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Hello! Every season we host some kind of photo contest. This is your chance to show off what spring might mean to you. It could be a beautiful spring floral arrangement,  your Easter/holiday table all set, maybe your kiddos going on an egg hunt, your backyard getting spruced up for the warmer months ahead,  or your beloved pet dressed up for spring! As long as it has something to do with spring, you are well on your way…….

A few rules to read over before sending in your photos-

  • Send 1-2 entries to [email protected] (please put on subject line- CONTEST)
  • We will only accept entries sent to the email address above
  • Please be sure they are spring related and are your pictures (not taken from internet)
  • Must be at least 400 x 600, very clear, no flashes and crisp (if we cannot accept your picture we will let you know)
  • We are taking pictures up until April 8th OR when we reach 80 entries,  whichever comes first, normally we fill up before deadline
  • The winner will win 3 MONTHS OF ENCHANTED HOME GOODIES!
  • Please do not send 2 pictures of same subject
  • Can be of previous spring seasons as long as they are your pictures
  • Contest to begin on or around April 12th with 2 rounds and then a final showdown round
  • Contest open to entries in the U.S. only (sorry to my international readers)
  • Questions? Please email [email protected] or call 800-804-9565


We always include pictures from previous contests that best illustrate what a “good picture” should look like. Clear, preferably taken in natural daylight, no flash, no lights on, crisp and must be at least 400 x 600. We do not crop pictures so please do not send us pictures that need editing.

We will let you know either way if we can accept your entry or not. Details count, be sure the picture is straight, not out of focus, that there are not flashes in a mirror or window,etc…..

PLEASE look at your picture before sending in your entry to see how it stacks up to these below,  in terms of size, clarity and crispness. We hate to turn away entries!



We cannot wait to start getting your pictures in! Always such a fun contest to host. Please send to [email protected]. Spring is such a beautiful season and I think many of us are celebrating a little more than usual given the year we had last year!

The winner will received three months of consecutive Enchanted Home goodies…..and I think it’s safe to say, you will not be disappointed:)

Tomorrow our mega porcelain arrival sale will begin at 9 am EST  for those wondering:) Wishing everyone a fabulous day, until next time……


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The contests are so fun. I always enjoy looking at the entries. This year I am entering. I am so happy for Spring!

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