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Good Sunday morning to you! Hope you are having a nice weekend. Well,  I am starting to turn a corner and slowly getting better but it’s slow going and today remains another day at home taking care of myself and being sure I feel 100% very soon! What a winter, between the snow, gloomy skies, being sick…..not for the faint of heart.

I was so touched at how many sent me meals (one friend who sent me an entire box of homemade goodies) and flowers, made me feel so incredibly loved. And I am sure that’s one of the most important ingredients to getting better, love can do wonders!

Don’t know about you but I am so ready for spring. Cannot come soon enough. Craving the smell of fresh cut grass, beautiful fragrant flowers and a soft spring breeze blowing through my hair, sounds so enticing. Soon enough….there is light at the end of this tunnel friends! Moving along to this weeks Seven on Sunday-



1 I AM A NEW AUNT AGAIN! I had to share my nieces newest fur baby, Sailor. You know I am a sucker for goldens:) He is such a darling little chunkster, goldens are the cutest puppies in my opinion. My sister has raved about the breeder as well so including that information for someone who might be considering a golden!  The breeder  is DD Goldens, click here for more information.

Am I tempted? Of course I am but I am also a pragmatist and just recognize at this stage in my life, its not the right time. Plus I do have Mr Duke!

2 THE MOST BEAUTIFUL  EDIBLE CONFECTIONS When  I found this account on Instagram I felt like I died and went to confectionery heaven:) I mean these are just so breathtaking, I cannot imagine cutting into one. The Royal Copenhagen and Wedgewood inspired cakes are so delicate and stunning, then I saw that basket cake and wow! Click here to see more of the amazing creations from Maison Olivia


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST A bounty of beauty this weekend, from beautiful interiors and spring like inspiration with a few cute pet and tantalizing food pics thrown in for good measure.


4 WHAT A CHARMING COTTAGE To me, it looks like way more than a cottage but this mountainside getaway home is so beautiful, the perfect combination of coziness and beauty. I could imagine being cocooned up in this lovely home all winter long:) Such a beautifully layered home that will surely stand the test of time. A lot to love packed into this 3000 sq ft charmer!  Click here to read more about it over at Atlanta Homes Magazine


5  ENCHANTED HOME IN HOUSE BEAUTIFUL! Loved seeing our bird and floral porcelain vase featured in the new edition of House Beautiful. This is the renovation edition and it’s one of their best yet! I was thrilled to see our vase in the stylish Rufino Report among other beautiful ideas. Always such a thrill!

This beautiful issue will be on newstands this Tues, Feb 23rd. You can also visit House Beautiful online, click here


6 NEW GOODIES! You are always the first to see what is new on the horizon. Love love love these new wastepaper basket and tissues styles! Will be here in about 4-5 weeks. CANNOT WAIT!

And how fabulous is this new Isabella mirror in five perfectly colored scalloped versions! Am in love with these:)

And not to be outdone, we have a wonderful silver shipment coming in a few weeks which will include some new arrivals. Say hello to to these standouts, our two newest chargers being added to the charger collection!


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY So with it finally looking like there’s a light at the end of a very very long tunnel with Covid, HALLELUJAH!!!! I mean its not happening tomorrow but surely as the year rolls on, by almost all accounts things are going to get better and better. Will what we have been through this last year change the way you do things when things are totally back to normal?

Will it make you appreciate certain things perhaps that you took for granted pre Covid? Maybe motivate you to take a trip you had put off? See friends more often because you now realize the value of in person physical meets up? Curious what you think. For me, a resounding YES. It has given me pause to think and reevaluate so much and when things get back to normal, I will look for the celebration in even the smallest things. Check all that apply.


There you have my Sunday post, hope you enjoyed it. Love hearing from and if something in particular caught your interest today, do tell! Wishing everyone a great and relaxing day, hope the sun is shining and that the weather is calm wherever you might be. Lordy knows we have had quite enough to last the entire remainder of winter. Bring spring on! Until next time…..

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Amanda Catuara on

I love this blog. It’s the one thing on my Sunday that slows me down to soak in the material offered. So colorful in pictures and in words. I’m glad you’re feeling better Tina. As odd as it sounds, this is the longest my daughter has ever gone without being sick. Over a year now. We think it could be from mask wearing and due to the California winds (the windiest this year yet) her allergies haven’t bothered her so much. We never take for granted the beautiful weather we have each day and truly enjoy when it rains:)
In fact, my son who claims he doesn’t like California where he grew up just came back from Seattle, Washington (he works at Microsoft which is an online job for now) and he is over the top with happiness just to be in sunny southern California.

Ms. Tracey J on

I long for warmer spring weather and blooms, just not the accompanying allergies 🤭 what a lovely day Saturday was here in GA. I had the car washed as did everyone in town practically. The lines were out to the main road. We all have cabin fever in some way, we long for warmth🌞

Leslie B on

Sailor is so cute! nothing like snuggling with a new puppy😊

Those cakes are incredible I am always amazed at the talent of so many bakers. Most definitely not my personal forte.

We talk often about how we are going to do things a little differently post pandemic. My husband has already decided that we are going to start traveling a lot more and he’s not going to get an argument out of me!

It also makes us value and appreciate those that we are closest to in our life, family and friends. We cannot wait to get together again with no worries. My stepdaughter had to cancel her wedding but it has now been rescheduled to be a winter wedding in Aspen in December, can’t wait.

Lastly your new products are stunning love the chargers, mirrors and wastepaper baskets. Well done!

Teena Tucker on

I know that masks helped to keep us all safe through the worst of COVID, however, I will be so happy when they are no longer required. My sister just spent two days in the hospital on IV antibiotics because a place on her face due to mask wearing, developed cellulitis. If there’s one thing we need to do to stop the spread of EVERYTHING, is please try never to cough or sneeze around others ~ it’s common courtesy ~ I dash for the door to outside or a bathroom if I have to cough or sneeze ~ then spray with Lysol or similar product after a cough or sneeze. We all need to work on this together 🙏🏻
On a completely different note ~ We need to all work together to get all of our once beautiful magazines to stop putting the bar codes on the front of the magazine! They need to go on the back ~ Remember when Veranda had barcode on the back and nothing but Veranda and a beautiful picture on the front…… that is how a classy magazine should look! No verbiage or barcodes on the front, please 😆

Eileen on

Have you ever seen such a Cute wastebasket!! You have outdone yourself on that one!! I’m happy you are feeling better. I’m having my second covid shot this week and expect to be knocked off my pins temporarily. I’m not complaining…I’m very happy to be receiving it.

Elizabeth on

Oh Tina, I feel the same way about goldens and I hate to say it but every dog I encounter I think, so cute BUT …. nothing compares to a golden. After having my golden a cream English Retriever (who by the way was the biggest chunker a solid 32lbs at 11 weeks) for 12 yrs) what I realized was that they are closest to humans in character and personality and Ive had dogs all my life since I was born. My daughter has one who is 7yrs old and he’s close to my Chester in reading me. At 65 I want one so bad but feel I wouldn’t do the dog justice and these dogs are really meant for families with kids that’s when they really shine.

Deborah on

Enjoyed your post as always. I am very glad you are feeling better and was wondering if you have had your COVID vaccine yet? I have had my first shot and am scheduled to receive the second shot on March 3rd.. I know it has been a horrible roll out in terms of getting signed up to get the shot and was just curious about it in your area.. I am in rural Virginia and I have to say our area has done a remarkable job and I am so grateful. Stay warm!

joni cohen on

love the beautiful cakes and of course love your placement in House Beautiful. I always wanted a golden but I know nothing about caring for them as I have only had bulldogs. I will have to research more . Have a great rest of your weekend

Judy Johnson on

What is the name of the IG you featured that cut off the name? All that I can see is “thetimeles” the rest is cut off. Can you please provide the name of that IG?

Suzanne on

So glad you are feeling better. Thank you for another beautiful Seven on Sunday , it’s one of my favorite parts of day!!

Melissa on

What I really missed was going to live performances of opera, and seeing the various opera scholars that we have supported singing in their various productions. We were always busy trying to get to their performances and support them and it gave us enormous pleasure to see them competing for various prestigious prizes or having a small role in a wonderful production.
It breaks my heart that our performing artists have been so hard hit by all of this. Not only is their career impacted, but their secondary means of earning money, which is normally in hospitality, was also badly hit.

I also greatly missed travel. Living in Australia, our border has been closed for our outward bound travel since March and I understand that it will remain so for all the rest of this year. While there is much to see and do in my own country, our state borders have been closed for most of that time and only just reopened to some states a few weeks ago, only to close again last week! I have a few trips planned for next year, including the Passion play at Oberammergau, and I hope to get to Egypt for the 80th anniversary of the Desert Campaign where Rommel was defeated at El Alamein, and where my Grandfather was KIA. I hope to visit his grave on the anniversary of his death.

While it is possible to live very happily doing much less, it is living a smaller life, and I do want to live life to the full and experience all that I can while I am still healthy and mobile.

Australia is finally about to start the vaccinations, and I hope that it will stop our snap lockdowns which so hurt our businesses. Last week, with 15 cases in our state, our Premier ordered a snap total lockdown, with no leaving home apart from 1 hour exercise and for food and medical needs and only within 5 km of home. That was the Friday before Valentine’s Day and the poor restaurants and florist (flowers were not considered food and were not permitted to trade!) who had masses of supplies in and full bookings, had their businesses shut down! He, unfortunately, wants total eradication but can’t manage hotel quarantine, so we keep getting our quarantine hotel workers catching COVID and passing it onto their families which triggers a lockdown to stop the spread, once that number rises to about 15. Once the vaccines come, I hope that the hotel workers can get their jabs and stop that source of spread.

Loving your new products, and especially that dear little mirror.

Dorothy on

Thank you for making my day with those adorable cakes!! Great eye, Tina!! Hope each day brings you closer to restored health. And thank you for sharing your spot on talent for beauty & design…

Dianne D on

I absolutely love the new waste paper basket & tissue holder …can’t wait for the blue & white ones 💙

Sandy on

Just ordered two breakfast bed treys. So excited about their functionality and how pretty they are so ordered one for my daughter as well as myself. Just a thought since you have so many lovely wicker items. I love door wreaths ( I have a double door in front) but have been looking for wicker flat backed baskets to display with seasonal florals. Maybe that would be something people might enjoy?? Just a thought. It is very difficult to find them but you always have creative items to present to your customers.

Donna DeMarino on

In the first picture of Sailor, it’s the little tongue that gets me…

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