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Good morning, this week has flown by so fast. We are getting our warehouse organized for a quick succession of shipments arriving in the next two weeks. So it’s been a non stop frenzy but in the best kind of way (except for the delays coming from India which involved a few screaming matches and tears). It’s all calming down and things are once again moving:)

One of my ways of dealing with stress is retreating and escaping into the world of flowers. I will go and get whatever I can find locally, come home turn my phone off and “get in the zone”. It is incredibly cathartic for me and almost without fail calms and restores me.

Interestingly,  last week I went to my ” sure thing” local resource, Whole Foods and for the first time ever, they were basically totally out of flowers! I was stunned, and was told that they have also not been able to get their shipments in , and were incredibly frustrated. The nice guy who works there sensing my disappointment, kindly suggested I try back this week but was not hopeful. It was almost eerie seeing their empty containers normally brimming with all kinds of colorful florals.

Then I went to another market, same exact thing. Empty buckets. Finally went a little further to a wholesaler and even there, it was slim pickings. I was shocked….almost in a panic at the thought of a flower shortage! Food shortage I can deal with but flowers…noooooo!

I almost left empty handed, then realized I really needed to get something. Out of  sheer desperation I went back into the refrigerated area where the flowers are kept and looked over what I normally would never take a second look at, daisies and carnations. There was also a few snapdragons, one bunch of tulips and a pretty bunch of foliage to save the day. I wasn’t thrilled but it was the best I could do.

What did surprise me was coming home and seeing as I started putting these together, what pretty arrangements they make! Adored them in my little blue and white bud vases, gorgeous clustered together or sprinkled around the house. I have to give a shout out to Carolyne Roehm who has long sung the praises of both of these flowers and has shown them in our tulipieres several times, each time brilliantly and beautifully,  I might add!

An added bonus- they last a really long time. Most of my pictures taken were taken after 5 and 6 days after getting them. The small bud vases I actually keep the in fridge at night (call me crazy) but this way I get at least 2 weeks out of them.

So here is a post dedicated to perhaps the most overlooked and often neglected flowers in the biz. To all the carnations and daisies out there, this ones for you:)


Thankfully pretty vessels are something I will never run out of! My small bud vases and our new chinoiserie hurricane,  which just arrived is so beautiful.


Not sure of the name of this foliage but I really like it, the leaves are a beautiful variegated color and they have a fine, wispy quality to them

The loot

I get such joy creating little arrangements with these bud vases they are so easy and just add a small dose of prettiness wherever they are used

And the hurricane makes one breathtaking arrangement for use as a floral vase

Also shown in our large cane wicker hurricane, a perfect summer/alfresco arrangement

They look just as pretty in elegant silver mint juleps too!

And who knew that these could stand their own even on a dressier dining table! In a beautiful vase/hurricane, clustered together they actually looked beautiful. Plus I love a good white on white table:)

Who knew carnations and daisies could look this elegant!

And lo and behold look at them in the medium and small tulipieres! Quite beautiful and  so easy (got the idea from Carolyne)

Happy to announce all blue and white tulipieres in all sizes are coming back in stock either Friday or Monday (so excited). So they are now available to order online again, click here to see tulipiere collection

Smitten with these and will be doing this on a regular basis plus it cost next to nothing as these flowers are so reasonable!

I placed this on on top of books on a secretary, the other went into the powder room

This carnation above is a smaller variety which I like better, they look more delicate and  are actually very pretty clustered together

Added some of the mini vases to a hall chest then moved them to my mantle…easy peasy!

Added a few more because more is more:)

Special deal of the day Friday only, click here to view (discount comes off at checkout page)



So does this have you rethinking carnation and daisies? I have to say I look at them totally differently now. I prefer them mixed in as one color with foliage vs using them with mixed colors and other flowers. I like them in tight clusters/bunches but they most certainly have redeemed themselves, in my eyes at least.

I have found in my opinion, they look best solo (not mixing with other flowers). I like them in big bunches of same flowers with some foliage for the prettiest effect.  And perhaps the best part is that they are very inexpensive and  plentiful/easy to find (even most local supermarkets carry them). Would love to hear what you think!

Thanks for stopping by, wishing everyone a beautiful day. Until next time…..

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Amy Cunningham on

Thanks for the inspiration! I love white blooms mixed with greenery — such an elegant look. You have quite a talent for creating beautiful arrangements!!!

Chana Robinson on

You know Tina, your good friend Carolyn Roehm has said something close to, “there are no bad flowers; only bad flower arrangers.” You’ve proven that! Your artistry is laudable. I’m going to take my 5 blue and white mini vases (thank you!!) out and play “flower arranger”today! My Sombrieul rose just bloomed And I will add some big white carnations…so this is perfect timing.

Ms. Tracey on

I’ve got a couple if carnation spreads around my home right now. Pink, purple as well as white daisy. There are beautiful.

Marguerite on

i love the small carnations , Trader Joes always has them, and they last such a long time! they are perfect for medium and small vases.

Sandi Wells on

Beautiful and so fresh-looking! Love the white and green with the wicker

Terry P. on

Lovely 🙂 So happy you’re not a Flower snob – lol !

Eve on

Beautiful! The greens look like variegated Holly.

ANN on

One sentence, you need a book. It would be an instant bestseller you are so talented and I absolutely love what you’ve done here! going buy daisies and carnations today!

Tim F. on

Yes, you are right.
I always learned in my floral classes there are no bad flowers, just bad arrangements!

Barbara on

This was beautiful, especially when you did All white Bravo!!!!! Thank you for sharing

Elizabeth on

The greens are variegated euonymus. I grow a couple of the species in my garden.
Use carnations frequently for their longevity

Dianne D on

Carnations are really beautiful bunched together & they last for a long time !!!!!!

Susan Hayes Long on

The daisies almost have a sculptural quality to them in the small pagoda. Absolutely adore the set of bud vases. They make even ordinary weeds look fantastic as part of an arrangement. Superb value and great special offer.

Randie Miller on

Carolyn Roehm has used carnations and made them the star of many arrangements over the years. Any arrangement that is green and white gets my vote every time. Lovely

Jo Shafer on

All whites and no color except the greens? Nothing wrong with that. Green and white can be quite soothing (and “cooling”) in a room, especially in blue and white porcelain containers. Now you’ve inspired me to pull down my box of silk flowers and experiment with my own whites.

Linda Kerekes on

Love these arrangements!. I have always bucked convention and loved carnations. The trick is to mass them together. I live their sweet, spicy scent and am always looking for the ultimate carnation perfume. Perfect for a casual, feminine lifestyle. When my daughter got married we had solid red carnation pomanders hung with wide black satin bows from Shepard’s hooks. Her bouquet was a half ball of solid white carnations dotted with 2kt. solitaire crystals. They looked very Chanel as did her gown and bridesmaid’s dresses. I am with Carolyne and you. Sometimes the most humble flowers are the vest.

Patricia Freeman on

Great posts! Taking notes, hoping to replicate…..
I have pierced chargers on order, when will they be arriving?

Serena Talbott on

What a delightful post! Makes my heart sparkle to see such lovely arrangements. Your blog certainly has the right name.

Lisa on

White daisies are one of my very favorite flower, so simple and elegant especially with pretty greenery. I like carnations, too, though I usually get yellow or pink. Your arrangements, especially with the white tulips, are all really lovely. I hope you’ll continue to enjoy these simple arrangements.

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