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Good afternoon, hope you are well and having a good week. Very busy here as our migration continues with the move. We are finishing up the painting, installing the alarm, phones, etc….by Sat plan to have a big crew continue to move things into the space and with luck, by the following weekend we will be settling in. It will be nice to be operating out of a much larger very open space with several offices and room for our expansion. We definitely have been busting out of the seams where we are. Everything has a season and a reason, right?

I have a number of things I have created that I am particularly proud of. One of them is absolutely my tuliperes. I have spoken often about how I debated on buying a pair from Holland but when they gave me the shipping price, the total price was that of a small car an I decided against them. So, began the wheels turning of creating my own. i took various design elements from a few antique porcelain pieces I own and created my first tulipiere sample, dubbed “the original”.

It was love at first sight:) I then introduced another pattern, and then a solid white. Then we added pink and green a few months ago. And in about 5 weeks we will introduce the red, perfect timing for the holiday season. Every time I “play” with them,I forget how much joy I get creating with them. They always add a finishing touch wherever they are used and most definitely have the wow factor. So here’s a look at a few recent arrangements I had done, celebrating tulip fever!




I think Whole Foods always has a nice selection of market flowers, inexpensive and always something to grab. This week I was drawn to the purple and white

All you need tis to add water to each section, get your shears and go to town!



Love it already, and these purple and whites against the vibrant blue is really striking!

One down one to go

All done!

In this case placed them on my mantle along with one of our midsized jars….really love the way it looks!

Then added our cherry blossom Staffordshire dogs

In this case I took our large village scene tulipieres and used the soft roses received as a gift from Grace Rose Farm

The softness of the this palette is just draemy

How pretty does it look next to our lotus jar? Love the tones of this vignette

I enjoyed these for days, made me happy every time I walked in to my house:)

And this you might remember from a alfresco table I set up outside, I really loved the way this came out, above are the new green with small clusters of pink hydrangeas

And here is the pink with small clusters of white hydrangeas

Proof that literally any flower of any color can work with these tulipieres!!

Click here to see our amazing tulipere collection. We are sold out of some styles/sizes but getting in a big shipment in 3 weeks. Some are in stock now, we will also be holding a presale within the next 10 days on our next container!

And in other tulipiere news, so excited about the red!!I share these with you on Sunday.

Lastly considering doing the original style in green. Would love to know your thoughts. Here is a non professional picture but you get the idea (this is a darker green) the color is slightly off due to the lighting of the picture but it’s a beautiful rich green-


And there you have it. What can I say, I love these tulipieres and they are among my most prized possessions. I love them for all seasons! For the holidays I fill them with tulips and berries, for fall mini roses and apricot tulips, spring is all about tulips in every color and this summer, I discovered using small hydrangea clusters which I really liked a lot, it gave a different look and is quite stunning.

Bottom line, they are super versatile and just such fun, it’s like a new experiment every time. And now more than ever with our crazy world, I find solace in beautiful things that make me happy. Stay safe and thanks for stopping in. Until next time…..

PS Buy our gorgeous set of mixing/storage bowls and receive a free basket weave cake spade with your purchase (no code necessary) Click here

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Hi Tina, have been wanting to inquire if most all of your items for sell are made in China??? I did notice you had a shipment from India. Pls advise.

When I think of your website two things come to mind all things blue and white AND tulipieries….. your collections are irresistible and it is all I can do to just ” pace” myself while on your website……keep those creative juices flowing!

Magnificence! Each one is so pretty. I own the pale. Blue large and love them- pink and red next on my list. And yes to that beautiful dark green- can’t wait!

I just love the tulipieres. One day I am going to treat myself!! And how funny – I just picked up purple snapdragon and white roses as a gift! Just beautiful…

you have a blue and white placemat with a scalloped edge? My daughter-in-law bought some from you a while back..

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