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Good evening everyone! Hope this finds you well and staying safe. Every now and then I like to change things up and post in the evening. Variety is the spice of life:)

As many of you know I have been sick and many of you have emailed out of concern asking if I had Covid and the answer is yes, nearly 3 weeks ago I was diagnosed. I was STUNNED, you could have knocked me over with a feather. Me, who won’t go to restaurants, doesn’t socialize at all, don’t have anyone over or go to anyone’s house. The one who is super vigilant about wearing a mask with numerous bottles of hand sanitizer with me at all times. It was shocking.

I experienced flu like symptoms for about a week then was left with the utter exhaustion you hear so much about. Lost my taste and smell and even now 3 weeks later, it comes and goes. Very strange sensation. I am trying to slowly ease myself back to gaining my strength and stamina. Not so easy for someone who is high energy and likes to go, go, go.

I attempted to go to my office for the first time in nearly 20 days 2 days ago and after an hour felt so winded I needed to go home. I stayed home the next day then went in for a few hours the following. I managed better but came home and had to lie down.

For me perhaps the worst part was the anxiety of knowing I had it and the considerable lack of knowledge of this novel virus. For someone who already has anxiety, this was not easy for me to grapple with. I soon banned the news and reading anything about it. Was not good for me to hear about all that could go wrong and instead turned my energies to lots of documentaries and movies.

I have recognized that this will run it’s course and I have no say in the matter! So I am being super careful to pace myself, not overdoing it and to taking it slow. If I can get it, anyone can. This points to just how transmissible it really is. So please stay safe and be vigilant. There is an end in sight…we can get there faster if we all do our part!

I do not want to dwell on this as I am very anxious to put it behind me and if I never hear the word Covid again I will be very very happy. Not a great deal to show you from recent happenings but a few pretty pictures that brightened my day and hopefully will do the same for you:)


Absolutely in love with our new lilac stems!!! How stunning are they? Click here to see

Super lifelike these could be sued with real lilac no problem.

Shown in our best selling lotus ginger jar which just came back in stock (click here)

Very lifelike foliage too

I have gotten so many pretty flowers, delicious meals and gifts from friends, got these yesterday, so pretty!

White flowers do it for me everytime!

Love seeing my counter full of flowers!

And put this wonderful gift box to good use lat night and took a long hot bubble bath

One of my all time favorite coffee table books this is a MUST HAVE, just a few of my most favorite images below, she has a new one coming out in April that I have already preordered!

Did manage to tidy up my dining room…one small highlight of the week:)

And loving these new small wicker box planters (mini replicas of our big ones) here are the 6″ and 8″

And how pretty is this new square wicker ginger jar, in love with it! It comes in 3 sizes, we will hold an arrival sale next week or following


Looking forward to getting back in the saddle, slowly and safely. I am taking all my vitamins and staying super hydrated. Hope you are well, staying safe and being vigilant, this is no time to let down your guard. I see a bright light at the end of the tunnel and that in itself makes me want to celebrate. Thanks for stopping by, until next time……

PS Our deal of the day is our fabulous large Mimi vase!! $90 ends tomorrow morning! Click here

Here it is with our beautiful new lilacs

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I wish you good health. Thank you for always trying your best. Your blog is one of the highlights of my week. Get well soon! Sending you good wishes!

Glad you are on your way to getting well. I, too, tested positive recently. Like you, I was the last person I would expect to get COVID. Take care of yourself. While I enjoy your blog, your health is more important.


There’s is something special about purple/blue hydrangeas and in those gorgeous ginger jars…..well, that just makes them even more beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Tina, I am so sorry that you are still feeling a bit under the weather. Stay away from the covid news, you do not want to make yourself anxious. Take it easy and take care, don’t over due it there is nothing more important than you health!

Love the little wicker baskets, so cute. I am so in love with your new tables, sadly I have no where to use them.

Have a great night!

Blessings & recovery to YOU ! My heart breaks as I read this 🙁 I have personally lived in “fear” since late March 2020. I am very healthy with no known health issues – but took the stance early on – that I am NOT immune to this terrible and unknown disease. Therefore – I virtually went & go NOwhere. Told someone the other day – that I filled up my car on 12/31 and then did not again til 2/15/21. 6 full WEEKS of only going to necessary grocery store trips. On the UP side – I received my 1st dose of Pfizer yesterday 🙂 and was crying thru the vaccination line. So very overwhelming ! Am much looking forward to the future of breathing just a little easier – and of NOT dying ! My BLESSINGS 2 U

I hope you are feeling better soon. Rest , and put your health before all else. Your blog readers will understand that you can’t post as often.

I’m so sorry you are having to go through dealing with this dreaded virus. Prayers of healing and comfort for you. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🥰

Please take it easy. This will run its course. Do not over due it at all… wishing you a speedy recovery.

I am stunned to hear that you have had COVID. Many people care about you and I am certainly one of them. Please take care and I hope the rest of your family is well. I am going for my second vaccination tomorrow, but don’t intend to let down my guard. Both of my adult children have had it, but are doing well now. My thoughts are with you.

All good wishes for a recovery very soon.
You have the most beautiful elegant surroundings in which to recover
It will happen

Time to put that Superwoman cape away and rest up.! Prayers for a quick recovery!

Prayers for your recovery 🙏🏻
You described exactly the way I had Covid in December. My flu symptoms are gone but the lack of energy is still present!
Like I told my husband, as we had to quarantine over Christmas without our adult children, we are blessed that we had flu symptoms & did not have to be in hospital!
Get Well soon💙

Happy to hear you’re on your way to recovery. Love Charlotte Moss. Bet all her blue and white are. antique 😇. Love the lilacs in that jar! Enjoy your Netflix or Prime or both! Spring will soon be here.
Everyone wear MASKS please!

Sorry you have been ill but glad you hear you are on the mend. I have also been extremely vigilent. Grocery store every 2 weeks right when they open and I”m in and out in 20 minutes. NO personal interaction with family or friends at all. It is hard, but it is what you have to do to stay as safe as possible. I hope the rest in your family remain healthy.

oh my goodness, take good care of yourself. You are such a bright light, always so positive and upbeat. I always look forward to your posts and your beautiful images. You create and emanate so much that is gracious and elegant. Be well

Just today I received my order of beautiful planters and wicker ginger jar, so am shocked and sorry to hear of your illness. This horrible disease is no joke, and all that matters is you getting the rest and care you need. You give so much pleasure to everyone with your sense of style and beauty, that I’m sure you are in the hearts and minds of all your loyal followers. Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery!

All the best for a quick recovery! During these uncertain times sharing the beauty that you do is a very positive force. As it has been said “let the force be with you”!!

Please take care of yourself – nothing is more important than your health!!! I’m praying there is a light at the end of the tunnel and soon this terrible disease will be a very bad memory. The lilacs are just gorgeous!!!

Wishing you a speedy and full recovery. I Enjoy our posts very much and these photos are wonderful. I appreciate all the beauty you bring to Instagram.

Prayers for a quick recovery, Tina. The lilacs are beautiful! So realistic. They were always my grandfathers favorite flower and I love them as well.

My goodness Tina, I’m so sorry to hear you had the virus. You poor darling. I do hope you feel better real soon. Take good care and take it easy. Bless your heart.

Hi Tina
Glad to hear you are on the mend. Just take your time and don’t overdo. Everything will get done in due time

Hope you are feeling better every day! Give yourself permission to slow down and take care of your self.

So sorry you had the virus. It is very frightening. My husband and I have now been vaccinated, but are still being very careful
On the bright side, I ordered the pink garden stool and absolutely love it! We are turning a covered porch into a sunroom and I will send pictures when it is complete. I ordered the stool for out there with two Fickes Reed chairs!
Hope you are feeling much better soon!

Hope you are feeling stronger with each passing day! Thank you for all of your beautiful posts💕

Blue and white flowers in blue and white porcelain ALWAYS excite me! I am so ready to transition into this light-hearted look, especially in my drawing room. (I am also so ready for courtyard living again, but that’ll have to wait a couple of months!)

Glad you are healing and becoming a little stronger every day , time and patience ! I can remember reading your blog post how diligent you were , thinking she is so cautious she should be ok . Your Lilacs are stunning and look so life like . I’m sure they could pass ! Sending strength your way .

Oh, dear, Tina, I’m so sorry you were down with that dreaded COVID thing. I confess I plunged into your pictures without reading your post first, but I’m relieved that you’re on the mend. PLEASE rest!!! Much like the old-fashioned flu, the aftereffects seem to take forever to overcome. I had only a mild case last summer, but it was bad enough. I still feel the need to nap almost every afternoon. Try to think of spring . . .

Hope you are feeling better soon. Put some laughs back into your life and watch the Showman on Netflex. I know it will give you several deep belly laughs. 😁😁😁

My best to you Tina. May your recovery be quick. Soon this virus will come to an end and we will all, once again, enjoy all the beautiful things that life has to offer.

So glad you are better! As a nurse , please know what a respite this beautiful blog provides to those of us dealing with this virus. Continue to be good to yourself and know that it takes time to get back to your baseline. There will be good days and bad days but you SURVIVED! As we approach this Season of Hope…gather strength from that. Blessings to you and your family.

Your blog is one of the highlights of my day…. you always inspire whether by words or pictures. Thank you! And I pray GOD blesses you for a quick recovery.

Tina, so sorry to hear of your bout with Covid. Listen to your body and if you need to have a nap in the middle of the afternoon, then let work wait! I found that Vit D and Airborne (or its generic) helped, but then I was lucky and my bout was milder than what you are fighting off.
I was able to get my first shot last week, as the hospital-run fundraiser I help organize wants every volunteer vaccinated. If I had to follow NJ guidelines, I probably wouldn’t be able to get my shot for at least another 6 weeks.
Wishing you and your family well!
BTW – the small wicker planters are darling, can picture miniature cypress or boxwood balls in them for the holidays!

I’m glad you are feeling better. COVID is no joke. I know how careful you are and I’m sure you were shocked to test positive. My daughter too tested positive and she goes nowhere! Her boyfriends mom is undergoing chemo, so they are so careful. She was shocked too. The weird thing is her boyfriend didn’t get it and they live in a city apartment, we all know how “cozy” they are. She is fully recovered now, but I remember she couldn’t shower for like four days. She said that sounded like an Olympic event. The exhaustion was real. Don’t overdue it, that virus is long lasting. On the bright side, spring is on the way.

So sorry you are going thru covid. I wish you a full & quicker recovery ! I enjoy your posts sooo much ! They are so well written and I love the content! THANK-YOU SO MUCH ! Linda Wolf

Tina, I am so sorry to hear that you had COVID. Like you, I am super vigilant–wearing masks, social distancing, not dining out. Hope each day finds you feeling better. What a nightmare. Keeping you in my prayers.

So sorry that this nasty virus has come your way. I guess the good news is that your body is building antibodies to protect you going forward. So far our family has stayed clear of this, which we are thankful. Your faux lilacs are so gorgeous. We cannot grow them here in Phoenix and I miss the smell from our large lilac hedge in Connecticut. Always love to read your posts…now I need to buy those lilacs!

I am so happy that you are feeling better. Thank you for all your beautiful ideas, they really brighten up my day and I am sure many others! Thanks again!

I hope you recover enough to have the vaccination. I am so happy that I have had both with no problems, Tells you how old I am.

Hi Tina,
I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had covid, but so glad to hear you’re on the mend! Keep taking care of yourself and soon you’ll be good as new ❤️

I am so sorry you were so sick, and with Covid! I hope you get your energy back to 100% very quickly. I know how careful you are, so this is scary. Won’t you be glad when we’re all vaccinated?! Me too. You have many friends who care about you. The flowers are gorgeous. Rest up, feel loved and pass on any good films you watch, if you get a chance.

So glad you have “made the turn” in feeling better. Just remember to rest. So hard for us women I know! Prayers you will continue to get back to your normal self!

Tina, I am so sorry to learn you have Covid. You are such a positive lady, and I think that will help you get past this dreaded malady. Get plenty of rest. Your due diligence to avoid Covid shows that one can still catch it, whether it is contracted from things delivered to our home or the fact that someone may have just sneezed moments before you entered where they just walked. I, unfortunately, had to go to E.R. a week ago, so I’m somewhat anxious now, waiting for week two to pass. While in the hospital, a doctor told me that, at their most recent staff meeting, they were informed that, even w/ most taking the vaccine, it may take 10 years for Covid to die out. That, and the fact that there will always be something else to come along, was VERY unsettling to hear. Hubby & I are now relegated to wearing masks ( KN95, not the cloth ones, which have been found to be inferior) for the rest of our lives, if need be. On the bright side, that may keep us from catching those nasty bronchial infections that take weeks to clear up and. have been a part of many of our winters. Wishing you a speedy recovery and much brighter days to come. BTW, your posts have always been so lovely and informative, and your home is simply stunning!

Dear Tina I am so sorry to hear what you have gone through. Sending you many blessings for a wonderful recovery.

Happy you are on the mend. I have not gone anywhere for over a year except for outdoor walks and necessary doctor appointments ( think mammogram). I am a total recluse and we just began getting takeout a few months ago. Do curbside grocery pickup. My husband is vaccinated and I am inching toward my 65th birthday so have April appointment. Have not seen my children in over a year nor my 93 year old mom, who lives in Florida. The funny thing is my mom has her own apartment and still drives- she was going for hair and nail appointments during this entire year and having her thrice weekly card games! She made me so nervous! She is now fully inoculated and still wearing a good mask. Take care and wear 2 masks once you venture out-

So sorry to hear that you got Covid. It is very scary and like you said, and for you who was very careful!
Same thing happened to my husband who was super vigilant, he got it and was quite sick. A 48 year old marathon runner who is the picture of health. Now almost 3 months later he is better but still has the exhaustion you spoke of.. it does take time, so hope you will take it slow.

Loved your pictures and thank you for the beauty you continuously provide. Your blog is a breath of fresh air. Stay well and happy to hear you are on the mend😊

I am so very very sorry you have been ill with COVID! I remember you mentioning you felt rundown and tired but I didn’t pay attention to how you were feeling, I just kept enjoying your daily posts and photos and the lovely things you’ve had made for us.

After waiting forever (!!) I just got got my first vaccine this morning. Thankfully vaccine supply is finally on the rise and should be plentiful by April. And if that supply continues, perhaps most who want the vaccine will be able to get it by summer. I am longing to see my grown children! I had to do Thanksgiving and Christmas alone and it’s been just brutal.

I hope and pray you’ll start feeling better and better as spring arrives. Take it easy.

Love, Ellen

So glad I have not eaten out anywhere, left town to go anywhere, gone to any stores, and had my groceries delivered. Luckily, my job allows me to work from home. I just got my first vaccination shot and am looking forward to the second. I just did not want to take the chance of getting the virus. After breaking my shoulder in June of 2019 and having 2 major surgeries and 18 months of physical therapy, I just did not want to get really sick. My daughter and I made the decision to do it together to minimize our risk. I have friends who lost family members to the virus. We lost my husband 9 years ago to cancer, and I made a promise to my daughter I would not put myself at risk. We have big plans for when it’s over, as we love to travel, go to the theater, etc.

Dear Tina, I am only just reading this but hope that you are slowly improving. Its hard to comprehend for us in Australia how badly this ghastly virus has affected your country. I hope you take the time you need to recover and dont be hard on yourself . It affects people young and old so differently. Best wishes.

I am so very sorry to learn that you’d been ill. Sending positive, happy, cheerful thoughts & that you have an early spring. 🌷💚🌷💚🌷💚🌷💚🌷

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