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Hello! Our much anticipated  spring wicker presale starts now!! A few words about this collection. These beautiful wicker confections have been alive in my mind for quite a while so it was a thrill to finally put them into production! Really excited about this collection and the feedback has been fantastic. A huge benefit to me being a direct importer is the ability to make these incredible affordable.

Our first shipment of these will be here in about 4-5 weeks. So this is a presale, an opportunity for you to purchase whatever you have had your eye on and snag it at special presale pricing. When they arrive your orders ship right out. Besides getting a special price, the big advantage is getting something that often sells out before they arrive.

If you miss out, we will get another shipment sometime in April.  Please read over the presale rules, especially if you are new to these below. Any questions feel free to give us a call.

  • There are two ways to order- call or email only. 1-800-804-9565 (9-5 EST Mon- Friday)  or email your order request to [email protected]
  • IF ORDERING VIA EMAIL- You MUST include your name, shipping address, item number and quantity (color if applicable) See example end of this post
  • If we can fulfill your email request you will get an invoice that is payable online, all invoices must be paid within 12 hours
  • An order request does not guarantee an order, only a paid invoice does
  • Limited quantities, subject to availability
  • This sale is on for 3 days
  • These items are due here within about 5-6 weeks and will ship upon receipt (first shipment between early and mid April and second shipment later April)
  • Shipping is extra and these are final sale
  • International? We do ship some items internationally, for info please email [email protected]
  • Wholesale? We will start offering this line to our wholesale customers as of mid April. You can register for a trade account here
  • Questions? Give us a call at 800-804-9565


Any purchase over $300 will receive our incredible 2021 desktop calendar as a free gift!!

And now onto the goodies!


ITEM 1. Our incredible pagoda dog bed is coming!! There is nothing quite like this and we are incredibly excited about this beautiful work of art. A wicker pagoda. bed, what could be more stylish! Finally a dog bed that will beautifully into even the most sophisticated interiors:) This is one size only and is meant for a small dog/pet. For the ultimate pampered pet:)

One size- measures 32″ x wide 21″ x length 30″

Presale price $425.00

Includes green/white cushion or blue/white cushion (not shown) Please indicate first choice when ordering

ITEM 2 Say hello to our fabulous new colored wicker box planters! My imagination has been working overtime on how and where I will use these, so many ideas! Offered in four amazing sizes and four fabulous colors.

These do not have a liner, you can purchase an inexpensive liner at any hardware store. While you could use these outside, they are not intended to withstand the elements (rain, etc…).

Simply amazing for any kind of flower, plant, lemon tree, topiary, endless possibilities!


8″ x 8″ $60.00

10″ x 10″ $75.00

12″ x 12″ $90.00

20″ x 20″ $190.00

Colors- White, pale blue, navy and pale green

ITEM 3 And our incredible new colored wicker ginger jars are equally fabulous. I can see so many uses and places for these beauties. Can’t decide which color I love more, can you? Available in 4 sizes and 4 colors!


8″ $70.00

12″ $90.00

14″ $110.00

16″ $130.00

Colors- White ,navy, pale pink, pale green and pale blue

ITEM 4 Our fabulous wicker breakfast trays are sure to be a hit, bringing back this timeless classic! I am so ready! Offered in four fabulous colors! These are hard to find and I have had it on my mind to bring them back for awhile….everyone needs a stylish breakfast tray!

Measures-28″ length 16’5″ wide and height 11″ (opening in center measures 18″)


Colors-  White, navy, pale pink and pale blue


ITEM 5 This incredible urn on pedestal is a showstopper. Seriously has me wanting to plan a party (or a wedding even better! Sold separately or as a set, these make an incredible and dramatic statement.

***We have limited numbers coming in on an earlier shipment (within the next 2 weeks so some orders will be shipping out very soon. The rest will ship on the big container in about 4-5 weeks***

Urn measures 13″ x 18.5″

Pedestal measures 11″ x 34″

Height with urn on top of pedestal 52″ tall

Urn only $175.00

Urn with pedestal $335.00

ITEM 6 Say hello to our new Isabella mirror! I am in love with this and already planning on where I might use one or two:) Offered in 5 fabulous colors, this scalloped beauty will add instantly style wherever it is placed.

Measures 45″ round

Colors- pale blue, navy, pale green, pale pink and white

$155.00 presale price

ITEM 7 This incredible scalloped console table is so incredibly gorgeous. Has me wanting to do an entire room around this piece! Beautiful scalloped wicker design on this chic table. We do not have our professional pictures back yet but these give you a good idea.

We are getting a limited number of these within the next 10 days so some orders will ship out very soon, the rest in 4-5 weeks. *All furniture must ship via freight, we do not charge at time of invoicing. You will be billed at time of shipping for freight charge.

Measures 43″w x 12″d x 33″h


ITEM 8 And this equally stunning scalloped stool/end table is a beauty. I like the height and the fact that it doubles as a stool or a very stylish end table. Beautiful scalloped wicker design.

We are getting a limited number of these within the next 10 days so some orders will ship out very soon, the rest in 4-5 weeks.

Measures 18″ at it’s widest point by 33″ tall



Well that should meet your pretty quota for the day! Lots to love and to me, wicker never looked better than seeing it in all these scrumptious colors. Makes me so excited for spring and summer, and who knows….maybe even eventually I will be planning a get together to showcase these exquisite pieces. Any questions feel free to give us a call at 800-804-9565. Thank you and enjoy your day! Until next time…..


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Excited for this, been waiting. I put an alarm on my phone when it was presale time 🤭

Your collection of wicker is incredible. I love each and every piece. The scalloped table Is a showstopper….

Other shops carrying this line also have the draped ottoman, will you also add those ?

Am totally in love with the Scalloped Tables! Now, if I can just convince my hubby that we should add on that 3-season room so that I’ll have a place for both pieces!

Absolutely love my blue chinoiserie bowl I received today. Its size is so perfect for chilling bottles of wine & champagne!. Cannot wait to use it!

You should feel rightfully proud of this collection, it is the prettiest I have seen. I have so many ideas running through my head because I am planning a summer bridal shower for my daughter and I could see many of these pieces being used as part of the decor, off to brainstorm!

Brava to a beautiful colllection of goodies! While I love them all I am particularly fond of the planters and ginger jars😁

Love the scallop tables! Any chance they would come in other colors in the future? Different sizes?

Jane Sue Seegars from Camden SC
I really love all your beautiful products. Simply lovely 💙💙

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