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Hello and happy Memorial Day weekend. Crazy that it’s the unofficial start to summer! Our plans came to a screeching halt due to a very unusual 3 day weather pattern of 40 and 50 degrees(wish I was kidding) non stop rain and wind. Not what one thinks of when you think of the start of summer!

So a few outdoor plans were canceled and tomorrow we are having friends over while crossing our fingers that it finally clears up by later Monday. At least we can hopefully salvage one day. Meanwhile having this unexpected down time has been kind of nice, had dinner out with friends lat night and will use today to catch up…always welcome!

All I know is that once summer hits, the season flies by always much too fast Every year without fail, seems like just as I am just getting into the summer groove, I am met with aisles of back to school supplies:) So, this summer,  I hope to carve out some downtime to really enjoy it, and spend more days at the beach. I see glasses of Rosè and lobster rolls in my future:)

On another note, excited that our new site is in the finishing stages. I have been through this enough to know better than to tell you when it will go live but suffice to say we are getting there and its looking good! Very user friendly and i know you will be thrilled:) OK onward to this Sunday’s post-



1 A BEAUTIFUL TRIBUTE TO MEMORIAL DAY. This needs to be shared first and foremost above all the frilly, fun and pretty things. We should all take a moment to acknowledge and pray for those who has given their lives for our country and our liberties. The most noble job of them all.

The sacrifices so many have made do not get the credit they deserve (in my humble opinion) so for anyone reading this who has served or who has a loved one who has served, I want to shout out THANK YOU for your service and sacrifice. I so love this video and was always so fond of  Ronald Reagan. Beautiful and moving and the real reason we need to celebrate Memorial Day is honor these fallen heroes.

2 RHODOS IN BLOOM! Every May our large rhododendrons come into full bloom and it is quite a site!! They are really spectacular, wish I could get them to last a lot longer, as they enhance the yard so beautifully. Now that we are getting all this rain…things will really start to bloom and turn even greener!



3 AN AMAZING CHICKEN DISH AND AN EASY CHOPPED MEDITERRANEAN SALAD YOU WILL WANT TO MAKE! I posted this on Instagram and many ask for the recipe. We love Mediterranean/Persian food, it is so flavorful, for the most part healthy and super satisfying. Never met anyone who didn’t love these two dishes! So here you go-

Chopped salad-

1-2 cartons very ripe small vine tomatoes or 4 medium to large tomatoes on vine, all chopped small

1 bunch fresh mint (fresh makes a difference here) chopped finely, I like quite a bit

Juice of 2 limes

2-3 English or Kirby cucumber, chopped small

1/2 of a large red onion chopped small

A few TBSP of olive oil

Sea salt and pepper


Simply mix tomatoes, cucumber and onion together. Season with salt and pepper. Add fresh mint then olive oil and lime juice, adjust seasoning to taste. This is ideally served right away, can be refrigerated but not for more for a few hours. Goes great with fish, seafood, chicken,steak. The fresh mint gives it such a wonderful flavor!

Made it several times the last two weeks as it goes so well with everything and is super refreshing!

Chicken with eggplant-

2-3 cartons of skinless, boneless chicken thights

4-6 small Italian eggplant

6-8 cloves of peeled garlic cut into slivers

1 whole Vidalia onion

1 can of stewed tomatoes (I love San Marzanos the best)

About a TBSP of saffron threads

Sea salt and pepper

So saute the onion and garlic in a deep, large sauté pan with olive oil. Once fully cooked and browned, start adding the chicken (once you have rinsed them) Brown on both sides about 10 min total. Add salt and pepper. Continue adding the chicken until all are done (normally requires a few batches) Set chicken aside.

In same skillet add the stewed tomatoes and cook gently, after 10. minutes add chicken to stewed tomato and cook on low as you begin the eggplant. Let that sautè for about 10-15 minutes. Meanwhile, peel eggplant, cut into thin slices and gently cook in a separate sautè pan on both sides (adding olive oil as needed) . Put aside.

Once all eggplant are cooked,  add to the post with stewed tomatoes and chicken. Add lime juice and saffron, adjust salt and pepper to taste. (I normally save a few pieces to put on top of the dish when serving). Cook this on low for about an hour. You can also put in an oven for about the same time on around 325 degrees.

Once done, the chicken and eggplant have fused together to create a most delectable flavorful dish.  You can make ahead of time and refrigerate and then heat back in the oven if you want to. I will often make mine in a big cast iron pot and use that to transfer to the oven. Serve with any kind of rice or starch.


4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST A beautiful round up with a focus on the holiday weekend and a general summer vibe….always something that makes me happy. Hope you enjoy!


5 A FAVORITE NEW SUMMER SCENT. I am really particular when it comes to scents. I favor soft fragrances that don’t announce my arrival before I walk in a room:) For summer I love something that reminds me of the beach. Say hello to Bobbi Brown’s aptly named, Beach EDT. I love this!!! It is so soft and slightly floral with a musky scent that literally reminds you of the beach. When I wear it, I am reminded of being on vacation, doesn’t get better than that! Can be bought in any dept store and places like Sephora, etc….

6 WINFIELD HOUSE This has long been one of favorite houses (OK, mansions). I bought the magnificent book on it and if you don’t own it, this is one for the ages. A spectacular book on every room and the magnificent public’s grounds that will have you opening it over and over.

I look at it as though I am seeing it for the first time every time I reach for this gorgeous book! If you love traditional then this one’s for you. The rooms are breathtakingly beautiful and frozen in time, taking the viewer back to another much grander and more civilized era. William (Billy) Haines had completed the interiors and in my eyes it’s perfection. Just a few peeks.

It is the US Ambassadors residence. Click here for info on the coffee table book I mentioned.




7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY Today is easy peasy and kind of a just a fun, frivolous question. You get to choose two, which are your picks? Just in case you are curious…it took me about a nano second to say number 4 and 8! Which would be your daily dose?


And that’s a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the post, and always love hearing from my wonderful readers! Wishing everyone a fabulous and relaxing holiday weekend. Stay safe and have fun! Until next time…..

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Happy Sunday Tina, I hope you se one warm or at least dry day. It is unseasonably chilly here and I am just staying in and reading. Have a great weekend.

It’s been unseasonably cool here too in Georgia. I’ll admit it did feel good. We did get a taste of summer melting heat. Temps soared into the upper 90s. So low 60s with a breeze was refreshing ⚘🌹🌸💐💗😊

What a fun read on a most unusual temperature range for Central Virginia!! Guests will certainly have to cone back again, you’al!! franki

Thank you for your beautiful post today- especially the important & special video from President Reagan to honor & recognize our brave men & women who gave their lives so that our nation might be Free & Prosperous. Happy Memorial Day & Bless you & your family!

beautiful as always and thanks for remembering the fallen heroes.

every recipe i have tried of yours has been a big hit. these both look so good.

your property is beautiful. i love this time of year! sorry for the inclement weather, we also are having the same and our weekend boat trip was canceled. Making the most of it and doing a modified barbecue indoors!

I love the ferns planted by the steps leading down to your fountain. What a great look. Thank you for posting the video.

I love your emails. I look forward to them. Your recipes are delicious. Your instagram screen shots are always great. Your shop is stupendous. Your book recommendations are always so good. But most of all, you are a kind person. This is apparent in all of your posts. What a great job you do! Thank you so much for being you.

I, too, would like to know where you got the blue glasses on previous post! Looking for some similar.
Beautiful grounds! Would dine alfresco breakfast, lunch, and dinner!!

We keep a boat on Lake Michigan and had to turn the heater on in the boat because it was so cold Friday night! Definitely odd weather.

I love the wicker candle holders in the Instagram pic from Teryldesigns. You should make some like those….they would sell out in a heart beat!

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