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Hi there! This is one you will need to take 15 for and sit back to really enjoy and take in how many beautiful pieces are up for grabs today Best part? They all just arrived!!! We got this massive 40 foot container in and were doing a happy dance, as we were experiencing a “porcelain drought”, we were pretty much wiped out.

So for three days, our mega porcelain sale is on! All items are in stock and are ready to go. This is our biggest porcelain container to date!!  A whopper, bringing back so many of our best sellers and introducing many exciting new pieces. Perfect timing as many of us look to rejuvenate  our homes with the season of spring at our doorstep! Spring is here and it’s a wonderful time to give our homes a much deserved refresh.

I think this arrival sale might just be the perfect starting point. If you are new to these, please read over the rules below prior to placing your order.

  • There are TWO ways to place you order- either call us at 800-804-9565 or email us [email protected]
  • Office hours are 9-5 EST (phone lines open at 9:30 EST)
  • If emailing your order request in– we need your name, address and phone number plus the item number and quantity you want to order, we will then send an invoice payable online which is due within 12 hours
  • All items are here and will start to ship out later this week into beginning of next
  • Final sale
  • Subject to availability, we have limited numbers of each item to sell (sorry no rain checks)
  • An order request is not a confirmed order, only paid orders are confirmed
  • Shipping is extra. For fishbowl orders that require freight-  we will get you a freight shipping quote and that will be billed separately
  • We do ship internationally, some items can be shipped internationally
  • Any order over $650 will get 10% off their order
  • Questions?  Please call us at 800-804-9565
  • Wholesale? Please register by clicking here or contacting [email protected]


Some pictures taken as everything was getting unpacked, couldn’t  help myself:)


All orders over $300 will receive our fabulous 2021 desktop calendar (a collaboration with Giddy Paperie) as a gift. A calendar does not get prettier than this one!


Let’s get this show on the road…….

ITEM 1  NEW! Say hello to our newest ginger jar, this is a beauty! So loving this beautiful new ginger jar!Beautiful detailing with a bird/floral design and love the design with the foo dog lid.

Measures  20″ x 10.5″




ITEM 2 FINALLY getting these incredible pastel tone flat tops back! These are incredible looking and features a beautiful raised white cherry blossom detailing….very special.

8.5″ x 8.5″


Specify pale blush pink,, pale blue or pale green


ITEM 3 And our gorgeous bamboo handled ice bucket/champagne holder is finally coming in again, we doubled up on this as its a super popular item for spring/summer. This piece can easily fit 3 bottles of your favorite drink of choice and I have even seen some use it for flowers, no limits on how to use this versatile piece.

Measures 11.5″ x 10″



ITEM 4  Love that our sitting emperors are back! Highly decorative and an easy way to start to add to an existing vignette. Used together or separately, these figurines are just gorgeous.

Stands 11″ tall

$115.00 for the set of three men




ITEM 5 Garden seats! Take your pick from any of these beauties…..three best sellers now back in stock! Garden seats are as beautiful indoors as they are out out, and mine are constantly on “rotation”.


ITEM 5A Our striking hexagonal village scene garden seat is a standout and the hexagonal shape is a beautiful added twist, features a beautiful village scee with raised dot and pierced detailing.

Measures 18.6″



ITEM 5B One of our favorite new garden seats,  our new bird/floral garden seat. This is spectacular both indoorss  and out! Beautiful bird/floral scene with trellis border and raised dots and pierced detailing.

Measures 17.5″ tall.



ITEM 5C So excited to see our dragon garden seats back in stock, one of my favorites:) A classic dragon motif, with raised dot detailing

Stands 18″ tall



ITEM 6 How I love these footed planters. I have usedd them to create such gorgeous arrangements. Beautiful with flowers, boxwoods and topiaries. The pink and the green are coming back just in time for spring, a perfect time for spring an summer arrangements.

Measures 9.5″ x 9″


Specify pink or green

ITEM 7 These mid sized pagodas are a popular item because thy are a perfect piece and size to use with an excising vignette or used as a pair, a great way to start. new one. I move mine around from indoors to out and they make a. perfect centerpiece too as they are not too big. Just a beautiful versatile decorative pagoda.

Offered in blue/white and in solid white.

Measures 16″ tall

$145.00 white

$165.00 blue and white



ITEM 8 NEW! How pretty is this regal looking jar. This is a beauty, love the paneled effect and the elegant foo dog lid. It is a hexagonal shaped jar and so eye catching. One of my favorite shapes.

Measures 18.5″ tall

$160.00 each

ITEM 9 All of our super popular chunky jars are back, all four styles!  The styles and shape are so classically beautful, all are lightly antiqued and feature the super stylish foo dog lid. These are stunning as a pair and an easy way to create an instant vignette. Mix and match to your hearts content, these sell out for a reason:)

Measures 17.5″ tall


Specify phoenix, bird, figurine or dragon





Item 10 These gorgeous flat tops have been sold out so we are excited to get them back, offered in 3 beautiful styles. These are the perfect jar to start a new vignette, pretty alone even presetting as a pair. Love mixing and matching these too!

Measures 9.5″ x 9.5″


Specify cherry blossom,  bird or floral when ordering

Cherry Blossom



ITEM 11 NEW!  am so excited to see these again, our incredible extra large bird and floral vases. These are so magnificent, pictures do not even do them justice. They are spectacular on. center hall table or chest with big blossoms, cherry blossoms, branches, greenery….a real showstopper! These create that “wow effect”.

Stands 23.5″ tall

$170 each

$330 for a pair



ITEM 12 Been waiting a long time for these beast selling mini blue/white foo dogs to come back! Super versatile, and just so stylish. They sell out often and for good reason, they are simply fabulous.

Measures 4″ x 6′

$85.00 for the pair

Item 13 One of our best selling bows,  the trellis floral bowl is the kind of bowl that can be so many things. A perfect centerpiece bowl, a pretty piece for fruit and fabulous for floral arrangements! The size makes it perfect to use just about anywhere.

 Measures 13.5″ round by about 6″ tall


ITEM 14 NEW! These mid sized cylinder pots are fabulous, such a great size for things like planter,  holding utensils, brushes, etc….I could see so many uses for these. Offered in two pretty styles.

Measures 7.5″


2 pretty styles, specify when ordering

14A Plum blossom and bamboo

14B Bird and floral

ITEM 15 FINALLY got these best selling pastel cherry blossom jars in! Offered in three colors, theses do not lat long. Beautiful size and elegant raised cherry blossom detailing. These are real standouts and just so so pretty.

Offered in pale pale pink, pale blue and pale green

Measures 19″ tall

$160.00 each

$310 for a pair

ITEM 16 My favorite mid sized planter, this elegant hexagonal planter is the perfect planter for orchids, fresh flowers, hydrangeas, boxwood you name it! Everything looks gorgeous in this planter.

Measures 8.5′ x 8″


ITEM 17  Our Mimi vase is back in medium!! I know many have been waiting. Such an elegant timeless piece. Perfect size for your weekly flowers.

Large measures 13.5” x 7.5” at its widest point(Large) $95.00

Medium measures 10.5” x 7” at its widest point(Small) $80.00

ITEM 18. NEW!  Our decorative village scene vase with floral handles is coming! This is a beautiful vase for a big spray of cherry blossoms, branches and more. A gorgeous vase to use as a pair on a mantle too.

Measures 15″ tall


ITEM 19 Some of our best selling jars are out lotus and cherry blossom chunky ginger jars. These are simply exquisite, lightly antiqued, hand painted and featured a pretty foo dog lid. Beautiful variation of painted blues, just an exquisite jar that looks good, literally everywhere!

Measures 19″

$160.00 each

Specify lotus or cherry blossom


Cherry Blossom

ITEM 20 A few fishbowls just in time for spring planting! These are so beautiful indoors or out and are ideal for big topiaries, hydrangea plants, oversized boxwoods, the sky is the limit!

ITEM 20A  Jumbo fishbowl measures 25″ x 22″, a spectacular piece!!! If you. know the prices of these you. know at this size they go for $1500 and up. This one due to the size we recommend ships via freight.

Measures 25″ x 22″


ITEM 20B I adore this one because  its the perfect mid sized planter I have always wanted. A 22″ boxwood ball sits so perfectly on this beauty.

This is a medium sized fishbowl which measures 15″ x 14.5″


ITEM 20C Another beauty! Love this pattern and the coloration. A beautiful bird/floral scene with blue “panels” on either side and foo dog rings. Such an elegant piece, I could  see a giant lemon topiary in this one!

Measures 20″ x 17″


ITEM 21 We finally got many of our tulipieres back in stock with more to come in April….I was never so happy to see these!! Just in time for spring. These go fast, and we are getting another shipment of all sizes and styles in April.

The pale blue village tulipiere- in small or medium

Small measures 14.5″ 105.00

Medium measures 22″  $165.00

The pale pink village tulipiere- in small or medium

Small measures 14.5″ 105.00

Medium measures 22″  $165.00

The solid  white  tulipiere- in small, medium or large

Small measures 14.5″ 95.00

Medium measures 22″  $160.00

Large measures 32″  $260.00

ITEM 22  Been waiting months for these super special fully hand painted cache pots to come back. They are finished with gold leaf and are very special. These are so elegant with toiparies or any kind of flower or boxwood. They stand beautifully on their own with noting at all.

Measures 8.5″ x 7″


ITEM 23 These darling pagodas are super versatile. A perfect pair to finish off a vignette, some use them as bookends, they looks fabulous atop a stack of coffee table books, so many uses!

Measures 8.5″ tall

Pair $55

ITEM 24 One of our top selling planters, this elegant square planter with an intricate floral/bird design features the under plate. This looks so beautiful with fresh flowers, a boxwood topiary, holiday florals,etc….

Measures 9.5″ x 8.5″

$140.00 for both pieces

ITEM 25  NEW! Adore this new  dragon flat top, such a highly decorative piece that looks good with everything! The dragon design continues to be a very popular motif and works well with just about every other design.

Measures 9.5″ x 9.5″


ITEM 26 NEW! Say hello to this fabulous covered container, I could see this for so many uses. The ultimate cookie jar, your pets snacks, in a kitchen to hold flour or some other frequently used kitchen ingredient. With the lid off, a super stylish utensil holder, I could go on. Bottom line, this piece rocks!

Measures 9.5″ x 9.5″


ITEM 27 A fabulous lily pad flat top jar, super stylish and very classic design. Perfect size too!

Measures 9.5″ x 9.5″


ITEM 28 Say hello to a new color mini foo dog. A pretty soft silver/gray mini foo dogs. These are a great way to finish a vignette, use as bookends and many use them as part of a dining room centerpiece.

4″ x 6″

$50.00 for the pair

ITEM 29 Our popular set of 5 mini vases is back! These are fabulous to be used together or separately throughout your house. Perfect for a few buds in ech vase, these are so practical. Perfect for end tables, nightstands, powder room, etc…..These each stand between 5.5 and 6″ tall.

Set of 5 vases $105.00

ITEM 30 Say hello to our brand new pierced porcelain dinnerware!! SO unbelievably excited over these, done in a soft white, these will go literally with every conceivable pattern, color and style. I have dreamed about doing these for years.  Right now we are interlocutor the chargers and dinner plates.

We will be adding salad plates, soup bowls and 2 size platters plus a large serving bowl (in early May)! This was too good to not complete the set!

If you know the price of pierced porcelain plates/chargers, you will recognize the excellent value here.

This shipment is a small one, we have already sold a bunch because of people seeing them on Instagram. We have a small number to sell now and the rest will be a presale for our sh9pment arriving around April 26th.

Dinner plates 10.5″$3o.00

Charger plates 13.5″ $45.00

We do not have our professional shots back so these will have to suffice, needless to say they are stunning!


GIVEAWAY– Leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite item today, to be eligible. Winner to be announced on Sunday.


Well this surely should have filed your beauty quota for the day:) This never gets old, and in fact with every container coming in, my obsession seems to grow. We keep the customer favorites but are always adding lots of new things too. See something you must have? Then call or email your order in-


[email protected]

Thank you for stopping by, wishing everyone a fabulous day. Until next time…..

Also as a way to thank every doctor out there, in honor of National Doctors Day we are offering all doctors (and their spouses) 20% off site wide. Use code thanks.

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love all the new items. Glad to see more flat tops, love how they look so vintage.

Loving the tulipieres. Seeing so many tulips around makes me want to decorate with these tulipieres to showcase how stunning these flowers are. Loving the white.

I’m in love with pierced porcelain dinner ware. So versatile and beautiful! This is a great addition to your already wonderful shop.

These all are fabulous but I like number 12 the foo dogs. So detailed. The cache pot withe the gold finials is beautiful. The new white plates and charger is just perfect. Nice addition to any place setting. Thanks for all your hard work during your health crisis and the last year. I’m glad to say I’m thankful for still being here.

Methinks the footed cache pot with gold tips tickles my fancy….

Gorgeous alone.

The gold leaf hand painted cache pots are my favorite items.
All of your sections are so lovely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s always so fun to see the new things you have in your shop, and everything I‘ve purchased has been beautiful! I’m loving the new mid-sized cylinder containers. They look like the perfect piece with so many uses!

The new pierced dinnerware is so refreshing! It is the perfect complement to my blue willow!

I love love love everything, but the light blue tuliperies and bird-themed jars are my favorites from this shipment. Will you be getting in some medium-sized dark blue tuliperies in the next shipment? If so, I would love to pre-order two of them! 🙂

Love, love, love the new brush pots! They are a wonderful addition to your growing collection.

Love most everything, but the scalloped white plates are just beautiful and my favorites.

How can you possibly just choose one favorite! I guess I’d have to say the green footed planter, so versatile. Everything is lovely!

My favorite item today is the bird and floral bamboo handled bucket because it reminds me of better family times to come, summer bbqs and family gatherings, and wine chilling to celebrate events now that we are getting vaccines and able to see loved ones again and commemorate happy occasions together!!!!

Love item 26 Covered container. Love the idea of using it to hold utensils. Just a bought a new house and this could be perfect!

I love it all so much!! My favorite that stopped me in my tracks are the blue and white foo dogs- I have a collection of them and these are perfect in every way!! oxo

Wow! The porcelain is fantastic! Can’t wait to set the table with the beautiful chargers. Thanks for bringing beauty to my home

This is porcelain paradise! I love the lotus and cherry blossom ginger jars so much; so lovely to look at and classic decor.

Oh my gosh! How could you pick just one. I always love #13- the trellis bowl! So pretty and useful every day on my kitchen counter!

Yippee!! I’ve been waiting for the Pierced Porcelain Plates. I know just where I’ll hang them. I also love Item 26, the Covered Container.

Hi Tina, WOW! This sale is fabulous. I love #27 and the new pierced plates #30. But really everything is great!
Thank you and Happy Easter🐣 .

What an incredible shipment! My list of wants has just expanded! Thank you for offering such beautiful and one of a kind porcelain figurines and vases in my (our) favorite blue and white decor! I love your posts!

I love everything! Hard to pick a favorite! I think the dragon garden seat is fabulous!!!

Well as usual all the porcelain pieces are beautiful. My favorite and new to the collection is #1. The ginger jar with the bird and floral design is stunning. Love it.
A question? Where did the name “Ginger Jar”. come from? Storing Ginger?

💐The tulipieres are charming. Just in time as my tulips are coming up and the rabbits haven’t nibbled on them yet. 🐇🐇🐇💐💐

Everything is so beautiful as always but the footed planter caught my eye this time. The colors are gorgeous.

What’s that old saying – “saving the BEST for Last” ?? Well, you did it Tina by the addition of #30 – the pierced porcelains. Can we say – F A B U L O U S 🙂

Have to opt for #22. It’s different and will “pop” in an arrangement of other blue and white pottery pieces.

I’m doing a happy dance too especially since the hexagonal planter has returned. It is such a versatile piece.

Beautiful PCs as always.
Love the little darker cream background on the porcelain PCs.
Gives them an antique look!

Every single piece is wonderful! Selecting one item as a favorite is tough but my pick is the blue and white tulipiere…gorgeous!!

Love the cachepot with gold finials and the mini foo dogs. Such a beautiful soft color!!

I have been waiting for the pierced porcelain plates. So glad they are here. Do love the cylinder jars and several of the planters. Oh my,

I love the trio of sitting emperors. I ordered them 2 weeks ago and can’t to receive them. Those foo dogs are on my wish list.

The hexagonal village scene garden seat is a fabulous favorite. It would look perfect beside a pool, sofa or bathtub holding a glass of wine and bouquet of flowers. A lovely combination of beauty and function.

The mini foo dogs are my favorite for sure!!! I’ve seen many foo dogs, but surprisingly, I’ve never seen one executed so beautifully in blue and white – exquisite!

Each piece was gorgeous and I so enjoyed slowly looking at all of them. I have just recently started collecting. It is so hard to pick a favorite, but I would choose the Mimi vase to enjoy with fresh flowers.

So hard to decide!! I love so many different items, but have to say that hexagonal garden seat is gorgeous!

So many beautiful new items!! I honestly have never seen a tulipiery before, but definitely getting either the blue or the white!!

Loving all the beautiful blue and white porcelain! So hard to choose a favorite but I am drawn to the chunky Cherry Blossom ginger jar. It’s so very pre

Everything is sooo beautiful that I can’t decide what I want! Love the antique look on several of the items!

Stunning new items! Love the pierced plates! Glad to see my wishlist items back in stock too!

So many beautiful pieces but I especially love Item #18, the Village Scene Vases. I particularly love the decorative blue pieces on the sides near the opening of the vase. I have missed out on other pieces of previous presales, so told my husband I would be ordering as soon as you posted the sale. As luck would have it, I was at the doctor’s office discussing my upcoming knee replacement when this presale was posted. I called in my order as soon as we returned home AND was told some items would ship out immediately. I am beyond excited!

So happy to see my wish list items back in stock and all the new temptations, they are stunning pieces! Love, love, love the pierced dinnerware!

The pierced chargers are so elegant! Great price and they will compliment any table setting.

Just one? Oh, dear! I’ll choose Item 10 in the Floral design, as it would be a happy addition to my kitchen countertop as a candy hiding jar.

Soooo much to love! Top three for me are chunky jar with bird, lotus flat top and handprinted cache pot. After downsizing 5 years ago, can’t yet justify the pierced chargers, but I am working on that because they are just spectacular!

So many favorites, but I’m in love with the Bird/floral garden seat which I just ordered.

The covered containers caught my eye. I adore all the beautiful blue and white pieces.

My favorite is the ice bucket! I’ve been wanting one of those for a long time…

Love the new chargers and dinner plates. Ordered mine last week.
Plan to use them on my Mother’s
Day table. Hope everyone has a blessed Easter.

I just love those chargers. I have looked for chargers that would go with the many patterns of dishes that I own and have not found anything I like until I viewed yours. So pretty.

There are quite a few things that I’m obsessed with; however, my favorite item is the pierced dishes. They are so lovely. The cream color will go with many patterns and elevate the table setting. Looking forward to receiving them! Many thanks for all the inspiration and fabulous items in your shop.

With so many options, choosing just one will be the challenge. I think the versatility of the mini vases is a no brainer in saying yes.

14,18,26,30…how does one choose! So ny maways to use these beautiful pieces and I love the pierced chargers…perfect with my blue and white dishes!! Just love it all!

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