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Hi there! Time for our visual blue and white club meeting! If you want to catch up on previous “meetings” just go to the blog tab and in search bar type in “blue and white club” . Forewarning you might get lost down a blue and white rabbit hole:)

I like to hone in on a specific topic showcasing blue and white and todays its all about bedrooms. Ironically I have never had a blue and white bedroom! That will be changing soon:) I love this color combination in all the many tones from the palest blues to rich navy though for me, a soft tonal bedroom trumps all. It’s personal taste but I love a bedroom to feel like a soft inviting refuge from the rest of the world.

This might get you in trouble as it could stir up a sudden and uncontrollable desire to do a little redecorating! Putting this post together got my imagination in overdrive.

Today let’s look at a beautiful array of blue and white bedrooms, feel free to chime in and share your thoughts. Here we go….


This could be the unofficial poster child for beautiful blue bedrooms, Mark D Sikes

Love this craning feeling room, McAnn

The unofficial queen of beautiful bedrooms (to me) Phone Howard created this masterpiece, I might never leave:)

Lets not foget about nurseries, they are bedrooms too! Kara Adams

A bedroom swathed in the softest aqua blue fit for royalty, Cathy Kincaid

I do like the idea of a solid colored upholstered bed as it opens up possibilities with incorporating other fabrics and patterns , Hallie Henley

Love the feeling of this elegant bedroom, McAnn

Love the mix of hues of blue and pattern in this fun room, Brooke Crew

Alyssa Rosenheck created a beautiful oasis in this soft toned bedroom which almost feels cloud like

Don’t forget blue and white porcelain very much has a place in a bedroom, Cathy Kincaid

Love the inviting coastal feeling of this beauty, Kara Herbert

Another Phoebe Howard homerun

What a fun fresh feel to this cozy guest room, love the blue/white fabric on the beds, Elizabeth Dexter

Another vision in blue and white by Mark D Sikes

Love the idea of using one simple soft fabric in a variety of ways in a bedroom, against crisp white bedding, its so beautiful. Phoebe Howard


Well if this doesn’t make a beautiful argument for a blue and white bedroom, don’t know what can! I am ready for one:) Love to know your thoughts so please let me know what you think about a bedroom done in blue and white, and if you have a favorite tone of blue you like to use. Thanks for stopping by, wishing everyone a great day!

Until next time……

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MeIissa Marsden on

Phoebe Howard’s use of very soft tones with only accents of patterns create such a soothing and elegant bedroom ambience. I pinned each of her photos. I enjoyed today’s post. Thanks!

Robin on

Just beautiful!

John on

I’ve been thinking about a blue and white bedroom for some time now, these pictures are great. Thanks

Dawn Ehmann on

Gorgeous and inspiring.🤍💙

Michelle Bernstein on

Cathy Kincaid hands down for me the most beautiful bedroom…I am a green person but appreciate the appeal of blue and white…

Mary Pickett on


Nancy Fadis on

Breathtakingly beautiful!

Jo Shafer on

I have blue and white porcelain in my master bedroom, too. The quilted bed cover and shams are done in deep blue paisley with soft grey.

Britton Black on

I love blue and white!! I am using it to decorate as we speak!

Mary Lou Layden on

I have a blue & white bedroom- white walls, white bedding, blue & white toile pillows, dust skirt, drapes- various blue & white accents.

Sally on

Hello dear Tina
I always look forward to the Blue and White Club meeting, I definitely consider myself a full member 🙂 as it was how I found you through our shared love of this divine colour palette. I cant choose a favourite of all the gorgeous rooms today, and still love my pale blue and white bedroom as much as the day I decorated it. Now I am thinking of painting my own chinoiserie ( inspired by your panels, and endlessly beautiful designs ) … Ill let you know!
I hope you are savouring the summer my dear friend,
Sending much love to you
Sally xx

Lisa Tague on

Lovely blue and white bedrooms . My bedroom is blue and white and it is my sanctuary . The duvet cover and shams are done in crisp white with a velvet medallion and blue velvet scroll work around the bottom edges . I use a combination of French blue ,white and navy to ground the space . Of course I have my collection of ginger jars in this space .

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