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Good morning,  hope you having a great week. Ours both last week and this has one theme….. H E C T I C! But in a good way to be honest. Enchanted Home is moving up and bigger digs. We are very excited but its a huge undertaking! There is a lot to think about, we are having the new space painted, have to do some electrical wiring, and a number of other things, so much to think about. But in doubling our space this is going to afford us tremendous growth and we are very excited!

This is going to be a fun and exciting process. It was a former huge gym facility with offices so we will be sharing progress along the way…before, during and afters. So that is what is keeping me really busy these days:)

I guess since I am not taking any trips or doing anything particularly exciting this summer..this will be my highlight! I always like to share highlights of the last week or two…the pretty of course:) So here’s a look at life around here the last week or so


Is this not the dreamiest front entry!

Enjoyed a later afternoon pool day…slowly adding small things here and there

See anything new?

This is the new addition! A pair of these, our  fabulous floral straight fishbowl with the 32″ faux boxwood, such a classic look! Click here for fishbowl and here for our faux boxwoods

Dinner with a view…how pretty is this view, then taken at sunset below

A special gift for a special someone:)

Love how my sister used our blue/white planter as an oversized cooking utensil holder (these are coming back in next container)

Added pleated sconce shades to a few bathroom, above is the guest room and below my bathroom (click here for our pleated shade collection)

If I am to be honest, these are the things that really make me excited…seeing tomatoes on the vine in my teeeny tiny garden (only planted a handful this year)

Loving my mixing bowls….they are not only pretty but so practical!  Adore them (click here for them)

Sneak peek of a beautiful new tablescape with my new tulipieres among the hydrangesa

One of my oldest and dearest friends had me over fro a late day snack/coffee/wine get together, it was such a nice and healthy spread, she had freshly baked cookies right out of the oven:)

Healthy eating alert- She severed these and I have to say these chick pea crackers are sooooo good…addicting! Ordered them a few days ago from Amazon and a few other varieties they offer, nothing like guilty free snacking:)

Enjoying our improved pool area….got to enjoy it while summer is here, such a short season!

White Annabelles going strong going from their bright white to greens, still pretty!

Was so excited to received our long awaited green and white tulipieres!! Very exciting, just love them.

And some new wicker pieces too:)

I wasn’t up to going out to get flowers so went into my yard and cut small clusters of hydrangeas and cannot tell you how much I love the effect!!

I cannot wait to set a table with these

Perfect with the new melamine pattern, Trellis and Topiasries

I see red tulips  or roses with the green/white tulipieres during the holiday season!

Can you get over this double rainbow shot my sister took in Virginia! National Geographic worthy:)

Nothing like my afternoon stops at one of my favorite little uber charming farm stands, Youngs Farm, love it there

Good and evil….salad ingredients for dinner with Carrot cake for dessert lol

A pretty summery setup with our new hexagon cane tray

Love the little pitchers and glasses, however we have a glitch with the glasses. They did not make the wicker removable..UGH! The entire order is being remade, look for these on our next warehouse sale (the glasses) since we are not going to sell them until they have the removable wicker casing.


 So that’s a recap of the good and pretty in the last weeks.  Of course I like to focus on the good, pretty and inspiring. There are plenty of things that did not make the cut….trust me on that:) Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a great day.

Hope you are staying safe and cool out there, we have broken a few records lately, it’s literally been like a sauna. Finally today is supposed to cool off a bit, desperately needed! Until next time…..

PS Today and tomorrow all floral arrangements are 20% off! Seeing is believing and they are the most lifelike I personally have seen, click here to see the collection

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Please hurry and bring back the utensil holders—medium and large. I use one of your “buckets” for my very large items but have been searching for a med/sm one for spatulas and whisks
Thank you

Tina, thank you so much for your cheery note and pretty pictures-it was just what I needed this morning-I have some things on order and can hardly wait to receive them-it’s always an occasion when the delivery man brings something wonderful from you.

Loved the double rainbow! Also the hydrangeas in the tuliperies and forgot to mention I saw your PB home in Southern Home magazine!

Love your posts, they are a force of positive and beautiful energy to start my day.!
Love my new green and pink tulipieres, can’t wait to put them to use.
So nice to see what you look like, you are beautiful! Love your Instagram account too.

love the mixing bowls. Just ordered a set for a birthday present! I also like the hydrangeas better that tulips in the tulipieres.

Wonderful post as always. I second a request for the utensil holders! I have been looking forever!

The style of the outside of your home is just gorgeous. The inside too, but the outside…a dream. Wishing you health , joy and Peace, Marguerite in Stamford (a very happy Enchanted Home customer!)

In todays post, is the tablecloth shown with your new tulipieres available?

Thank you
Kathleen Dike

Hi Tina
Love your post and the green and white tulipieres. Your home is beautiful!
Have a great week

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