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Good morning everyone, I  want to first announce the lucky winner of the ornament giveaway. Congratulations goes to-


#81 Nancy on

Wow! My new favorite for this year is your tulipiere ornament. Love the color & detailing. Looks just like the big guys!

Please email us your shipping info and name, so your box of ornaments can be on their way.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. With luck I will be at my parents for a visit by the time you are reading this then a quick trip to PB.  It will be nice to see them and get some much needed rest and relaxation. We have been burning the midnight oil at the warehouse with many incoming shipments and lots going out the door. This is always a very exciting time and now that we have our bigger digs, its so much easier.

We have been very busy getting out gift wrap, tabletop presale orders and now will start on the ornaments and calendars! As always you are the first to know all that is exciting and new. Let’s get started with this weeks Seven on Sunday-



1 NEW PRODUCTS ON THE HORIZON! Lots happening over here. The response to these new brass footed etched hurricanes has been tremendous. I am pleased to say all four styles are on their way! This is going to be an incredible container. We will hold a presale on these items in the next week to ten days, stay tuned:)

Four styles, Greek key, classic reeding, swag and garland and vertical leaf


Our incredible etched glassware is finally also on the way. I am beyond excited over these (highball and lowball) Not the best pictures but you get the idea!

And finally I am just ecstatic over these painted pagodas. Each and every one of them has me dreaming of better times in 2021 and planning a beautiful party around them:) They will be in the same container as the above items so yes, this is a good one. A very good one:)

2 A NEW FAVORITE COFFEE TABLE BOOK YOU NEED! I knew this would be good as I love Aerin’s style and her last book was such a winner. This one, dare I say has even topped that one. The cover is just a tease as to what lies within the pages, a non stop parade of magnificent tablescapes and vignettes celebrating every season. Inspiring beyond words. Testament to the fact that classic traditional styling is alive, well and will forever reign supreme!! You can buy this in any bookstore or of course on Amazon, great holiday gift idea too.


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST A wonderful mix of interiors, fall and just all around pretty pictures. One of my favorite parts of my Sunday posts:)


4 AN AMAZING COOKIE COMPANY I was the lucky recipient of the most beautiful box of cookies I have ever laid my eyes on. A sublime example of when artistry meets deliciousness.

The presentation alone was top notch but biting into the buttery goodness of these shortbread beauties did not disappoint. What a fabulous cookie company. I can’t think of a prettier or more elegant gift to give/send to someone who loves a good cookie….and seriously, who doesn’t?!! I will be ordering for the holidays as I think these make a beautiful, elegantly presented holiday gift.

Click here to find out more about Alma Kitchen

5. MY MUMS HAVE COME ALIVE So I planted these white mums over 6 weeks ago and patiently waited. And waited. And then waited some more. Then finally one gloomy morning, I saw peeks of white and within days they were almost in full bloom! They were so worth the wait! I love them and adore them and think against the green, it’s such an elegant look.

6 A TRULY REMARKABLE AND INSPIRING STORY. The minute I heard this I knew I had to share. Truly amazing and so inspiring. This is a testament to the power of the human will and hopefulness if I ever saw it. Incredible story! I see BIG things for Gordon’s future. Thank you Gordon for making my day!

7 SEVEN’S SUNDAY Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. We are being forced to rethink our own plans given the situation with Covid. We have not only ourselves to think about but my parents who are both in their 80’s. Nothing about this year has been normal by any stretch. Curious if your own Thanksgiving plans are being interrupted due to Covd? I just keep praying that at some point in 2021, we will get back to some semblance of normal! Trying to stay hopeful during one heck of a challenging year:)


And that is what’s happening this Sunday. Anything here get your attention? I hope you enjoyed the post, always enjoy having you stop in. Wishing everyone a beautiful end to this gorgeous fall weekend, until next time……

PS Thrilled to announce our entire 2020  holiday collection is now online! Our fabulous ornaments, gift toppers, gift wrap and tissue is all in stock and available!

Click here to see all the new arrivals

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Patricia on

Your White Mums look elegant

Lisa on

So excited about your new products they are all so beautiful. I think I can do all my Christmas shopping on your site? I also love white moms, I did white and yellow this year which looks very pretty also but there is something very elegant about the white.
Yes our Thanksgiving plans to travel to Vail as we do every single year been canceled and we will have a small dinner for our family of five this year. I think next year will be a better one!

Charlene on

Love the new beautifully etched glassware!
And that story of the young man walking to college ???

Teri Tobey on

Your pots of mums are lovely. I especially like the mossy concrete pumpkins. Do you sell these?

Karen on

You seem to travel a lot during this time…how do you handle commercial flying or do you have your own plane?
Tips on safety might be welcomed by your fans.

Ann on

Your white mums are beautiful! Can’t wait to see the Christmas paper and ribbon I ordered in person.

Janie G on

I listen to the Dr and scientists. They say “stay home”.

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