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Hi friends! Hope you are having a great weekend. Our has been very nice, much milder weather…more my speed! Was supposed to have outdoor dinner plans with friends two nights in a row but had to cancel both nights as my husband was under the weather so it allowed me time to  catch up on a few projects around the house and sit by the pool and read, something I rarely have time to do.

I just cannot wrap my brain around the fact that we are in AUGUST!!! Where has this summer gone? I have only been to the beach a handful of times and managed to enjoy 3 lobster rolls (though truth is there is no such thing as too many lobster rolls). I better get my summer vibe into high gear, as it’s going by fast. It certainly is not the summer I had planned but my lessening my expectations I am finding happiness and joy in other things like moving to a new warehouse, buying fresh flowers and seeing all of our exciting new things coming in!

I have a very small and not so ambitious summer bucket list (when things are what they are, you need to be pragmatic about such matters) so hopefully I will get to check off more on my list. In the meantime let’s get rolling with this Sunday’s post…….




1 MY AMAZING CUSTOMERS PHOTOS This round of customer photos could seriously be a coffee table book. Who knows, maybe one day!! Just floored at how talented everyone is, these pictures make me very very proud and totally validate what I do and why I so enjoy it. Thank you, thank you and please keep on sending them in!


2 SNEAK PEEK OF HOLIDAY FLORALS AND OTHER EXCITING THINGS COMING IN I know it might sound crazy to be talking about holiday anything but the reality is, that this is how retail rolls. And I finally caught on:) Now that we are doing wholesale, we especially need to be ahead of the curve ball. So holiday planning is in full swing. Just wait until you see our new ornaments and holiday gift is spectacular!

And equally spectacular are some of our fabulous new holiday floral, a few new additions here with a few more on the way. This really has me excited for the holidays!!

And over the moon with how these fabulous chinoiserie painted paintings came out, they will be offered individually or as a grouping of four! I have a few places of these:)

Offered in blue/white, pale blue/gold and pale green/gold

The incredible wicker pieces will be part of the accessories presale starting this Tuesday, these are already a big hit! Cannot wait……

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST A beautiful roundup of incredible and inspiring instagrams this Sunday. Hope you enjoy them-

4  TRAVEL AT LEAST VIRTUALLY. I poured over this article from Town and Country with such enthusiasm realizing just how much I miss traveling. The fun in planning, and anticipating then leaving to get away and discover somewhere new……..seems like a distant memory.

Does not look likely we will doing any traveling anytime soon so for now I am dreaming about it and making a bucket list (even if it has to wait a while). This was a wonderful article about all kinds of fabulous new places to visit around the world. Click here to read the entire article.

5  THE SPAGHETTI ALLE  VONGELE  So our entire family loves this dish. It’s either really good ……or not. Most restaurants do not always get it right but when they do what a treat! So I have this recipe and I kid you not, it’s the best vongele dish I think I have ever had (exception would be a restaurant in Italy years ago that was superb). This is almost as good maybe even equal to that one. If you like white clams, think you will love this, I promise.

Key is using vongele (baby clams) and fresh chopped clams. Most seafood stores will carry them or you can order them…worth getting as they are much tastier. Its pretty straightforward, here is what you need

  • 2-3 lbs of vongele (baby white clams, i.e. littleneck or Manila clams)
  • 1 lb of fresh chopped clams (most seafood shops will carry them or you can order them)
  • Generous bunch of fresh parsley (chopped fine)
  • One carton fresh small ripe tomatoes like Campari tomatoes
  • White wine (something dry like a chardonnay)
  • 6-10 garlic cloves (not minced garlic, whole cloves)
  • Olive oil
  • Sea salt, pepper, red pepper flakes
  • Optional- Fresh lemon juice
  • Pasta (I like using thin linguine or a spaghetti)
  • Optional- Fresh Parmigiano

Saute the garlic cloves in olive oil. Once sauteed, add the washed clams, salt, pepper, red pepper and parsley. Add wine and tomatoes. Cover and cook for about 8 minutes. I will then add more olive oil. Meanwhile boil pasta, until al dente (very important). Reserve some of the drained pasta water in a separate dish and poor about 1/2 cup into the clam sauce.

Add fresh lemon juice (optional). I have done it both ways but go sparingly, I would do just the juice from half a lemon. Season to taste, be generous with the sea salt and red pepper flakes, this will give it the kick Cook on simmer. You can turn off after it has cooked total for about 45 min-1 hour. You can heat up when ready to serve.

Once pasta is done, al dente add it to the pot with the clams. Gently mix and add more fresh parsley. Serve into large pasta bowls and I will often add a little more parsley and if you like it, fresh grated parmigiano. Bon appétit…..this is so good!


6 HIGH CAMP GARDENIAS. Not sure how I did not know about High Camp but wow…..I am a fan for life!! Got in the most sensational box of heaven scented gardenia stems last week and immediate set out to “play”. Not only are they spectacular to look at but their scent permeated the entire downstairs. I wish I could bottle this scent! I played around with them in a few arrangements and needless to say, they looked incredible in all of them.

This was a  perfect chance for me to show off the new Mimi vases that came in (samples). We will offer these on our next porcelain presale, in about 2 weeks so stay tuned. Needless to say I love them and especially the name, elegant and beautiful like my incredible mother. Click here to visit High Camp Gardenias, you can thank me later:)

The presentation is gorgeous, they come in a beautiful white glossy gift box with a gift card and when you open that box…prepare to be taken to floral heaven:)

And then I got busy……

Used our square bud vase and our engraved mint julep and they both looked positively regal with these gardenias!

And look what came in above, the two new “Mimi” vases!!!! So excited about these, we will hold a presale in about 2 weeks. They are even more incredible in person.

If only I could keep them like this forever!!

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY I know most every question revolves around Covid but this is the reality we live in right now. I realized the other day and remarked to my husband that literally I think 90% of the commericals have in some way touched on the pandemic or have made it relatable to whatever their commercial is about. Crazy times!

Maybe because I am from NY or know quite a few who had it, I am still very paranoid. We really don’t go out other than what is necessary. I am still not really comfortable going to a restaurant. Friends asked us to go away for the weekend mid August (accessible via car/boat). The thing is I am not comfortable staying in a hotel. And though I bet hotels have never been cleaner, simply by default because of Covid, I am still super reluctant.

So though the idea of going sounded so enticing, I decided to say no. Wondering what your thoughts are on traveling and staying in a hotel? I guess I am curious if I am in the minority or majority:)



And that friends is a wrap. Thanks for making TEH part of your Sunday routine. My Sundays wouldn’t be the same without these posts to start my day. It’s kind of like a fun virtual coffee hour with friends from all over the globe. Hope you enjoyed the post.

We are due to get rain later so it will be a good excuse to stay in and hopefully tackle a few projects that have been put to the backburner for way, way too long. Love the feeling of purging and organizing, and rainy days make it possible! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday, thanks for stopping in. Until next time…….

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Love the pics from other readers. It would be great if you could post pics of reader’s holiday tables- Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc. For me, my hardest table is Christmas. It is pretty but misses the mark somehow. Love your blog and your style. Thanks.

The wicker items are just brilliant … and shatterproof! And Tina, you really do need to give some serious thought to a coffee table book. I’m always cheering for you and your new endeveavors, being a former stay -at-home mom myself!

Hi Tina!
My husband is in the seafood business and suggests to use Manila clams verses cockles. Better flavor and meatier clams!
Let me know what you think! xoxox

Your customer’s photos were gorgeous!! Great decorating inspiration! Every one of them are truly talented and we are all so lucky that you bring your visions to market for us to purchase. Don’t know how I ever managed without my enchanted home products to use in my home. Thank you for all you do Tina!

A lot to comment on! That vongele dish looks incredible! We used to eat it all the time when we visited my daughter in Rome when she was studying abroad, brings back such great memories.

Love all the new products, the art and wicker are all so beautiful!

Those gardenias are so pretty. Thank you for sharing the resource that is my favorite flower!

Definitely not ready to go to a hotel, with Covid starting to spike again in our area we stay home as much as possible, we only go to work up for dinner a couple of times a week but no restaurants. Not worth taking a chance to travel right now in my opinion.

Love those gardenias and the mini vases! Like you, I am not comfortable staying in a hotel. My rule of thumb: is this essential? Not many things are. We get together with a few friends outside, our house or theirs. That works for me.

Hi Tina,
As always, The Sunday post is wonderful! Love how the gardenias Look in the vases and silver cup. Also the clams’ recipe looks delicious.
Many thanks for sharing so much beauty.
Have a great week!

Tina, I love love love this site! I look forward to it every Sunday. I have bought a lot of your products and they are just as perfect in real life as they are in your gorgeous photos!! Thank you for keeping me upbeat during Covid!!!! Stay well!!

Beautiful photos from your customers. I love seeing Teddy at the end of your posts. My little Dixie, my Yorkie, died recently and I seem to be obsessed with doggie photos. Thanks!

Hi Tina – What wonderful things you have !!! Where may I ask can I purchase the salt and pepper shakers that are rattan and silver shown in several of your pictures?

According to Doctors and Scientists if people would just stay home we could get a handle on this pandemic. Bless our first responders.

I agree, staying home is the smartest thing to do. I only go out for nessities. I also look so forward to seeing all your beautiful pictures and products. My dear friend is an interior decorator and we are always looking forward to seeing all your beautiful ideas. Hope your husband is feeling better, good health to you and all your readers.

Gardenias are a summer thing! It’s the fragrance that’s almost unbearable because of the intense memories of summers in the South where I was born and lived the first 30 years of my life. Gardenias don’t grow in Central Washington state, sadly, but I can order a small bouquet from a local florist shop. Expensive!

The sight of the Edgartown Lighthouse made me happy!
I always love your recipes, Tina and my husband loves clams! Great idea for a dinner surprise!

I am In love with your Chinoiserie paintings! They are gorgeous. Love you new wicket ginger jars. You hit a home run with these items.

Oh the gardenias❣ I can smell their beauty right now ❣ they were my wedding bouquet ?

This post is a keeper. It’s luscious. I love everything. I wish you would allow us to just print the yummy recipes to put in out recipe binders. Even so I’ll write them down because they are all delicious. Your Sunday posts make my day.

How I wish that I could buy gardenias in a box. At least I can grow them at home, and they seem to like my new garden and are doing well, but they keep getting budworm infestations so I don’t get many blooms. Oh to have such a divine large bouquet. I had a friend who used to fill a large rose bowl with them and seemed to have it full every day of the year! Gardenia is my favourite summer scent and daphne for winter. I planted so many daphnes and managed to get a couple happy enough to produce flowers. I have a small bud vase of them next to me now, and they are filling the room with their divine fragrance. Perfumed flowers must be the ultimate luxury, feel-good item.

Love your post.. Brightens my day.. Gives me the feel good factor.. Your style is just perfect.. Have a wonderful day.. ?

One of my absolute favorite things each week – Seven on Sunday! Brings me so so much JOY!

Tina, Lord Jesus, please tell us that you are healthy and well as we haven’t heard from you for a couple of weeks. I’m posting this because this is the only way I know to reach you. I’m praying all is well for you and your family??????????

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