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Hello there friends!  Can you believe its Memorial Day weekend! Unfortunately for us here in NY, the weekend is going to be a bit of a bust weather wise. We may be able to salvage Monday but Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be unusually cool with rain. Changes some things like going on our friends boat  but it’s fine.  If it turns out to be a lazy weekend with just dinner plans with friends and entertaining on Monday, that works for me!

I have had a super stressful week. You would almost have to be living under a rock to not know or have heard about the craziness with the supply/demand chain and how every business has been impacted. The world of logistics worldwide have been stretched to unprecedented levels. Container shipping has gone up a whopping 214%!!! Really crazy stuff.

We have not raised our prices but  like everyone else we may have to within the next month if things do not change fast. Then,  getting our items here which has aged me at least 20 years is a whole other circus! I think there is light at the end of this very dark tunnel but it has been a challenge and certainly not for the faint of heart:)

I like to share recent happenings in life through my photos via these posts every few weeks. Granted, still not doing anything terribly exciting (not vaccinated) but I like to find the beauty and value in even the smallest things, so here it goes-



Nothing like a big spray of beautiful lilac to walk into…these are our faux as are very good ones (from out shop, they come in lavender and white). No water. No mess:)

Enjoyed our second al fresco meal in one week…what a treat! BTW all melamine today only is 30% off…perfect time to stock up on your summer favorites!

Our mini bud vases are so perfect for centers of tables, I am really enjoying using them

This heavenly mint salad is divine, wills hare recipe on Sunday!

This is all you need for one delicious cocktail, choose your flavor of sparkling Italian soda, lots of fresh lie, a splash of Rose and grapefruit vodka and fill glass with ice, so good~

Finally someone did what I always said should be one. One bag- lemons and limes, thanks Whole Foods!

And here she is, “The Summertini”

Adore these! Every flower looks great in them:)

This salmon is so good! I posted the recipe last Sunday, click here to see.

Dinner is served!

So in love with these new chinoiserie glass hurricanes which double as a fabulous vase (on our arrival sale which ends tonight, click here)

See what I mean!

I love being inside during a rainstorm caught this picture the other night just as it was moving in

Loving our wicker colored planters in every color!! We currently have 10″ and 12″ in stock (click here to see)

The rhododendrons are in full bloom and so so pretty!

Love seeing everything in bloom:)

Just a pretty golden hour shot of my dining room and below in my foyer

Friend sent me this absolutely darling blue/white sanitizer spray , isn’t this the cutest! I should have thought of that:) Think its from Two’s Company

All the cushions have come out of their winter hibernation, time to start bringing out the pillows and other accessories

Another al fresco table..on perfect weather nights, we must take advantage. Shown here is our pagoda melamine

How pretty are these flowers! I love this color combination

Our sold our ginger jar salt and peppers are in production again….



Today is the last day of our tabletop sale, click here to see

As of Saturday morning our SITE WIDE Memorial Day sale begins- 20% off the entire site!

Use code America

Click here to visit our shop


Thanks for stopping in, hope you enjoyed the post! Wishing everyone a wonderful Friday and smooth end to your week. Until next time…..

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Tina, your grounds and plantings rival the most beautiful resort. I love seeing them. Enjoy them in good health, either sitting in a covered area in the rain with a good book (my dream!) or through the windows…… i feel on vacation just looking at the photos. Thank you!
Don’t sweat the small stuff…….. its all good, and when your beautiful stock arrives we will all enjoy it. Life is good. Life is hope. I lost a good friend this past weekend, and while she is in my heart forever, neither her family nor I will ever be with her again. Enjoy your blessings in every moment!

I love looking at life through your eyes, you do find the beauty and even the smallest things. Also your have to talk skills are fantastic one day you should do a tutorial on how to take pictures!
have enjoyed many of your recipes and continue to get compliments left and right on every item I’ve ever purchased from you!

Your home and grounds are beyond stunning. So lush and beautiful. Thank you for sharing. You are truly blessed.
Hoping you will get vaccinated soon. I know you had it but don’t want to get again. My friend had it and thought he didn’t need to be vaccinated. He got it a second time. It wasn’t good.
Love your posts.

Love seeing your gorgeous chateau. I’m anxious to see what you build in Palmetto Bluff.

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