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Hello and Happy Easter! Today is a celebration of the renewal of life and looking ahead to a brighter tomorrow.Many of us will gather with our loved ones, but many will still not be able to enjoy the large family gatherings they have been used to (us included). I am focusing instead on the progress that has been made and hopefully by next Easter, we will be completely back to “normal life” and being able to celebrate the holidays again with our wider circle of family and friends.

A beautiful crisp cool day over here. We will have a small intimate family dinner (with a sixth person, son’s girlfriend)! Going a little non traditional today and going French with Beef Bourguignon. It is one meal my entire family loves and something I can eat (since I am watching it) will have to forgo the crusty french baguettes that pairs so wonderfully with it, but its so hearty and delicious, it holds its own.

Definitely one of the best recipes I have ever shared (click here if you want it). This is one of those standout meals. Look forward to a relaxing day at home and any day I get to spend with all my guys back in my nest, I am one happy camper:)

I hope everyone has an enjoyable family day, and hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Let’s get on with this week’s Seven on Sunday.


1 OUR GORGEOUS  PEONIES I love fresh flowers, as you know whether you have followed me for 3 weeks or 3 years. I can’t get enough of them in fact.

But I also realize that there are times, you just can’t get to the market or your favorite flower source and that is exactly why I have looked high and low for some of the best faux flowers I could find. I think these peonies are among the best I have seen. And you know what, they have helped me out in a pinch more often than you can imagine.

I have also mixed them (very successfully) with real flowers and they hold their own! We now have them. back in stock in the cream and the pale blush pink. Click here to see.

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This is the blush and the cream mixed shown in our large Mimi vase

The cream

Here are the cream mixed in with a real flower bouquet…see what I mean?

2 EXCITING PRESS! It is always an absolute thrill to see our name in lights in some of our favorite magazines/publications. These two features were so exciting to see in person.

Loved seeing so many of our favorite blue and white pieces and our melamine in this beautiful summer edition of Southern Lady magazine, what a gorgeous spread! Special shout-out to Melissa Smith who is an uber talented stylist!

Love seeing our floral and figurine melamine on this beautiful table (click here for info on melamine)


How gorgeous does out extra large figurine fishbowl look here!! Love this, click here to find out more about this fishbowl

And how pretty does our ginger jar tray table look!

And then in the Wall St. Journal, in their great outdoors feature, they featured our new wicker pagoda pet bed (coming in April). So wonderful see our gorgeous new pagoda dog bed smack dab in the middle of this fantastic feature!

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST What a gorgeous roundup… that the season of flowers is upon us, it is all beauty from here on in!

4 EASTER FLOWERS  Even before I knew what I was going to cook for Easter, I made sure I would have pretty flowers on my table:) I must say though I love so many colors of flowers, an all white mixed arrangement remains my very favorite. Something so ethereal about them and for Easter these felt right! I am going to do a post on my Easter table because I love it so much but here is a look at my flower making.

5  THE BEST LEMON POTATOES I HAVE EVER EATEN. We love Greek food, not only is it very healthy, but its flavorful, light and guilt free.Since we are working to shed the “pandemic poundage” i have been turning to my healthier recipes and one go to meal is a light fish like a Dorado, or Branzino with a chopped Greek salad, spinach and lemon potatoes.

I tend to stay away from the potatoes myself but they go wonderfully with this meal and I made them the other night for a few who came for dinner and they were a big hit. Goes great with fish, seafood, steak, super duper flavorful. This s one of those recipes you will email me to thank me for…I promise:)

Here is how to make them

  • ½ cup chicken broth or water
  • ½ cup olive oil
  • ½ cup freshly squeezed lemon juice (from 3 to 4 large lemons)
  • 1 tablespoon kosher salt
  • 3 pounds large Yukon Gold potatoes (about 6), peeled then halved lengthwise and crosswise
  • 1 tablespoon dried oregano (I tend to use a little more)
  • Flaky salt and black pepper, for serving
  1. Heat the oven to 450 degrees. On a rimmed sheet pan, combine the chicken broth, olive oil, lemon juice and kosher salt. Toss the potatoes in the liquid to coat, then arrange the potatoes in an even layer, cut-sides down. Sprinkle the oregano over the potatoes, if using.
  2. Roast the potatoes, flipping halfway through, until fork-tender, dark brown and crispy on top, 55 to 60 minutes. (If the potatoes are cooked through but not as crispy as you’d like, run them under the broiler for a few minutes.) Sprinkle with flaky salt and black pepper as desired.

6 WE CAN ALWAYS DREAM I must admit I have for the longest time had “owning a house in Provence” on my bucket list. Yes, I am a hopeless dreamer and I wouldn’t; want it any other way. If you stop dreaming you stop living…..dreams are the fuel to keep on going.

So  for kicks, I have long subscribes to a real estate company in Provence, Le Figaro,  that sends me regular new listings. It’s kind of like getting to fulfill my dream at least virtually. With many of them, my mind wanders to beautiful places with all the possibilities of what I would do to these beautiful relics of the past while maintaining the integrity of their magnificent origins.

This beauty sold so I cannot direct you to the listing….sorry:)

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY I feel like there is such a paradox with this pandemic. I personally have been kind of living under a rock (by choice). Though I had Covid, having not gotten the shot, I still don’t go to restaurants or any kind of social gathering. But it’s not to say I don’t really miss it, as lately I realized I do very much.

Around here, it still feels like we are in a pandemic, you never see anyone without a mask, and most I know are being really careful though some are starting to come out of “hibernation” if they have been fully vaccinated. I would say my life is only about 20% back to normal, still a long long way to go. Curious where you stand in all this? You can look at NY then look at Miami and it’s as if we are in two different universes.

Some might think I have been too stringent but having had Covid, it scared me enough to do anything I can to not get it again. No thank you. If it means an extra 2 months of somewhat isolating myself, I can deal with it. I know many cannot  do it anymore or have reached their threshold. It is just so strange to me how in different parts of the country, thing so dramatically differ. A very fragmented scene on the Covid front. So, how much has your life “normalized” in recent months?


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Thank you for stopping by. Wishing everyone a wonderful, safe and happy Easter. Until next time…..

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Happy Easter to you and your family Tina! Thank you for your wonderful posts, so beautiful with all the flowers! Congratulations on your products in Southern Lady and the Wall Street Journal! I receive Southern Lady and your products are displayed beautifully! Have a wonderful dinner with your family! Happy Easter to everyone!

I’ve always enjoyed Southern Lady Magazine. The lemon potatoes sound wonderful. Where’s the zoodles shrimp scampi recipe, that’s the one I need🌷💗

Happy Easter Tina, what an absolutely beautiful post.
Your talent for florals is off the charts, I am so inspired by what you’ve done with all those gorgeous white flowers. Your family is very lucky!
The lemon potatoes sound heavenly definitely going to try those.

Our life still feels far from normal, I am only in my 40s my husband is 52 and we’re both healthy but he being a doctor knows full well we are far from being out of the woods.
It really is sad to see that people have chosen politics over common sense and listening to science.
There is a reason our country has done so horribly compared to others, I am glad that you were still playing it safe, that is very wise. Wishing you and your family a wonderful and happy Easter.

Happy Easter to you and your family, Tina. Loved your Sunday post. Congratulations on your products appearing in the Wall Street Journal and Southern Lady.
Many thanks for the Beef Bourguignon , it looks delicious!
Have a great week.

Happy Easter Tina!!
Your florals are always so inspirational!!
Congrats on being showcased on Southern Lady and WSJ. I take Southern Living but never knew of Southern Lady. I will look for now.
Love love your recipes. I told you how much your fish recipe was a huge hit, can’t wait to try out these potatoes.
Can you also run your Scampi and zoodles. Looking forward to it.
Love your posts. Look forward to them daily.

Happy Easter Tina to you and your family. Beautiful post for the holiday. Am going to do your lemon potatoes today. Thanks for the recipe. Sound Devine. I’m a lemon girl. Always appreciate your sharing with us. Thanks. 🐰🐣🐇🍰💐

Happy Easter and many thanks for all your wonderful posts. Since this is a time of new beginings and bright tomorrow’s I can assure you that as soon as you get your vaccinations your life can get back to normal. I live in Texas and my husband, a recently retired surgeon , have been vaccinated since January. We have traveled, dined out, enjoyed family and friends. We continue to be respectful of others, we wear our masks where necessary and are diligent about washing our hands, and our lives feel quite normal again. Get the vaccine and don’t believe the politically driven rhetoric in the news.

Happy Easter Tina. Hope you had a wonderful day. I saw merchandise from The Enchanted Home featured in the latest edition of The Cottage Journal.

Happy Easter, Tina. We have been very lucky in Australia. When COVID came to our shores, we closed the door to everyone coming or trying to leave and went into a very strict lockdown which eradicated the virus from our shores. Unfortunately, we started to let planes with our citizens return and the virus came with them. It escaped from hotel quarantine and our numbers started to climb in my state, Victoria, so once again we went into strict quarantine for months including curfews until it was eradicated. Now we have everything almost back to normal, though there are some slight reductions in numbers at restaurants and group gatherings, and we all have to sign in with QR codes, but we don’t have to wear masks anywhere except public transport and taxis/Uber. Vaccinations are slowly starting. My husband, who is an anesthesiologist and works in ICU sometimes, has only just had his first vaccine and I work in his clinic and am getting mine this week. His elderly mother had hers a month ago and is due to have her booster soon. The only real sign of covid still impacting our lives is that we will not be able to leave our country until at least October, and any hint of a covid case escaping hotel quarantine and the whole state gets total lockdown for a week!

I just discovered this site in Cottage Journal. I love blue and white decor and couldn’t believe how much of it is in this article. Wonderful discovery for me!

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