piece ?

Laura on

Everything is beautiful!!!! The hand painted panels are my favorite. ?

Laura on

The hand painted panels are my favorite. ?

Nancy O. on

This collection is exquisite! I love them all, but my favorite is the trellis wastebasket…and is going to look fabulous in my powder room.

Jeannette Gevedon Interiors on

EVERYTHING is just gorgeous! The table is my favorite! Or the umbrella stand! Or the … ???!!!!!
Love it all!

Nicole Nickels on

So many beautiful pieces to choose from, but I’m in love with the hand painted chinoiserie panels. I just ordered the green moss and can’t wait for it to come in! <3

Anita Setreus on

Do you send to Sweden?

Roberta Moors on

Those scalloped tables are magnific!!!!! ❤️ Love, love, love.

Ryan on

Love the entire collection. I especially covet the wall shelves!

Jackie C. on

Oh the Provence planters! Beautiful with a lemon tree. Everything is lovely!

Bonnie on

The scalloped tables are so so beautiful…. they are like a breath of fresh air. So classy…

Pam on

I love the tissue holder!

Mirna Hill on

I love those beautiful tables! Would look awesome in my Living room and outdoor covered porch.

Pamela Joan Harasym on

#1 on my quest for additional blue, white ( porcelin chinouse ) collection is the garden stool. It’s remained my favourite & I could put it in any room and it would be a beautiful jewel!

FS on

I LOVE the three-tiered stand. Trying to decide which color to order…

Vivian on

The three tiered stands and scalloped tables are knockouts! Love, love, love them!

Stewart Braswell on

Great color selection. I love the planter trays, and umbrella stands. And what better way to style a tissue box than with a tissue box cover. Will be placing my order tomorrow by phone!

Catherine on

Love the chinoiserie murals. Do you happen to have a photo of what panel 2 will look like? Thank you!

Judy Manus on

I love it all! Ordered some of the pink/gold! Beautiful!

Haley Thompson on

All these items are gorgeous, but my favorite is probably item #10 the pale blue panel.

Kelly on

They are all beautiful pieces! Wish I could have them all. The Tissue box is a dainty little touch, perfect for the bathroom.

Rizpah on

The scalloped tables are precious!

Jana on

I’m obsessed with the decorative tissue boxes – the serve as function and prettiness! ?

Ashley on

I love everything! But those tables (#11) are to die for. Im dreaming of screening in our porch, and those would be perfect under a blue ceiling!

Dodie Brown on

The pale colored chinoiserie panel is my fav! Love it all though!


I love everything but especially Item # 3 and #4. Would be beautiful in my new remodeled bathroom.

Danielle Courson on

I absolutely love the chinoiserie tiered table!!

Anne Del Riccio on

It’s all so beautiful it’s hard to choose!!!

Jackie Shell on

NEED to find a space in my home for the tiered table! So fabulous!!!

Sharon LaRoe on

I love all of it but my favorite is the blue and white scalloped wastebasket with lion head rings on the side! So beautiful! ??

Jill on

The tray tables are perfect!

Karen T on

So many favorites…how to pick only one?
The three tiered table (in black). I can picture a beautiful plant on it.

Andrea Michie Feldman on

The scalloped tables have that extra bit of magic! J’adore!

Judith on

I love the black bracket!

Amber Keene on

The hand painted chinoiserie murals! I die over these!

Susan on

I am in love with the 3 tier table perfect for a bath. Then my heart stopped when I saw the scalloped table—a dream come true- perfection!
A must have.

Tamme Whaley on

I LOVE everything!!!

Marianne K. on

Everything is just gorgeous. Who wouldn’t love an actually gorgeous waste bin, though? The tole waste bins have to be my favorite. Thank you!

Lindsey Armstrong on

Everything is stunning ! Love the trays!

carol on

Darling! I am not mad at any of these gorgeous items! They trays are especially exquisite!

Terry on

Oh my gosh, how to pick a favorite. But if I have to, I am going to say the stunning panels. Beyond beautiful – I am trying to decide which one I want. But I also love the umbrella stands, waste baskets and trays. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Thank you for making our world more beautiful – especially in these dark times.

Alexa on

What a hard decision! I especially love the panels. That is what made me click the link! That deeper blue would really pop. Love!

Linda Beth on

The chinoiserie murals are stunning. A pair would be perfect in my dining room!

Bettina Cheim on


Sarah Joy Patterson-Webb on

I am purchasing the 4 piece vanity set, but I adore the toil tables!

Kristen Smith on

Wow! Everything is stunning! So hard to pick a favorite! I might have to choose the scalloped table. I think it elope great in my bedroom.

Glenda Hurley on

Love the gold waste basket with the bird,! Every item is beautiful.

Robin Ivey on

I love all if your items

Robin Ivey on

I love all if your waste paper baskets

Spencer Twilla on

I can’t pick just 1! It’s all so gorgeous!!! But if I had to pick it would be the black and gold scalloped tables! Love love love!!!!!

Whitney Davis on

I love the new Chinoiserie mural panels! They are going in my new house for sure!

Cynthia Ly on

What a stunning collection! There are too many beautiful pieces. My favorite would be the three tiered stands (Offered in an elegant silver leaf).

Lisa Laughlin on

Your collection is truly lovely and timeless. My mother -in- law would have been your number 1 fan during her many years of interior design . She shared her gift of design with me and I always think of her whenever we purchase a new chinoiserie piece!

Lisa on

I love the trellis waste paper basket!

Elizabeth O'Connell on

My favorite item is the Blue and ivory Vanity tray with bird and orchids ?

Angela on

I love all of the new chinoiserie pieces! Absolutely lovely! My fave fave is the beautiful chinoiserie tole tray.

Penny Giesecke on

Oh my! All of these are stunning, but my favorite is the black and gold scalloped table. It would be beautiful in my music room with my black grand piano. Going to measure now!

Marilyn Watts on

Everything is beautiful!

Cathy Olmeda on


Claudia Borchard on

Thank you for making available such elegant beauty to some of us who would otherwise not be able to live out our dreams.

Kelley on

The tiered stands are FABULOUS and would be a great addition in many rooms! Love love!!!

MC Seide on

Those panels are gorgeous!! The mossy green is my favorite!

Audrey on

I am ordering a Scalloped blue/ivory table! They are so beautiful and unique!! It will look perfect in my new kitchen.. ( I used your kitchen in South Carolina as my inspiration) Warm Regard, Audrey ( Kathy O friend/ neighbor ❤️

Pam smith on

Is the beautiful blue tablecloth on your birthday dinner for hubby post from your store??

Beverly M Childs on

Oh How I would love the tray! I collect them and this would be beautiful in my collection!


The pale pink mural …. love love love it !!!

Elizabeth on

I love it ALL but those panels are screaming my name!

Marilyn loftus on

Love the Black scalloped table!

Antonia Ramos on

I absolutely love the new scalloped tray! Each and every color

Robin on

Everything is beautiful! My favorite are the planters (#7).

Kate on

Love it all’m

Krista Miller on

Those panels! I wouldn’t be able to choose!

Katharine on

My favorite is the teared stands! Such a beautiful, unique, versatile piece! I know just where to put it!

Jan Holder on

I was so excited to see this post this morning!! Such beautiful things! I love all, however it’s really refreshing to see such nice waste paper baskets……they seem to be almost non existent these days. I’m in my 60’s my mom had wonderful taste and always referred to “waste paper basket” and NOT trash can! The memories!?

Julia Forsythe on

I love it all, but my two favorites are the mossy green panel and the ivory fretwork tissue holder.

Lauren on

I have been wanting a quatrefoil planter in white for EVER!!! Every single piece on this post is beautiful!!!

Linda Manica on

I love the waste paper baskets! So lovely by a desk.

Mary Alice Taylor on

Elegant n beautiful colors and detailing
On all new items!!!

Vickie on

My fave is the small planter. Love planters and fishbowls.

Dianne on

Your selection is delightful! I want all of them!

Sue Schmitt Haidon on

Adore the 3 tiered tables.

Lexi on

Tina your new toile scalloped tables are AMAZING! ???

Gayle on

I love the chinoiserie panels. They are truly a classic.

Debbie on

❤️ then all!

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