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Hello and happy Sunday! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. It is nice for life to slowly feel like it’s getting back to normal. Seeing friends, being able to go out fairly comfortably feels like a downright luxury! We have an exceptionally crazy, busy week this coming week with three big shipments coming in so look forward to a day of rest today to recharge my batteries!

Hard to believe we are about to officially welcome summer, works for me but I have a feeling it will go by really fast. So I am going to take advantage and enjoy it as much as possible every chance I get. With luck,  we will be able to plan a trip of some kind, I am really crossing my fingers as one is long overdue and I miss travel like crazy.

Onward to this weeks Seven on Sunday, enjoy!



1 CUSTOMER PHOTOS These always make me so very happy. I just so love seeing our products in your beautiful homes, such fun to see how you use our things!

2 ONE GORGEOUS COASTAL HOME HOUSE With summer around the corner, I am dreaming about beach days and escaping to the beach every chance I get. This beautiful coastal home came across my radar and I love the feeling/vibe it exudes Like a breath of fresh summer air, it is welcoming, crisp and bright, elegant but not stuffy. To me, the perfect blend of coastal elegance. Click here to visit Atlanta Homes Magazine.

 3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a stunning round up with a few newly discovered accounts. One of my favorite parts about these Sunday posts is getting to share the jewels of Instagram on any given week!

4 A FEW VERY EXCITING HAPPENINGS COMING THIS WAY SOON! Sharing some beautiful new goodies with you here today, of a few new arrivals and a small sneak peek at something else I am really excited about:)

So in love with these new bird/floral chinoiserie hurricanes which double as super elegant floral vases! Theses are delicate and elegant, really showstopping. We will add the centerpiece bowl sometime in June. These  will be available for our upcoming 3 day tabletop arrival sale starting on Tuesday,  then they will go online-

As we continue to expand into a few different directions with some very exciting new additions happening over the summer, one is a beautifully curated line of elegant hand blocked table linens! So excited over this new line which I have had in mind for a while. We will hold a presale in about 2 weeks and these will be here in about 3! This is just a little sneak peek but suffice to say these pieces are GORGEOUS!

This is something you will not want to miss…..they are so beautiful!

5 A DELICIOUS SALMON RECIPE Made this the other night and it was so good! Super flavorful, easy, pretty and paired really well with a pesto pasta I made and a big salad. Had a little left the next day and it was as tasty cold as it was hot. I definitely will make this again and it would be a perfect luncheon dish as well! Found over at Chefjar, click here for more fabulous recipes.


  • Salmon fillets ( skinless) – 5, about 150 g/ 5 oz
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice- 2 tbsp.
  • Olive oil- 1 tbsp.
  • Garlic cloves (minced)- 1
  • Old style Dijon mustard-  2 tbsp.
  • Ground black pepper- 1 tsp.
  • Salt- to taste


  • Unsalted butter- 1/4 cup
  • Garlic cloves (minced)-1 1/2 tsp.
  • Heavy cream/ half and half- 1/2 cup
  • Parsley ( finely chopped)- 1 tbsp.
  • Ground black pepper- 1/2 tsp.


  •  Preheat your oven to 425°F /220°C with the rack in the center.
  • In a medium bowl combine lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and Dijon mustard. Mix well.
  • Place salmon fillets into the skillet, pour the mixture over salmon fillets and rub. Season with ground black pepper and salt. Bake for 10-15 minutes in the preheated oven.
  • In the meantime, melt butter in a medium saucepan over low-medium heat. Add the minced garlic and saute until fragrant, about 20 seconds.
  • Pour in heavy cream and bring to a boil. The sauce should thicken a little bit.
  • Take off the heat and stir in parsley and season with black pepper and salt to your liking.
  • Pour the sauce over the baked salmon and allow to rest for 5-10 minutes.


6 I AM NOT GETTING A PUPPY BUT……..These are just so stinking cute, I had to share! If I were  to get one (and eventually that could happen) I would be getting one through Majestic Manor Goldens. I came very close about 2 years ago but then had cold feet. It is dangerous for me to look at their newest litter because the temptation is overwhelming. Not to say never, but not right now. I will just. have to admire these cuties from afar. Click here to visit their site just in case you want to be tempted:)

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY So Broadway is opening in Sept. It thrills me for the Broadway community and for NYC, for all the lost jobs and lives who were halted for over a year. That said, my own immediate thought was that I don’t now if I could ever go back to the theater given how incredibly close the seats are.

Pre Covid it always bugged me and if I heard a sneeze or cough, it made me want to run out of there and it kind of ruined the experience of the theater for me. I cannot imagine being that closely seated knowing someone could be sick (not necessarily with Covid).

The pandemic has made me hyper aware of how transmissible germs are in general and call me paranoid but it’s shaping the way I partake in certain activities,  if I do them at all. So, curious where you stand if you are fully vaccinated or not and going into crowded venues? I hope I am in the minority for Broadway’s sake but I can’t help but think that this has changed the behaviors of many of us with regard to crowded venues. I  always like to hear your opinion on the matter so please weigh in.


And that is a wrap. Its going to be hot here, hovering around 90 and humid…no thank you! I need 70’s, zero humidity, a light breeze and sunny skies:) Is that too much to ask?  I am planning on enjoying a day at home, maybe even whip something up to get. my guys to come home:)

We originally were going to drive out to a few wineries and have dinner out there but way too hot for that. Good day to stay home and play catch up before a busy busy week! Wishing everyone a wonderful and relaxing Sunday, thank you for stopping in. Until next time…….


DEAL OF THE DAY- Could not believe we found two big boxes of our calendars and easels in finally finishing up the last area of organization in our new warehouse…..thought we were sold out! There is nothing prettier to put on your desk than this stunning desktop calendar

Our amazingly beautiful 2021 desktop calendar is the prettiest I have seen. Until tonight the bundle of the calendar and our solid brass bamboo easel is 40% off, the easels alone in many places sell for double this!!! Click here for info

Be sure to check out our new arrivals, some beautiful new additions! Click here


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Philip on

Enjoy and rest on your hot weekend!
Thank you for your photos and wonderful, various postings.
I know it’s a lot of extra work; I want you to know how much I appreciate what you do!
I am so happy that I got on this year!!!

Eileen on

Lovely post. I think you are closer to picking out a puppy than you think you are!!!!!

ANN on

Such a beautiful post and definitely always the highlight of my Sunday mornings as I sit down with my coffee.

really enjoy seeing your new products and the hurricanes are beautiful definitely something I will be ordering. So excited that you were doing linens they look just gorgeous!

both my husband and I have been vaccinated as well as our 15-year-old twins. That said I definitely do not see going into a very crowded venue like a concert or a Broadway theater anytime soon, as you said I think this makes us very aware of germs in general putting aside Covid.

hopefully by next year things will really feel back to normal and we will all look at Covid in the rearview mirror!

Linda Cashman on

We have front row season tickets to Broadway in New Orleans every year—2020 was a lost year—and we are very much looking forward to the new season that starts this November, and includes Hamilton again. We have missed it so much and going out to eat in NOLA before the show. We are fully vaccinated and will also get our yearly flu shots in September.

Ms. Tracey on

I took a nice long drive yesterday. It was 78 degrees with a warm wind. It was fantastic.

Diane Myers on

I so enjoyed your post today. I look forward to it at least every Sunday. The pictures were just beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Peggy W. on

Preparing for my daughter’s wedding in 2 weeks! It will be a hotel with about 240 people, but everyone has been fully vaccinated and we’re all so happy about that. I think everyone is ready to have a nice party – your site inspires me to make it as beautiful as possible. Thank you!

Carolyn on

So excited about your linens and new hurricanes- nice job!

We are vaccinated and venturing out a lot lately. We are hosting a cocktail party for about 80 people end of June (annual tradition) but with stipulations in place.and so far everyone’s been vaccinated.

I do agree about Broadway though, seats are very small and too close! my husband is 6’10” and cannot go for that reason!

Those puppies… still my heart!

Dorothy on

Dear Tina,
Beautiful Sunday post, as always! So many great ideas. I am looking forward to a refresh and using many of your wonderful objet and reference pix. Thank you so much, as always, for taking time to post them. Love the new table linens…Product suggest: vinyl placemats that are easy wipe off for everyday use. Mine are oblong scallop. Of course, my color scheme is blue&white…Sooo hard to find…
Have a beautiful day!

Kate on

I think there is a sweet puppy waiting for all of your love 💕!

Jennifer P on

I read your blog as always on Sunday morning and love everything as usual. I really need placemats so I am very excited about the new linens. But I had to comment that I made the salmon last night and it was incredible! It was “melt in your mouth” delicious and I cannot thank you enough for sharing! It’s a keeper!

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