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Good Sunday afternoon. Had a glitch with the mail server who sends our emails so hopefully you are finally getting this, though much later than usua. Better late than never I supposed:) First order of business is to announce the winner of our darling double happiness jar giveaway. Congratulations goes to-


Debbie on

Gosh – what a divine porcelain arrival! I love the straight sides fishbowl (#14) and the large 16” bowl (#5) and am going to figure out where I can possibly it them! Fabulous!

Please email us at [email protected] to provide your shipping info. Thank you!


Hope everyone is doing well. Doesn’t it feel like the loooong month of January will never end? Its been brutally cold and frankly a rather dismal month. However my business has truly been a bright spot for me, I feel so lucky to be able to create and design and watch my dreams materialize into products that I think the market needs.

Let’s just say if there was one good thing that came from Covid, its giving me plenty of time to react, design and manufacture all kinds of beautiful things heading this way. Beyond that I greatly miss all the things I think many of us took for granted, seeing friends whenever wherever, city outings, parties, weddings, restaurant outings, travel. Oh how I miss travel, getting on a plane and starting a new adventure, perhaps one thing I miss most!

It is definitely a time that many of us feel disconnected from our previous lives and selves. Just know, that  this is not forever. There is light at the end of this very dark tunnel and when we do get back to normal life, think of the deeper much more profound meaning everything will have. I know that is the case for me.

Onwards we go to this Sundays post-



1  FLOWER POWER Nothing like flowers to get me smiling….they just make me so happy. I am absolutely amazed at my amaryllis. These are from early Dec. They are still blooming like mad! Wish I could chalk it up my superior green thumb but I think its that they are very happy in their warm sunny spot with their daily dose of water. I am sure my oohing and ahhing over them. might play a small part too. At this rate will have them for Valentines Day!

Found it so fascinating that these were a bright cherry red amaryllis and now they have changed into a dark, sultry moody red, quite beautiful! Nature is so amazing.

Still has about 4-5 more blooms ready to burst open, the gift that keeps on giving

Even the white now is blooming with red tips…fascinating! Nature never ceases to amaze

2  SOME FABULOUS PRESS! It is always an absolute thrill to see The Enchanted Home on the glossy pages of my favorite magazines. I will never give up my magazines, to touch and feel them (and keep a huge close full of them:) no digital version can ever compare to a real live magazines in my opinion. I keep my favorites and have a huge collection I cannot part with.

Was so excited to see our beautiful painted chinoiserie lanterns in this months gorgeous Traditional Home!!! So incredibly exciting!

And in the beautiful new edition of Southern Lady, our gorgeous scalloped navy place mat was featured! Haven’t gotten the high res pictures back yet



3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So much beauty out there. I can always count on Instagram to give me my daily dose of beauty, inspiration and a frequent desire to do a little redecorating:)

4 PREVIEW OF NEW ITEMS COMING IN! We have so many exciting things happening over here, it’s like Christmas year round:) First a peek at some of the fabulous new tea caddy lamps heading this way very soon (will be here late Feb/early March). We will be doing a presale on the entire shipment in a few weeks, stay tuned:)

And some favorites just out of production on their way now!

Our incredible raised cherry blossom flat tops are done…woo hoo!

So excited about new wicker breakfast tray! We are offering it in 4 fabulous colors, navy, white, pale blue and a pale pink. Here is a preview!

5.THE SOCIAL DILEMMA I had spoken about this months ago but it bears repeating, since we just watched it two nights ago. I am still so fascinated (and a little scared) of the place technology has in our lives. You talk into a Starbucks and it is no longer just the young kids glued to their devices, it is everyone. All ages. I cannot exclude myself but can say I have made a concerted effort to limit the time I am on my phone particularly at night as I see how it sucks you in. I know I can handle it but I do wonder and worry about the next generation.What is this creating? How will this tech dependency change the most basic fundamental way human being interact with one another?

With such advanced and always improving algorithms, technology’s  hold on us is only getting stronger. Don’t know what the answer is but I think admission that there is problem that needs to be addressed is the first step. Kudos to those silicone valley execs who were not afraid to come out and speak out about this. If you haven’t seen this yet, it is most definitely worth watching. Very fascinating.


6. MY AMAZINGLY TALENTED CUSTOMERS I just LOVE getting your pictures featuring our products. It brings an instant smile to my fave and is the ultimate validation for what I do what I do… make me look so good:)

I am thinking of having a photo contest, Enchanted Home Love, which will be open to any pictures containing our products. I think I will announce it very soon so start planning your entry picture! Meanwhile here are some beatitudes that I recently go

Rater obsessed with our 20″ wicker box planters in this most elegant entry of one of of customers


7  SUNDAYS SURVEY I am having a 10 year itch to do a little redecorating. I was having this conversation with a friend about what point in living in a home can you warrant redoing or tweaking things? I think 10 years seems reasonable. I am not talking anything drastic involing construction but would classify them more as “decorative redos”.

I can say I do still love everything I have done but every time I see a new wallpaper or a gorgeous pillow, it has me wanting to reinvent some of my spaces. Take for example my bedroom, we moved in with this furniture so we have had it for nearly 15 years now. I am ready for something new, I want a tufted upholstered bed, maybe even some pale chinoiserie walls, I have it all mapped out in my overactive imagination:)

I also am still working off a tiny desk in my sons room as “my office”. Ridiculous! It’s my own fault as I have not taken the time to create my own home office yet, but its very much high on the list of my 2021 to do list. I will be clearing out my oldest son’s room and converting to my home office. Speaking of offices my work office is almost done and I could not be more in love with it. I can’t wait to show you the finished product!

We have toyed with the idea of moving but my husband has decided he will never sell this house. So if we are staying for good then I say its time to do a little redoing. Curious at what point you think redoing things is “justifiable”


Starting today…channeling spring fever! Spend $150 or more on our fabulous porcelain bunnies and eggs collection and receive our beautiful cherry blossom porcelain tray as a free gift (no code necessary)

Click here to see collection

That’s a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the post. It is always so nice to know you stopped in and that so many of you make TEH part of your Sunday morning rourtine. I cannot imagine starting a Sunday without them myself. Hope everyone is staying safe and is well, enjoy your Sunday! Until next time……

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For me, the amount of living done in a room dictates the timeline of “re-do”. Of course, the smallest room in our home gets all of the action – a den off the kitchen. So in our 25 years here, it’s had 3 sets of couches and many rugs and coats of paint! Also, Tina, would you consider offering quality tapers? The only place I can find my tried-and-trues is Amazon, and I think the quality has subsided. Would love to see your take on tapers… both color and shape. Thank you for considering!

I love my magazines too and have a late cupboard full! It is amazing how many decorative designs come back around and color palettes. Once you have the design bug for beauty it never goes away-and beautiful design magazines keep it alive as well as your bogs and wonderful site.

That must be really gratifying to see your merchandise in magazines! I agree with you about magazines, I like to hold and thumb through magazines. Some aren’t as big as they used to be, but it’s not the same looking at them online. Call me old school, I guess.

The flat top cherry blossom jars are gorgeous, especially the blush pink. Just redid a guest room in blush pink and that jar would look so pretty in there. I just tweaked the colors and I’ve only been in this house four years, so in answer to your survey, I change decor whenever the spirit moves me.

I know that you are always looking for good programs to watch. I just finished Madame C.J. Walker, starring Octavia Spencer. It is on Netflix and worth the viewing.

Love the sweet photo of Teddy running in the snow. My sister just had to put down her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, which she had for nine years. I called her to comfort her and we cried together over Facetime. Our fur babies are so difficult to say goodbye to.

This is the best blog as far as I’m concerned and the only one that I subscribe to. I look forward to seeing “The Enchanted Home” in my email each Sunday. (For some reason I didn’t see that today.) I’m so glad I found this Sunday’s blog after googling for it.
I love the interesting stories you tell Tina and the beautiful pictures of so many items for sale. I like seeing the movie suggestions and the voting on items of interest. I love the beautiful planters newly featured for sale and I will always favor wicker planters. They are never out of style. Most of all I love your style. It is charming and magical.

How exciting to have items featured in a magazine. That is so fun. I love the planters. Beautiful.
The patterns on the ginger jars are just gorgeous!

You must feel such wonderful satisfaction at the beautiful photos from your clients. The photos posted above were just lovely. Having a contest sounds like a wonderful idea.

We are in the middle of completely redoing our house from top to bottom. It’s the first redo/refresh since we moved into it in 1987 – 34 years ago! I am hating it. I hate my home being torn up and I hate the process is decluttering. I know some people love to do it, but it just makes me anxious, though I WILL be happy to get rid of the olive green kitchen sink and countertops that were put in when house was built in 1974! 😊

So happy to read many others save magazines 🙂 Many years before Pinterest I started files of favorite ones. Speaking of Pinterest, I can no longer pin from this site. Sad, because I love your designs and post from Instagram. Happy to see so many new products coming soon.

Wicker is everywhere now a days! Planters, ginger jars and love the tables and ottomans that look like they are skirted! I bought two of the wicker planters before I saw you were carrying them too but had them lacquered and they turned out amazing!

I can’t get pins to work from your site. Loved the pictures today, but as has happened several times recently, just couldn’t get it to work anymore. I noticed someone else had trouble as well. Anyone know why this is and how I can fix it?

Are you planning another order of the faux lemon trees? I would be interested in 2 to use in the wicker planters I bought from you.

Young people communicate with each other through their electronics and social media; probably the only thing keeping most of them sane (Young people suicide rate is up) through the draconian state lockdowns which the government somehow continuously shoves down the throat of the sheeple. I reside in two states and chuckle in horror at the no difference in deaths
between the one in severe lockdown and the one without. Wake up folks. And while the China virus (sorry, Joebama) is real; the death rates along with covid rates have been inflated to affect our way of life; taking our liberties away. I am glad my teenage grandsons have fishing, backyard ice hockey and gaming to keep themselves occupied. At least they aren’t watching the boob tube except when they invite their friends over to watch a movie in the theatre room with popcorn, etc. – just like the old days with no social distancing. I am starting to believe the young people are way smarter than the supposed adults.

BTW, I am continuously changing the decor of my rooms on the fly so to speak. Amvets and my daughters are the recipients of some of items that were replaced (and the garage where I store everything).

We have lived in our home for 16 years the longest we have lived anywhere. I have redone my bedroom three times. and the same for the living room.the library has also seen three different versions. Three seems to be my number. I’m loving the way my home looks and functions now. The loggia has also changed from warm colors to blue and white. Surprised?

Such a pretty post as usual. I had anxiety when I didn’t get it in my box yesterday haha.
Adore all your beautiful new products, you are nailing it ever time Tina!! Those lamps oh my, I need several!

I share your sentiments about the dramatic change in lifestyle and yes, I like you, feel very disconnected from my parents, my siblings and many friends. But I know this will pass eventually and as you have said many times it will afford us great appreciation for things we took for granted.

People like Amjean above scare me! The term sheeple is ridiculous. Covid is very real and if anything the numbers have been underplayed not the opposite. My husband is a physician in Dallas and does a tremendous amount of research on infectious diseases and those in the medical community by and large agree the numbers have been underreported so people like Amjean need to stop spreading lies. Taking liberties away? Wow shows how little concern you have for your fellow American.

Wearing a mask and social distancing is hardly a lot to ask to get this under control. I have no patience for that kind of rhetoric. SCIENCE MATTERS!!

Thanks Tina for all you do in making our lives so much prettier:-)

Spectacular post in every way! I am constantly decorating and redecorating. I say life is short so do what makes you happy (as long as you can afford it of course) I did a new kitchen 8 years ago but regretted the silver gray color we were talked into so last year redid all the cabinets in a pretty soft white and theres not a day I don’t walk into my kitchen that I feel so happy about that decision. Have a great day, Tina.

Always tweeking something, have lived in our home for 38 years and redoing master bedroom for the 5 th time. Finally ordered a upholstered bed yesterday😀

I like seeing your items in magazines. So glad to see Traditional Home back on the stands. I also am unable to pin to pinterest from your blog. I used to be able to. I noticed a couple of other readers remarked on this.

Just watched; ‘Beyond The Curb: Home of Courtney Petit by Shelley Johnstone’, on the Potted Boxwood blog where a lot of your beautiful blue & white is displayed and you get a ‘shout out’ to Enchanted Home and special hi to Tina in the video home tour👍 I’m sure you have seen it and I think you must link it for your readers to enjoy!

I love everything you design. It is a great fit for so many homes. Would you consider designing beautiful table cloths? They are so hard to find and know you would choose beautiful fabrics. Please give it some thought.

Hi Tina, Thank you for yet another beautiful post. I have made the pasta e fagiole soup recipe that you posted recently, and it is so delicious, my husband and I could eat it every day for forever! Here in Dallas it is never really very cold, but that soup puts me in a cozy mood while I pretend it is snowing outside :). Would it be possible for you to post photographs of the beautiful tole tables so that we could see them in use? They look so pretty. Also, I would like to gently suggest that political comments be relegated to other formats, as they really ruin the otherwise peaceful escapism that your blog provides. I am an RN who has been working during this wretched pandemic, and my husband is also a physician here in Dallas. We are all struggling in our own way to get through this, and reading political rants on either side is not enjoyable. As always, Tina, you are a much appreciated breath of fresh air. Thank you so much for helping us all survive these difficult days. xo

Greetings Tina!

I share the same sentiments as Sherry. Tina please edit the comments on your site. Many of us come to your blog for the happy and peaceful tone that you set. Its the only time that I can get away from all the trials and tribulations of the world today. This week has left sort of a black mark on what we all enjoy about your blog, and would not like to see it turn into a place to leave political comments.

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