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Hello, and hope you are doing well, cannot believe it’s almost Labor Day weekend and that summer is coming to a close. First of all, you will definitely want to sit down and take 15 to read this post or put off reading this until you have time, as there is a lot of content here….trust me:)

Two or three  times a year I put out a post which is kind of like a newsletter about all that is happening over here. The time felt right to update you on many fronts as there are lots of exciting things churning over this way while we continue to put the finishing touches on the office and new space aka our new headquarters.

Let’s just say Covid and not being out and about as I normally am allowed my creative energy to go on overdrive and I have been dreaming, creating and manufacturing to my hearts content:)

The move to our new digs was a big move and one which I had to really consider, but feel it was definitely needed and was the right “next move”. It’s double the space and has several offices, both which were desperately needed.   I look forward to sharing with you the evolution of how things come together sometime in the next few weeks, as the dust begins to settle. Meanwhile we will have a lot of work to do in organizing and getting square away..hopefully in a few weeks.

So sit back and enjoy this  “newsletter” about all that is happening and all of the beautiful things we have coming in. In exchange for your partaking in various small polls throughout the post,  I am offering a giveaway! I consider you all afterall, to be the ultimate focus group. One lucky winner will win one a pair  of our best selling Staffordshire dogs just in time for fall decorating! OK, and here we go-



On the wicker/basketweave front, our line continues to grow. I have always loved wicker anything and must say I am just completely smitten with the new products. Ginger jars, planters, new hurricanes and hold onto your hats…… fabulous new wicker pagodas! These will be offered in three sizes and will be available later Sept/first week of Oct. We will as we always do hold a presale so stay tuned.

Love the box planters and ginger jars!! We have a shipment coming in about 10 days and another late Sept.

These are available to preorder, click here


The wicker pagodas were just added as a preorder option, click here to see

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, sit down for this one…….a wicker tulipere!!I am so incredibly excited about these!! We just finished the first sample and so far so good. The base is galvanized metal so they can easily be filled and hold water.

This has me dreaming of setting up a beautiful table. Can you even! I am really anticipating these… about 5 weeks  we will get the first shipment.

They are so fabulous, I even experimented with a little flower photo shopping just to get an idea:)

Forget what you think about pagodas….say hello to these fabulous new coming soon additions. How gorgeous and sweet are these!! They have me dreaming of setting up a beautiful luncheon table. Will start by offering these in three colorways. Stay tuned:)

And how about this darling and charming bunny version? Thinking in pale blue and pink in addition the green. Great fur nurseries, spring and Easter!

Now switching gears to holiday, yes it will be here before you know it!  We are going to be officially introducing our 2020 giftwrap and ornament collection in September. This year things are starting earlier since we now are doing wholesale and I think with the year we have had, many of us are really looking forward to delving into something beautiful and joyous like the holidays.

All papers will be reversible and done in our super high quality thick gift wrap paper. We will also offer all patterns this year in tissue. I need your opinion however,  on offering holiday tote gift bags.

Here are some pictures hot off the press, literally and figuratively….these beauties are officially on their way (will hold a presale sometime later Sept)

Equally excited over the new topiary ornaments collection coming! I am dreaming of the tree I will set with these beauties. I also love ginger jar ball ornaments and we even have done a tulipIere ornament, how could we not:) They are officially on the way and we will do a presale on them in about 2-3 weeks, Here is a sneak peek at the ornaments-

And here is a sneak peek at the 5.5″ tulipiere ornament!

Moving along to the subject of tabletop/dinnerware. Something I have an obsession with (and a china closet to prove it) I am very excited about this possible venture, working on a plate collection. Not just any plate:)  The minimums are enormous so I need to carefully consider this big leap but when you believe an something, you are more inclined to go for it.

I am a sucker for anything pierced except noses lol. Just a design element I have always been drawn to. So this is the first of possibly several other pieces, thoughts on this beautiful white pierced charger? I love that it can be dressed up or down and the color will allow it to go with anything.

I am looking into adding a dinner plate, salad plate and bowl and definitely need your feedback for these porcelain pierced pieces.

Our chinoiserie tole line continues to be a big hit and expanding. It is very hard to find new chinoiserie pieces and there is only one other company (who I bought from before I started making my own) who is prohibitively expensive. One reason I started my own line. My pieces if I can say so myself are magnificent but affordable. These are so timeless and incredible elegant. Here is a sneak peek of items just out of production on their way to us now!

And here are a few samples of the 2 new murals coming in (will be offered in five color fields) and will be framed

With the holidays looming, our silver really shines during this period, both literally and figuratively. I think our silver collection is one of the biggest and best out there. In fact,I will say (and I hear this often) it’s hard to find a nice selection of nice quality new silver.

Which is exactly why I curated this collection to begin with. Our mint juleps, chargers, planters and tray selection is incredible and so amazing for the entertaining season of the holidays. Here are some favorites-

Click here to see all of our silver (subcategories are on the left)

Chargers, something for everyone!

Our mint julep selection is vast-

How about our gorgeous trays, from gallery trays to vanity to serving trays, love using my silver trays around the holidays!

And don’t forget we have a fabulous selection of serving utensils!

Turning to out etched glass collection whichwas a big hit from the. moment it hit our warehouse. We are sold out of almost every piece but getting in a huge container in about 3 weeks. We will be holding an arrival sale once they land.  I started this line because I have always loved etched glass, I have pieces that are antique stemware and I was surprised when looking for new pieces to add, how hard it it so to find!

Why? I have no idea because people still love it. It’s classically beautiful.In addition to bringing back all of our best sellers here is what’s new with the etched glass collection-

A new design hurricane (and drinking glass) we are working on perfecting, getting there (now awaiting second revised sample)

Meanwhile we are getting all sizes of all of our beautiful patterns back in stock within about 3 weeks!

So one thing I love is etched drinking glasses/barware,  have had a hard time finding except for William Yeoward’s line which I love and have a few pieces of except that they are extremely expensive. Surprisingly very hard to find. So…….necessity being the other of invention,  I had samples created of these low and high balls and let me tell you I LOVE them!!! These are a very high quality etched glass.

Would aim to get them  in time for the holiday entertaining season……these are three of the four designs that will be offered! Need your opinion!

Who knew that these gorgeous embroidered masks would be such a hit!! Tis the year of 2020. We are taking orders on pale blue and white, which we have been sold out but actually get our Sept early!  So excited that our big shipment will be here next Tues and we will get busy sending orders in the order they were received.

Here are the pale blue and the white masks, you can preorder by clicking here

A few new colors that are also quite beautiful for you to take a look at.  These are lighter (a peachy pink and a soft green) which are stunning but wondering if you think still a good idea given we are going into fall/winter? Would love your take-

How beautiful is the hand embroidery!

And thoughts on these colors below with fall/winter in mind?

OK time for you to chime, check all the colors you think would be a good addition-


And last but hardly not least, we end with porcelains. We will have four more containers arriving before the end of the year, bringing back some of our best selling pieces, plenty of tulipieres and many new additions. We will hold our Sept container presale next week. Here is a sneak peek at some of what is coming in-

Our incredible new Mimi vase (2 sizes)  will be here in about 5-6 weeks. We will offer these via a presale soon!

New color tulpieres- green and red! (the green looks like a gray green but it’s a true dark  green)

LAST SURVEY I PROMISE- 6 easy questions (please scroll down to answer al 6)

Details on the giveaway to thank you for participating in the polls. Here is how to enter-


Are you still with me? So much  to be excited about and after the year we have all had, how nice to be able to focus on something beautiful and positive. NEVER has making our homes a beautiful refuge been so important. The hottest travel destination for 2020….home!

I appreciate you stopping in, taking part in this fun post and participating in the polls. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your feedback, suggestions and overall support. Many of you have been here with me since I began and I am grateful to have such an amazing loyal and wonderful customer base. You make me love what I do and make want be better every day.

Hope you have a wonderful day.  Be well and stay safe! Until next time……

PS Last day for our mini presale  on for the first half of our beautiful incoming chinoiersie tole! Click here to see the presale

If you want to earn $10 off your next purchase, all you need to do is leave a Google review. Takes less than a minute, click here and click top right where it says write a review, then email [email protected] stating you left a google review.



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I’m so excited about the white pierced chargers and the hurricanes coming back in stock. Love them?

Love all the new items, especially the etched glass. Can’t wait to place an order. I love the staffordshire dogs, too. I have all three sizes in white and small and medium in the blue ~ please bring back the large to help me complete my “collection” – lol! 🙂

I love the wicker items. Living in a warm climate that involves a more casual lifestyle, they are a perfect accent for outdoor entertaining.

I am obsessed with the topiary and ginger jar ball ornaments!!!! Very excited to see the tulipIere ornaments!!!!
Did I say obsessed!!!!! Come on presale!!!!

Pierced plates are my absolute favorite addition next to all the wicker! Thanks, you are my go to for all things beautiful for the home!

I cannot wait for the etched drinking glasses! We stayed at a lovely hotel in London that had the most exquisite glasses. They graciously offered the name of their vendor. Sadly the cost was prohibitive. Your quality and costs are very reasonable so I truly cannot wait for the day they are available!

So many exciting items to choose from. Love the pagodas! And anything to do with Christmas makes me warm and fuzzy!

As usual, love it all, but I’m particularly excited about the etched highball and lowball glasses. Gorgeous!

I can’t wait for the ornaments! I’m looking forward to adding some of the new ones to my collection.

Wicker jars and pierced chargers! Oh, and I need those new tole pagoda lanterns to 🙂

I love all of the wrapping paper and ribbon I have ordered…high quality and colors are beautiful!!

Really looking forward to the new pretty red tulipieres because I always decorate with red tulips at Christmas! Also love the chinoiserie tole because it is a timeless classic. Beautiful Christmas wrap is always hard to find and the your quality of yours is great.

The precious new pagodas are so very special. I love them as well as the wicker tulipieres with the white tulips. Stunning!

The wicker collection is perfect for casual decor/entertaining, and I’m eagerly anticipating purchasing that collection. COVID-19 has changed the way I entertain, for the present! The wicker was beautifully thought out, and perfectly executed!

Ha…have counted almost 50 pieces I have purchased from you and I can honestly say I adore every single thing I have purchased. From silver, porcelain, serving pieces, tulpieres, garden seats, it’s so hard to choose a favorite. I use the silver serving trays, hollowware and serving pieces constantly because they are soooo beautiful and practical. Porcelain…..What’s not to love!!!!! I could go on and on!!!!!……My favorites are probably the blue and white giant ginger jar, giant bowl, and the giant vase. Please, please keep it coming….I look forward everyday to your blog with the hopes of adding to my Enchanted Home collection….I mean…’s more fun than Six Flags!!!!!!! Customer service is so helpful and deliveries are prompt….Always such a thrill!!!!!!!

There are so many beautiful things coming but I really love the Greek Key etched glasses and the wicker pagodas.

So many beautiful items. The wicker ginger jars are excellent. Always love the ornaments…. the ginger balls really catch my eyes!

Favorite new product are the wicker pagodas. I live in Southern California and wicker wears and weathers well all year here. Thank you

I have been waiting for the wicker pagodas, but those wicker tulipieres are simply gorgeous! I will definitely be ordering a pair!!

It’s hard to choose but I am so excited about the wicker. I absolutely love that it’s going to add a different look and texture to my kitchen but with all the same beauty as my blue and white!

I really love these gift wraps and tissue papers, I hope you will make similar ones in spring (topiaries and ginger jars) without the Christmas elements (the holly additions etc) because I’d really like to use them all year, and also don’t celebrate Christmas. Thanks !

Love it all. Most excited about the wicker, pagodas and etched glasses. Hope i wasn’t supposed to say just one!

I have recently signed up for the blog and instagram and have already made my first preorder purchase.
Love the mimi, etched glass, and topiary ornaments. I look forward to viewing more items and ideas.

Stunning additions! I especially love the etched crystal glassware in the floral pattern. If you carry those, I will be purchasing a dozen of the highball glasses! I also love that you’ve expanded into wicker… Still waiting with bated breath for the wicker encased glassware! It’s so hard to find. Other online purveyors are carrying something more like a woven grass… which just doesn’t have the same impact as the vintage wicker glasses that I have admired for so long.

I have ordered so many items from you over the years. I’ve been so impressed with the quality of the blue and white ginger jars, platters and the tulipiers. However there is a particular intention that gives me a smile every morning when I walk into my kitchen . My Staffordshire dogs in blue and white are just precious, I adore them. Thank you for constantly feeding my addiction for blue & white!
PS – very excited to see your offering of the white pierced plates.

Tina, you are spot on when saying now is the time to beautify and enjoy our homes. The pieces I have purchased from you are treasures that make the room they are in a pure joy.
Because of Covid-19 I have done more makeovers to my home and your products make it easy and affordable. Thank you for your talent and love for all things exquisite.

The etched glassware is such a marvelous idea- so true, such a beautiful gift to give or to own bar ware but, limited opportunities currently in the marketplace –

I just adore all of your ideas and it was very difficult to pick just one !

I like all of the masks you are offering/considering offering. I like the idea of obtaining a pretty mask to wear instead of the generic stuff one sees. This is a basic Safety so it’s nice to have one that’s pretty. Thank you. EJC

Love my pale blue mask with white embroidery. Hate wearing a mask, but this one makes it bearable. And, every time I wear it, I get rave reviews and questions about where it can be purchased.

New tole pieces, all the silver, red, tulpieres, and all mask colors are my favorites. Congratulations on your new “digs”. Hard work but lots of rewards ahead. Enjoy it all. ?

Love the wicker items especially the jinger jars and the new Christmas ornaments. I did last years tree in the blue and white ornaments from you. I do believe it was the prettiest ever and will add more ornaments from you this year.
I really wish you had a wide ribbon in French blue crushed velvet without wire edges.

An incredible post full of everything I love and would hope for!
Thank you for the many ways in which you design and share your dreams,
turning them into reality!

I am very excited about the etched Bar glasses….they are soooo great looking…want them for sure….and the mini vases…they are a must for me…I have seen some etched glasses from Mexico….but they are too weighty….and not as pretty as yours.

You are a busy bee, Tina! So many scrumptious offerings. I am really crazy about the wicker and tole pagodas. The quatrefoil cachepot is extraordinary and probably the most practical one I have seen in ages. Would love to use, as you depicted, with multiple orchid plants or amaryllis. I will definitely order the Christmas wrapping papers–so fabulous.

I am most looking forward to your red and green tulpieres that are coming in.. I do mostly blue/white items but, these are defiantly eye catching ! They make you stop and take them in. Fabulous. And who cannot use a little bit of happiness right now ?!

The wicker line up is so lovely! I specifically like the wicker planters. I also love your wrapping paper. It has a great weight and design to it.

I am excited about the navy toile waste basket. Having just remodeled my M bath this may be something I need !!!

My favorite items in this post are the murals. Absolutely love them. FYI – I follow you on instagram, blog and pinterest. Was only able to select one option.

I absolutely adore the pierced chargers! I can’t wait for those and anything else you add to that line!

I am so looking forward to the Mimi vases! I do love the pierced chargers.
Everyone, stay safe and well!

Tina, how do you find time to sleep? The rattan pagodas are darling and know I’ll be picking some up for myself and to ship to dear friends in Toronto since the border is still closed.
Know a perfect spot in my kitchen for a pair of the rattan ginger jars and am thinking of taking pair to my lamp maker and have them turned into lamps for the guest bedroom in our new lake house.
Loving the topiary ornaments, can hardly wait for Pre-Sale! Perfect for hostess gifts for over the holidays and a lovely addition to my main tree as well.
Have a great weekend all!

The pierced pieces remind me of lotus ware. Look so delicate. Thank you for sharing so many beautiful items.

So many fabulous offerings! I am especially draw to anything toile. Perhaps you might consider offering masks in a blue and white toile – and other color combinations in a similar pattern.

If only I had the room to purchase one of everything offered ! Or in some cases a dozen. All of your merchandise is beautiful!

My favorite new items are the drinking glasses, I need these for holiday entertaining. Beautiful patterns.

I am so excited for the Mimi vases!! the wicker is a very close second and I am ordering a mask or two since I have a wedding to attend late October.
Sad to see summer go but looking forward to temps in the 70’s and not 90’s!

Tina, a treasure trove, as usual! Here is one thing I would like to see in the etched glass collection: goblets! The highballs and old fashioned tumblers are pretty, but a goblet- well that is something I am looking for!

Looking forward to the pierced plates and what creative ideas you have for them. I would also love to know if you plan to create the pretty floral art prints with the large blue and white checked patterned frames.

Very hard to choose, but for myself, I love the wicker pieces and the new tulipiere, the hurricane candle design and the etched drinks glasses. Best wishes, Tina!

Fabulous new items! I’m especially excited to see such a variety of embroidered masks now available for fall/winter, and I simply love those Mimi vases. A pair standing side by side make a balanced accent statement on a book shelf, always a good decorating secret.

I adore the green and the wicker tulipieres!!! Fortunately, tulips are available almost all year! The wicker products are fantastic, too! Inspiring treasures!

Most excited about the wicker ginger jars and pagodas!!

By the way, I love the pens you recommended – they are fantastic! I’ve already ordered a second box. Thank you!

Love, love the wicker pagodas! I would love to have the casual look for my porch and patio.

So much to love! The wicker tulipiere and planters steal my heart
Your holiday papers and ornaments are amazing and I can’t wait to order.
Two things I know that you would do really really well with are the white piercer Chargers and the beautiful bar ware! I completely agree these types of things you do not find easily!
You are a real dynamo and I love seeing g all your new products! Anything I have gotten from you I have just loved !

I adore the bunny pagoda. They are so sweet and beautiful. I would love to see them in pink. We have a new baby in the family and it would be stunning in her nursery….just beautiful Tina.

I am most excited about the pierced white plates and other white pieces and the etched glassware.

Enchanted Home carries the items I see in my ultimate fantasy of a home…It’s like they have crawled into my mind and built a picture of Home heaven.

Thank You for offering such lovely items for our homes … so wonderful just to enjoy the looking … makes one’s heart happy!

I am looking forward to your new arrivals and all the beauty you will be bringing to my home!

I cannot wait to see the tulipiere ornaments and the Mimi vase. I look forward to your “feel good” blogs! They are uplifting and make me feel good!!

The survey question on our tracking the Enchanted Home only allowed one answer. I track all three sites.

I love the wicker pagodas, the new Christmas papers and the new fall mask colors, especially the blue on blue and the charcoal.

I just had a surprise birthday party at my house for my bestie, I set the table with
Your basketweave flatwear and it was a hit. Loved the look.

I love the wicker tulipiere! After this first batch, would you consideralso making it in white?

Happy to see you are introducing some traditional pieces with bit of a modern twist with the wicker line. I love to mix my favorite older pieces with some of today’s newer styles.

I am looking forward to your next shipment of fabulous toile!
Seriously, nearly impossible to find and if you do, not as nice and price “sky-high.”

The wicker box planters, the ornaments, the etched glass-truly too hard to pick! I’m picturing the ornaments as table decor right now…

So many beautiful things!! I am most excited about the wicker items. Thank you for giving a sneak preview and offering a generous giveaway!!

Evacuated from Hurricane Laura, your info and pics breathe fresh air into our situation. I love the etched glass high balls. Oh how a New York Whiskey Sour would taste in one of those!?

Wow, you have been busy. So many items to love! Most excited about the new wicker items and etched drink ware.

everything is beautiful and needed right now. We need classic beautiful things. There is only Farmhouse in The stores and online right now. I will buy the gorgeous etched glasses, the murals, and wicker planters.
I love your blog, it is a bright spot in difficult days.

I love so many of your items. You are so creative. My favorite from this post is the new Mimi vases. They are such a great size and would be great for gifts.

I hope you have the chance to read my suggestion about the wicker stand for a porcelain vase. I have seen the same picture of the wicker stand under a blue and white vase many times, but I have never seen them for purchase. The wicker stand under the vase makes a BIG STATEMENT.

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