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Happy Sunday everyone, hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing and mostly safe Thanksgiving! I still feel like I am in a food coma, but have to say it was so worth the calories. It was so yummy and mostly incredibly relaxing (well except for the hours of cooking and cleanup). Just a nice and much needed family day. Hope yours was much of the same.

We are super busy gearing up for part one of our tabletop shipment and a huge porcelain container arriving this week while getting out orders fast and furiously. Unfortunately the part two of our tabletop container containing the new brass footed hurricanes is delayed 2 weeks, now coming Dec. 16th. There is unfortunately, not a thing I can do about it. We are 99% done with our gift wrap and ornament presale orders. If you placed one and have not received it or gotten UPS notification please email [email protected]. We still have about 16 orders left to get out but for the most part are done fulfilling those orders.

OK, this is a long and chock full Sunday post with lots of pictures so you will want to take 10 and sit down with an extra cup of coffee. Enjoy!



1 GRACE ROSE FARM They are all over Instagram and I now understand why:) A wonderful customer turned friend sent me the prettiest roses and the staying power was INCREDIBLE. I kept them outside at night and they lasted a whopping 9 days!! I enjoyed them to the fullest displaying them in different containers and trying them in different places. They have a customer in me and I love them as a gift giving idea. Here is my little story of my roses!  Click here for info


Day 1 and 2

This was day 3 where I put them in our mint juleps and used them as a centerpiece for a small dinner for four I was having

Day 4 and  5 I put them outside at night where it was cool and crisp

Day 8 a friend had come by to our new space and brought me a beautiful bouquet of hydrangeas so I decided to make an arrangement with the two

Day 8 still going strong!

Thanksgiving day my arrangement miraculously still looked amazing! Now that is a testament to high quality fresh flowers if I ever saw one:)

This appears to be a new product for them and I am sucker for any fragrance or candle with rose so this is definitely something I need!

2 NEW ITEMS ON THE HORIZON I think 2021 is going to be our biggest year yet. We have so  many incredible new things coming in and happening, and I am eager as I know many of us are to turn the chapter to a new year.

I am so in love with these new tole lamps! These are not necessarily the colors but are my samples and it was an instant yes! These are now in production in 3 colorways to start, working on adding coordinating pleated fabric lampshades.

New colors this top selling lamp-

Just got in these incredible silver champagne buckets/urns in large and medium. I added these as many have requested these over the years, apparently not as easy to find as you might think. Love that they double as an elegant champagne bucket but gorgeous with flowers too! Really fabulous…I am going to plant some with amaryllis! Now on the shop (click here)

Our etched glass line is hugely popular I just approved these beautiful smaller hurricanes/bud vases to go into production 8″ (will offer in 3 styles)

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Never at a loss of beauty to share, this weekend is no exception. Holidays, beautiful tables, good food….plenty of beauty. Hope you enjoy!

4 CUSTOMER PHOTOS Another round of sensational pictures from my uber talented customers. They make me so proud:) Have one or two you would  like to submit? Please email your photos to [email protected]


5 A QUICK MAKEOVER WITH OUR NEW MURALS I love our new murals, they are sold individuality, as a pair or all four. I have always disliked this painting above this hall chest upstairs. I wanted to brighten the space and used the new blue/white hand painted murals and what a difference such a small change made! Click here to see them online



And then put these in my bedroom in the soft blue but my camera died so didn’t get to take the finished look ,also ended up having to lower them a bit


6 LOVE THESE MULES! I love flat mules and have many variations. When I saw this one from Margaux, I knew I needed to order asap. Is this the cutest? They are on the way! I own the black which are also wonderful and work with everything. Click here for info


7 SUNDAYS SURVEY So Thanksgiving is behind us. I have to admit it turned out way better than I could have hoped. We had such a nice cozy day at home, dinner was delicious and it was just super relaxing. Of course I missed my family terribly but the silver lining was getting to spend a lot of time talking to my husband and boys which we otherwise would have not have been able to do so it really turned out to be a very nice day. The way things are going, it is looking more and more like Christmas may end up being the same. It is frightening whats happening. So I am curious to those whose plans changed, did it turn out better, worse or what you expected?


And that is a wrap for this Sunday! A lot to read over, thank you for sharing your Sundays with me. They are as much a part of my Sunday routine as they are yours. Now its officially onto Christmas. Exciting and a little scary:) We have busy busy days ahead and I am up to the challenge! Hope everyone has a relaxing day, good day to start decking those halls.

For those who have asked,  yes we will have a Cyber Monday sale starting late tonight until Monday night! Be well, stay safe and please wear those masks:)

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Hi Tina! Love your blog & especially excited for the new hurricanes. I placed an order in late July which was missing an item. I email about every 3 weeks and I understand about the warehouse move & am told I am not forgotten they are looking for it. But I feel forgotten! Thank you.

You weren’t kidding there was a lot to take in today, all of it so beautiful. From the beautiful roses to all of the gorgeous new products. I am so excited about those new lamps and can think of at least three spots in my home where I could use them!

We had a very nice Thanksgiving it was just my immediate family of six and we all agreed that we could easily do it again for Christmas though we certainly missed our relatives from afar that we normally celebrate with.

Darling mules, I can see why they called your name.

Also got my gift wrap, ornaments and 2 Mimi vases and everything was even more beautiful in person thank you!

Thank you for the introduction to the great farm roses, I will be ordering some today!

I love your art makeover, so much better with the new murals, I like how it brightens up that space against the black chest.

I started wrapping my very first Christmas gifts last night and will have to send you a picture featuring your paper!

Thank you for the fun and beautiful post.

Looking forward to your etched glass hurricanes in the 8″ size….. wonderful idea….. keep us updated!

Amazing what a difference the murals vs. the oil painting did make. I love the murals.

Tina: I’m not clear as to whether the green tole lamp with the white floral deco is yours?

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