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Hello and happy Sunday. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Ours has been quite relaxing, dinner with good friends, caught up on a stack of mail, finished a book…all in all a good weekend. On Saturday I had two couples over and enjoyed a really nice alfresco dinner. With summer almost coming to an end, need to enjoy those outdoor meals!

I really wanted to set up dinner around the pool as it is on my very low key bucket list for the summer (being a realist) as there is nothing nicer than dining pool/water side. Made me wonder why I haven’t thought of it sooner. The main obstacle is  lugging everything down there plus there is no kitchen, so there is the added qaundary of keeping things hot. One day when I have a helper and extra pair of hands,  I will try it:) Trying to savor summer as best as I can since summer weekends are going by fast and furious! Anywho, let’s move on to things I cannot wait to share with you-



1 A SNEAK PEEK AT THE HOLIDAY GIFT WRAP! SO excited about this!! You can say you saw it here first. I am just over the moon with how gorgeous our new holdiay papers are. The holidays cannot come soon enough as far as I am concerned! Uber talented Leslie of Giddy Paperie brought my ideas to life to perfection, being the talented artist that she is.

It’s one thing to dream something up but quite another to have it come to fruition and surpass your expectations. However that is just what happened. I could not love these more! My favorite holiday gift wrap collection to date.

To boot we will have our fabulous topiary ornament collection which will debut in about a month and adding topiary gift toppers this year! So lots of holiday beauty coming this way. We will hold a presale on both ornaments and gift wrap sometime in September for all you early birds. This definitely puts me in the holiday mood! We will also be getting as we did last year, the luxurious beautiful velvet ribbons to coordinate.

These will all be reversible in our super high quality glossy gift wrap!

We will also be offering matching tissue

This paper will be offered in two versions- above and below

Just a little teaser of some of the fabulous topiary ornament collection-

2 A BEAUTIFUL GARDEN FETE I love the feeling of this, maybe because I feel summers end coming on faster than I would like, but those alfresco gatherings just do it for me. This is a beautiful alfresco setting created by Frances Schultz for Flower Magazine. Kind of makes me want to plan one myself:) Click here to read the entire article.


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Never ever at a loss of fabulous inspiration to share with you via instagram. So many beautiful images this weekend. Instagram has definitely made 2020 bearable…given that it was not the greatest year and I needed all the beauty and inspiration that I could find.

4 AN INSPIRING STORY. I love this story that a friend of mine sent. This is the story of 110 year old Alfie (who was Australia’s oldest living citizen), a lifelong knitter who has spent his retirement years knitting up tiny clothes/sweaters for the penguins of Phillips Island. Sadly Alfie recently passed away however what he did for those penguins and for restoring people’s faith in the basic goodness of human beings will live on for a long, long time. Beautiful!

5 NEW FLORALS! Our custom florals have been a big hit and we continue to add to the growing collection. We have some incredible new holidays florals as well as new orchid and a hydrangea arrangement which I am loving. Of course had to take a few home:) Did a little candid photo shoot at home just to show you. Cannot tell you how real they look, everyone has to touch them to believe me!

Say hello to some of our incredible new holiday florals!! (these will be added on the shop within about a week or so)

Hard to tell but this is HUGE and so grand and unbelievably lifelike!! I love this so much, perfect for a center hall table, kitchen island or large chest.

These amaryllis are a few favorite. Potted in our spectacular footed planter, these will have everoyne fooled!!! We will offer them with red, green or soft blue ball ornaments…these are really exceptional. You will have to stop yourself from watering them:)

And how about this very realistic Nikko blue hydrangea arrangement! (will be added to site in about a week)


Found the perfect spot for the three stem orchid in our pale green quatrefoil planter, upstairs landing/hallway, this is also offered in pale pink (click here)



6 A SLEEPOVER AT BLOCKBUSTER! So we have a lot of very very fond memories at Blockbuster. I often reminiscence about it with my boys. When they were young, I remember them being squeaky clean in their pjs and announcing we were taking them to Blockbuster. The act of going as as family, choosing movies (with treats of course) to this day is one of my finest memories with my kids. Something about it was so innocent and pure.

In the digital age, places like Blockbuster are now like a dinosaur from another time in history. However,  there is still one final Blockbuster standing! And guess what some clever person did……fixed it up to offer it as an Air B and B! I think its genius. If we lived nearby we would probably do it just for fun. I think the idea is so novel and unique and for people like myself who have great memories from going, I can’t think of a more fun way to recreate those memories. I wouldn’t want to leave! Click here for more info.


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY This is something I have been curious about for those of you who read my blog. Wondering how much you partake in social media by way of Instagram, Pinterest,etc….

For me its Instagram and Pinterest (though I don’t’ have a lot of time to go on Pinterest these days). I am overwhelmed even with just instagram, forget adding others. Always interesting to see what you are up to!


And there you have my Sunday post. Hope you enjoyed it,anything particularly resonate?  I still can’t wrap my brain around the fact that its August 23rd!! We hope to complete our warehouse move by Sept 1st and then I am hoping to take some time off for some much needed R & R! Need to recharge before we start gearing up for the busy, bustling holiday season

 And I think with more people being home, everyone is going to be looking to start decorating their homes for the holidays even sooner than usual, myself included:) Thanks for stopping, in, wishing you a great and relaxing Sunday. Until next time……

PS About the embroidered masks which many are asking about- we are getting in more white on Tuesday, will have limited numbers to ship out. The pale blue is coming back in on or around Sept 8th a little sooner than we thought, click here to place your order.

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I love all of your posts and never miss any. I’m always drooling over everything for sale and have many of them, but the one thing that you are selling that I have absolutely no plan to purchase are the masks. I refuse to make any kind of investment in something I do not plan on wearing for any length of time. I have one paper one that is wearing out and when it’s done that’s it. I notice many are NOT wearing them even in stores. Since we weren’t forced to wear them for H1N1 or the flu also deadly viruses I think it’s just punitive to make us wear them for this. The science is just not solid enough. I will continue to be a faithful reader and customer but when I see those masks sold as beautiful accesories I shudder.

Well, those penguins made my day. The cuteness. Tina, a favor! Please plan a post with a list of an assortment of your ornaments (types, sizes, and quantities) that would be sufficient for an average Christmas tree, say an 8-footer. I’m thinking of giving away my old gold and bronze and starting over with blue and white (and green) and would need a whole tree’s worth of decorations. Please consider for a future post? Thanks for keepIng my Sunday mornings sane!

Everything as mutual is actually beautiful, thank you for my morning I Canby. Your new Christmas papers are incredible I cannot wait. And of course those topiary ornaments are going to be a big hit.

The holiday world are so realistic I would never have guessed that they are faux.

Great story about Alfie I had the story I believe on 15 minutes, very heartwarming.

Hope you have a great Sunday Tina!

Okay, I am totally baffled by that comment above, as though your shop exists to cater to the needs and wants of each individual person?? There are several item that (while gorgeous) I can’t or wouldn’t use in my own home, but I don’t feel the need to leave a snarky comment about it. As for the masks, I am immune-compromised and figure anything is better than nothing, so I appreciate having fun or pretty masks to wear! It never ceases to amaze me how some people can’t find it in themselves to just scroll along and instead feel the need to spread their negativity to the world. I say, kudos to you and your exquisite shop, and everything in it!

Love the topiary ornaments and will get some when they are available. I may be in the minority on this, being an interior designer, but I refuse to normalize masks and treat them as a fashion accessory to match my clothes. I have 3 black ones that I wear when I go to the grocery store or Lowes or Home Depot, and that is all I plan to have. This situation will pass, and I hope to put them away ASAP, as life gets back to normal.

I absolutely love your topiary ornaments. Will any of you floral arrangements come in the black and gold toile?

Our children also grew up in the Blockbuster era. Every friday nite was a Movie ,chicken wings and Mexican dip ! Fun memories !

Good morning Tina, so many fun things! I love the new wrapping paper and the ornaments! They are beautiful! And the Australian man who knit sweaters, I’ve seen him before and that story never gets old, it is such a beautiful story. I hope that you have a wonderful day!

Thanks again for your Seven on Sunday! It’s a great distraction for me to delve into another beautiful world.

Congratulations,Tina, on producing such gorgeous masks! They’re so important now, not just to protect the mask wearer’s health, but also out of consideration for others in not spreading this horrible disease. You’ve done a real service by offering these beauties.

2 new projects for you…1-build an outdoor kitchen by the pool; 2-find/design beach decor for those of us who live or vacation at the beach. I thought maybe you would do this after you finished your Palmetto Bluff house. We can’t do silver or anything too fancy at the beach, but appreciate good design.❤️?

Hello All –
BTW – Topiary ornaments are darling, can hardly wait for pre-sale!
Love the Insta garden pic. That is my fall project, however, will need to have 6′ deer fencing otherwise garden will become a salad bar for critters! Hope to have a shed/bunkie at one end and the raised beds organized around a center space for a trestle table and chairs/benches.
I second Linda’s suggestion re: golf cart. Have a friend who gets a lot of use out of hers when they entertain. Am sure you get a blue one with a blue & white striped awning!
Stay healthy all!

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