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Hello to all my fellow porcelain lovers out there! Does this ever get old? NO! Every time I get in a new container, you would think I just discovered them. Can you believe we haven’t had a porcelain arrival or presale since September!! Wow, times sure does fly. So today we are making up for lost time with so many beautiful items and there are few things that a beautiful piece of blue and white cannot cure, even if it’s a temporary:)

Always room for another piece of porcelain (or 2 or 3), We have a huge  container coming in and at this point this is an arrival sale. Its been almost 2 months since we have had a porcelain presale!! It’s practically a blue and drought over here:) So take a a seat, sit back and enjoy!

We were due to have this presale a few weeks ago then last week but we have been swamped and there was not time, so now we are calling it an arrival sale as this container will be here on tomorrow…so this is instant gratification at it’s best.

If you are new to these please read over the rules prior to placing an order-

  • There are TWO ways to place you order- either call us at 800-804-9565 or email us
  • Office hours are 9-5 EST (phone lines open at 9:30 EST)
  • If emailing your order in- we need your name, address and phone number plus the item number and quantity you want to order, we will then send an invoice payable online which is due within 12 hours
  • All items will be here this week and ship out within the next week
  • Final sale
  • Subject to availability, we have limited numbers of each item to sell (sorry no rain checks)
  • Shipping is extra. For fishbowl orders we will get you a freight shipping quote and that will be billed separately
  • We do ship internationally, some items can be shipped internationally
  • Any order over $650 will get 10% off their order
  • Questions?  Please call us at 800-804-9565
  • Wholesale? Please register by clicking here or contacting


OK now for the fun part, here is part 1 of this fabulous container-



ITEM 1 So excited to be getting one of my favorite jars!! Now in addition to the blue, it is also offered in scrumptious pink and green! Our gorgeous village scene jar accented with a beautiful trellis design and charming foo dog completes this drop dead gorgeous jar, specify color when ordering.

Measures 18.5″ tall

$150 each

$280 for a pair

This fabulous jar is now available in 3 gorgeous colors!


ITEM 2 FINALLY getting one of my favorite mid sized planters back. Love this gorgeous floral paneled hexagonal planter. It is perfect for topiaries, holiday florals, orchids and more. Now we offer it in the green too, brand new!


2A Floral

Measures 12″ x 6″


2B The gorgeous green!


ITEM 3 This amazing best selling lotus ginger jar is a new favorite. I adore this jar and own two. Beautiful and classic lotus design. This beauty is light antiqued, and features the raised “dots” on the top part and a pretty foo dog lid.

Measures 19.5″ x 11″

$145 each

$280 for a pair

ITEM 4 Major fishbowl alert!! We have some spectacular new fishbowls we are adding to our treasure chest of fishbowls and these are spectacular! Limited numbers of each, perfect for indoors or out. The bigger ones we recommend shipping freight as the boxes are very large and these are very heavy. These are bargains if you know the prices of jumbo fishbowls!

The fishbowls do not have drainage holes however a carpenter can easily drill small holes into bottom with a fine bit drill as many do

4A Jumbo fishbowl measures 25″ x 22″, a spectacular piece!!! If you. know the prices of these you. know at this size they go for $1500 and up.


ITEM 4B A fabulous foo dog jumbo fishbowl. In love with this one too, I see giant lemon trees or oversized topiaries, even a big boxwood ball woudl be fabulous!

Measures 20″ x 25″


ITEM 4C Another beauty! Love this pattern and the coloration. A beautiful bird/floral scene with blue “panels” on either side and foo dog rings. Such an elegant piece, I could  see a giant lemon topiary in this one!

Measures 20″ x 17″


ITEM 4D And our forth new fishbowl is this outstanding fishbowl. Gorgeous shape, lightly antiqued with a class peacock/floral scene.

This is a medium sized fishbowl which measures 15″ x 14.5″


Had such fun imagining luscious lemon trees in these with ivy…love it and must do this!

ITEM 5 One of our prettiest bowls, this is very large and very impressive. We always sell out of this so tripled our normal quantity. A perfect centerpiece bowl that is exquisite as is, but also fabulous for a large scaled floral, orchids and greenery work beautifully with this stunning bowl.

Measures 16″ round


ITEM 6 These amazingly beautiful bird and floral garden seats are coming back and we tripled the amount we usually get. Just love this piece so much with the elegant design, beautiful shades of blues and pierced accents. Own four and there’s always room for one more:)

These beauty measures 18″ tall


ITEM 7 Finally getting these incredible grand pagodas back. These are a steal if you. know the prices of what they go for elsewhere. Absolute gorgeous and best part is that they are versatile. Use them for maximum wow factor at 47″ but the top comes off and you can use it as a separate pagoda when you want something shorter.  Does not get more spectacular than these, seeing is believing! If you know how some stores sell these for over $1600 each you will recognize what a steal these are!!

$440.00 each

$860.o0 for two


ITEM 8 One of my favorite bud vases, this new square village vase is perfect for your weekly flowers. I adore mine and use them weekly/

Measures  10″ x 4″

$75.00 each

$140.00 for a pair

ITEM 9 One of our all time best selling ginger jars, part of the chunky series. This bird and floral ginger jar is a stunner. Antiqued and fabulous complete with foo dog lid. Just a beautiful piece for any blue and white collector.

Measures 17.5-18″


ITEM 10  Our popular double happiness mid sized ginger jar is a beauty and works so well with literally every pattern. Great size too that can fit into any existing vignette or these are the perfect jars to start a new one.

Measures 15.5″ x 10.5″

$130 each

$250 for a pair

ITEM 11 Our mini foo dogs are finally coming back in stock. Love this  new color, celadon. These are a super stylish way to add a finishing touch to any vignette, used atop books or many use as stylish bookends.

Measures 4″ x 6″

$45 for the pair

ITEM 12  Another very popular bowl is our floral and trellis mid sized bowl. This is beautifully detailed and makes a elegant accessory blow. It can also be used as a gorgeous planter for orchids and flowers.

Measures 12.5″ round


ITEM 13 So excited to be getting our  tulipieres in this super elegant mossy green color in our two best selling patterns! I love this combination and can see this being used all four seasons. Offered in small, med and large. These are so beautiful filled with flowers but pretty enough to use as decorative objects alone.

13A Our original design in the mossy green

Small (comes in 2 pieces) 14.5″ $105.00

Med (comes in 4 sections) 22″ $185.00

Large (comes in 4 sections) 32″ $275.00

13B And equally beautiful in our village scene design which offers more “white space)

Small (comes in 2 pieces) 14.5″ $105.00

Med (comes in 4 sections) 22″ $185.00

Large (comes in 4 sections) 32″ $275.00


ITEM 14  One of our best selling classical figurine straight fishbowl, beautiful for indoors or out! We are getting plenty to go around as we often sell out of this midsized beauty. Perfect for indoors or out.

Measures 17′ x 16.5″


Not to be outdone these straight figurine fishbowl looks mighty good with a lemon tree too:)

ITEM 15  Getting in a limited number of our gorgeous pink and white village scene tulipieres in small and medium! Perfect for spring!

Small measures 14,5″ $105.00

Medium measures 22″ $185.00

ITEM 16  Our beautiful mid sized cylinder planters are a popular item. They work well with so many things, flowers, greenery, a boxwood ball. Some have used them to store paintbrushes and other suctions. Offered in two styles

Measures 9″ x 8.5




ITEM 17  We are getting in a limited number of our original large tulipieres. Such a grand tulipiere, nothing else like it! This beauty comes in four sections for easy access to water and flowers, stack on top and you have an instant masterpiece!

Large measures 32″ (comes in 4 sections) $290.00

ITEM 18.  Our exquisite antiqued pheasant centerpiece bowl is coming back. Love an down this beautiful bowl. Pretty enough to use as it for display, also makes a fabulous piece for flowers, orchids, etc….

Measures 15″ x 7″


ITEM 19 Our fabulous trio of sitting emperors is coming back!  Super decorative and beautifully detailed. Gorgeous used together but can be separated and used in different areas. My own set is constantly getting moved around and reinvented.

Measures 11″ x 12.5″

$115.00 for set of 3

ITEM 20 Our very popular pair of bird ginger jars are coming back. These are sold as a pair and feature an elegant bird/floral classic scene. Great size too. Used as a complimentary pair or separated this is a beautiful duo and an excellent value.

Measures 17.5″

$265.00 for the pair


And who is feeling lucky? We are giving away one of our beautiful double happiness flat tops!

Thanks for stopping by. Life might be unpredictable and not too pretty right now, but it doesn’t mean we can’ t make our home a beautiful refuge from the uncertainty of the world. I know that’s how I feel, unequivocally . I think it’s important to surround yourself with things that make you happy and smile. And porcelain always does that for me. Wishing everyone a great day, stay safe out there! Until next time…..

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Jennifer S on

Never grow tired of looking at your stunning pieces!! Beautiful! Love the bowls many uses!

M on

No village scene tulipieres the in blue colorway in this shipment? :’(

Angela on

All of these are stunning!!!

Cheri P on

Everything is so beautiful. I absolutely fell in love with the new foo dogs and that color is spectacular.

Diane D on

Your beautiful pieces make my heart sing!

Janet M on

So many beautiful options….but so excited to see the mini foo dogs available.

Joan on

Love those sitting emperors, they could be used in so many spaces. Thank you for so many beautiful things that unavailable locally!

Jennifer on

Beautiful collection!

Judy Kuhlman on

It’s been cloudy and cold and damp for days….this collection has brought thoughts of spring and sunshine.

Darcy on

What a lovely collection. The new colors are fabulous.

Bettyann Trible on

Your posts always make my days brighter.. lovely things to admire and to add to my bucket list.. bless you!

Lorraine Hutchinson on

Well I have looked at the fabulous array and have decided I want two of everything. Except the emperors
Of course. A smorgasbord of wonderful things that just make me feel delicious

Jan on

I love all the pieces from the recent container. It is so fun mixing the porcelain pieces. I definitely have a passion for the blue and white. It can be rearranged for a totally different look over and over again. Everything you do is beautiful. Thanks for so many uplifting pictures. We all need a spot of beauty in our lives, especially right now.

Beverly on

Every piece of the blue and white shipment is beautiful!💙🤍

Laurie on

Love the straight fishbowl. I can see so many pretty spring plantings ahead using this planter!

Cheryl Brewer on

Beautiful new items! Can’t wait to shop!

Gina Penner on

I love everyone of these pieces you have in this post and I want it all!

Mary Judith O'Malley on

Thanks Tina for the beautiful post! All the beautiful pieces make me feel like spring is around the corner! Stay well and please continue to inspire all your loyal readers.

Joy Searles on

What beautiful porcelain pieces! Love the cute giveaway.

Nancy on

Nothing beats the classics! Love your straight classic fishbowl, Item 14. The figurines around the bowl are so interesting and the detailing is perfection. So often a clay pot does not sit well inside a tapered fish bowl. Can’t beat the size either! PS Who couldn’t resist winning the small “double happiness” jar during these trying times.

Linda C on

What a gorgeous assortment of beautiful pieces there is something for everyone

Mary Anne Liljedahl on

Love item! They are beautiful and well priced. How to decide!

Sandy I. on

Beautiful assortment, in which all pieces could be used in any room to add instant elegance.

K on

Always love seeing all the new blue and white pieces!

Kathy Chandler on

I agree that a dose of blue and white can make anything better! Love everything, of course! I need that pierced garden stool in my house!

Kathy on

Well Tina, the truth is, the grand pagoda and tulipieres still take my breath away! Love them and can see them used in so many glorious ways!

Linda Beth on

What beautiful pieces in this collection! I adore the foo dogs and the garden seat!

Sara on

Everything is beautiful! I’m excited to receive my first piece.

Whitney Weigel on

Beginning a home decor transition and love the timeless look of blue and white. The double happiness flat top jar would make an excellent beginning! All products are lovely!

Sheila Brewer on

So many gorgeous pieces…it’s hard to choose!

Karen on

Blue and White porcelain is always in fashion–every season, every event–for everything! It is the one home accessory that is perfect–every year

cheryl p on

What a great selection of blue and whites! Would love to snag one of the fishbowls! As always, love the jars! Keep ’em coming!

Dana on

I need a bigger house! I have so many of your beautiful things, and am never disappointed. I have been wanting another garden seat and the one offered is stunning!

Connie D Crosby on

Love all of your blue and white items. Would love to win the double happiness jar. All of us surely need happiness
for a wonderful 2021.

Sandy W on

Beautiful new pieces. Need to find some space to put more. They are all lovely.

kesha on

Such great new beauties! I love the planters with the topiaries. The bowls are so pretty as well!

Leslie on

I have been a blue and white collector since the 1980s….i never tire of it….i still see pieces you have i want and need…..

Mary on

So much beauty in this post!

Anita on

I always look forward to seeing all of your container shipment products. Love Love the Original Large Tulipiere and the Classical Figurine Straight Fishbowl! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Tim F. on

Love the trio of sitting emperors!

Maria Clifford on

I always love the emperor figurines! I have purchased them for myself and clients and make them into lamps.

Kay on

Such beautiful pieces. Starting to incorporate some blue into my decor!

Monica on

Love these pieces. Great size variety.

Jane R on

Thank you for offering such beautiful porcelain pieces. You give us all such gorgeous inspiration.

Ann K Creighton on

As usual, these pieces are stunning. Love the large centerpiece bowl I have and cannot wait to add to my collection! Love the pink pieces–trying to think of how to incorporate them into my home.

Sherry B on

Dreaming of the centerpiece bowl filled with orchids! Everything beautiful!

Amber Keene on

I’m in love with everything! Thank you for bringing this greatness to us!

Linda Rubin on

Hi Tina, the flat top jar would make a wonderful addition to any home.
Glad you are managing to stay busy during this horrific time.
Stay safe.

Debbie on

Gosh – what a divine porcelain arrival! I love the straight sides fishbowl (#14) and the large 16” bowl (#5) and am going to figure out where I can possibly it them! Fabulous!

Emily Catalani on

The best items and prices around! Love your beautiful pieces!

Jessica G on

Love the large bowl! Item #5.

Will you be getting more of the pastel ginger jars in? I should have ordered the light pink for my daughter’s room but hesitated.. it’s so pretty and she loves pink!

Karen C on

I love it all! All of my favorite colors.

Nancy McQuillen on

Beautiful pieces!! 💗💗

Susan C. on

I have never so many beautiful blue and white items to choose from. I am enjoying my morning coffee on a gloomy day and scrolling through down through the various pieces makes me happy and envision more beautiful days.

Kelley Rather on

Absolutely stunning pieces! I’m swooning over them all!!!

Mary on

Wonderful pieces!

jan on

Always such a happy start to my morning when I can scroll through the latest arrivals. Just beginning to work with blue and white in my home and would love to own any one of your pieces. You have such great ideas. My friends always comment on my lovely wrapped gifts when I use your papers.

jan on

Always such a happy start to my morning when I can scroll through the latest arrivals. Just beginning to work with blue and white in my home and would love to own any one of your pieces. You have such great ideas.

Jordan Welch on

Oh my goodness, Item #1 is flawless!!! And the colors!!! All of your items are always beautiful, but these stand out so much. The design is beautiful and the 3 color options are absolutely gorgeous! Love, love, love!

Megan on

Just reading your posts and admiring the products brings me joy!

Anne W on

So many beautiful pieces! Loving the green! Looking forward to receiving my order. 💚💙

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New to enchanted home. You have some incredible pieces!

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I’m going to buy a new lemon tree and put in one of those fabulous large planters. I want one of everything!

Patricia Bruni on

I would be so HAPPY to win that double happiness jar!

Adrienne on

So glad I discovered you! Your pieces are so beautiful. I love everything I’ve purchased!

B. Woodring on

I am in love with the little foo dogs… fingers crossed they come in blue! Also the large fishbowl 😍

Cecelia on

Lovely blue and white porcelain. You have exquisite taste.

ValK on

Hi Tina,
Thank You for posting the most beautiful pieces. You make it very diffucult to pick one at a time to add to my collection. I look forward to your posts because there is always some great idea I cant wait to use!

Nicole on

Love checking everything out and trying to decide what to order!

RoseAnn Skrovan on

Please let me know if and when you are getting a small blue and white tulipiere.

Jackie Craft on

The beauty of each piece unfolds as you really look at each painted design. New details of each start to reveal as you admire the workmanship.

Kathleen White on

The most divine , carefully curated chinoserie accessories in blue and white and soft complimentary colors to awaken your decorating senses and even enable a pure beginner to create rooms of style and distinction.

Charlotte Davis on

Such a beautiful collection! I am an interior design major and these match my taste perfectly!

Marvin Bouchon on

Beautiful items! Really exciting.

michelle l oleary on

I love the green and white ginger jar. Looks like spring!

Deb on

What a beautiful collection. I love the color of the foo dogs.

Diane on

Gorgeous pieces! Love the jumbo foo fish bowls and giant pagodas. Go big or go home!

AFN on

Blue and white, now pink, green every wonderful color. Love 💕this post. Thanks Tina.

Sandy K. on

I would like one of everything! They are all beautiful pieces.

Marte G. on

You have taken a page out of Elsie de Wolfe’s playbook. Elsie said, “I am going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life.” Thank you for the beauty to bring into my life!

Susan Bonfield on

A truly lovely collection of blue and white.

Janet on

Absolutely love the classic bird and floral garden seat-exudes hope that Spring is right around the corner!

Susan Kayden on

Love those 3 Emperors! Beautiful collection.

Susan Kayden on

Love the 3 Emperors!!! Beautiful collection.

Jane C on

Oh my goodness! What a moment! Such beauties!!

Tracie Sullivan on

Fabulous blue and white! Prices are an excellent value. I could purchase pone of everything.

Alissa S. on

There are so many beautiful pieces, and I love how you give different ideas for using them. Those fishbowls are calling my name!

Susan DeAntonio on

How to decide? All is gorgeous!

Carolyn on

I love the shipment and cannot wait to add some pieces to my collection!

MaryM on

I love and need the new fish bowls! Love to have a couple on my deck with lemon trees in them!

Margaret Schutrumpf on

It’s raining again here on the coast of NC. Your new collection of porcelain brightens my day, Even as it does through out my house, I love it all !

Elizabeth Rooney on

Such beautiful items! Have really enjoyed your posts and website.

Jennifer on

I love the new fishbowls! Stunning!

Laurie on

Oh ! So many beauties! Love them all!

Susan M. on

Happy 2021! Your blue and white always inspires!

Dotti on

I love that 16 inch bowl. Finally pulled the trigger!

Martha Mc on

I am very tempted to add to my collection I love my bowls so much and fish bowls. Thank you for the garden stools for my patio. They came so quickly! Lovely.

Marsha Natkins on

Oh my. Such a welcome delight and the most beautiful eye candy to brighten my day.
Now to make some choices.
Thank you.

Suzanne Johnson on

Love each and every piece!!! Just beautiful, as always!!!💙💙💙

Judy M on

Everything is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Having a hard time deciding what I want to order! So exciting!

Marsha Horton on

So many pretty new items! I am loving the pink and also the green tulipieres!! So pretty for spring!

Carolyn Conner on

I owe my love of ginger jars to my maternal grandmother. I inherited her love of Chinoiserie. I treasure the few pieces of hers that were passed down to me.

Donna S on

Oh my goodness, all of these are so beautiful! Pure happiness. Now to decide which Ione I can’t live without!

Amber H on

Blue and white dreams come true thanks to The Enchanted Home! Lovely porcelains!

Jane Seegars on

Just lovely 💙💙💙

Kelli on

I just love your site and this latest shipment is fabulous!!!

Joy R Jensen on

Hi Tina,

So refreshing to see your lovely items welcoming spring. My soon-to-appear tulips would look lovely in one of your tulipieres.

Annie Bluhm on

Decisions, decisions! Placing my order soon!

Anita Morgan on

Your new items bring sunshine on a cloudy day.

Angela Middleton on

I am calling to order two of the chunky ginger jars right now! Have been waiting a while for them to return! Love every single item!

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I have been collecting export porcelains for years; your offerings would fit right in and enhance the collection in exquisite ways.

Ashley Fontaine on

I truly have never seen a more beautiful collection. Only wish I had space for every last piece!!

Sondra Wells on

Nothing is Impossible,
The word itself says
I’m Possible. 💙🤍💙
-Audrey Hepburn

Phebe on

These are lovely!

Sara on

Although blue and white is the most collectible I am loving the green additions too!

Elizabeth Powell on

Your porcelain sale sure did pick me up on a cold “brrr” day! Beautiful items and I cannot wait to see them in person. Thank you!

Debra r Robinson on

Love the ginger jars with birds. In the processof building our forever home.. Cant wait to begin my blue and white collection!!

Elizabeth Powell on

Beautiful items and I cannot wait to see them in person. Thank you!

Carrie Beth Guglielmi on

I want it all! Everything is so beautiful!!

Maureen Winchell on

Seeing your planters is making me anxious for spring!!!

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Oh so many pretties!! the fish bowls are catching my eye!

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So excited to purchase some of these beautiful items!

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I love the pair of vases from your shop that my husband gave me for Christmas!! I’m back for more — they r so beautiful!

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I get excited every time I look at blue and white pots! I especially like the idea of the lemon trees in the large fish bowls!!!

Katelaine McGee on

Can I get one of each?!

Kate on

I love everything! I am seriously thinking about getting the pink jars – what fun!

Groscost Tiffany on

So beautiful!

Maureen Hart on

Love all of your things. Am enjoying my blue pagoda lanterns so much

Maureen Hart on

I am enjoying my blue pagoda lanterns so much. Can never have too much blue and white

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Always love seeing your blue and white collection! Such beautiful pieces!

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Love it all! Just received my first order from your amazing store.

Mariae on

The most amazing pieces for anyone’s home with exquisite classic designs! Hard to pick just one.

Shaun Smith on

Love it all! Hard to decide which ginger jar to order.

Dianne Kropp on

I’m loving those two bowls and deciding on which to choose is quite a dilemma, maybe I need both!

Deb R on

Have been wanting a garden seat for so long!! They look good anywhere they are placed!

Sharon on

I am completely addicted and I am not seeking intervention.
This is my Happy Place, Thank you Tina!!!

Jessica on

We could all use a happiness jar!! Love the ginger jars too…really anything blue and white.💙

kim l Lamb on

Love it all!!!

Sally Havnen on

Can’t wait to show off the pieces that I have purchased in our new custom home that we are building. Photos of your beautiful homes inspire me!

Catherine on

Such beautiful things!! Love the mini foo dogs.

Joan Richards on

Love this selection! And happy to hear it’s already here. I’ll be calling you!

Karla on

Beautiful pieces!

Judy toline on

Love all of your items. Beautiful

Alessandra Calderon on

I’m new to your site and so excited that I found it! I adore your things!!!

Judy toline on

Gorgeous items

Susan Johnson on

I love all your pieces. I’m debating what to buy! ❤️❤️❤️

Winston’s on

Hi EH, we’re looking for a garden stool (blue and white) with a flat surface to set a coffee cup down. Could you recommend one? Thank you!

Andrea Welsh on

In one of the pictures under Item 15, there is a blue & white Chinese print salad size plate. Do you sell? How much? Or where can I find them?

Pam Cline on

Love this site! So inspiring 💕

Allyson Jackson-Steen on

This is wonderful news! Can’t wait to receive!

Kay D on

So many great items but I’m in love with the set of emperors! They make me happy!!! 🙂

Julie on

I love all of your beautiful pieces!

Corry on

I am new to the blue and white obsession – and I LOVE everything you have!

Melissa on

I love the garden stools recently ordered and received in mint condition.

Joyce on

Absolutely Beautiful!! I am hooked!!!!

Autney Nelms on

I love it all but especially the green!! So hard to find pretty green porcelain.

Maura on

So beautiful! ✨

Shelly C. on

Long live blue and white! This container of goodies is fabulous and I need one of each!

Amanda on

Love all of these pieces!! Can’t wait to add a few more to my collection 🙂

René on


Juawanna Schuller on

I love, love, love the clean, classy, and timeless appeal of blue and white porcelains! I want them all!

Regina on

I’m loving the mid sized cylinder planter. A different look!

Maggie on

Love it AlL!!

Heather on

I want it ALLLL!!!

Ms. Tracey J on

So many lovely pieces, my eyes were dancing Tina🤭🌷

Beth on

First time visiting your website. I’m in love with all of your pieces!

Amy Smith on

So many beautiful pieces! Love the ginger jars!

Darlene Talbott on

Dear Tina and Mr. Golden Retriver,
Thank you for all of your beautiful blues and white porcelain containers/vases. They are beautiful. I started collecting blue and white porcelain when I was In my early twenties. That has been a long, long time ago. I feel it never goes out of style. You have so many unusual porcelain selections in so many different sizes. My favorite of all the above choices is Item # 14, Classic figurine straight fish bowel. I love the size and the capability of being able to use it for multiple things. You are always so generous in offering giveaways, makes it fun! Everyone loves something new.
Cheers for 2021. Love your blog and all your shop items. PS your pup is beautiful Love Goldens

Daniele on

The Foo dogs color is so unique. I love them.

Brenda Pavan on

Your new shipment is melting me! The garden seat and the lemon trees in the planters are calling my name. What a wonderful way to begin 2021 by winning the precious double happiness flat top jar! Thank you for sharing your creativity with all of us!

Mary Martin on

I planted my first spring bulb garden in fall. I think I need a Tulipiere!

Laurie Ward on

Absolutely love the new mossy green pieces!

Rachael W on

I adore the garden seat….would look darling on my screened porch!

Helen Clapham on

Just received my standing Emporers from the states (I live in uk). Soooo happy. Will buy more. Thank you

Susan H on

really like the garden seat

Mary RS on

As usual the selection is all so beautiful… but my heart sings when I look at the floral bird garden seat… I think of Spring and think, “Maybe I do have room for one more.” 🙂

Kim on

Absolutely beautiful collection. Blue and white done right! I’m hoping for some beautiful medium blue tulipieres in the next shipment. Thank you for your uplifting posts which are always appreciated, but especially now during these trying times!

Mickey on

So much to chose from!! What to do?

Peggy Mae on

All the pieces are beautiful. I love seeing the green added to the collection.

Joan on

Tina, your antiqued ‘chunky series’ jars are still on my ‘Most Wanted’ wish list!
I was lucky enough to purchase a pair of your garden seats from a neighbor who was moving and they look gorgeous between the three wood chaise lounges on my patio, the perfect spot to rest a glass of ice tea (or something stronger!).

Carmen Roberts on

Gorgeous pieces!

Sharon F on

Love the pink jars with the village and trellis design. A pair of these would just shout Spring!!!

Andrea on

So many beautiful pieces! I keep going back and looking at everything over and over! Thank you Tina!

Kim Gay on

It’s blue and white heaven!

Sandra on

In the process of packing house to move. So not the best time to be ordering porcelains-but who can resist these beauties!!

Elizabeth Smith on

The trio of Sitting Emperors is exquisite!

Elizabeth Smith on

As soon as I hit Send on my last comment, I asked myself when I am going to learn my lesson about waiting to order something and then losing out. (I am still kicking myself for not ordering that gorgeous Ormolu box). I have finally learned my lesson and have ordered the Sitting Emperors. I must have them and they will be mine!

Carrie Hanger on

All of the new pieces are so pretty!

Alix on

Love all of these!!!! Want to use them for my wedding

Barb on

Thanks for the blue and white fix. Love, love, love it all!

Carol Deegler on

Love your website and your puppy is precious!

Dee on

A breathtaking bonanza of classic blue and white chinoiserie! Absolutely dreamy decor that would add something special to any home. Thank you for the beauty #enchanted home #classichome
# grandmillenial

Peggy on

Love all your beautiful porcelain, especially the pink pieces!

Moreen on

All of these items are beautiful! Wish I could one of each!!

Mary Buckley Sutton on


Donna Wilson on

Loving the tulipieres!! Getting that spring feeling!!🌷🌷🌷

Judith Gurney on

Always love the tulipiers!!! Favorites!

Lorraine C on

I love it all! Blue and white is my hearts delight!!! I love that you still close with a picture of Teddy.

Camille on

Love those jumbo fishbowls — I have a large potted palm that is outgrowing it’s current pot and the blue and white fish bowl would go great with my other Enchanted Home purchases!

Karenann S. on

All the pieces in the January shipment are so beautiful. I absolutely love the ginger jars!

miranda fox on

I just love your blog! We are building a new house on Captains Island in Charleston and love looking at your blog for inspiration. Can’t wait to order some of your beautiful pieces for our new home.

Ann on

So many beautiful pieces of porcelain in your presale is quite tempting. I can picture them all to add to my collection. Really thinking about a large fishbowl!

Sharon F. on

Love the pink jars with village and trellis design. A pair of these just shouts Spring!

Kathryn on

Your beautiful blue and white collection brings sunshine to our homes. I especially like the sitting Emperors each holding something. The different color pieces are very eye catching.

Marsha Natkins on

Hi there,
I have to start small so the Foo Dogs are a fabulous way to do that. Thank you.
Can’t wait!

Cindi L. DuBois on

Love your shop!! Wishing you much success ❤️

Rebecca Cope on

Beautiful! Gives me hope for Spring! 🙂

Rebecca Cope on

Beautiful love it all

Nancy Caswell on

To “take in beauty” has been my daily practice during this pandemic and odd year. Your blog and Instagram posts are certainly filled with beautiful things! The products I have purchased from you over the years provide beauty in my home.
I am grateful to have discovered The Enchanted Home!

Charlotte Gibson on

I can see why you are so excited over these they are exquisite.

Leesa McCharen on

I love mixing your new pieces with my antique blue and white. It adds depth and a whole new dimension to my collection.

Elizabeth on

Love your porcelain, Tina! Need you to consult on my mantle at home. You’re the best in the biz.

Suzanne Johnson on

Everything is beautiful as always!!! Love, love, love!!!

JoAnn on

Is it time I get one of those gorgeous straight sided fish bowls?

Linda mathis on

The blue and white ginger jars are stunning. This look gives life to 2021.

Mary Ann Elgin on

I love all the blue and white. I am slowly changing every room in my house to having blue and white as the main decor in the room or having just a few blue and white pieces. I love forward to reading your blog every week. I can’t wait to see the decor in your new home in South Carolina. The beautiful things in your blog brighten my day!

Francine on

A beautiful new collection almost is exciting! The blue & white (and green and pink) beauty temporarily banishes thoughts of the looming cold grey skies that bring snow. Can’t wait to fill these charming pieces with spring flowers!

Cathy Adams on

I love all your beautiful blue and white pieces.

L Herzog on

So many beautiful pieces but #14, the straight fish bowl, is my favorite!

Mary Ann E on

I love all the blue and white. I am slowly changing every room in my house to having blue and white as the main decor in the room or having just a few blue and white pieces. I love forward to reading your blog every week. I can’t wait to see the decor in your new home in South Carolina. The beautiful things in your blog brighten my day!

Mary Pickett on

Every thing is fabulous! You make it so hard to choose!

Ann on

So many beautiful choices! Loving the straight fishbowl pieces.

Ann on

So many beautiful pieces! Love the foo dog jumbo bowl.

Marcia Moorhead on

Love the Village scene design.

Linda B Gullotta on

Love, love, love all the blue and white. I’m addicted! I want them all………….

Kim D. on

Every piece is stunning but oh those tulipieres….they make my heart go pitter-patter!

Kathryn on

What an awesome Container filled with Treasures! Love the Pagodas.

Terry Saint on

So many blue and
White to choose from!

Eileen on

They are all so beautiful. Item 19, the bowl is so gorgeous and functional.

Jan Carden on

Love the antique finish on the pheasant jars!!

Judith Poremba on

Love it all!`

Jennifer Reece on

Love it all, and in fact, I have many of these pieces from EH! You have added so much beauty to my home!

Laura Koning on

I love the pots with plants! It makes me happy!!

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