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Hi so our mega cleanup continues and we have all kinds of fabulous deals here today! As with our first round of this mega warehouse sale, we have unearthed all kinds of incredible finds. Best part is you can score a major bargain without having to leave your desk chair!

Really exceptional deals here today, almost all at least 50% off or more. Almost all items have minor defects so are considered “seconds” OR we might have just a few left of a particular item which is not coming back. Either way if you are on the hunt for a bargain, look no further!

As you probably know these go really really fast, there are two ways to order. Call or email your order in. Please read over the rules below prior to placing your order-

  • There are two ways to place an order, call or email- 1-800-804-9565 or email [email protected] (office hours 9-5 EST Mon- Friday)
  • If emailing an order, we need your name, number, address and item number with quantity (color/design if applicable)
  • Limited numbers of all items shown so subject to availability
  • Only a paid invoice guarantees your order
  • Final sale, all items sold as is
  • Shipping is extra
  • Some items can be shipped internationally, please contact [email protected] for a ship quote
  • This sale will end on Sunday
  • Any order over $400 gets an additional 10% off
  • Questions? Please call 800-804-9565


All orders over $200 will receive one of our beautiful embroidered face masks!

ITEM 1 Found more pagodas! We found a whole host of colors, something for every decor! These are seconds and are all either missing glass panels and/or a few bells. These can either be used without the bells, or placed a certain way  to feature a particular angle. Less than half off. Sold as is.

Medium measures  9″ x 6″ x 6″

$40.00 for all mediums


ITEM 1A navy with white (4 available)

ITEM 1B green with bunnies (2 available)

ITEM 1C Soft pink with florals (1 available)

ITEM 1D Kelly green with gold (2 available)

ITEM 1E Mossy green with gold (4 available)

ITEM 1F pale gold with gold (4 available)

ITEM 1G black with gold (3 available)

ITEM 1H  apricot with aqua (1 available)

ITEM 2  Pagodas in large, limited numbers of the large size in several colors. Same deal, most are missing glass and/or bells.

$45.00 any color

ITEM 2A Kelly green with gold

ITEM 2B Citron green with gold (1 available)

ITEM 2C Soft celadon green with chinoiserie(3 available)

ITEM 2D Mossy green with white chinoiserie (1 available)

ITEM 2E Mossy green with white (7 available)

ITEM 2F White with navy (2 available)

ITEM 2G pale pink with white chioniserie (1 available)

ITEM 2H White with pink (4 available)

ITEM 2I Soft aqua blue with gold (4 available)

ITEM 2J (1 available)

ITEM 3 A few chinoiserie tole lamps are left (only 2 or 3 of each style). And these are a steal! Includes harp, finial and solid brass pagoda.

Any lamp $115.00

Base measures 18″

ITEM 3A This pretty jewel toned chioniserie lamp base is a beauty, one left.

ITEM 3B Have 2 left of this sensational very pale blue/green with gold chinoiserie lamp base measures 19″ tall

ITEM 4 We have about 8 of these fabulously detailed etched large cake domes. These are stunningly beautiful and can be used over any tray/platter,etc…..these have the slightly scratches or might have a chip on one side.  These features intricate etchwork and are really spectacular.

cake dome measures 14″ tall and approx 14″ at it’s widest point

each cake dome $60.00


 ITEM 5 What a deal on this high quality gift wrap! We are down to the last few reams of this exquisite papers. These chinoiserie papers are perfect for year round use, made of the highest quality paper. These huge reams 30″ x 204 FEET will go the distance! An incredible value as reams typicality sell for hundreds!

All reams in any design $70.00

ITEM 5A Pale blue chinoiserie

ITEM 5B Ivory chinoiserie

ITEM 5C Pale green  chinoiserie

ITEM 5D Pale blue/gold chinoiserie

ITEM 5E Ivory/gold chinoiserie


ITEM 5F Stunning Christmas paper (one side is year round)

reversible papers $80.00

ITEM 5G Mossy green jar with holly berry, swiss dot reversible


ITEM 5H Red jars with holly berry trellis reversible


ITEM 6 Calling al DIY’ers and silver polishing fans. We have a bunch of beautiful (new) silver items that were out of box and tarnished over time. All they need is some good elbow grease and they wil shine up like copper penny in no time.


ITEM 6A Our incredible pierced etched scalloped planter needs a good polish! (2 available)


 Measures 12.5” L x 9.5” W x 8” H

ITEM 6B Stunning shell embossed planter with lion head rings. 2 available


Measures 10.5″ x 7.5″

ITEM 6C Our large embossed mint juleps.

$20.00 each

Large: 6” H x 5” W

ITEM 6D Small pierced Chippendale bowl


Measures 6″ round

ITEM 6E Swag and garland large mint julep


Large: 6” H x 5” W

ITEM 6F Fabulous etched wine cooler/ice bucket (holds two bottles) Beautiful details


Measures 8″ x 8.5″ x 10″

ITEM 6G Incredible scalloped wine  cooler featuring elegant etch work with two handles


Measures 9″ x 7″

ITEM 6H Scalloped beaded wine cooler/coaster


Measures 5.5″



ITEM 7 We have a few of our wicker box planters which at first glance are perfect but have some small defects. Most inside have an area on bottom that was not fully wickered. They can still be easily used and you will not see that area when covered by a plant/flowers.

12″ x 12″ wicker planter $65.00

20″ x 20″ wicker box planter $130.00 each

ITEM 8 We found more exquisite etched glass pieces. These are so incredibly gorgeous. Very minor defects that you will have to look very close to find.


8A Our Greek key tall open ended shaped hurricanes measure 15.5″ tall and are so beautiful. Perfect for a dining table to console. Just exquisite!

Large in Swag and Garland or Vertical Leaf (specify style when ordering)

Large measures 15.5″ $60.00




ITEM 8B Vertical leaf

ITEM 8C And equally gorgeous are the vertical leaf footed hurricanes which also double as an exquisite flower vase.

Measures 15.5″ tall

$65.00 each

ITEM 8D Our gorgeous new diamond pattern

Measures 15.5″



Our beautiful highly detailed swag and garland etched medium bowls have become one of our most popular items. They are stunning! We have a few that at first glance are perfect but if you look closely they might have a scratch, a slight chip, etc…we have four like this, offered at about half off. These are stunning show pieces!

Measures 12.5″ round


Specify Greek key or swag and garland

ITEM 8F Swag and garland

ITEM 9 We have some of our pleated sconce shades up for grabs offered in a beautiful yellow/white pattern or red/white.

Measures 6″ and 5″ at the width point (on bottom)

$14.00 each

ITEM 10 We are down to the last of these fabulous burnt orange Staffordshire dogs in large. These are so elegant, one of my favorite creations! These are perfect condition. They come in a pretty white Enchanted Home gift box.

Pair is $95.00 (several available)

 Measures: 6″ x 11.5″

ITEM 11 Have a few of our large cane wicker hurricane left. They make great hurricanes but equally fabulous floral vases!

Measures 11″ x 8″

$55.00 each (4 available)

ITEM 12 We have an assortment of newly found bud vases all about 6″ tall. These have minor defects taht you would have to look really close for. We will send these randomly there are 3 different styles, they are less than half off.

$12.00 each

ITEM 13 Last of these gorgeous tole obelisks in a very soft blue with gold chinoiserie handpainted. Sold as pair only. These are handpaitned in the prettiest very soft pale blue.

$135.00 for the PAIR

Measures 16.5″ tall


ITEM 14 We have one of our beautiful porcelain ice buckets that came without the handle. Makes s prefect wine bucket or wine/cooler.


Measures 11.5″ x 10″

ITEM 15 We have 2 14″ ginger jars in navy that in one area the paint chipped. You have to really look to see it and if turned the irght way, these are as good as new.

$60.00 each

Measures 14″ tall (2 available)

ITEM 16 We have a few fabulous floral arrangements only one of each and these go fast!

16A Amazing tall lemon topiary in square blue and white planter,

Measures 26″ tall


16B Stunning mid size realistic 2 stem orchid in ivory/gold tole container,

measures 17″ x 18″


16C Amazing double ball fruit topiary in blue/white footed planter

Measures 26″ tall


ITEM 17 Provence planters, we have a few left of various sizes/colors. All are perfect. These are exquisite, made of metal with a weather resistant paint. Features four drainage holes and four finials. We do recommend a sealer to be used on them if staying out year round. If you know the prices of these in the few places that carry them, you will recognize the sensational values here!

Our entire line of tole is due to get a price increase (have not had one in over 2 years) with soaring metal prices, this is long overdue which makes these an exceptionally great deal.

Medium-20″ x 20″ plus 3″ finial $350.00

Large-22″ x 22″ plus 3″ finial $370.00

Extra large- 24″ x 24″ plus 3″ finial $410.00

ITEM 17A Our beautiful black paneled planter in extra large (3 available)


ITEM 17B Our fabulous flora planter in black in extra large

17C Our paneled planter in medium and in large in ivory (a  handful of each size)

17D Fretwork in ivory, medium (4 available) and large (3 available)

17E Our more modern trellis planter, we have a few pieces in medium in ivory (2 available)

ITEM 18 Have three of our bestselling exquisite handpainted chinoiserie mural that came with the very faintest pencil writing on them, truly you cannot even see it! So these are an exceptionally fantastic deal! These are hand painted and featured a beautiful wood fretwork frame.

Two of light blue and one navy available

Measures 48″ x 26″ x 2″



And there you have it, part two of our warehouse mega sale. So many goodies. Thanks for stopping by, wishing you a fabulous day! Until next time…..

Call or email your order in


[email protected]

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Are the 2 light blue murals still available ? And why is there pencil writing and how much of it is there ?

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