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Hello! How is everyone doing this first week of Dec? Scary to think that we are just 3 weeks away from Christmas! Its been a crazy, hectic, truly non stop week and I felt like I finally got a chance to exhale and have a little free time on Sat. I did a little holiday decorating and it just felt so nice to relax and go at my own pace with no schedule or timetable. Today I plan to stay home all day,  tweaking and continuing on with my holiday decor, cook up something good and call it a day!

It feels so nice to be penning a blog post. I started several but time has been a precious commodity which there hasn’t been enough of lately:)

Hope your weekend is going well, and mostly hope everyone is staying safe. Covid has/is really touching people in my inner circle and its frightening. Know 2 who lost loved ones this week alone, which I cannot imagine and several others who have been very sick and/or in the hospital. It stuns me that anyone has to second guess wearing a mask. OK, getting off my soapbox and onto today’s post! Let’s get started…….


1 SOME VERY EXCITING COMING NEW ADDITIONS! I am ecstatic over each and ever one of these! So much happening in 2021. You are always the first to hear and know about whats new and exciting. Here is a sneak peek-


Bamboo flatware is so chic, love it with everything! These will be here in about 6 weeks

These pearlized flatware sets are stunning, these are not hte final colors. The blue will be more navy than bright and ditto with the green. There is also an ivory.


So excited to get our new chinoiserie murals (added an ivory base to the group)




And our best selling scalloped tea tables will not be available in pink (blue and green are coming back in stock)

Cannot even tell you how elated I am over the pierced porcelain pieces. They are officially in production! I will offer chargers, a dinner and a salad plate!! Working on a soup bowl now. I think these are going to be incredibly popular, I know I will be the first to take a stash home.

And then I quickly added one of melamine plates just to see how it looks layered and it was a big fat yes! Endless possibilities!


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Instagram was on fire this week! I really had a hard time restraining myself, there was so much to ooh and ahh over!! So much beautiful Christmas inspiration-


4 FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE Since we are home way more than ever before when I am not working, we have watched a lot of movies, series and documentaries. I tend to watch docs on my own as my husband does not share my enthusiasm for them:) Here are some, that you may or may not know about that I really enjoyed-


Just started The Queen’s Gambit and love it!


We loved Yellowstone if not for the scenery alone but the story line is fantastic and draws you right in!

One of my favorites, who isn’t watching The Crown!

5 A BEAUTIFUL INVITING HOME This beautiyful home is so elegant but cozy and inviting. Done by Margaret Kirkland Interiors, I love the colors, the rich, warm layers and how it feels like a true family home, not a showplace that feels cold and sterile. Click here to read more over at Atlanta Homes Magazine.

6 WHOLE FOODS TO THE RESCUE! I was itching to do some holiday decorating. I looked on Instagram and felt SO behind the eight ball, not to mention everyone seems to have started way earlier than usual. I really wanted to go into the flower district but between heavy rain, the kind of cold that goes to your bones and my increasing paranoia about exposing myself to Covid, I decided to go to Whole Foods instead. I figured I would take my chances, and boy did I have a pleasant surprise! They had literally just about everything I was looking for, seeded and beaded greenery, tulips, roses, berries…hit the jackpot!

I decided to use my new champagne bucket and fill it with the fresh greens and berries for some holiday cheer, this was soooo easy! (click here to see this item on the shop)

All done-

And then I decided to try it adding white tulips so I began just putting them in randomly-

Minutes later, all done!

7 SUNDAYS SURVEY  We have all had to give up a lot of things we enjoy this year. It has been a year that none of us will forget though I would love to erase it from my memory forever.  I was talking to a friend about all the things we used to do that we pretty much took for granted and it made me realize how much I miss. She asked me what one thing I missed the most  and I said it was a tie between traveling and going out with friends normally.

So curious, about what you miss most? Having issues with our poll site today, so here is what I miss- travel, dinner with friends, parties, having a reason to get dressed up to go somewhere, weddings and celebrations, miss not having to wear a mask, I could go on on and on!


And that’s a wrap for today. It was so nice to sit down and finish a blog post, as I have started many! I will likely be doing 2-3 blog posts a week until Christmas. Even though I love doing them more than anything and it’s my version of therapy, the time is short this time of year and we are burning the midnight oil on all ends!  Preparing for another super busy week ahead.

We have a lot of amazing sales and promotions coming up in the next few weeks. We will also have daily deals which will be special prices for one day only on specific items. The daily deal for today is below. Wishing everyone a fabulous day, take good care and stay safe!! Until next time….


Our deal of the day for one day only! Click here to see our incredible melamine mixing/storage bowl set. Comes in a beautiful gift box.

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I miss hugs the most, with family and friends. Everyone is being careful around us. So waves and the words I love you just have to suffice.

Good morning Tina. I have missed gathering with friends at our house of worship, zoom calls aren’t the same for Bible study. I miss hugs and dinners with my friends. I’m not married and childless and my family is over 1500 miles away. My friends are a lifeline. That bamboo flatware is gorgeous. I need a set of soup spoons with that handle. ??

Hi Tina,
Wonderful post today! The pierced porcelain plates and the scallop tea table are beautiful. Keep posting your flower arrangements they look beautiful.
Many thanks for lifting our spirits.
Wishing you a wonderful week.

I miss being with family. Here in Los Angeles, we are in a new stay at home order….not even small gatherings allowed. But, there is light at the end of the tunnel…vaccines will start shortly. Everyone be smart, stay safe, and wear the masks! It does make a difference!

Tina: Your emails are a treat for my eyes! Have several of your pieces and I love them. Now–if you would just make a Georgian mahogany secretary exactly like the coveted antique pieces–I will worship you!

Just had to comment about The Crown. Seasons 1-3 were so spectacular! Season 4 was beyond horrible. It was so cliche and ridiculous. Margaret Thatcher’s portrayal was outrageous and totally off base. If she’d been a radical–the show would have portrayed her as a Goddess. Princess Di was portrayed as stupid, mindless, completely selfish and infantile. How terribly painful. Another show ruined by the creator’s politics. So sad. Could have been so great. And Elizabeth–without a heart. I don’t believe it.

Anyway–Merry Christmas–and thank you for the beautiful things you create

I needed this post more than you can imagine. Our family just made a very difficult decision to not get together from across the miles for Christmas which though I know is the right decision makes me very sad.

So this post was a sight for sore eyes! All of your new products just get better and better, I will be first in line for those pierced plates and a pink tray table and murals, love it all!

I have gotten so many great ideas for arrangements and I thank you for showing me the one you did with the greenery I am going to go to my Whole Foods today because of you!

Thank you for the gift of your blog and beautiful product line. Everything I have ever bought from you I absolutely love.

Best and most beautiful thing I have read all week. We loved Yellowstone , makes me want to move there haha.
Beautiful new things coming in!

The reality of how COVID affects one became a reality when I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and learned that due to hospital restrictions, the surgery cannot even be scheduled until later in January and I must be alone for all of my appointments and the surgery. Missing the small things becomes less important.

I wish I could miss sheeple who lack common sense and critical thinking skills.
Thankfully, we only have two in our large family; one adult who is too lazy to
research and/or think and a college student who has been fully indoctrinated
by socialist/communist/Marxist propaganda.

I miss walking around San Francisco, stopping and having a delicious meal. My daughter and I What then continue our endless pursuit to find the perfect red lipstick!

This year I will miss tea at the Palace with my daughter and granddaughters. However, we’re getting all dressed up and I will put on a fabulous spread at the new home. We will be in our finery but safely in grandmere’s “chateau” as it is being referred to by the eldest. Our move date is December 19! So so much will be happening very quickly. Buying a home in the time of Covid has had its interesting zigs and zags!

I feel incredibly blessed and realize that some people don’t have a home; I never take any of this for granted.

Happy Christmas!

It’s so nice to sit down with a cup of coffee and read your blog every Sunday. Such a nice start to the day and week. Your Instagram selections are always are beautiful, and I especially enjoyed thewelldressedhouse. That dog’s expression is so cute! The photo also makes me think of how most of us have felt during this last year. We would love to dress up and go out into the world free of the fear of Covid-19, but instead we have to stay in our homes and watch the world from our door. Hope is on the way, however, with the news of the coming vaccine.

I love your pierced white porcelain dinnerware. It will dress up any table, for sure. And, your greenery and tulips in the silver urns are stunning! You always do a beautiful job with flowers.

I miss attending church and being able to travel. I also miss watching my grandchildren play high school basketball and performing with the color guard along with the band. Another granddaughter plays volleyball, but we aren’t allowed to attend the tournaments. My youngest granddaughter is in competitive dance competitions, but can’t see those either. I want to attend plays and concerts too. Oh well, next year….

I think I’ve missed being in church and singing in the choir! The Christmas service will be sorely missed!

On the advice of my doctor, I discontinued my private jewelry design business in March. I miss meeting with clients, the jewelers and suppliers that I relied on for my work and the sheer joy of creativity. After nearly 40 years, I wonder if I will ever again be able to continue.

As always….. a wonderful post that will inspire us all to embrace Christmas decorating…..

Have you ever thought of having flatware made to look like they have red coral handles?…I saw some on a blog….but it was from a collection that was discontinued….it was so unique….and great looking….It would look great with blue and white table settings wouldn’t it?…just a suggestion.

Well said, Roz, I miss the real America, too. The virus only added insult to injury.
In the real America I remember, we would have weathered this disaster together the way we had 9/11, We would have looked out for one another and those most vulnerable and we would have put country first.

Travel will resume, as will entertaining and church and gym and family get-togethers. But will our country ever get back to what it once was?

I miss normal conversation and daily activities with people. My family, friends, and going about my daily life without fear of getting sick or making others sick.

I miss smiles, just big wide happy smiles. I am pretty sure they are there in lots of folks, but I can’t see them.
I will never take them for granted again, or fail to smile every chance I get!

Thankyou Tina, for you recommendations for tv viewing. We have watched some brilliant tv shows and documentaries thanks to you. Yellowstone was one that we loved and we recently started watching Homeland right from the beginning. Its fabulous !

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