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Good evening and happy fall! I have waited a while to say that…..LOVE fall. We have had some really nice weather, a few days cool enough for a light sweater, I say bring it on! Today is a look at life the last few weeks (the good and pretty only). What would we do without our phones to chronicle life’s happenings.

I know I can’t imagine life without mine as it allows me to hold onto special memories. My trusty little iPhone has been a faithful companion (going on 4 years). A lot of people ask which phone I use for my pictures, I have the iPhone 8. I am due for an upgrade but somehow not making it a priority, besides this one takes great pictures. We have been very busy settling  into the new warehouse/office and it’s really coming together. I cannot wait to “show you around” in a week or two.

Onwards we go,  with life around here lately……….


With fall being my favorite season, I needed to do something to usher int hat fall feeling, so went into the yard cut some greens and brought my pumpkins!

I bought these faux white pumpkins a few years ago from a local garden shop, they look super real and I love that I don’t have to go in search of white pumpkins every year I am not a big orange pumpkin girl and love the simplicity of the white

I used my favorite porcelain pumpkin family on my mantle in the dining room with fresh greens and pagodas (lots of people ask about these pagodas, they will be back in Nov)

I love bringing out my porcelain pumpkins every year (sold individually or as a set, click here to see)

Went into the yard and cut evergreen and boxwood, who says its only for Christmas! I say 2020, anything goes:)

Picked up these beautiful fresh flowers from Scarsellas and had such fun making a few arrangements with all the containers that just came back in!

Our best selling vertical leaf and swag and garland are back in stock, this is the medium size (click here to see)

And beyond excited to get our Mimi vases in 3 weeks! These are now available to preorder (click here)

Love a small bouquet in an elegant mint julep, to me our mint julep collection is the best around! (click here to see)

Wicker samples! I cannot get enough, getting in most of our wicker in less than 2 weeks!! All presale ordres will ship at that time….stay tuned!

Made me sons favorite bolognese sauce, kind of obsessed with micro greens lately as a garnish, they look good on everything:)

Cannot wait to get these painted hurricanes in. Here they are on display in my office

Hit my favorite little local farm stand, every time i go there I am so inspired to take pictures, it’s like going back in time

Such yummy tomatoes!

Another stop at one of my favorite nurseries, Scarcellas

Nothing like coming home with a trunk of mums!

Have you ever wondered what porcelain heaven looks like? Then look no further than our warehouse! Still organizing but it’s been to sort through everything!

Can’t wait to show you the new space as soon as things are in order!

Cannot tell you how much I love using my new trellis and topiary mixing/storage bowl set. I literally use them daily. They also  make the best gift. Above shows I practice what I preach:)  Plus they are pretty enough to use for serving which I do regularly.  Click here to see mixing bowls.

Think I saved the best for last….how sweet is this picture of Duke with his little buddy keeping him company! Miss him so much.


And that is life around here lately, at least the good and pretty:) Not really getting out a whole lot besides work and home to be honest, with Covid I am just extremely cautious. Nothing feels so pressing that I need to risk anything. So little things like cooking something yummy or picking up fresh flowers, stopping in at the farm stand have all taken on new meaning.

Have you had the same experience? I guess its all about perspective. Thank you for stopping in, wishing everyone a wonderful evening. Until next time….

PS Our chionsierie tole presale is in full swing (ends tomorrow) and don’t forget to throw your name in the hat for a special tole giveaway! Click here to see

Love this sweet pic of Teddy:)

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Marsha on

Please show some painted hurricanes that you have used-how you decorated w/them,etc.
Thank you,
Marsha Horton

Kym on

Welcome to the horse world Tina! Your boy is gorgeous 🙂 I have been showing hunter/jumpers for ever and I know you will have tons of joy and happiness with Duke. Maybe we will see more equestrian oriented items from you in the future. Happy riding. You are going to need a whole new wardrobe….

Marilyn S. on

That bolognes looks so yummy. Do you share your recipe? I just planted some parsley, basil, and cilantro so I have a supply of fresh green to top it off with.

Jo Shafer on

I’m listening to Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto #2 while browsing your pictures of white pumpkins to calm me down after last night’s debate debacle. Thanks for distracting me!

Laurie Ward on

I love white pumpkins as well!! They look great with greens. What a great idea. You’re right! Greens arn’t just for Christmas! on

I am new to this site…how do I purchase some ginger jars?

Linda Cashman on

Bolognese sauce is my favorite!

B.P. on

Your pictures are so beautiful and every time I see a post I want to start moving things around the house, you put me in that mood!

You have beautiful taste and I have gotten such great ideas from you, love the picture of Duke!

Ez on

More photos of Duke please! He’s gorgeous.

Elizabeth Yingling on

Still waiting with bated breath for those tall wicker drinking glasses!

Debra R. Hultquist on

I enjoy your posts.

RoseAnn Skrovan on

Will you be getting more wicker hurricanes?

Elizabeth on

Tina, happy Fall! I love seeing all of your pre-fall preparations and adventures. Farmstand are the best places to shop, not only for the fresh produce but the flowers, honey, jam, and more. Duke is a beauty and how wonderful to have such a cute little companion to keep him company.

Kathryn on

Wonderful sweet picture of Teddy!

Piper B on

What a beautiful stall, Tina. Duke is one pampered pony! Enjoy!
Loved the micro greens topping off the pasta dish. You have such an eye for detail!

Ms. Tracey on

Your favorite nursery looks like a dream place. The blue and white pumpkins are too precious for words.

Bonnie White on

Ok now you need to share your recipe for the Beef Bolognese sauce. I’ve made two recipes during Covid and am on the quest for the best!

Mary Ellen Brenneis on

Got my mixing bowls a few days ago and have used them everyday! They are adorable and love having lids!!!

Kate on

Been waiting a long time for the beautiful toile!

Linda C Wolf on

I love your energy and enthusiasm!!!!It’s very positive and your photos are great too !!!!! Iam probably old enough to be your Mom,but one thing I know is we all need to compliment one another when they bring joy to us ! Well done Tina! Linda

Sandra Guinn on

Love, love, love this post!

Robin on

That is truly porcelain heaven! Ahhhhh! I love it!

Canessa Angela on

Meravigliosa!!!! La vostra produzione è molto bella e sarei interessata a comprare alcuni pezzi o ad avere una collaborazione con voi .Mi chiamo Angela Canessa vivo in Italia a Genova mi occupo di arredamento.Grazie

Margaret on

Your posts are always so pretty and inspirational! I want to know more about Duke!

Andy Aycock on

Your merchandise is stunning!!!
Worked at Neiman Marcus in Atlanta in Gift Galleries for 34 years.
Retired to Asheville, NC.

Kathy on

Love the dragon bowl, white pumpkins, and wicker everything!!

susan on

love love mirrors

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